LEXI Chapters 7-14

LEXI Chapters 7-14

LEXI (Chapter 7-14)

We ended up at a favorite Italian restaurant in the neighborhood that Spence liked to go to. It was quite crowded and the only open seat was a corner booth. We followed the receptionist to the booth and Lexi got in first and Carmen said. Stan, why don’t you get in next and fill in the middle between Lexi and I. “Sure” I agreed. We settled in as both Carmen and Lexi sat fairly close to me. “So what do you think about taking us girls out on a date” Lexi cheerfully asked. “Ya, you’re in good hands Stan” as Carmen lightly patted my thigh. It was kind of nice taking in Carmen’s Angel oriental sexy fragrance on one side and Lexi with her soft sweet Escada fragrance on the other, not to mention that both had fairly low cut tops on that I could enjoy both women’s cleavage. Carmen’s was more revealing simply because her breasts were larger, however, Lexi made up for it with her beautiful smile and bright brown eyes. I smiled at both of them and said, “Hum, seems like I’m a lucky guy tonight!” Lexi wasted no time in wrapping her leg closest to me around my leg under the table. I couldn’t move that leg if I tried without bringing to Carmen’s attention that something was going on between Lexi and I. As Carmen was distracted talking to the waiter, Lexi’s hand went under the table cloth and found my penis package and squeezed it lightly and just as she started, she quit as the waiter turned his attention to her to take her order. “I’ll have the calamari to start with and seafood alfredo”, Lexi announced as we all ordered different things. I enjoy Chianti and was on my 3rd glass before our food was served. Carmen was not far behind me drinking white zin. “Mom, ya wanna go to the restroom?” Lexi asked. “Sure” Carmen responded. They both scooted out of the booth and Lexi walked awkwardly with her boot and crutches as Carmen waited for her. I couldn’t help but notice that Carmen had a shorter than normal tight black skirt on that accentuated her very nice round ass. Her legs were perfectly naturally tan. It was hard to take my eyes off of her; still I tried to put mental blinders on since she is my brother’s wife! Carmen turned and smiled at me as she helped Lexi through the crowd. Our food came and soon Carmen and Lexi were back at the table.

“So what’s going on with Lola?” Carmen suddenly asked. “Well, I don’t know much.” I replied. “She is living with that young bimbo of a guy she took up with” I added. “How is Stoddard doing in school and how is he adjusting to the news of the divorce? “ “Oh, he is doing fine”, I answered about my 19 year old son. “He hasn’t lived around us for a year anyway since he started going to college. He told me he saw it coming though. Our marriage has been dead for years anyway Carmen.” “I know, and I’m sorry” Carmen added as she patted my leg again. Practically every time Carmen turned her head away Lexi would sneak a squeeze of my leg or package with her hand. I all of a sudden felt something touch my ankle and calf area under the table from Carmen’s side but I thought that Carmen had simply accidentally bumped my leg and I moved it. About 5 minutes later I felt Carmen’s bare foot go into my pant leg under the table as her big toe pushed my pant leg up. It was no mistake this time! Carmen was playing footsies with me under the table. I cannot let this happen I said to myself! She is my brother’s wife!

Still I could not help but start to get an erection with Carmen’s bare toes going up and down lightly on calf and shin. I slowly pulled my leg away as I asked the waiter for the check. Oh great! Lexi’s sneak feels of my leg and penis with her hand and my imagination running wild about Carmen was giving me an erection. I turned a little toward Carmen so Lexi could not get to my package as I signed the bill. My
erection had to go down before I got out from behind the table. I took my time looking over the bill, figuring the tip, and signing the bill before I announced’ “Let’s go”, to Carmen and Lexi.
We were soon home and Carmen immediately kicked off her heels and walked into her bedroom as Lexi hobbled into her room and shut the door. I went to my room and changed into some lounger pants and t-shirt. I came back out and walked past Carmen’s room. Her bedroom door was open as well as her bathroom door and I could see plainly she was in the shower. Surely she had not accidently left both doors open! This was not an accident…. She wanted me to see her! Her body was even more sexy and beautiful than I had imagined. Her big tits had large auroras and hard brown nipples. Her calves and legs were chiseled up to her beautiful brown ass and her abs were perfectly flat as a sexy elongated inny navel appeared when she reached up for the shower gel. I knew I shouldn’t look and lust. I kept saying to myself. She is my brother’s wife! Still I couldn’t help myself as she squeezed some shower gel on her breasts and started rubbing it sexily all over her front. I had an instant erection and my hand found my cock as I slowly stroked it standing in her bedroom doorway. I was definitely enjoying the show as Carmen obviously ignored me. She rubbed the soap all over her and then turned her ass to me and with both of her soapy hands rubbed her butt as she spread her legs a little and leaned over some to clean her butt crack and pussy. I was just about ready to cum when I heard Lexi yell, “Mom!... mom!”, I quickly and quietly closed Carmen’s bedroom door.

My erection immediately vanished as I walked over to Lexi’s door and knocked. “Who is it?” Lexi asked. “It’s Stan.” I responded. “Come in” she commanded. “You know you don’t have to knock Uncle Stan.” Lexi said, as I entered her room . “I know, but I just wanted to make sure. By the way your mother is in the shower “, I told her. Lexi was dressed in a red teddy with matching thong panties. She had her boot off again. “Your mom can’t catch us in your room together with you dressed like that!” I said in a panicked voice. “I know”, Lexi responded. “ I can’t find my pain meds.” “Oh, I think they are in the living room where you left them,” I informed her. “Can you go get them for me Uncle Stan?” she requested, “Sure!” I replied. I came back in with her meds and a glass of water. Lexi downed the pills and half of the glass of water and said. “I guess I will be out like a light soon, huh?” “Yup, I think so!’ I exclaimed. Both of us heard Carmen’s shower go off as Lexi said, “Kiss me good night Uncle Stan!” I leaned down to kiss her with her arms wrapped around my neck and my hands naturally cupped her breasts as she kissed me deeply. “I better go” ,as I pulled away from her and she gave me the sad puppy dog look as she knew I had to get out of her room before her mother caught us.

I moved into my room and shut the door. I heard Carmen come out of her room and go into the kitchen for a while and then heard her and Lexi talking in Lexi’s bedroom. I read for a good half hour but soon got sleepy and turned off the light. I had only been asleep for a little while when I felt someone get into bed with me. I thought it was Lexi at first and then thought those pain meds must have not knocked her out. I soon caught the fragrance of Angel perfume and knew immediately that it was not Lexi but Carmen who was in bed with me.

I woke up immediately and rolled over to see the outline of my brother’s wife laying nude on top of the covers leaning on one elbow. Carmen whispers sexily to me “Hi Stan.” “I can’t do this Carmen. You are my brother’s wife!”, I whispered loudly. “Well, he shouldn’t go out of town so much then. He doesn’t keep me serviced and I need lots of sex, Stan.” “Oh God Carmen, I can’t do this to my brother.” I state. “Don’t you find me attractive Stan?” “Uhhhh…….it’s not that Carmen.” “I saw you playing with yourself as you watched me take a shower tonight….” She whispered more softly. “Uhhh”….. I hesitated. “Ok, so I think you’re hot! That is no reason to fuck my brother’s wife!” , I whispered loudly. “OK, Stan what if I told you that I know you are fucking my daughter “, she stated emphatically. “What?!”, I said out loud. Carmen put her index finger up to her lips to shush me. I saw her playing with you under the table tonight at dinner and you liked it. Hey Stan, It’s ok. I would rather she be fucking you than some boy who might give her STD. If she is going to do it I would rather she do it with you because I know you will take care of her and not let anything bad happen to her, however, I doubt if your brother would see it that way! So Stan, what is it going to be? I tell your brother or me??” As she waved her hand Vanna White style over her body from her breasts to her legs. “I guess I really don’t have a choice, do I Carmen?”, I said softly. “Oh, you always have a choice Stan”, as she moved in for our first kiss.

Her lips were so soft and warm and she started pushing her tongue into my mouth as she rolled over on top of me and moaned, “ Fuck me Stan…” I could feel her large tits against my chest. I still have my lounger bottoms on and she climbed off of me and pulled them down to reveal my
very hard 7 inch cock. She immediately pushed my legs apart and got in between them and started kissing and licking my chest as she steadily moved down to my abs kissing, mouthing, and biting all of the way. My cock is throbbing for her to put it into her mouth. She holds it with one hand as she licks the shaft up and down and I moan and say, “Suck my cock, please….!” She continued to tease me by licking and kissing my balls and then came up to the head of my dick and slowly took the head in her mouth and went up and down only on the head as she continued to tease me. “Do you want me to suck you off Stan?” she asked softly. “Yes, please Carmen…” I whispered. “Mmmmmm “, she said as she took nearly my whole cock in her mouth and started slowly going up and down. I am in ecstasy as she went up and down on my cock at a steady rhythm and all of the time she is making sucking and slurping sounds with her mouth on my dick and moaning. Lexi gives a great blow job. The best blow job I have ever had, but Carmen exceeded her daughter’s talent. I can feel that I am not going to last long and Carmen could tell I was going to cum soon as well as she sped up her rhythm of her mouth up and down on my cock. I am soon spewing all of my cum into Carmen’s mouth as I try to contain my verbal expressions of ecstasy. Carmen goes down and up on my shaft one more time with her mouth and then moves up to kiss me. She still has my cum in her mouth as our lips and mouths meet and they are soon covered in my love juices as she pushes my cum into my mouth with her tongue. It felt so sexy to share
my love juice between us. Carmen soon says, “Now it’s my turn!” as she slides her landing strip trimmed pussy up to my face and places her clit so I can tongue it. I lightly tongue it at first and then started sucking on her clit. She pressed her clit against my mouth more as I push harder on her clit. She
now starts to gyrate her pelvis and pussy against my face as I madly lick everything that my mouth comes in contact with. The musky fragrance of her pussy engulfs me and turns me on even more as she grinds harder against my mouth. Soon, my face is smothered by her pussy as she gyrates and grinds violently against my whole mouth and face. I try to push my tongue into her vagina as far as it will go and my nose rubs back and forth and up and down on her clit so that she is softly moaning and says, “Oh God, I’m going to cum!”. She lets out a loud gasp and collapses her upper body against the top of the bed head board with my mouth still on her pussy. I wiggle my head out from under her and turn around and hold her from behind as she is still holding against the headboard with my arms around her and my hands are cupped over her large tits. I can’t believe I have an erection but I do and I move my hard cock and rub it against her butt crack. “MMmmmm, Carmen. I am going to fuck you now.” I state. She takes her hands off of the head board and turns her head sideways so I can kiss her and as my tongue slides into her mouth, my dick slides into her pussy at the same time. “Oh God, you feel so big Stan…..Mmmmm” She moans. “Fuck me hard Stan! Give me all of your cock!” She whispers loudly. I start pumping her pussy and each stroke produces a whispered “Ahh” from Carmen. She starts to speed up the rhythm by slamming her pussy and ass hard against my dick and soon we are in perfect rhythm as her ass comes hard against me and I thrust hard against her as we meet mid-stoke against each other. The climax for both of us comes quickly as we both cum at the same time. Our rhythmic stoke slows until I come out of her and collapse beside her. Thinking that she will collapse beside me I am surprised that she immediately gets off of the bed and goes quietly out of my room.

“What the fuck”….. I think as I am alone again. I lay there looking up at the ceiling thinking, did this really happen? I look down and
see that I don’t have lounger bottoms on and say to myself. Ya, I am sure I fucked my brother’s wife! Oh God what did I do! Oh what a mess I am in now!! I am doubly guilt ridden!!

I woke up the next morning and the first thing I noticed was that I had my lounger bottoms on. I don’t remember putting them back on in the middle of the night. Hey, perhaps I dreamed the whole thing. Whew! A momentary feeling of relief came over me as I thought that I didn’t fuck my brother’s wife after all. Then reality set in and I remember her playing with my leg at dinner time. A tell tale sign that I did the deed was that I didn’t have my usual morning erection. Yup, I definitely screwed up or screwed her to be more accurate! Not only did I fuck my brother’s wife but she has something on me and can ruin my life in an instant! Mr. Peepers (my pet name for my penis) sure has gotten me into some trouble in the past but he really put me in a jam this time!!

I jumped out of bed and into the shower. As soon as I closed the shower door Lexi came into the bathroom with nothing on but her red thong panties. She wasn’t wearing her boot but was limping just the same. She apparently didn’t need the crutches as she took her panties off and opened the shower door. “Baby, what about your mother?!”, I whispered loudly. “Don’t worry, she’s already gone to work.” Lexi said as she wrapped her arms around my neck and our bodies melded into one with the warm shower water cascading off of us. She whispered in my ear…. “I love you Stan”….. then she kissed me deeply. I could not help but think I am so lucky to have this beautiful girl in love with me but how can a 18 year old know what love is? Lexi grabs my penis but it is not erect as it should be. “What’s wrong…..aren’t you glad to see me?” Lexi cheerfully says. “I am! I am very glad to see you!” as Lexi continues to stroke my cock. The most I can muster is a semi- erection.

“Let me see if I can fix that!” Lexi announces. She got down on her knees in the shower and put my cock into her mouth. Mr. Peepers comes alive as she slowly starts to suck me off. It feels so good but I know I am not going to be able to cum. Still the look in Lexi’s brown eyes as she cut them up to meet mine was so precious. I just wanted to capture that look forever! She tried to bring me to climax and sucked me harder and faster but it was just not working. I put my hands under her arms and she stood up and said, “What’s wrong??” “I don’t know Lexi. Maybe I’m just tired”, I lied. “Don’t you want me anymore, baby?” Lexi
said sadly. “Of course I do!” I deeply kissed her as my hand went down to feel her pussy. I rubbed her clit and then moved down to put a finger in her pussy as I put my tongue as deep into her mouth as I could. Lexi moaned and lifted her leg and put it on the side of the shower as I put two fingers in her pussy and pumped them in and out a few times then brought them up to her clit to rub it between my two fingers then back down to her love hole. “I want your dick in me Stan!” Lexi said loudly. I lifted her
up against the wall of the shower with both of my hands under her buttocks to support her weight. My cock soon found her pussy and I was inside her. I moved her body up and down as I pumped her pussy with my cock. She did not hide her love making noises this time since there was no one around to hear
them except me. “Oh fuck!! Oh fuck me Stan!!” she yelled. “Oh God!! Make me cum baby!!” she said with enthusiasm. “Ooooo!” as she sucked in air rapidly. “Fuck me hard!!” she yelled as I pumped her pussy with all I had as her tits jiggled with every stroke. “Oh God, I’m cumming!!” Uhhhh!….. uhhhh..
Ahhhhh…….as she climaxed. She then relaxed all of her body weight on me after her climax. “You didn’t cum Stan?” Lexi said disappointedly. “Don’t worry about it baby. Like I said, I’m just a little tired.” I said as convincingly as I could. “Don’t you love me Uncle Stan?” “Of course I do Lexi! You are the most beautiful woman inside and out in the world to me baby!” She smiled at that and kissed me.

We took turns washing each other’s body and hair and tickled and teased each other so that we were both laughing hysterically. We got out of the shower as I dried her off and she dried me. We were both soon dressed and getting ready to leave at the front door and Lexi turned to me and said, “Are you all mine Stan?” “You know I am baby!” I said guiltily as I kissed her goodbye. I watched her walk out of the front door as she looked back at me and winked.

I was in anguish all day long at work. I could not get Lexi and Carmen out of my mind. My guilt was overwhelming as I thought of how I had betrayed my brother, not only that but now I had also betrayed Lexi. She didn’t deserve it!! She was the kindest sweetest most innocent young lady I had ever met and I betrayed her by sleeping with her mother. My thoughts soon turned to anger toward Carmen as I thought how she had trapped me but it was really not her fault. I made the decision to fuck her daughter which started this whole thing. Before Lexi, I had felt kind of “better than thou” since Lola and I had split because she had run off with a guy who was 15 years younger than herself, but now I was
involved in the same thing, only worse. Lexi was only 18!! I thought that I should just break it off with Lexi, but Carmen would still pressure me with my brother anyway whether I was still fucking Lexi or not for the deed had been done! I couldn’t tell Lexi about what Carmen threatened for then Carmen would tell Lexi that I had fucked her. Still, I could not believe that Carmen personally approved of me fucking her daughter…..

What the hell am I going to do?! Lexi texted me throughout the day with , “I love you Uncle Stan” and , “I love the way you love me!”, which even accentuated my guilt more. I did not know how to respond for I didn’t want things to go deeper. It would only hurt Lexi, however, I texted her back and said. “I love you too, baby!”, for I did not want her to think that there was anything wrong.

I got home and Lexi was not home from school yet for although she had an ankle injury she was still supposed to be at volley ball practice to sit on the sidelines. Carmen was sitting at the kitchen table with her laptop in front of her. She was Skyping with Spence and yelled, “Stan, come over here! I have your brother on Skype.” I walked over behind Carmen where Spence could see me and said, “Hey Spence. “How’s it going?!” “Fine! Fine!” Spence said joyfully. “Carmen has been telling me how you have been doing such a good job of taking care of my girls.” I felt a guilty pain shoot through me as I looked down at Carmen only to see her look up at me with a big grin. I thought only for a second, Oh God, I hope she didn’t tell him! There was no way she would have done that. “Uh sure, no problem Stan”, I lied through my teeth.

Carmen then reached behind her and found my penis package in my pants and my first reaction was to recoil until Carmen gave me a stern look and I soon moved closer to the side of her where she had better access to my pants and penis. As Spence was talking, she unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick. She lightly stroked my cock as it got hard just out of camera range and all of the while Carmen was talking to her husband thousands of miles away. I tried to think of other things to make my dick soft, but the suspense of Carmen secretly beating me off while talking to her husband was too intriguing. Spence asked me a question and I leaned down so he could see my face in the camera. I answered his question and he asked, “Stan, is your blood pressure up? You are so red in the face!” “Oh no. I’m OK” I lied again. “Any way, I was telling Carmen that I should be home
Friday”, Spence said. “Things are flowing nicely now so they won’t need me”, Spence sounded positively. “Ok, sounds good” I said as I tried to pull away from Carmen’s grasp on Mr. Peepers. She held tight as she said, “I love you Spence!” “I love you too dear” Spence responded. “Talk to you later!” “Later….”, Carmen responded as she hit the end button.

“Now! Carmen exclaimed. “Don’t try to run away from me again like that Stan, or it will result in more drastic measures!” “Uh……ok?”, I responded. “How about, ‘yes, my love slut’”, as she pulled my dick and me closer to her. “Yes my love slut” I said in obedience. “MMMmmm, that’s better….. “,she said in a lower sexy voice. She bent down from where she was sitting on the chair and started kissing and licking my cock. Soon she had half of my cock in her mouth. As much as I did not want her to, I could not help but love the fact she was sucking me off. “Oh God, that feels so good Carma”, I whispered as she did what she did best. Up and down my shaft her tongue went and as she cut her brown eyes up at me her tongue circled the crown of my cock several times. She said, “Do you like me to do that?” “Yes” I said. “What??” she questioned loudly. “Yes, ‘my love slut’ ”, I said. “Mmmmmm, that’s better!” she exclaimed. “Come here”, as she patted the top of the kitchen table indicating she wanted me to sit on it. I took off my pants and underwear as I sat on the table and she unbuttoned my white dress shirt.

She then stood back and slowly stripped for me by unzipping her skirt and letting it slip to the floor and then slowly unbuttoned her blouse and all the while moved her hips to silent imaginary musical rhythm. I couldn’t help but grab my cock and start stroking it as she let her blouse drop to the floor. She stood there in a hot pink bra and matching sexy thong panties. “Did I say you could touch yourself?” Carmen said in a stern voice. “That’s my job” she said sexily. She then reached behind her and unhooked her 4 hook bra and slowly let it slip from her D cup tits as I watched in anticipation of seeing all of her breasts. Her bra fell to the floor and she took my hands and put them on her luscious tan tits and said, “You may kiss them if you like.” My face was soon buried in between her huge tits and I went from one nipple to the other kissing, licking, sucking and nibbling. She soon pushed my head away from her breasts and pushed me on my chest to make me lay down on the table. She climbed on the table and straddled me and leaned down to deep tongue kiss me. “I’m going to fuck you Stan. I’m going to fuck you hard! Mmmmmm, You won’t want anyone else after I’m through with you”, as she slid her tongue in and out of my ear. She sat up on top of me and grabbed my dick and stroked it a few times and then pulled her pink thong panties to the side to reveal a dripping wet pussy. She then positioned her pussy over my cock and in one thrust took it all into her pussy. “Ahhhhhh!” we both said as at the same time. She started grinding back and forth and up and down and I simply held my pelvis up so she could do all of the work. I have never had a woman be so ruff before. She started grinding fast and she only got faster. I never knew a woman to seem to enjoy fucking as much as Carmen did. She was tearing my ass up! Harder and faster all of the time! It felt so good! She at times seemed like she was going to tear my dick loose from its roots grinding up then just as forcefully pushed the opposite direction and grinding down. “Do you like me fucking you hard Stan?” she said in-between breaths. “Yes, ‘my love slut’!” I said loudly as my hands felt her firm tits . “Then you will fuck only me!” she yelled loudly as she ground my dick up and down. “Huh?!” she asked when I didn’t respond immediately. “yes ‘my love slut!”, I yelled. I knew I could not last much longer and Carmen’s face was getting redder and redder as she approached orgasm. “Ahhhhhhh…..” she let out almost a scream as I came into her and she turned pale white at the same time as she reached climax. Her grinding up-down strokes slowed as she came down from her orgasm and her upper body fell on top of me as she was completely out of breath and exhausted. “Wow, I have never been fucked like that!” I exclaimed. “Good”, she said, “……and you never will again if you don’t quit fucking my daughter!”

Lexi came in about 15 minutes after Carmen and I had finished. Carmen was starting dinner and I was helping by chopping vegetables for a salad and drinking some Merlot. “Hi guys!” Lexi said happily as she limped into the kitchen with her boot on. “Hi honey”, Carmen responded. “Dinner will be ready in bit. Your Uncle Stan is fixing his world famous spaghetti and meat balls.” She exclaimed. “Oh good!”, Lexi said with enthusiasm. “I just love Uncle Stan’s spaghetti and MEAT BALLS”, as she put a little more emphasis on the
words “meat balls.” Lexi smiled at me and I smiled back as she left the kitchen to go into her bedroom. My smile quickly evaporated as I looked at Carman’s scowl on her face.

We all sat down to dinner with heaping mounds of spaghetti and meatballs on our plates as well as salads and bread sticks. Carmen told Lexi that her step dad would be back in town by Friday and Lexi was not excited either way about the news. There was the usual conversation and questions about school and volleyball with Lexi. Carmen once got up to get some more to drink for all of us when Lexi took one of my meatballs and put the whole thing in her mouth and pretended to tongue it like it was one of my tentacles . I couldn’t help but chuckle and Lexi started to choke a little then a lot as Carmen rushed in to hit Lexi on her back to dislodge the obstruction from her throat as I pulled up her arm by the hand to help her. She was soon OK and I said, “See what happens Lexi when you play around with Uncle Stan’s MEAT BALLS?” I emphasized the words ‘meat balls’ just like Lexi had a few minutes before. Lexi and I laughed but Carmen did nothing but frown at me. Lexi did the dishes as Carmen and I went to our rooms. I soon got a text from Carmen saying. “You had better leave her alone or your brother will know and you will never be fucked by me again!” I texted her back and said, “Yes ‘my love slut’”.

Lexi soon knocked on my door and asked, “Do you want any desert Uncle Stan? Mom bought some blue berry swirl ice cream from the store…..” “Sure” I said. “I’ll be right out.” I soon came out and went to the kitchen and there were three bowls of ice cream on the table. I thought of what had happened on that table earlier in the day….. Carmen came out and we all three sat and ate ice cream. I would occasionally look over at Lexi and she would give a little more tongue action to eating the ice cream for my benefit when Carmen was not looking. We chit chatted over what we all had to do tomorrow and Lexi soon left the table. Carmen gave me communication with her eyes that she was dead serious about me ever touching her again if I messed with Lexi anymore.
I went to my room and watched some news channels on TV and left my door open. I could tell Carmen’s door was open as well due to the light of her room shinning into the door way. After about an hour I saw that the light from Carmen’s room had gone out so the door must have been shut. In a few minutes Lexi appeared in my door way with a long white shear see thru floor length nightgown on

that showed her breasts and nipples as well as the sheerness of the gown showed her pretty white thong panties. She had white hooker high heels on and she stood leaning with one arm on the door frame and one hip thrown out the opposite way. Her dark brown eyes were piercing through the darkened hallway and her full toothy smile seemed to glow. “Do you wanna fuck me Uncle Stan”, she said matter of factly. “Are you crazy Lexi! Your mom’s in the next room!” I whispered loudly. “I know she is.” Lexi said aloud as she started walking sexily toward me. “I also know I put some sleeping medicine in her ice cream and she is out of it and will be until morning. Soooo….. do you want to fuck me? I’m all yours….” as she kicked off her heels , untied her long gown and let it fall to the floor and crawled like a cat on the bed over to me. “Oh yes…. I want to fuck you Lexi!” I said as she put her arms around me and we kissed each other deeply. I did not even think of the threats that had come earlier from Carman. I couldn’t help but let my mouth go immediately to her virgin tits as I squeezed her nipples between my tongue and my teeth. She moaned as I licked all around her nipples and had her lay on her back as I slowly kissed, nibbled, and tongued my way to her navel. I stuck my tongue in her navel, then took it out and circled it and again stuck it in. Her beautiful naturally tan flat stomach was so delicious. I wanted to stay there for a long time as she made it rise and fall with her breathing. Her white panties were tied on each side in small satin ribbon bows and I slowly pulled the bows first one side then the other as I pulled back the front of her panties to reveal her hot naked pussy crack. I so much wanted to bury my face in her pussy but I wanted her to anticipate my eating her out so I started licking and kissing around her bikini line just staying above her pussy. Then I moved my tongue down the front of her thigh to the inside of first one thigh and then the other as I tongued almost up to her vagina and then back down. I would just lightly brush her clit area with my tongue as I moved from the inside of one thigh to the other. I did this several other times as I caressed her breasts and nipples with one of my hands. Each time I would brush her clit with my tongue I would stay on her clit a little longer until she said, “Please Uncle Stan, Please eat my pussy…..” “Your wish is my command my dear Lexi”, I said as I buried my mouth on her clit using my tongue to move it back and forth and up and down as she humped my mouth and moaned. She grabbed the edges of the pillow and she pulled it to her mouth as she bit the corners of it with her teeth.

She unleashed a loud moan that ended in her mouth opening. “Oh God! Oh God!! Don’t stop!” She said loudly as I worked my tongue harder on her clit. I took one of my fingers and put it in her pussy just like before and soon followed with another one. “More” she said as I inserted a third finger into her love hole and moved them in and out all the while giving her clit a work out with my tongue. Soon she was humping trying to get my fingers to go deeper as I found her G-spot and massaged it as I had before. It was not long before she was gushing all over my bed but I got my face out of the way just in time this time. I keep massaging her G-spot until she finished her orgasm which resided into involuntary body twitches. “Oh Uncle Stan…..you do that….. so well!” she said between breaths. “Come here” ,she said as I moved up to kiss her. “Thank you baby, now I want you to fuck me.” We both looked down and Mr. Peepers was soft as butter. “What’s wrong Stan? Don’t you want me??!!” Lexi asked in a frightened voice. “Sure I want you baby! You look gorgeous!” All the while I kept telling Mr. Peepers don’t fail me now!! “I can get him going”, Lexi said confidently and she maneuvered down to where she could put
my cock in her mouth. She slowly ran her tongue down my shaft to my balls and then back up again and put the head of my dick in her mouth. The best she could manage out of Mr. Peepers was a semi -erection. “Damn!” I said. “What the hell is wrong!” I knew very well what was wrong. Carmen had not only gotten into my big head but my little one as well! She had intimidated Mr. Peepers into not being able to fuck the most beautiful sexy young girl in the world! Lexi had this horrible hurt expression on her face as she looked up at me. “ Baby” I said. “Maybe we better cool it for a while…..” “why”? she said as she started to cry. “Don’t baby, Please don’t” as I begged her not to cry. “Maybe we need a break from each other?” I said. “You’re tired of me already??!!” Lexi said through hot tears on her face. “NO! NO! NO!” I pleaded. “I just feel horribly guilty about taking your youth away from you.” “That’s my choice not yours Stan!” she said in a very mature way. “True baby, but I can’t live with myself if I mess you up!” “Screw you Stan!”, as she got off the bed collected her nightgown and heels
and started to leave the room. At the door way she turned and said. “I love you Stan. I’ve always loved you….” She then turned and walked down the dark hall way.

I felt horrible. Here was someone who I dearly loved. Yes, I knew she was only 18 but she trusted me and I cared for her. I was almost ready to tell Carmen to go fuck herself and take my chances with my brother and tell Lexi the whole story but that would not solve anything! Lexi would never have anything to do with me if she knew I had screwed her mother. My brother and all of my family would cast me to the far winds as well for betraying him. My only chance to get out of this thing was to play along with Carmen. It wasn’t like it was torture. Carmen was the best fuck I have ever had but I did not love her. I loved Lexi and I hated what I was doing to her.

I awoke the next morning and it was the first night in a while that I had not had a visitor. I was kind of relieved for I was thoroughly enjoying the sex but getting tired of the drama. I wandered into the kitchen and it appeared everyone one had left for the day. I was relieved……I didn’t want to face either one of them at that moment. I looked at my phone and Lexi had left me a message. “I am sorry about last nite. I acted very immature. I know it is hard on you. I love you. Lexi ” I couldn’t help but feel horrible about my asking her to cool our relationship. It was only because of the pressure Carma was putting on me. I also still felt so guilty about loving an 18 year old girl although she seemed so much older than 18. I texted her back and said, “Don’t worry about it baby. I am sorry I could not perform last night. I have had a lot of pressure on me lately and I guess it spilled over into our relationship. I am the one who is sorry! You did nothing wrong!! What time will u b home 2nite?” She texted me back and said, “around 5 p.m.” Carmen texted me about 30 minutes later and said she was going to be late tonight due to a meeting and warned me not to go home at the usual time for she did not want Lexi and I to be home along together. I lied to her and told her I wouldn’t.

I got home about 5:30 p.m. and Lexi was sitting at the kitchen table working on some homework. “Hi baby”, I said as I came in the front door. Lexi got up and hobbled as fast as she could to put her arms around me. “I missed you Uncle Stan…..I really missed you!” “I missed you too Lexi girl!” as I embraced her then kissed her deeply. “Baby, I’m worried.” I said. I think your mother might be on to us or she is jealous of our relationship. “Really?! That sounds like her”, Lexi said. “Did I tell you about what she did with one of my boyfriends?.” “ No”, I responded. “She was so nice to him that he thought she was coming on to him, just to get him away from me.” Really?”, I said. “How did you know that?” “Because I caught her making a pass at him. We had a huge fight about it!” Lexi said. “ Well, she advised me not to come home too early tonight for she was not going to be home until late and she alluded that she didn’t think it was a good idea for me to be here alone with you ,“ I said. “Oh really, why would she think a handsome eligible man like you would be interested in a young immature 18 year old girl like me?” She giggled. “Ha!” I laughed. “She just doesn’t know how sexy and attractive you are to older men I guess.” “I guess not”! Lexi said.

I picked Lexi up and carried her to the couch. “My ankle is much better Uncle Stan. I still like you carrying me everywhere though! I will be out of the boot in a few days. It looks like it is not as sprained as badly as the Dr. thought it was .” “That is great baby!” I said excitedly. “Do you think you may be able to play on it next week?” “I hope so!” Lexi said re-assuredly. I ran my hand down her leg to her boot to her toes and then started playing with her toes as she pulled her leg back “That tickles!” she said
through giggles “Oh really” I said as I started tickling her ribs and she squirmed to get away from me. I held her on the couch as I lifted up her blouse and blew a strawberry on her stomach. She burst out laughing hilariously and yelled. “Stop! Stop! . “Oh no way my dear”, as I pulled her blouse up further to reveal her lavender bra, all of the while tickling her ribs as she laughed until she was out of breath.
“……and now my little chickadee I am going to eat your breasts!”, I said as I pulled her top off of her. Her bra unhooked from her front and I quickly found the combination and unhooked it and my face dove into the middle of her tits. She was still laughing uncontrollably but soon her laughter faded as I started kissing and sucking on her brown nipples. “Mmmmm, Uncle Stan, I have been dreaming of you doing that to me all day long.” I moved up to her lips and kissed her as deeply as I could while my hand caressed her left breast. I left her mouth to cover her right nipple with my mouth all the while pinching her left nipple between my thumb and forefinger. Lexi’s breathing got heavier as I moved my mouth from one breast to the other. I soon sat up, unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down over her legs to reveal a pair of matching lavender thong panties. “You look so beautiful”, I said as I stood up to see my teen goddess lying on the couch ready for me to fuck. I unbuttoned my dress shirt, kicked off my shoes, and pulled my dress slacks and underwear down. Well, what do you know, I thought, Mr. Peepers has come alive. My erection was rock solid as Lexi took a hold of my erect cock with her hand and pulled me closer to me to her lips as she sat up to put my cock in her mouth. I moaned as she took half of it in her mouth and her saliva dripped down her chin. She started stroking my dick with her mouth as she sucked, kissed and tongued it. I soon pushed her away and down on to the couch and grabbed her pretty lavender panties off of her. I looked at her wet pussy and said, “You look so hot baby! I’m going to fuck you!” I lifted her pelvis up in the air with my hands under her butt to where my dick could enter her while her back rested on the back of the couch. I pushed my dick into her pussy and had to push pretty hard because although she was wet, she was a tight fit. “Oh God, Stan that feels so good! Fuck me hard!” she said loudly as I was in her to the hilt of my cock and stroked slowly in and out. I sucked my breath in and let it out on an “OOooooo” as she threw her head over the back of the couch. I sped up my stoke in and out of her pussy. I was fucking her at very fast pace as she started to climax. “Oh God! Oh God!” she yelled as she came and I orgasmed at the same time. My stroke slowed and I finally came out of her as did some of my cum and I let her relax her butt on the couch. “Oh Uncle Stan, you do still love me!” as she pulled me down to kiss her deeply. “Of course I do baby. I can’t stop loving you” I said between kisses.

I grabbed my underwear and cleaned her pussy with it so the mess would not get all over the couch. I was so glad I did not disappoint her again for I didn’t want to hurt her any more. I realized she cared immensely about me. This was the same couch we had first made love on. “Lexi” I said “We need to make a plan about your mother. I don’t want her to come home and find us alone. I don’t want to give her cause to give you or me any trouble. Why don’t I leave and then come back around 9 p.m. like I had not been here at all. She won’t be suspicious that way.” “Ok, that sounds like a good idea”, Lexi added. I went into the bedroom, put on another pair of underwear and put my clothes on. Lexi kissed me goodbye for an hour or two and I drove to the local bar to have a few beers.

I drove past the house a few times to make sure Carmen was home and then at about 8:45 p.m. I pulled into the drive way when I saw the garage door go down on Carmen’s car. Upon walking up to the front door I heard Carman and Lexi arguing. “Stay away from him!” I heard Carman yell as Lexi responded with, “I don’t care what you say mother! I love him!” “Ha! What do you know about love at your age Lexi! If you don’t leave him alone I will make sure you never see him again!” Oh great, I thought, the cat is out of the bag now. I walked into the house to find Carmen and Lexi toe to toe arguing. “What’s going on here?” I asked. “Mother here is wanting me to stop fucking you so she can have you for herself. “We’ve been through this before with my previous boyfriends! Haven’t we MOTHER?!” “Oh please Lexi !” Carmen protested. “Stan is just too old for you!!” “I don’t care mom, I want him!” Lexi protested. “Don’t do this to yourself , Lexi” “It’s my life mom” Lexi yelled. Carman calmly said. “Ok, it’s your life. Do what you want to do…” “So I suppose you want him too, mom?” Lexi threw in her last ditch question as if I wasn’t even standing there. “Suppose Lexi?? I’ve already had him!” “What!!??” Lexi yelled as she turned toward me. Oh shit, I thought. “You fucked my mother?!” Lexi exclaimed. “Uh…..uh….” I uttered. “Mother how could you!! Really… another one? When are you going to find a fuck of your own??”

“Well, there is just one thing to do” Lexi said. “We are both going to have to fuck him!” , as she matter of factly started to pull her blouse over her head to reveal that lavender bra again and Carmen followed suit as she pulled her black top off to reveal a black bra covering her D cup breasts. I looked at Lexi first and then Carmen and I know I had a shocked look on my face as they both walked toward me. Carmen kissed me first as Lexi rubbed by chest and butt with her hands. I swear if I didn’t think I knew better, I thought this whole thing was a set up between Lexi and her mom. Lexi and her mom soon switched places as Carmen grabbed my erect cock through my pants and started squeezing it as Lexi deep kissed me. Oh wow! I thought. I am going to fuck and be fucked by two of the women I was most attracted to in the world! Something told me this was not their first rodeo at threesomes. Carmen was soon tugging at my belt and unzipped my zipper on my pants which dropped to the floor as she pulled my underwear down for me to step out of. She soon kneeled in front of me and I had not even noticed she had taken off her bra as she rubbed her large tits back and forth on my shins of my legs and put my very hard cock into her mouth. “Mmmmmm”, I moaned as Lexi was deep kissing me. Lexi broke away from our kiss and stepped back as she undid her lavender bra and knelled as Carmen’s mouth slid to the side so Lexi could have one side of my rock hard dick. They both had a side of my cock going up and down while they would take turns taking the head their mouths and then repeated the process. I had never had two women suck my cock at the same time and nothing felt better! Just when I thought I would start to cum, both of them stopped sucking me. “Lay down Stan.” Carmen commanded as she indicated she wanted me on my back on the floor. I obliged as Lexi straddled me. She had already removed her lavender thong as she lined my cock up with her pussy and started to take it in. “That’s right Lexi, take all of his cock into your pussy!” Carmen commanded. “Mmmmm”, Lexi said with pleasure as her she supported her weight with her hands on my chest. “Fuck him hard, Lexi. That’s what he likes!” Lexi’s grinding rhythm started to pick up pace as Carmen positioned her pussy over my face, facing her daughter. My tongue was just out of range of her pussy as she straddled my head. She soon
lowered her pussy to me so that my tongue found her love hole. I licked her female juices as she soon could not resist any longer and settled her pussy over my mouth as I kissed, licked, and sucked as much of her pussy as I could with my nose rubbing against her asshole. I soon took my index finger, licked it and inserted it into Carman’s ass hole as she let out an “Ooooo”. Carmen was soon gyrating and grinding on my face as Lexi was grinding hard on my cock. Oh wow! I thought. So this is what ecstasy was. These two beautiful women were fucking my face and cock at the same time. We all three moaned and grunted as we gave all that we had to our love making! “Oh God he is a good fuck!” I heard Carmen say. “The best!” Lexi agreed. We seemed to fuck for a long time although I knew it was only for a few minutes before Lexi said, “Oh fuck, I’m going to cum!! Ohhh! Ohhh!” “Me too little girl!”, I heard Carmen say. Both women were loud and vocal with their orgasms as their fucking strokes went at a record pace. Both were exuding “Ahh…Ahh” with each fucking stroke and I could not hold my cum any longer as we all three came simultaneously. Carmen soon came off of my face and leaned down and started licking her own pussy juices off from around my mouth and my face as Lexi bent down and started kissing me deeply with her tongue. Both women were kissing me taking turns and after a While they rested their heads on my chest. “Did you like that Stan?” Carman asked. “Oh yes, oh yes I did!” I said with enthusiasm.

“Obviously, you two have done this before?” I asked. “Only once” Lexi spoke up. “Really?” I said. “Yup. One of my former boyfriends” Lexi chimed in. “He did not know what to think!” Carmen added. “I think we scared him half to death!” Lexi said. “Oh wow”, I did not see this coming at all.” I said. “Ya, we like surprises.” Carman commented. “But you’re still mine.” Lexi said as she kissed my cheek. “Yes, he is still yours daughter as long as you agree to share him from time to time?” Carmen asked. “Oh ok, if I have too mom!”, Lexi said with a chuckle. I felt a little like a piece of prime beef, but I really didn’t mind. “So does Spence know??” I asked. “Oh, hell no Uncle Stan!” Lexi said. “He would turn us all in if he knew so we have to be careful!!” Carmen added. “Oh, ok”, I said in a resigning tone. Although I still felt guilty about fucking an 18 year old and fucking my brother’s wife, I still felt better that Lexi and Carmen were in this thing together and that Carmen would not squeal as long as I serviced her too from time to time too. I mentally pinched myself to see if I was not in a dream as I thought….. “I am fucking two of the most attractive women in the world!! I was also glad that Lexi and I could continue to share our love for each other as well.

“I’m hungry!” Lexi exclaimed. “Me too!” I chimed in. “Sex does increase an appetite!” Carmen added. “How about I call in a pizza and you two go get it.” “Sure.” Lexi said. “Let’s take your car Uncle Stan.” I put the top down on the Porsche and started off to the Pizza place. “Hey Lexi, I thought you said you were a virgin before me?”, I asked. “ I technically was”, Lexi expounded, “No one ever penetrated my pussy before you Uncle Stan. The boy we were talking about who we tried to do a three way with put his dick in mom and not me. I was where mom was on you.” “Oh, Ok …but…” I looked at Lexi and a look of horror came over her face as her eyes got great big and the last words I remember her saying were “Stan!!”.

The SUV slammed into us on my side at over 50 mph and crushed into the side door. Luckily the side airbag deployed but that did not protect my head which slammed into the hood of the SUV. Everything went brown and then black. I did not have any sense of time or space. The first thing I remember was seeing the blurry image of a woman.

The only way I knew it was a woman is because the image had long hair but I could not discern who it was. It was only when I wiped my eyes could I see it was Lexi, only her hair was much longer. It was much longer than the shoulder length way she always wore it. Her eyes were closed and she was asleep. She was sitting in a recliner facing me. I was in a hospital bed hooked up to IVs and other equipment. I tried to say her name but my vocal cords would not work. The only thing that would come out of my mouth was a light whisper. “Lexi” I whispered with all of my strength. “Lexi” I whispered as loud as I could again. She opened her eyes a little and then they popped open as she saw my eyes looking at her. “Stan! Stan!” She practically screamed as she rushed toward me and put her arms around me and started kissing my face wildly. “My Stan! You finally woke up!! We thought you would never come out of it!!” “What?” I whispered , “Come out of it?” I whispered again. “The coma Stan! You came out of it!” Several nurses and a Dr. rushed into the room at the same time as they started checking me over. “How do you feel?”, a doctor asked me. “I feel weak but OK and my throat hurts.“ I managed to say with a crackling voice. I looked at my arms and they were almost half the size that they usually were. “Well you should feel weak. You have been in a coma for over six months. You’re kind of a rare specimen. Most people don’t come out of comas if they have been in them for over 6 months. Don’t even think about walking for a day or so before you can build your strength up” as the nurses started unhooking me from all of the monitoring equipment. Lexi came up to me again and kissed me on the lips. I was shocked for I knew that our romance was taboo and no one knew about it except Carmen. I looked at the faces of the doctors and nurses and they were not shocked in any way. Just then my brother Spence came into the room. “Wow! Stan, you did come out of it!”, as he ran to my bed side to give me a brotherly hug. “I told you he would come out of it Spence!” Lexi exclaimed. “Yes you did Lexi girl! Stan, this girl is so loyal to you. She came and stayed with you every day the whole time you were under. She read to you and talked to you as if you were awake the whole time. I figured it out but she finally told me how she felt about you and who am I to judge you guys if you are in love. It does not matter what your ages are. She even put off going to State and stayed in town to go to the Jr. college so she could be close to you.”, Lexi leaned down and kissed me again on my lips as the room burst into applause for us.

An unpleasant thought ran through my mind….. Carmen! Oh crap, what about Carmen ? I wanted nothing to do with her especially since Lexi and my relationship was on the up and up, but then she was married to my brother and she is Lexi’s mother. “What about Carmen?” I managed to get out of my sore throat. “She’s gone Stan…”Lexi said. “Ya, she left me for someone from her home country of Costa Rico about 6 months ago. Good riddance I say….. Sorry Lexi”, Spence apologized, “Oh that’s OK, she was not good for you or me Spence!!”
“Oh, but your back Stan!” Lexi squealed. “ I love you so much Uncle Stan…..I mean ‘Stan’!” “ I love you too my sweet Lexi girl”, I said in my strongest voice yet. “We have the rest of our lives to love each other”, I added as Lexi crawled into the hospital bed with me and people started to file out of the room. We cuddled, kissed, and caught up for a long time afterwards. I still can't believe that I am in love with an 18 year old young woman!

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