The Party_(14)

The Party_(14)

Part 1

"Jesus, we're going to be late again," I think to myself as I sit on the couch in the living room, head propped on one hand.

It was Saturday, the night of the Doonsberg party and there was no getting out of it. The neighbors down the street had invited us to their mansion months ago. RSVPs had been made, calenders checked and rechecked, phone calls made. In short, it was a done deal.

If ever there had been a night for a party, this was it. The full moon of the late summer's eve gazes down lazily over the rural community. A light fog has settled in, filling the air with a mysterious hint of something that cannot be said but only felt, anticipated. A solitary croak of an old bullfrog seeking a mate makes another tired attempt. It's like a scene from a movie, simply waiting for the actors to come in and bring it to life.

I look at my watch again. 9 o'clock. I don't really mind that we are missing the party as I find the Doonsberg's a bore. A pompous rich couple whose only pursuit is business and who find it difficult to hold a conversation without commenting on the price of things. They made me want to puke. I just don't like being late on principle. Uncouth, you know.

"Honey, for gods sake, let's go and get this over with already. I'm sure you look..." I begin to shout, only to find the words caught in my throat as you appear in the doorway.

A mischievous grin plays upon your lips as you see my reaction to your sudden appearance. I can't tear my eyes off you. Clad only in a strapless little black dress that borders the line of decency and a pair of black heels, you look like a wet dream come true. Your hair falls straight around your face, tickling your shoulder blades and accenting your darkly made up eyes and full red lips. Your perfume leaves me feeling heady and I flare my nostrils, desperate for more.

Clearing my throat, I break myself from my reverie. I stand up, adjust my erection which has suddenly sprung to life, and cross the distance towards you. We share a smile and I kiss you on the cheek, careful not to smudge anything. I linger near your ear and say, "You look gorgeous, honey... You know, we aren't that late."

You laugh, a noise that tingles in my ears, and and swat me playfully. "Be good, stud, and maybe we can have a little fun later."

I sigh, resign myself to sainthood for the night and tuck my hard-on up under my belt. Taking you by the hand, I lead us out to the car and open the door for you. A moment later, I'm clambering into the drivers seat and we are headed down the road.

Part 2

The party is only three blocks away but I still manage to nearly crash twice as I am staring at you almost as much as the road. We arrive at the mansion and are greeted at the front by a valet. He ushers us in the door and then disappears into the night with my keys.

The party is much as I had expected. Older gentlemen and their trophy wives standing around drinking expensive scotch and discussing politics. The atmosphere is subdued and despite there being dozens of people in attendance, the grandeur of the mansion makes it feel like an intimate social gathering. We wander around from one cluster of people to another, making small talk and attempting, poorly, to act like we belong.

I note with a mix of pride and jealousy the glances that the other men are giving you. In one particularly lecherous old man's case, it is a blatant lustful stare. I point it out to you and we share a laugh. Wrapping my arm around you protectively, we promenade off to another group of people.

The hours pass by and the liquor is starting to work itself on much of the party. The noise level has steadily increased as conversations begin getting more boisterous and spirited. I am listening listlessly to an older woman rant about taxes when I feel a slight tug at my side. You mouth "Bathroom" to me and I nod and disentangle myself from you, feeling suddenly very alone.

I watch you walk away, your hips swaying seductively and wish for the hundredth time that night, that I could get you alone. Fuck being good. Even as the thought crosses my mind, you are ascending the stairs and just before you pass from view, you look over your shoulder and wink at me. Needing no further encouragement, I set my drink down and excuse myself. Trying hard to hide my excitement, I saunter across the room and up the stairs.

I smile as I see you down the hall, sneaking peaks into rooms. You turn and spy me walking towards you and wave me inside door number three. You have selected a large office room. There is a massive mahogany desk in the middle of the room. The walls are lined in bookcases and expensive looking paintings. One crashes to the floor as I slam you against the wall, our mouths locked together and our bodies grinding in unison as we erupt in the fires of our passion.

My hands rove the contours of your body, delighting in your womanly curves. I squeeze your ass, kneading the flesh under my hands. My erection presses against your stomach, straining itself against the confines of my pants. I can feel the heat of your sex radiating against my leg which is wedged between yours. Our tongues urgently seek one another.

I end the kiss by entangling my hand in your hair and pulling your head back against the wall and taking a small step back. I pause for a second to look into your eyes with wild desire. With my other hand, I pull the front of your dress down, exposing your breasts to the night, your nipples hard and perky. I begin to tease you, nibbling along your neck and jawline, breathing in your ear. You whimper slightly as my mouth moves down to your tits, biting and sucking and flicking, all with the intent of bringing you as much pleasure as possible.

Your hand has found its way to my cock and is slowly rubbing it through the fabric of my pants. With my free hand, I undo my belt and unzipper the fly, allowing my pants to fall to the floor. You resume stroking me, your hot little hand sending shivers down my spine. My hand once again unoccupied, I raise my middle and pointer finger to your mouth and slide them inside, gathering up saliva, lubricant. Satisfied that they are sufficiently wet, I reach my hand between your legs and quickly drop your panties to be kicked off to the side. I slip one, two fingers inside of your all ready wet pussy, eliciting a gasp from you.

This continues for a short time; you stroking up and down the shaft of my erection and moaning softly as I finger you, my tempo gaining speed and intensity and my mouth roaming the sweet skin of your shoulders and breasts. Finally, judging by the wetness that is dripping from my fingers, I decide it is time to take you. I disengage my hands from your hair and your cunt and grab you under your ass, hoisting you up. Turning, I shuffle to the desk where I lay you on your back. I throw your legs up against my shoulders and with no further ado, slide my engorged cock into your velvety pussy.

For several minutes the only thing that can be heard is the slapping of your thighs against my pelvic bone as I drive deeply into you, all my lust fueling me to go harder and faster. I worry for a moment that we might get caught, but the sight of myself penetrating you, your tits bouncing with every thrust and the carnal cries escaping your lips pushes all other thoughts away. All I can think about is bringing pleasure to the sexy minx beneath me.

Suddenly, you push me away. I am confused until I see the hungry look in your eyes. I take a step back so you can maneuver, turning around and bending over the desk. I step back up and enter you once more, giving you a playful smack on the ass as I do. I grab your arms and pull them back behind you, pinning them with one hand in the small of your back and using them as leverage to pull myself further into you. I bring my other hand to my mouth, enjoying the taste of your lingering juices on my middle finger. Making sure it is well lubed, I place the finger to your asshole and push it slowly inside. I can feel my cock inside of you through the membrane and rub them together.

I continue fucking you until your moans rise into a keening and your body starts to stiffen as you begin having an orgasm. I take this as my cue and begin to pound into you with abandonment, knowing that my own orgasm is not far off. Harder, harder, harder. Within moments, your tight little pussy is draining me of my seed and I slump over you, exhausted.

We stay like that for a moment, me lying on top of you, our bodies spooning, as we fight to catch our breathe. Finally, I pull out of you and prop myself up against the desk. You stand up and begin to straighten yourself up. The make up around your eyes has begun to run and I consider briefly throwing you down again and having my way with you but you are already fixing your dress and I am still a little surprised by the episode. I take your cue and begin getting dressed, snickering to myself as you try in vain to fix your hair.

Giving up, you turn to me. "So, stud, you ready to get back to the party?"

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