“You ready,” Debbie asked her friend Maureen as she stopped by her best friend’s desk, “I can’t wait another minute, I’m just about ready to burst!?!” “Me too,” Mo replied while putting the finishing touches on a report that Mr. Bently had ask her to prepare before his trip to New York later that afternoon, “just let me drop this off at the boss’s office, he’s been on my case all morning to get this done before noon!!!” “No problem,” Debbie replied as they made their way to Mr. Bently’s office, “are yours full, mine feel like they’re gonna explode!?!” Mo slipped into Bently’s office and dropped the report on his desk, and after making sure that he couldn’t miss it, she let Debbie take her by the arm and lead down the hall to the nursing room which was located just across from the lunchroom! Once inside they locked the door and settled down in two of the easy chairs their company had provided, and in a workman like manner both of them removed their blouses and bras!!! “Good god, I feel like such a cow,” Debbie muttered under her breath while connecting one of her nipples to an industrial strength breast pump sitting on a table next to her chair, “and to think that I’m gonna have to do this for another year!!!” Mo was busy with her own pump, and after she had her nipple properly attached to t?}?he suction hose she flipped on the switch and a motor began whirring softly while extracting the bluish milk from her bulging breast and commented, “Oh man does that feel good, they felt like a couple of beach balls pasted to my chest, I actually believe I’m making more milk than ever, what about you!?!” “Me too,” Debbie replied as her own pump began draining her oversized mammary, “at least at night Doug can relieve some of the pressure without having to use this damn contraption!!!” “Mmmmmm, I just love it when Harry sucks me,” Mo replied dreamily, “he takes more than the baby, but I guess he’s just a big baby at heart, you oughta see him, he just lets me cradle his head in my arms and nurses so gently, it’s really a very satisfying time for both of us!!!

The two women sat quietly for a few minutes until Debbie asked in a thick voice, “W- when Harry sucks you do you ever masturbate!?!” “Oh yes,” she replied quickly, “sometimes I’ll use my finger but usually I use this,” as she pulled a thin vibrator from her purse, “and believe me, it really does the job!!!” “Wow,” Debbie replied with wide eyes, “I’ve never use one before, are they as good as they’re made out to be!?!” After changing nipples on her pump, Mo lifted her plump bottom off the chair and with a quick motion pulled her panties off, and to the stunned surprise of her friend spread her legs wide exposing her hairy pussy to her wide eyes, and then after leaning back in a relaxed manner put the tip of the little hummer on her clit and turned it on!!! A long low moan escaped her lips, and as her head wobbled back and forth on her shoulders she replied haltingly, “I-it’s fucking incredible, even better than a tongue if you can believe it, ohhhhhhhhh my is that nice, I’m already half way there!!!”

Debbie’s own pussy was now flushed and dripping, and just watching Mo masturbate was more arousing than anything she could ever remember seeing, and while she normally wouldn’t have even considered it, sh?}?e followed Debbie’s lead and pulled off her own panties!!! Debbie hadn’t even noticed what her friend was doing, but when she finally focused on her crotch she moaned at the mere sight of Mo’s gaping slit, and as the little hummer went wild on her clit, her whole body shuddered violently as a massive orgasm smashed into her groin like a hurricane wiping out a desert island!!! The room was lousy with sexual tension as the two women openly displayed their sexual organs for each to see, and after Debbie’s stunning climax, Mo’s finger literally flew over her distended clit as her own cum washed over her, leaving her shaking a panting like a bitch in heat!!! The two of them just sat there dazed as there pussies throbbed in a post orgasmic glow that truly was exhilarating!!!

“T-that was unbelievable,” Mo sighed softly, “I came in rainbows!!!” “Rainbows,” Debbie giggled, “I’ve never heard it described quite like that, but that about covers it!!!” The two of them laughed as they put away their pumps and stored their milk in the small fridge set up just for that purpose, and just as they were about to put on their panties Mo asked in husky voice, “Can I ask you a favor!?!” Debbie, sensing that this wouldn’t be a normal favor turned to her friend and in a soft voice offered, “You know you can ask me anything, shoot!!!” With her cheeks turning a bright shade of red, Mo looked at the floor in a voice barely above a whisper asked, “D-do you think we could sit on the floor and let our pussies rub together?!?” Debbie was shocked that her strait laced friend would ask such a thing, but seeing how nervous and excited she was, she put her hand on her shoulder, and then tenderly kissed her on the mouth and whispered, “I’d like nothing better, hon, let’s do it!!!”

Mo was literally shaking like leaf as she plopped down on the floor, soon to be joined by an equally excited Debbie, and after hiking up their skirts they spread their legs their legs, and after crisscrossing?}? them together, they slowly inched forward until their two bulging vaginas pressed hard together!!! Both of them let out long soft sighs as they squirmed around in an attempt to contact their clits, and as soon as they connected, their sighs turned into moans of pleasure!!! “S-sweet jesus in heaven,” Debbie gasped, “it feels so squishy, like nothing I’ve ever felt before, what about you!?!” Mo’s eyes were closed tightly as she relished the sensation of another slick wet pussy pressed against her own, and just as she was about to answer Debbie’s question, her cunt convulsed hard two or three times in succession as a brutally vicious climax rocked her to the core!!! Sensing Mo’s cunt contracting, Debbie’s vagina flew into a rage of its own as her own orgasm shot through her like an electric current, stunning her into total complete submission!!!

They lay there for several minutes with there legs interlocked and their pussies still pulsating intermittently, and as a broad smile spread across Debbie’s face she offered, “They say you learn something new about someone everyday, and whoever came up with that little gem knew exactly what he was talking about!!!” Mo could only give her friend a Cheshire cat grin and purr!!!


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