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I Am A 16 Year Old Cub

Introduction: This story contains graphic material, including Young Male and Older Female intercourse. If this bothers or offends you, please do not read on. If you do enjoy this, please rate and give CONSTRUCTIVE feedback. Thank You, Cub16 Cole was 16 and an orphan. He was average height, about 5'10, with long dark brown hair, and deep brown puppy dog eyes. His parents had abandoned him when he was only 4 years old. He had lived in the same orphanoge in the same town since.  That's how he met John. John was 10, also average height, with short red hair. He...


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Poor Lucy

Lucy was only seven years old. I had picked her out almost immediately, she was the prettiest kid with the most possible-potential. With her long, brunette locks and her big, mossy-green eyes, she seemed also perfect. Not only was she beautiful, she had the tiniest, most fragile body i'd ever seen in a child, making the experience more thrilling. I was dropping my son, Jake, off at school. He was in the same class as Lucy, and when i asked him of her, he said she was quiet but was really sweet. I had the feeling Jake had a crush on...


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Virgin Niece

Virgin Niece I love it when young girls about ten or eleven start to develop their breasts. They are kind of pointed and cute to see in their T-shirts. They are even kind of proud of them. I love it when a young lady about twelve or thirteen starts to get that thinner waist, growing toward that hourglass figure that men love to admire. I really love it when a young woman about fourteen or fifteen starts thinking about sex and loosing her virginity. I absolutely love to de-flower virgins, to be the very first man to invade their inner most...


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The Rendezvous

I waited for her in the hotel room trying to steel my nerves. We have done this before but this time I had a plan, and we had made arrangements ahead of time. “Calm yourself old boy, can't get carried away. This time is going to count.” A small knock on the door wakes me from my thoughts. I open the door and I’m greeted by that smile that anyone would call innocent but I know better. “I’m glad you came.” I say as she enters with that confidence as if this were her own room at home. “I almost didn’t”...


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Before she gets back - A Short Story

It was two-forty in the afternoon, and my wife was just about to leave to pick our daughter up from school, when my phone made that familiar ding sound of a message coming in. I work from home on Fridays, so assuming it was work I just casually picked up my phone as my wife put on her coat. I'm fucking myself right now. I need your cock! it read. Who is it? My wife asked. It was from my mother-in-law. I stammered slightly. Uh... just work love, I'll reply in a minute I hated lying to her, but somehow it...


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Harry Potter "That" Need Part 11_(0)

Surely some magical force had to be working to prevent the bed from collapsing, as all four bodies made a dive for it at once, arms and legs tangled together in a heady mixture of sweat and desire. Harry found Ginny at once, and pulled her on top of his body for a slow and tender kiss. He found it incredibly stimulating that he could taste not only the normal minty flavor of Ginny’s mouth, but traces of what he now clearly recognized as Hermione’s juices on Ginny’s lips, as well as hints of his own and Ron’s cum that Ginny...


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Aunt maria_(0)

Ill begin this story as stating my name which is Dominick but my female name is Jessica. im 18 years old, i was turning 17 when this happened tho. blue eyes, blonde hair, beautiful curves for a male. since i was born i knew i was to be female but god made me a male but that didn't stop me from being a female. it was my 17th birthday, alot of my friends were over, mostly girls as i was trying to pick out their feminine ways. we were having a blast, talking gossip, about hot guys, didn't eat not chocolate...


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I meet her at a BBQ

I had just sat down to a plate of food when she walked into the community BBQ. The right amount of thickness in all the right places filled out the little black dress she was wearing, her heel elongated her legs. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her as she walked by laughing with her friends in what seemed to be slow-motion. I leaned over to my friend and asked if he knew who you were. “Her name is Dayana or something like that. She is Luis’ cousin,” he said, the last part meant to be a warning. Luis and...


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How I Became a Slave

I always knew there was something different about me. When I was younger I remember reading history and not quite getting what was so bad about being a slave. Not having slaves, mind, but being one didn't seem like it was too terrible. I realized as I got older that it was more complicated than just serving someone else, and the public part of me felt guilty about this, while the private part of me still got warm and excited by the idea of having no control over my own life anymore. So I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise...


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First time hubby let his friends use me

First time Hubby let his friends have me. A true story by LadyM/Sue122 As I said it was my husband’s birthday and we had gone out to dinner with four of his friends. It was a very nice dinner at a steak house in town. I had two glasses of wine which is my limit, after that I am totally drunk. All the wives accept for me where out of town, so I was the only girl out with five guys. After dinner my husband invited his friends over for some pool and a few beers. All the guys gladly accepted...


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