I get a copy of the pics

I get a copy of the pics

It was a Friday afternoon and I had finished up my assignment in the Boston area early. I headed to the airport to see if I could catch an earlier flight. I dropped off the rental car and on the bus ride to the terminal got the dreaded airline phone call. My flight was cancelled and I had to go to the counter to make alternate arrangements. Normally they just rebooked me on the next available flight so this was not sounding good. I texted my wife and told her I was delayed and would update her later. I exited the bus and walked into the terminal. I groaned as I noticed the length of the line in front of me. The wait would be bad but the odds of getting on a decent flight would not be good. I watched the people’s faces as they left the counter and they indicated the situation was not good.

My turn finally came and I was informed that my next flight out would be the same flight the next day. In addition I was informed that since blah blah blah major event was in progress hotels were pretty booked and the airline was not assisting in costs or finding a place to stay. She said you can send a letter to the manager and complain if you want, handed me my boarding passes, and said Next..

As I turned I noticed the couple well the woman really who had been behind me talking to her husband while we were in line. She was hard not to notice as she was stunning. I smiled and said good luck and went to find the courtesy phone to find a hotel.

I tried a few hotels with no luck but finally found one about the time I heard the same couple talking as they walked up to the phone. I resisted the urge to turn and look at her again as the hotel clerk picked up the phone. They did indeed have two rooms left. I told them I would take one of them and to temporarily hold the other for the people behind me. I finished reserving the room and the clerk told me she would have the shuttle pick me up right away. She had an interesting accent I could not place and sounded cute. I told her to hang on and I passed the phone to the husband behind me. The woman told me thank you for holding the room, I said no problem, good luck, see you later. She smiled and said ok have a good evening. I thanked her and turned to leave. I stopped to fiddle with my bags but really to take a look at the backside of this stunning woman.

She had on white Capri pants which showed off her smooth tanned calves and were tight enough to show off all of her lovely curves. I worked my eyes up to her ass which was slightly rounded and firm. She was either not wearing any panties or was wearing a very small G-string as not a single line disturbed the shape of her ass. Her white top was a white fairly thin cotton type t-shirt. She had a nice taper from her waist moving up she was not wearing a bra, this was obvious from the lack of lines and from the nipple bulges I had noticed earlier in line.

I was embarrassed to find her eyes were waiting for mine as I moved up. They implied the question, Well? I am sure I turned red and mumbled something unintelligible finished with my bags and said cya later. She laughed and said ok cya.

I discovered that my idea of right away was not the same as the hotels and I waited for a long time in front of the terminal. Finally the shuttle arrived and drove me to the hotel. I walked in to check in and the same couple was there already talking to the hotel clerk (she was cute). The woman noticed me smiled and said you were right it is later. I laughed. She turned and said if we are going to keep running into each other then we should make introductions. Her name was Sharon and her husbands name was Frank. I told her my name struggling to keep my eyes off of her nipples which seemed to be poking even further out of her shirt then at the airport. Frank finished with the clerk and turned. She introduced me to him and we shook hands. We chatted for a minute and said good bye. They headed over to the elevator and I watched her ass sway as they walked away. It was mesmerizing. Once again I got caught watching her as she turned to enter the elevator and she winked. She then proceeded to brush something off of her shirt which made her nipples stick out even further. I could not help myself but watch until the doors closed hearing her giggle at the last moment.

The clerk who if I had not just been watching Sharon would have been the object of my stares was waiting for me to move up. I checked in and headed to the elevators myself. Went to my room and dropped off my bags. I decided I needed a drink and so I headed back downstairs. I picked up my drink from the bar and walked over the restaurant to make reservations for dinner later. I turned to head to the elevators and ran into Sharon and Frank again literally. I watched in horror and then stunned silence as my drink spilled over the front of her shirt which immediately exposed her nipple and areola which was dark, large and smooth except for a few small bumps around the outer edge which was over an inch away from her nipple. She started to brush her shirt off laughing. Dam she said, I should have wore a bra. No I said rather quickly, err I meant no my fault very clumsy of me. Please allow me to pay for your laundry having a very hard time taking my eye off of her tits as the wet area had spread to both tits now. She laughed again and said nonsense. I will just go change I think about what you should do to make up for this clumsiness with a wink. I said well if you change your mind let me know. Her and Frank headed back up to their room. I went and refilled my drink and headed up to my room as well waiting for the dinner reservations.

I took a shower and got out just in time to hear the people in the room next door getting it on. The bed was banging the wall and the woman was moaning rather loudly. It was not helping my blue balls which I started getting at the airport and cranked up the pain when I got that look at Sharon’s tits. I waited several minutes while they finished up and then clapped loud enough that they might have heard it. I heard their shower turn on a bit later so I turned up the TV and finished watching a show then headed down for dinner.

I was a bit early so I settled down in a chair and watched the people, well women come and go. They called my name just as Sharon and Frank exited the elevator. I sat for a few moments so I could watch her walk across the room. Probably a mistake but god she was fucking hot. She was in high heals and a short skirt. Her top was, sadly, loose so her nipples were not poking through her shirt.

Once they reached the Maitre’d I headed over to wait to be seated. They were having a discussion with him and I overheard him say that they would have to wait 45 minutes for a table. While I walked over I was doing my best to hide my hard on from the other guests in the restaurant. I asked him if they could join me at my table to which he agreed and so he led us to a back booth that was in a darker corner of the restaurant. We sat with Sharon in between us and chatted about the day and what had brought us to the area. We ordered dinner and while we waited I apologized again for ruining her shirt but hoped sharing my reservation would cover the damage. Oh no Sharon said that will never do. Frank and I have thought of how you can repay us. I said oh really how is that? Well we have a rental car and several hours tomorrow. We thought we would go site seeing. We never get many pictures of the two of us together so we want you to come with us and be our personal photographer. Who knows she quipped you might actually enjoy some of the sights.

I thought about that for a minute and could not argue with it so I said I would. Great they said together it is settled then.

Just then Frank got a phone call and excused himself to go out and take it. Sharon slid around the table opposite from where I was sitting with her back to the crowded restaurant and leaning over the table said I wore this shirt for you do you like it? I was about to respond that I liked her other one better but upon looking down noticed her shirt was loose enough that I could see both of her tits dangling free behind her shirt. I stuttered at first but finally managed to say yes very much. Good she said. Now before Frank comes back I have another question for you? I gulped ok. Judging from the hard on you have been sporting every time I catch you looking at me I assume you would like to touch these. God yes I said I would. Good she said again. We have adjoining rooms you know. I did not know that but must have nodded yes. Did you like the moaning? I nodded again. Ok well then leave your adjoining door unlocked. Frank will fall asleep and I will come and dance for you and if your good you can squeeze my tits. I nodded again. I caught Frank returning out of the corner of my eye and let her know. She said ok and headed to the restroom.

Frank sat and apologized for the phone call. No problem I know how it is work doesn’t stop. He agreed. I asked him where we were going to go tomorrow and he said he really didn’t know Sharon made those kind of decisions. She was not gone long and Frank stood to let her slide back into her seat. She slid in and informed us that she was cold so we should slide closer to keep her warm. I slid a bit closer to which she slid up next to me and said this is what I mean by closer. She did indeed seem cold looking at the bumps forming on her tits. Frank slid over as well and we sat that way chatting waiting for dinner to arrive.

While we waited she slid her hand onto my leg and began caressing it. I flinched a bit not expecting it but Frank didn’t notice. Judging by the look on his face he was probably getting something better from her left hand. It did not take long before, I am sure, I had the same look on my face as her hand moved up and stroked my cock. Dinner arrived way too soon and while the waiter was placing the dishes she grabbed my left hand and slid it to her crotch. Grabbed my finger and pushed it around her narrow thong and into her wet pussy. She then moved it around making her point clear. I was to finger fuck her while we ate dinner or until she came. As wet as her pussy was it should not really take that long. I stroked her pussy and clit being careful to not make it obvious what was going on. She continued on with our conversation something I was struggling with at this point. Too many things going on demanding my attention. I picked at my food and felt her spreading her legs a bit wider and rolling her ass forward she was cumming. I continued to finger her pussy for a while longer and then moved my hand up to cut my steak. She scowled letting me know that was not what she had in mind but I was kind of hungry. I cut my entire steak making sure to get some juice on my finger. I licked it off while she watched smiling. My hard on was killing me but while we were waiting for desert she started stoking my cock again. I stuffed my finger back inside her cunt the first chance I got hoping to make her cum again. I love watching women cum. Desert arrived we both took a bite at about the same time and she said oh this is heaven don’t you agree. Frank and I both agreed, most likely for different reasons. The bill arrived Frank grabbed it before I could and began paying it. She came again and this time I pushed my finger as far into her pussy as our seating arrangement allowed. She leaned her head back and I could feel her pussy contractions on my finger. God I wondered what that would feel like if my dick was in there. She smiled possibly guessing my thoughts and whispered you can check that out in more detail later. Frank finished paying the bill and we slid out of the table. She gave me one more great shot of her exposed tits as she climbed out and pulled her skirt down. She might as well not have been wearing any panties because it was still pulled over to the side of her wet pussy lips. This allowed me to catch a glimpse as did anyone else looking her way before she pulled her skirt down without adjusting her G-string. I smiled and said until tomorrow then. She winked and we headed to the elevators.

They asked me in for a nightcap. I declined saying I had to let my wife know what my schedule was like and that I was getting tired which was true it had been a long day. Sharon pouted but we split at the door confirming our plans to meet in the morning for site seeing. I went in my room, showered once again and laid down on the bed turning on the TV. I remembered about unlocking the adjoining door but debated if I really wanted things to go any further then they already had. Well wanting is not really the right word of course I wanted them to but wasn’t sure I was ready to be unfaithful to my wife. I shook my head and reminded myself that she had only said she would dance for me. I stood and quietly unlocked the adjoining door and cracked it open so she could come in if she wanted. I lay back down after turning off the lights except in the bathroom turned off the TV and must have nodded off.

I woke extremely groggy realizing I was not alone in my room. I did not move thinking and finally remembering who it was. It had seemed like a dream really. Not something that happened to me. She was in the bathroom. I pretended to be asleep still the room was pretty dark so I was able to peak out a bit and watch her. She nosed around the room a bit and then moved closer to me on the bed. She was but as naked and was as gorgeous naked as the glimpses I had seen made me believe she would be. She didn’t realize I was awake yet so I closed my eyes as she moved closer. I was laying on my side on the edge of the bed. I remembered I had not put anything on when I got out of the shower so I was totally naked and not under the covers. I already had a hard on but I get those in my sleep anyway so nothing there to warn her I was awake. My favorite way to wake up is to a pussy on my face and she didn’t disappoint. If this is what she considered dancing it was pretty good. She moved her pussy right up to me and rubbed my nose against her wet cunt. I moaned quietly and she pushed a bit harder. I didn’t wake. She slid her finger into her hole and then rubbed it on my lips. I moved my head a bit and licked my lips but still did not wake. She was getting frustrated and moved down to my hand. She took my hand and poked my finger inside her and squeezed it with her pussy. Still no response. She then stuffed another two more inside her and now I had a pretty good idea how much grip she had and what my cock would get. God I wanted to feel that with my cock but I still held back. She moved my hand up and wrapped it around one of her tits and rubbed it across her nipples. Without squeezing they still felt pretty dam good. My cock was throbbing and dripping by now. I moaned like I was having a dream. She leaned down by my ear and whispered ok if your awake your loss if your asleep pleasant dreams as she stuck her tongue in my ear. I moaned again. She moved to my cock and stroked it once moving the precum to her lips. She then grabbed it and rubbed the tip against her clit. I still didn’t wake. She walked away saying quietly, I am still going to have that cock of yours you wait and see. I heard the door open as she went back to her side. She left the doors open a bit presumably in case I woke up and wanted to get her. Hopefully she would wake up before Frank and close it cuz I decided I wasn’t going to.

It was sometime before I fell asleep again and all I could do to not relieve the pressure my balls were feeling.

I awoke the next morning and noticed the door had been closed. I took a long shower and when I climbed out I noticed that she had left me her G-string from last night. I carefully packed it into my suitcase for safe keeping. She was not getting it back. I finished getting ready and packed and headed down to keep our morning appointment. I was the photographer for the day.

As I exited the elevator I noticed them standing in the doorway waiting for me. Sharon had her arms folded under her tits and a frown on her face. I smiled and waved at Frank. As I got closer the view improved as the sun was shining on their backs through the glass door and Sharon’s short skirt was letting the light shine through showing her off nicely. She spread her legs slightly as she continued to glare at me and my cock which I had prepared for just such an event created a bulge in my pants. I shook Frank’s hands and he headed out to get the car while I checked out.

Not sure what else to do I shrugged and headed to the line at the counter to check out. Sharon came up behind me and whispered in my ear I see you like my skirt. Yes I mumbled very much. Good she said. Did you find my presents? Presents I said questioningly. I found the G-string thank you very much. What else? Well she said did you have pleasant dreams? Yes I did I said. Well I may have helped you along on that. Was it a wet dream she whispered? Damp I said but not wet good. Are your balls in pain have I teased you enough? Yes I said. Good then today will be additional payback for falling asleep instead of fucking me last night. I groaned. My balls already ached if she was going to intentionally inflict more pain I am not sure I would be able to stand it.

Sharon headed out to the car and looking up I noticed the girl behind the counter conspicuously inconspicuous waiting for me. I stepped up and checked out. She said have a nice day. I said I fully intend to. I think she started blushing but I did not wait around to find out for sure.

As I headed out Frank passed me the keys. You’re driving as well. Ok I said no problem. I loaded my suitcase and climbed asking them where to in my best Boston Cabby accent. They laughed and Sharon gave me the destination which I plugged into my gps. I checked my mirrors and reached to adjust the rearview but noticed Sharon Frowning at me and shaking her head slightly no. I looked closer and noticed I could see up her skirt and the G-string she had on today was even more revealing then the one she had on yesterday. She then tugged on her shirt presumably to cover more of her bare midriff but ended up exposing her Areola instead. I looked up to see if she knew what she had done and received a wicked nod and smile.

Alright I said buckle up and enjoy the ride. We headed out into traffic. I was not able to watch Sharon in the mirror as much as I would have liked and of course I couldn’t get any pictures while driving but she was putting on a good show. Wiggling her ass, adjusting her G-string to the sides, and that shirt tug which she knew by now was driving me crazy.

We arrived at our first stop and climbed out. I took a lot of couple on vacation type pictures but could not resist sneaking in a few other shots. Like when her skirt blew up in the breeze exposing her ass, and again later from the front, and a few close ups of her, what seemed like permanently erect nipples poking through her shirt.

I didn’t expect them to review the photos right off so I kind of gulped when they asked for the camera. They commented on a few of the pics but really seemed to like the hot shots and told me to take more like that. I promised I would. I was getting copies after all.

We drove to several more spots which are all kind of a blur now with the only difference being I was looking for and getting more pictures of Sharon showing off her beautiful body. She had a nice tan which I knew included no tan lines at all. Her tits and areola were both large and well rounded. Her ass was to die for and her pussy well the squeeze she had put on my finger last night still had my cock throbbing wanting to try it out. Her beautiful sparkling sea green eyes matched her blond hair and she had an easy laugh. All in all the stuff most men’s wet dream material including me. As the day progressed she grew more and more aggressive with exposing her “private” parts in public. She knew it made me horny every time she did that and judging by the damp look to her G-string wasn’t bothering her in the least. God I wanted that G-string to match the other one in my suitcase.

The day passed to quickly and it was time to head to the airport. Once on the highway though both Frank and I’s phones rang. He answered his I already knew what that meant and listened to him explain that our flight had been delayed at least two hours. We decided to stop at a mall so Sharon could look around. I followed them inside watching and occasionally snapping pictures of the people staring at her. Frank as usual seemed oblivious to the attention she was getting but man she was hot. We found a Fredrick’s and went inside. She insisted on modeling a few things for us before she bought them. Everything she tried on looked good on her. Some emphasized her round tits, others her ass or pussy lips. I could not tell her what to buy and Frank was on the phone again talking business so in the end she changed back into her original outfit and bought it all. The clerk who had not been overly happy about how many things she had tried on was now offering more items for her to look at. She declined and we took her bag and headed back to the car. On the way out she palmed me her wet G-string which I stuck in my pocket as I reached for the keys. I thanked her and she giggled. We had to put some of her stuff in my suitcase because it would not all fit in theirs. I already knew I was going to miss my connecting flight so I told them we could sort it out in phoenix while I looked for a hotel. No you wont she said you’re staying with us for the night. I agreed knowing one way or the other my balls needed to be emptied and my resistance was gone a long time ago.

On the way to the airport I discovered that she had not replaced the G-string which was now in my pocket. So I had an unobstructed view of her pussy whenever she wanted me to have it which was most of the time. She bent over and I discovered if I leaned towards the glass on the side I could see her lips wrapped around Franks cock. He was enjoying himself and she was making sure I knew it and could entertain myself by looking at her now dripping cunt. It was heavenly torture. I heard him grunt and she smacked her lips a bit later and sat up. Her shirt had ridden up exposing her nipples. She didn’t immediately fix that but when she did I got the top view again in the mirror. We dropped the car off at the rental company and climbed on the buss. The lucky guy across the isle from her had a nice ride to the terminal. She looked at me and whispered you picked the wrong seat. Yeah I did didn’t I. Frank was on the phone again so I pulled mine out and texted my wife telling her I was going to be another day late. She didn’t seem to upset by that as she responded well have a safe trip and try to enjoy yourself in phoenix. Ok I said that I thought I was going to. She sent a smiley face back and then we were at the terminal.

We unloaded our stuff and headed inside. I had a fleeting thought about Sharon getting a random search by an over excited guard but we passed through without any trouble. Their loss really she looked like she needed or at least wanted a good pat down and I hoped to give her one later.

While we sat in the terminal waiting to board Frank headed to the restroom and Sharon and I talked in hushed voices. Are you going to fall asleep on me again tonight she asked? No I have paid for that all day and my balls would never forgive me tomorrow. She laughed and said good. I will take care of Frank so he is out of the way and the night will be ours. Ok I said. Too bad we couldn’t rearrange our seats. It would have been nice to have your fingers in my pussy on the way home. I looked at her, she shrugged Frank will be reading and I will just be sitting there. Maybe ill show you something to keep you interested until we get to phoenix. I was hoping the seat next to me would be empty but with the cancelled flight that would not be likely.

As it turns out I had a decent view of her leg as they were a couple of rows in front of me. On any other flight that would have been enough but after everything I had seen so far over the past few hours it wasn’t. Once the seatbelt sign came off she stood and headed back to the restrooms. She dropped something on the way and bent over to pick it up. The view was spectacular looking at her tits dangling as she bent over. The view from the other end would have been one of my favorites as her legs were open enough to give a clear shot through them to see her pussy from behind. She stood and ran her hands over my shoulder on the way back. I thought about it for a moment and headed back there as well. The bathroom was too small to do anything drastic but we were at the very back of the plane so while we waited for the door to open again for her turn I took advantage of the situation and gave her a quick kiss and ran my hand under her dress. She once again gripped my finger and it slipped inside her pussy. I just moaned. The door opened and she went in. She came out a second or two later rubbed my cock on the way by and said watch this. She walked a few isles up and dropped something again giving me the view I had wanted. God where was the camera when I needed it. She looked up noticed my expression and gave me that wicked grin and wink combination she had and sat down. When I returned to my seat the guy next to me was mumbling something about no panties. He seemed in shock as he repeated it several times before he went back to his book.

I waited for the flight to end which took forever. We got our bags and left the plane and headed to the parking lot. Frank dug out his keys and tossed them to me. She says you’re driving. Ok I said. Where to. I plugged it into my gps again as I was pretty sure they would be busy on the ride home. They were as they repeated the trip to the airport on the way to their house.

I found the clicker and pulled into the house, mansion really, just as they were finishing up. This time had taken a bit longer and I think Frank was not going to be up to fucking her tonight. Guessed I would just have to do it for him. He jumped out and grabbed their bags and went inside. She waited for me and said I will show you around. She bent over like she had at the airport and held that pose for a bit. The camera was in the trunk so I grabbed it and snapped a few pics with the Ferrari in the background, then some with the Mercedes, but mostly some close ups. Get enough she said? Seemed like you liked that on the plane. I did I said on the plane never enough pics though. She laughed alright lets show you to your room and around the place. The house was very nice the rooms were big and open they had a hot tub and pool. Frank was back in the family room talking on the phone again so she showed me to the master bedroom.

Ok she said this room has one rule. Oh yeah I said what is that. No clothes are allowed in here. I said ok, but she started to strip. I started snapping pics which gave me a reprieve from stripping. She didn’t just take her clothes off it was one of the best strip tease dances I have seen especially considering how few clothes she had on to begin with. When she was naked she danced up to me and rubbed her pussy against my cock. I am going to shower then get in the hot tub. Join up with me there she said with a wink. I nodded and lingered just long enough to get a few shower shots before heading to my room.

I showered and when I got out I found a bathrobe on the bed for me. I put it on and found that my thankfully dangling cock tip was peaking out beneath the robe. Not seeing my suitcase where I had left it I shrugged and headed to the hot tub. Frank was ordering pizza in the back so I climbed in beside Sharon and leaned my head back. She had drinks waiting for us which I took a sip of. When I turned to set it on the edge she stood and straddled my legs and was waiting for me to turn around. Next time maybe I will have to get you a longer robe she laughed. It is supposed to be one of those one size fits all things but seemed a bit short for you. I laughed and told her it was her fault. My cock and balls were never going to be the same after today. Oh really she giggled the best part is yet to cum. With that she reached down and pulled her pussy lips around the shaft of my cock and rocked up and down the length of it. She did this several times and I took the opportunity to finally get a good hand hold on her tits which I was massaging and lightly pinching her nipples. She seemed to like that a lot but liked when I sucked on them even more. I alternated between both tits and stroking and sucking. I decided on the next upstroke one way or the other she was not going back down without my cock inside her but just then she backed off and went a bit deeper into the water. When she sat back up she had little thimble things covering her nipples. Where she had those hidden I do not know but literally all they covered was the nipple part of her tits. I laughed and said those don’t hide much. They are not supposed to she laughed. Frank was walking out which is why she had probably backed off. He said pizza is here. I am going to go eat.

I sighed and watched as Sharon stood to follow him. She paused a moment to adjust her thimbles and then instead of going around me climbed out of the hot tub by going over me. I was able to stab my tongue into her pussy as it went by and she shuddered. I think she might have had a mini orgasm but she moved on to quickly to tell. I sighed again licking my lips and headed inside watching her ass sway in front of me covered by a very short towel.

We ate pizza and finished our drinks chatting about the day and life in general. Frank said he was tired and was headed to bed. Sharon jumped up onto the counter letting her towel fall away. She reached out and pulled me closer and opened my robe. She guided the tip of my cock to her clit and began rubbing it around it gently. It was so smooth and silky it felt good on my aching cock and I begged her to let it in. She shook her head no so I decided to turn up the stakes a bit and began kneading her tits and nipples with my hands and kissing her ears. She was enjoying this but did not relent yet on slipping my cock inside her obviously ready pussy. I moved to start heading south maybe she would let my tongue do some exploring but she held me back and wrapping her legs around my back gently and slowly guided my cock into her waiting pussy. It felt like fucking silk and I slowly buried my cock inside her until my balls stopped me from going deeper. I pulled back slowly preparing for the next stroke in but she pushed me away and said not yet. God this woman was a fucking tease I needed to cum badly. She knew my plight but said Frank needs a nightcap with a wink to make sure he doesn’t bother us later. I laughed and said again? She sighed and said I doubt he can get it up again but he will want to eat my pussy before going to bed since he hasn’t had a chance to do that yet today. You can take pics if you want. I wanted to I decided so I said I would be in a few minutes, got another drink and then followed her to the master bedroom.

Frank had not wasted any time and was working her pussy with his tongue. Her eyes were closed and she was enjoying the tongue so I started snapping pictures again. I did after all get copies. I took pics from every angle and was preparing to take one looking down through her tits to her pussy. I got a little too close and she reached out grabbed my cock and slurped it into her mouth. She did it so fast and I was not ready for it and with the day being what it was.. Well I would like to say she sucked on it for awhile but she didn’t. I don’t think she had it as far in her mouth as she intended before I shot a huge hot load of cum down the back of her throat. My balls felt almost instant relief but I was disappointed in my performance. She wasn’t though as she licked her lips and mouthed that’s for making me cum when I was getting out of the hot tub and now you will be able to fuck me properly later. I just nodded hoping that last part was still true. This all happened so fast I don’t think Frank even knew it had happened. If he did he didn’t care or react to it at all. It wasn’t long before she was moaning and clamping his head between her thighs as she came on his tongue. I exited the room as he finished up not really sure if he was ever even aware I was in there or not as the camera shutter was on silent. As I went back to my room I heard the shower turn on not sure who was in it I put my robe back on and decided to go get another drink. I returned to my room passing by the master bedroom on the way and found Frank asleep on the bed and Sharon naked exiting the shower. She winked at me and I snapped a few pictures as she dried off. The woman should have been a model she was built for the camera and she knew how to make it look good. She followed me out and when we got out of earshot she said. He will sleep like a baby. What would you like to do with me? What a fucking open ended question. I had so many thoughts during the day but none of them were coming to mind just then. I see she said well lets go soak in the hot tub again while you think about it.

Turns out I didn’t have to think much things just kind of happened from there. She straddled me again and this time my cock slid into her waiting pussy. We didn’t move much but god what a grip she had with that thing. It was like a hand job inside her silky cunt. I didn’t cum right away which was fine with her but eventually I did cum again inside her pussy this time. It was the first time I think I have cum in a pussy without having to move my cock in and out and I told her that. She just giggled. Yeah that’s a pretty good trick I learned. I agreed. She had not cum that time and she stood and turned around sitting in my lap. This allowed me to reach around and fondle her tits holding her close to me. She whispered do you like my ass? Yes I said. Have you ever made a woman cum by fucking her in the ass? Yes once I said. Do it to me I have never had an orgasm that way before. She guided my dick into her ass and within a few minutes she was not able to say that again as she came really hard. It must have been the hot tub jets I said. No it wasn’t it was the whole day I have never been this fucking horny in my entire life. Your wife is a lucky lady. I was not so sure about that at this point but said that Frank had it pretty good as well. She laughed. We soaked in the hot tub for awhile longer and then went back to my room. She laid down on the bed face first and I slipped my cock into her pussy from behind. She was not kidding about being horny as she came again pretty quickly and my cock was rewarded with that intense grip she had. I was not concerned about cumming again myself but wanted to make sure she was satisfied so I moved down and cleaned her pussy with my tongue until she sighed and said she was finally satisfied.

I lay down beside her and fell asleep in each others arms. I do not know what time she woke and left the room. All I know is she made the perfect alarm clock by sitting on my face and treating me to her pussy in the morning. She said Frank was busy at work and so we had an hour or so to ourselves before heading to the airport. She came on my face and I licked up her juices. We then climbed in the shower and I fucked her again watching the way the water ran between her bouncing tits and over her gorgeous areola and nipples. I came one last time inside her pussy and my orgasm triggered hers so she milked my cum with her pussy.

She dried off and went back to her room to get ready. I got dressed with the clothes that were sitting on the dresser and waited for her having another drink. Frank was still gone when she came out so we went to the car. My bags I said. Oh well I took them to get my things and picked out the clothes you are wearing for you then Frank packed them in the car so you would not have to worry about it. Ok I said hoping my stuff was packed safely away from prying eyes when I got home. Oh yes she said I noticed you did not buy your wife a gift naughty naughty. I packed one for you to give her. Ok I said afraid to ask what it was. I was definitely going to have to look in my bags before I got home. She winked and we climbed into the Mercedes.

The windows were tinted and I got what Frank had got on the way to their house the previous night. I was not able to produce a big load of cum for her again but it still felt fucking good anyway. When we were getting close she stopped and removed a wipe from the glove box and wiped the lipstick off my cock. That would never do she teased. We arrived at the airport and got out of the car. She gave me a big hug pushing her tits into my chest. That’s so you can start getting ready to take care of Tanya when you get home. I did not remember telling her my wife’s name but I must have. She handed me a couple of disks saying Frank compiled these before he left. My favorites are marked for you. Be sure to look in the folder called other as well when you get a chance. By the way if you are in phoenix again you better call me ahead of time and plan on spending a night. I promised I would.

I thought about the weekend a lot on the way home and while it was impossible to regret fucking such a gorgeous woman I was still worried about my wife. We had talked fantasies before and this had definitely been one of mine but that was as far as it had ever gone. Once I got to my car I opened my suitcase and checked it to be safe. Everything was as it should be and my two trophy gstrings were safely tucked away in a side pocket. The gift I found was one of the outfits she had tried on at Fredrick’s. It had seemed a little large in the boob area for her and I was surprised she had bought it at the time but it seemed like it would fit my Tonya’s slightly larger tits just fine. My wife by the way is in all honesty as fucking hot as Sharon had been but not quite as aggressive even though I try constantly to get her to show off what she has.

I climbed in the car and popped the first disk into my laptop and browsed through a few pics. There were a lot more then I remembered taking and I soon realized Frank had not been as absent or unaware as I had thought him to be. He was the only one who could have taken some of the shots on the disk. It was me who appeared to have been unaware. I would have to thank him again for his photography as well. I found the folder marked favorites and they were mostly of us at their house. Hot tub pics, shower pics, and all. I do not know how he got those but dam they were good.

Lastly I looked at the folder marked others as Sharon had directed. There were only two pictures in it and I recognized the people instantly (Frank and my wife). It seems my darling wife had lived one of her fantasies already. We were going to have to have a long talk when I got home.

To be continued.. Perhaps.

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