Cousins Our Story Part 7 or Cousins young Love

Cousins Our Story Part 7 or Cousins young Love

I have retrived this story from google cache so that everyone can know Cousins our story is a stolen story, Actually was written by 6ftthree. The Proof is in given below link.

Only names were changed by the writer and added little more description to this story, I am hoping to retrive the first parts soon

Romance, incest, male/ 2 females, softcore

This story is a biography, based on fact with interwoven fiction. It spans a period of about 12 years.


My cousin Lucy and I were about 9 years old when my family moved to live about 10 min by car from her house. My name is James but my family has always called me Jimmy. Our mothers are sisters. Lucy's mother is about 1 year older than my mother. Lucy and I are only children. We attended different schools. I liked visiting Lucy's house because it had a big backyard with trees to climb, a swimming pool, and room to play ball.
My mother and I started visiting, usually twice a week, after school. Lucy and I became quite close. We seemed to like to do the same things.



It was about a 2 hour drive to see our parents. We should be there in plenty of time to break the news before lunch. We agreed to face the music as soon as we arrived. I told Lucy she would have to do it. It was just too daunting for me. I all ready had nerves just thinking about it.

The first cousins issue lay heavily on my mind.

Lucy had done some research on it. She said the possibility of problems was very low. Where problems had arisen, it was in a situation of serial inter-breeding over generations. There were cultures where this happened.
This certainly had not happened in any of our forebears that we knew of. We would be the first.

DNA study was part of one course she planned to take next year. She would be able to do a DNA analysis of both of us as part of her course projects. She was sure she would be able to get assistance from faculty on interpretation of the results. In fact, she believed they would be very interested as it would open up a new area of interest.

On arrival, I walked in behind Lucy, trying to make myself invisible. I had told Lucy to initially keep her ring finger out of sight.
Our parents were standing waiting. I noticed our mothers have a quick look at Lucy’s tummy despite Lucy ruling that out in her phone conversation.
Then, our mums came over, gave Lucy a big hug and me a kiss. Lucy raced over to the fathers and kissed them both. I shook hands. Lucy’s father was pleasant and smiling, but, he had not heard the news yet!
Despite the fact it was only 4 weeks since we had seen everybody, our fathers, almost in unison, said how pretty Lucy looked. To me, that was an understatement.


Within minutes of our greetings, Aunt said “Ok, you two, you said you had lots of news. What about telling us before we start lunch”.

There was a pause; you could have heard a pin drop.

I looked at Lucy, she looked at me, I nodded.
She turned back to our mothers standing side by side in the front, like menacing front row forwards. I was sure they were holding hands.

Flashing through my mind was the thought that I might have to get out of here quick-I felt for my car keys. I was sure a wimp in matters like this.

Then, Lucy reached for my hand and quickly blurted out:

“Jimmy and I want to get married” and she brought her hand up from behind her to display the ring on her finger.

There was a pause, not a sound; should I run? Yes!...... No!
Then our mothers, moved forward together; a tackle I was thinking!


They threw their arms around both of us and said “absolutely wonderful, that is the best news ever. You two are just made for each other”.

Tears started to run down their cheeks. They were tears of joy. Tears ran down my face too. But, they were tears of relief. The fathers came over, cuddled Lucy and shook my hand.

I had the feeling that our mothers knew what were coming to tell them. Females seem to have radar that they tune into. Lucy had been with them 4 weeks ago. They had picked up her signals then for sure. We males are on a completely different wavelength. Sometimes we turn the dial on our radar set and pick up their signal. I hope I can tune in to Lucy’s signal all the time.

If our fathers had reservations the sisters would have out-voted them. Probably they were not even allowed a vote.

After lunch Lucy and our mothers went in to a huddle in the bedroom for women’s business. I played snooker with our fathers. I told them about the courses Lucy and I were doing, our results to date and our jobs.


Lucy and our mothers emerged and Lucy said that seeing it was warm, they were going for a swim.
She looked me and said for me to come too. I replied that I didn’t bring any swimmers. She answered “you don’t need them ….. our mums have seen you plenty of times”. Yes they had seen me but I wasn’t as old back then. Off they went to the pool. I thought the best thing to do was to just continue the snooker. They would be so busy talking that they would forget all about me.

Ten minutes later Lucy arrived with a towel around her……..hell, couldn’t she find something bigger…….it did not leave much to the imagination. I was sure I could glimpse something dark at the bottom of the towel. Her breasts looked like they were about to fall out the top. All in front of my father too. Her father was no doubt use to it.

She told me not to be prudish and to come. I looked at her father “jimmy, you can’t win…….you might as well go”. Just before I left the room he whispered in my ear “you can always make a beeline for the deep end, its not as clear there”. She grabbed my hand and said we did not have long before we needed to leave.


At the pool, I took my clothes off. Thank goodness it was limp. When I turned around all three were standing looking at me. Lucy called out “come in, it’s great”. I could see three sets of breasts floating just above the waterline and three dark triangles further down. Suddenly I felt it. Hell, it’s was starting all ready. And, it never took long once it got underway. It was getting big, fast. By the time I reached the edge of the pool it was right up. There was no way I could hide it. Lucy had seen what was happening and called out “you can do some laps over that side”.

I dived into the pool, swam up and down a few times, stopping in the deep end. No way could I float on my back. Obviously, more laps plus the cold water should work. Our mums decided to dry off and go to start afternoon tea.

I could not help staring as they went up the steps of the pool.
I really was starting to become a voyeur. I was old enough to know better but the hormones got in the way.

In no way had they lost their figures. Just a more mature version of Lucy. From the back,…. wow, it was all curves. As they turned I could see their breasts were a little fuller, not much, but still did not need any help staying up. And their triangles of dark curly hair seemed thicker. They were perfectly shaped as though they had been manicured, just like Lucy. Wouldn’t I like to let my fingers slide through those curls? Their nipples were standing up like little rockets waiting to go off. As they toweled, they put a leg up on the sun lounge to dry their slit. Every in and out of it was exposed from my lower position in the pool.
Gee…… I thought I was going down…… from the cold water, but not anymore.

Lucy’s voice brought me back to reality. This was my mother and Aunt. I should not have even been looking. When they were getting out I should have continued laps with my head, face down.
I imagined I would get an earful off Lucy when we were in the car on the way home about it. What excuse would I be able to give?
I would tell her I was looking to see how she would be when she was their age. If I didn’t want to look then there would have to be something wrong with me- and she would not want that, would she?

As far as nakedness is concerned, the females in our family just had no inhibitions.

Lucy moved over to me, put her arms around my neck and proceeded to draw closer. She stopped and said
“I can’t get any closer your sticking in to me……..I’m going to get out now…….you do some more laps………don’t look at me as I am getting out……..then come for afternoon tea…… you think you can manage that? I nodded.

When it was time to leave, Lucy received lots more hugs and kisses. As we drove home I certainly felt relieved that everything had gone so well, except for the swim. Better still……. I would not have to look for another place to live!


Arriving at the apartment, we had a quick bite to eat and decided to have an early night. Both of us had a work shift the next day. Lucy said to me “your room or mine”. After the events of the day this was going to be a great stay-over! Little did I know what was in store!

In the bedroom Lucy said “it’s warm let’s go skinny”. She jumped and I followed. On our sides, she put her arm around me so we could touch bodies. The inevitable happened. I was hard as a rock within seconds. As usual, she made space and let it rest between her legs. After a long day we were now totally relaxed.

Then Lucy said to me “I am very wet tonight”. In all the time we had been together since she returned from overseas ‘wet’ had never been mentioned. I really did not understand the significance of it.
Next she said “I’ll show you”. She took the index finger of my hand, threw back the covers, placed my finger on her spot and slid it down slightly inside her slit. Down one side and up the other.

When we had our play sessions I never ventured in there. I viewed it as taboo until I was invited.

I could feel that it was very slippery. My heart was racing. I had never been this far with Lucy before. Then she opened her legs wider and moved the lips of her slit apart. Taking my hard dick with three fingers she placed it on the opening and slid the big head up and down; up over her spot and down to the bottom; up and down. The wetness made it as smooth as silk. Next she kissed me on the cheek and whispered “do you like that?” Looking at my face she knew the answer. Then, “are you ok………….” I replied “no”.

That familiar feeling was coming fast and I said to Lucy “quick… back!” She knew what I meant and let go of my dick. I rolled on to my back for the inevitable. Lucy quickly held it again so it would not shoot in the wrong direction. It shot with such force, once, twice, three times, that Lucy was even surprised. I just lay there. I couldn’t move. I was completely exhausted. Lucy attended to the clean up.

What a day! Lucy cuddled up to me and we went to sleep in minutes.

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