Harry Potter "That" Need Part 11_(0)

Harry Potter "That" Need Part 11_(0)

Surely some magical force had to be working to prevent the bed from collapsing, as all four bodies made a dive for it at once, arms and legs tangled together in a heady mixture of sweat and desire. Harry found Ginny at once, and pulled her on top of his body for a slow and tender kiss. He found it incredibly stimulating that he could taste not only the normal minty flavor of Ginny’s mouth, but traces of what he now clearly recognized as Hermione’s juices on Ginny’s lips, as well as hints of his own and Ron’s cum that Ginny had licked from Ron’s hand. He knew if he didn’t slow things down a bit, he wouldn’t last much longer, and Harry was not ready for the evening to end.
Harry contented himself for some time, just kissing Ginny and allowing his hands to roam freely, combing through her luxurious red hair and rubbing across her shoulders and down her back, occasionally grasping her hips and pulling her lower body in tighter against his and causing just the right amount of friction between them to both keep "that need" going, and at the same time, to keep it under control.

Ron had stretched out on his side and propped himself on one elbow, then cuddled Hermione close to him, then voraciously kissed and sucked on her mouth, her ears, her neck, but he watched Harry covertly over Hermione’s shoulder. When he saw how Harry was taking his time with Ginny, he backed off of his ravenous assault on Hermione, slowing himself down to enjoy a more leisurely feast of the beautiful brunette who was so deliciously offering herself to him. He gently pushed her onto her back as he continued to kiss her, palming a breast with the hand that wasn’t supporting his head.

Ginny was making soft little sounds, gasps and purrs and hisses, undoubtedly caused by having Harry nibbling at her earlobes and the hollow of her neck, her collarbones and her shoulders, as he massaged a breast with one hand, teasing the nipple with his thumb. Ron continued to watch them, being careful not to neglect Hermione, and he wondered how he’d missed when Harry had rolled Ginny onto her back and pinned her beneath himself, but it really didn’t matter. The two of them looked so good together like that, and Ron vaguely pondered whether Harry may have been attracted to him because of his similarity to Ginny, or because of hers to him.

Hermione moaned as Ron kissed his way toward her breast, and shivered a in anticipation when he picked up his wand and summoned the remains of the chocolate sauce. "I didn’t get any while ago, you know," he whispered with a grin.

Ginny smiled to herself, and nudged Harry to get his attention, as Ron sat once again cross-legged on the bed and began to dribble the sweet liquid onto Hermione’s body. Harry watched too, his mouth full of Ginny’s breast, as Ron carefully applied copious amounts of chocolate to both breasts before zigzagging downward across Hermione’s tummy. He sat the bowl on the bed long enough to nudge her legs farther apart with his hands, then drizzled most of the remaining sauce onto her upper thighs and the folds of her pussy, then he finished with a healthy dollop that completely covered her clit. He licked his lips as he placed the bowl on a nearby table and stretched out once more beside Hermione to savor his feast.

Ron was so absorbed in his task, he still had not noticed his attentive audience, but Hermione’s eyes found Ginny’s for a brief moment and they shared a smile as Ron bowed his head to Hermione’s breast, reverently worshiping her body with his tongue as he began to collect the chocolate melting against her flushed skin. Hermione stretched her arms over her head, not wanting them to interfere with Ron’s access, and making her untouched breast look for all the world like an open invitation to Harry and Ginny.

Ginny caught Hermione’s eye once more and Hermione nodded her head, almost imperceptibly, but enough for Ginny to know. She leaned towards Harry’s ear and softly said "Let’s help him a bit."

Harry looked inquiringly toward Hermione, who blushed, but licked her lips, so Harry raised himself off of Ginny and they both crawled across the bed towards the other couple. Hermione mumbled something unintelligible as Harry and Ginny began to swirl their tongues together around her mound of neglected chocolate-coated flesh, and Ron looked up from her nipple, a chocolate breast-print pressed onto his cheek. He flashed Harry and Ginny a mischievous Weasley smile and returned to sucking the chocolate off Hermione’s areola. Harry and Ginny continued to lick the chocolate on their side of Hermione, each taking turns sucking her nipple into their mouths to remove all remaining traces of the sweet. Ginny nipped her playfully with her teeth, and Hermione squeaked in return, as Harry scooted away to rest his back against the headboard of the bed.

Ginny repositioned herself at Harry’s side, resting her back against the side of his chest and her head on his shoulder, so they could enjoy the rest of show. Ginny’s position was just right for Harry to breathe in the honeysuckle scent of her hair and to cup one of her breasts in his hand. He kissed the top of her head, resting his chin against it, as he watched Ron lap the traces of chocolate from Hermione’s tummy and set to work on her thighs.

For some time, the only sounds in the room were the steady rhythms of deep and heavy breathing, and the slurping noises Ron made as he chased the well warmed chocolate over the curves of Hermione’s thighs. Instinctively, Hermione opened her legs to him, draping one ankle across Harry’s calf as she did. Harry could feel Ginny’s breathing quicken by the breast he still held in his hand, and he bit his lip to muffle a groan as he gazed at Hermione’s chocolate covered snatch while Ron moved into position and began to clean the gooey substance from her delectable folds with his tongue.

Harry trailed his hand from Ginny’s breast down towards her center and she shifted her position just enough for him to reach her. He collected some of her silken wetness on his fingertips and slowly massaged the fluid into her taught little bundle of nerves. His cock, which was aching with renewed need, twitched against his belly and he grasped it with his free hand and began to slide it up and down his length. Ron was gorgeous, he thought, as he watched him make love to Hermione’s pussy with his mouth, tongue thrusting inside her, and then retreating to lick long stripes through her folds. He wondered why Ron had never done that with him, knowing the feeling would be just incredible if the chocolate inspired Ron’s talented mouth to work any harder at sucking him off than he normally did.

Hermione had dissolved into a mass of gasps and pants as Ron maintained a maddening pace with his tongue, working to collect all the chocolate, but at the same using his long tongue to push Hermione’s senses into clouds of passion where even Ginny’s expertise had never taken her. The touch of Ron’s tongue on her overly sensitive bits could have easily pushed Hermione over the edge alone, but as her eyes found Harry’s hand wanking himself as he watched Ron devour her pussy, it was too much for Hermione. She gripped the sheets tightly in her hands as her muscles clenched deep inside her belly and her juices flowed onto Ron, mixing with the remaining chocolate as he continued to lap it up hungrily, like a kitten with a saucer of milk. Harry licked his lips and pumped his cock just a little faster.

At some point during all of this, Ginny’s hand had joined Harry’s between her legs and she thrust her fingers into herself as Harry massaged her clit. She, too, had been watching every swipe of Ron’s tongue into Hermione and she longed to taste the combined flavors for herself when Hermione’s release washed over her. She pressed her fingers deeper into herself and ground Harry’s hand against her, anxious with need for her own release.

Harry’s cock ached, but he knew Ginny needed his attention more at the moment, so he settled her tenderly on the edge of the bed as he slipped off onto the floor and rested his weight on his knees so that he was perfectly positioned at eye level with Ginny’s triangle of curls. He teased her with his tongue, running the flat of it along the creases where her thighs joined her body, then using the tip to trace figure-8's, circling first her clit, then the rosy pink pucker of her arse. She whimpered and bucked against his mouth, changing her position so that her legs fell farther apart, inviting him to do whatever he wished with her.

Ginny’s obvious trust of Harry in offering herself up to him so vulnerably made Harry’s heart swell with love for her and he hastily wiped the back of his hand across some moisture that had appeared at the corner of his eye. He paused his tongue at the bottom of the figure-8 and pressed the tip of it against the tight little muscles hiding there. Ginny gasped and cried "Oh, Harry!" as he pushed it farther inside her, slowly fucking her arse with his tongue.

Once he felt she was lubricated well enough, Harry replaced his tongue with his thumb, continuing his unhurried in and out motions, building the nervous frenzy in the pit of Ginny’s stomach. Not satisfied that this alone was enough to give Ginny the pleasure she deserved, Harry pressed his face against her, sucking her clit into his mouth and working it with his tongue. Each time she began to squirm from "that need" building inside her, Harry would trust his tongue deep inside her pussy, massaging it sensuously until he felt her begin to relax once again.

Ron had finally licked the last of the chocolate from Hermione’s body, and lay with his feet pointed toward her head as he rested his head on her thigh, taking a moment to catch his breath. He watched Harry as he made Ginny come apart with his tongue, then coax her back together, so he could do it all again. He longed to have that effect on Hermione, but even though he knew he’d made her climax with his mouth and tongue, his tendency toward self-doubt whispered that it was the chocolate – if he poured enough chocolate on her twat and licked it all away, he was bound to hit the right places eventually.

Ron jumped just a bit, slightly surprised when he felt Hermione’s hand close around his straining erection. She stroked him slowly, and a bit awkwardly because of the positions in which they lay, but just knowing it was her touching him kindled the tantalizing fire in his belly. He growled low in his throat, hoping to make encouraging sounds that would inspire her to keep going. Apparently Hermione found their positions less than satisfactory for caressing her lover with her hands, so she tilted her body towards his and took him into her mouth.

"Oh, Fuck!" gasped Ron, then he cringed, waiting for Hermione to scold him for his language.

Instead, she just made a soft "Un Ugh" sound somewhere deep in her throat, creating vibrations in her mouth that tickled his cock and made his balls contract. She grasped him around the base with one hand, and gently rolled and squeezed his balls with the other, as she bobbed her head up and down and relaxed her throat to allow his cock to slide nearly all the way inside. A little spurt of cum escaped from the tip as it hit the back of Hermione’s throat.

"Bloody Hell, Hermione," Ron squeaked out, "I can’t hold it back. Let me fuck you."

Hermione continued to bob her head, hollowing her cheeks and sucking him harder, seemingly oblivious to what Ron had just said. Ron’s thigh muscles tensed as he struggled to stay in control of himself, but he bucked against her mouth none-the-less. Hermione giggled around his cock, knowing she was having an effect on him, and she slid her mouth up, pausing at the head to working it with her tongue as she sucked on him like she was trying to pull ice cream through a straw.

Ron began to utter a string of nearly incoherent curses, no longer able to control his own body, and Hermione released him just long enough to turn herself around and straddle him. She held his prick upright with her hand and impaling herself on him until it was buried deep within her tight channel. Ron’s legs trembled from the sensation, and Hermione ground herself into him where there bodies were joined.

Ginny had angled her head back so that she could watch Ron and Hermione as she squeezed her own breasts and pinched the nipples with her thumb and forefinger. Harry’s ministrations between her thighs had her breathless with need, and her vaginal muscles had contracted so many times she felt as if she were having one long, continual orgasm.

"Please, Harry," she finally begged when the need threatened to overwhelm her senses, making her feel as if she were floating on the edge of consciousness.

Harry stood slowly and grabbed Ginny’s thighs, pulling her to the very edge of the bed. Ginny flushed a bit when she looked at his face, which glistened from nose to chin and nearly from ear to ear with her juices. He stuck his tongue out and circled it around his mouth, making her blush even more as he positioned his pulsing cock at her entrance and drove into her, with the backs of her thighs pulled tightly against his chest. He kept his hands on the fronts of her thighs, massaging the muscles there as he held her legs to his body, and he tilted his head to lick the arch of her right foot. That need had overtaken Harry’s control, and he poured his very soul into the lusty redhead who had offered herself to him so freely.

Hermione had begun to move over Ron, leaning forward so that her nipples taunted his lips each time she rose up to slide his cock nearly out of her, then again as she slammed herself back down it’s length so that the tip rubbed across just the right spot inside her to make her ache for more. She tried to concentrate on tightening her vaginal muscles around Ron’s cock, wanting to increase the sensations he was feeling, but in her current state, it was hard for her to concentrate on much of anything except bouncing up and down on his prick as hard and fast as she possibly could.

Hermione soon found herself somewhat winded, getting the least exercise of the four of them, since all the others had regular Quidditch training, and she was grateful when Ron realized she was panting and rolled them over to assume the top position. Hermione wrapped her legs around Ron’s waist and he pounded into her until he exploded somewhere deep inside.

Twenty minutes later, Hermione smiled contentedly as the four friends walked back to Gryffindor Tower because her hand was clamped tightly within Ron’s and he made no effort to let it go as they passed other students in the corridor. And the best part of it all was that this was only Friday night; with the rest of the weekend still ahead.

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