Kalynns Ass part two_(1)

Kalynns Ass part two_(1)

My mom had come from her trip. I helped her with her bags, she was telling me all about it, how much fun it had been. I was happy for her, I didn’t know how to tell her that Mr. Walker had taken my virgin ass. I wanted to I knew she probably wouldn’t be mad at me or Mr. Walker, but I held back.
The phone rang, Mom answered it, “Hi James, we had fun as usual”. She got quite, and was just answering with “yes” and “good”. After about fifteen minutes she got off the phone and walked into the living room. Looking at she said “Kalynn is there something you want to tell me?” I was very nervous, but with Mom I could always say what was on my mind, so I just let it all out. I told her how Mr. Walker seduced me, how good it felt, how he treated me like a lady, all of it.
Mom sat there and listened. When I was done, she asks me “did you give him a blowjob?” I was stunned by what she asks, but I told her no, he just wanted to use my ass the whole weekend. “Well how was it?” I couldn’t contain myself, “Oh Mom, it was great; I never knew I could cum like that”. Mom patted my leg smiled and “good Kalynn, you need to enjoy sex, or not do it, now let’s get something eat”.
We went into the kitchen, and she prepared a light meal for both of us. Mo0m told all about how her vacation went, and that she was in for a possible promotion. I ask her how that was possible. She looked at me, smiled and said “Kalynn look I do things to make life us better, so when I say this I mean it, it’s not who you know, but who blow, and the big boss, loved how I gave him blowjobs”. I was stunned at this; Mom had never talked like this before. “ Come, come now Kalynn, it’s okay, beside he is handsome and has a nice big nine inch cock,”
“Okay mom, but is it right to do that?” Mom smiled and said, “Its right when I want to get a head in the company”. It was getting late, “Mom I’m tired, going to bed” I sad as I kissed her check. “Good night sweetie”, she responded.
I slipped off my jeans, top, and bra, looking at myself in the mirror I couldn’t help but feel good, my transformation, was complete, mom had told that I need to my boy clit for a while longer, it made no difference to me, I wouldn’t be using anyway. I slipped into a green satin nighty and crawled into bed. I had been maybe two hours later when I heard the voices; I slipped out of bed, and went down the hall. There was Mom and Mr. Walker, they were talking.
“Evelyn, you know that Kalynn has excelled at what I have been able to teach her”. “I know James, and she will learn more, but I’m worried about all the paper work, what are we going to do?” The both sat in silence, and then Mr. Walker said, “ I think I know how to do this, but I have to ask you, seeing that I’m the only one who knows about Kalynn, I need to her school fixed first, and I think that if the principal comes over and we talk with him I believe he would listen, and I know him to be a reasonable man”. Mom replied back, “well James if you think it work, give it a try, but if it hurts Kalynn, I don’t what I will do”. “look Evelyn, I don’t her hurt either, I want what is good for her, and if I thought it would hurt her I wouldn’t do it, I will call him tomorrow okay”. “Okay James”, Mom said.
I sneak back to my room, and crawled back in bed. About five minutes later I heard a rap on my door, I tried in my best sleepy voice, to answer, but I don’t think it did any, both Mom and Mr. Walker came in, they each sat on the side of bed, mom to right, and Mr. Walker to my left. “What is it” I ask. Mom did say a word, but Mr. Walker started talking, he told me everything that I had already heard. Mom looked down at me smiled, gave me kiss on the check, and whispered in my ear, “It’s not who you know, but how well you blow, time to start”. She got up and left, apparently I didn’t hear the whole conversation. Mr. Walker sat there, for a moment, and then he got up. I reached up to him “Stop”, He turned and looked at me I slipped out from under the covers, and sat on the side of my bed. I had got lick his cock kiss it, and suck it a little this past weekend but he wouldn’t let me suck him. I reached up and grabbed his belt buckle. I undid it, and his pants, when I pulled them down his cock jumped out at me. I grabbed it and started stroking it, kissing the head of it. “Ummm good Kalynn”, he moaned. Looking up at him, I smiled, and took his semi hard cock between my lips, and start sucking the head. I felt his hand touch the back of my head and hold it. “Oh Kalynn that is good, now lick the head”, I pulled back from his now hard cock, oh god he tasted so good. I flicked my tongue out and made swirl motions around the head of his sweet cock. I kissed it. “Lick the underside of it Kalynn” came my mom’s voice. I stopped; she had come back in my room, and was behind me. I looked at her, “gone on baby, it’s okay” she said as she sat beside me. I did as I was told, I pushed his hard upwards and ran my tongue down the length of it, “Yes, Kalynn, yes”, Mr. Walker moaned. “Stroke his cock and lick his balls, take them in your mouth suck on them”, Mom said. Mr. Walker let out a moan. “Keep looking up at him baby, it will tell you if you are pleasing him”, Mom said. I keep my eye’s wide open and looked, his head was back eye’s closed and moaning. I ran my tongue back up his shaft, and engulfed the head like mom told me to do. “Now suck slowly Kalynn, then work your way back the shaft, and suck his balls some more”. I followed Moms instructions. It was working, His moaning’s got louder. I pull back, and licked the pre-cum off his swollen cock head, oh his juice was so sweet. “Now Kalynn, take in all that you can without choking and swirl your tongue, while stroking his shaft”. I did as mom said. Mr. Walker moaned,” I’m going to cum”.
“Pull back Kalynn, when you feel his cock pulse, or else you will chock and gag, its okay if you let a little spill out, it will clean up”. All the time I was doing what I was told, I had keep my eyes on Mr. Walker. He was enjoying himself. Mom was so right about it. I wonder if she gave her boss blowjobs like this. He moaned aloud, “I’m Cumming Kalynn”. I felt his first squirt of juice hit the back of my throat. I pulled back like Mom said. “Keep your mouth on it Kalynn”, try to swallow as much as you can please him”
I did what Mom said. Mr. Walker filled my mouth with his juices. Mom held my head to his cock “swallow Kalynn”. She said. I did as she told me. After I had swallowed his load, Mom told me to lick him clean, “never leave anything on your man, he will like that”. She told me. I did it. Mr. Walker was looking down at me he smiled and said “Kalynn your good with practice you will only get better”. I pulled his limp cock from my mouth smiled back at him and said, “as long as you’re my teacher I will”, Mom laugh, and said, “Guess we need to add blowjob 101 to Kalynn’s course”. I smiled at her. “Clean up now, you two, it’s late James you may as well stay here tonight to get an early start”. Mom said as she got up and left my room she shut the door behind her. Mr. Walker, slipped his shoes, socks, and shirt off, and crawled in bed next to me. He pulled me close to him and whispered, “Kalynn you did really great baby”. I smiled and replied “why thank you” as I pushed my ass to his cock.
“Ummm seems like someone needs a good fucking” He said. I turned my head to him smiled and “yes I do, can you do it”. I felt his cock it was growing again, I knew he could. He rolled me over on my back, and spread my legs. “Think I need some lube”. I reached and got the KY out and began to lube him up.
He pulled my panties aside, and slowly entered me. He began by slowly entering me. “Oh my god I’m so horny” I moaned. I felt his big balls against my ass checks. He started pumping me, slowly at first; it sent electric shocks through my body every time I felt balls slap against my tender young ass. Opening my eye’s I looked up at him, he smiled and grunted. “Yes baby fuck me, make me cum baby”. I moaned aloud. His pumping became steady and slow. Oh it felt so good, having him fuck me so sweet.
“I’m going cum again” He moaned aloud, he reached down and touched my little cock. I came hard, my ass convalesced, growing tight around his cock. He filled with his second for the night, I felt so good, he pulled out of me, I could feel his juices running out my sweet ass. It felt so warm. He rolled on his back, and was soon asleep, I got up and went to bathroom to clean up. Mom came out of the bathroom, smiled and said “satisfied baby?”, having that fresh fucked look on my face, I smile back and said “oh yes very much so”.
That morning I woke and Mr. Walker was already up, His cock was hard, and ready, and I did what every good little girl slut would do, I gave him my second blowjob ever, I was able to swallow a little more, but either way I keep my eyes on him as Mom told me to do, and he enjoyed it. I can wait for “Blowjob 101 to began, and I know now what meant when she told me it’s who you know, but how well you blow”.

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