Aiden 5

Aiden 5

America for the 5 day weekend. I watch Aiden walk across our room. Grace lounges on the bed watching the Olympics. David diddles on him phone. Jett jumps on the bed. Colin lays next to Grace arm around her. My eyes fall onto Aiden looking at me. I stare back at him. He brushes his hair to the side and looks the other way. I sit with the covers over me. I type on my computer. My eyes peek over the side again. This time Aiden is laying on the floor showing me his abs. I pretend not to notice. He knows I am looking at them. "Let's go!" Jett squeals. It wakes me from my trance. We all get dressed. I see a crack open from my door. I dismiss it quickly and run out the door. I hear people screaming. Jett grabs my hand and pulls me close. "I saw Aiden peekin on ya." She giggled. My face gets pink. Oh god... My mind races with my heart. I look over to Aiden. She pushes me into Aiden. "Sorry!" I say. "It's alright." He laughs. We go to the orange rollor coaster. We dicide to go in pairs. I'm with Aiden. Fuck... We go into the cart. He slides next to me. "Buckle and then pull the bar down." The lady smiles. Aiden moves him hand over to my leg and squeases. I cough and he moves his hand away. Thanks... He pulls down hims bar and I pull down mine. The ride severs. The forgot to buckle. I bounce around in my seat and soon I am close to Aiden. His face gets pink. "So..." He says.
"What are you excited about?" I say nervously.
"Um, I'm not very sure." He slowly laughs. The ride makes a sharp turn. I fall into him lap. His dick slides on my cheek and it becomes instantly hard. I put my hand on his lap and push up. It slides down and my finger traces his dick. I move my hand away and sit straight up. "Oh I see you forgot to buckle!" He laughs. He grabs my legs and buckles me into my seat. He smiles at me. Next ride is log ride. I go in the front. The boys go behind us. Jett always gets pissed off during this ride, she calls the people assholes and the giant an gay pornstar. Jett sticks her middle finger up to the bull. During the hill she screams. I get soaked. Next ride is Pepsi. We have a game that who has the funniest picture. Grace wins for sticking her middle finger up. Next is the tallest ride. It goes straight up. Taller and taller. The gears click. I lean my head back and breath. Aiden grabs my hand. Oh... We get to the top and stay there a while. I hear screams all around me. I smile and laugh as we got down. It's my 12th time going to it. "People who scream are sissys." Jett screams. The ride is over. Aidens dick slides up. Damn... He is making me hot... I reach into my pants and rub myself. We wait in line for the skateboard. The ride flys up and down. Aidens hair flys all over the place. I laugh. "This is so fun." I say. We run to the haunted house. We grabs our laser guns and hop in. I scream and yep as they pop out of nowhere. Aiden grabs my waist and pulls me closer to him. "Sit on my lap you can reach higher." He says. I sit on his lap. I rocks in circles as I attempt to hit the targets. I feel a wet stop under my ass. He cummed. The ride is over. "What now?" I ask. Soon we are in line for the tallest coaster there. We start going up the hill. I close my eyes and breath. It takes about 2 minutes to get up. We reach the top Aiden looks over to me. I moan as we go down hill. "Do you always do that?" Aiden asks. I look at him confused. "Do what?"
"Moan as you go downhill." He finishes.
My face gets pink.
"Uh.." I try to say.
He laughs and nods his head.
"Or is it me being next to you that makes you moan?" He smirks.
My faces gets red.
"No!" I say. We get out the ride. "Well there is only one thing left to do." Jett says. "Ferris wheel." Graces points to the big structure. We walk over to the Ferris wheel. Aiden grabs my ass. I smack it away and scowl at him. We wait in line. "Okay I think it's only 4 per cart so Aiden and Katie will go alone." Jett says and then eyes me with a smile. I roll my eyes. I mouth no to her. The creep Asian man eyes us and then looks into Jett's shirt. He watches her breast jiggle. Damn that pervert... His face crinkles up as he still stares. He stops it and all the people to out. We walk over and the Asian man brushes my ass and squeases. I tighten my ass and go closer to Aiden. He brushes me off. David, Colin, Grace and Jett climb into a cart. Jett laughs as they go up and up. Me and Aidens climb into the next cart. "Look at this awesome car." He says shining his face in my face. "Yeah..." I say smiling. The ride goes up and up. The cart is swaying to much to our side. "Oh I have to move over here I guess." Aiden says. He jumps to the other side and I fly onto his lap. "Sorry." He says. I lean my back on one of the walls of the cart. He props his arms around me. "Hey yeah-" I say as he covers my mouth. His eyes look deep into mine. I love how he stares at me in class. It's almost like he knows I love him. He slowly moves his face to mine. "You know, I always loved you." He says and then quickly starts to kiss me. I open my eyes in shock. Wtf wtf wtf. He grabs my breast. He is waiting me to kiss back. I kiss him on his cheek. He laughs and laid off my shirt. It glides above my head. He quickly un lips the bra. The cart starts moving again. "We can't your girlfriend Sidney!" I say. "I broke up with her a day ago." He says rubbing my nipples. I moan quietly. I kick off my boots. The cart moves down. I see the Asian man look into our cart. I shut my eyes. I rub my foot up and down my leg to get my pants off. "I'll help." He grabs my thigh and pulls down my underwear and pants. He sucks on my breasts till my pants are off. My underware stretches on my waist. I slide my hand under his shirt and he helps my pull it off. Then he almost trips over his pants as he takes them off. I sit on hims lap as he rubs my clit. He teases me. He finally stick it in. I moan loud and pant as he slides in and out. "Oh, uh, oh." I sigh as my clit squishes. "I'm gonna cum!" I whispers. He moves his hands faster. I scream and sigh. My white juices squirt all over as I stiffen. I grab his waist and pull it towards me. I rub his cock thru his underwear. He breaths. I play with his balls and then finally take out his cock.
"Damn." I say licking it smoothly. I rub my clit. He cums all over my face. I laugh. Soon, we a fucking nicely. He pushes me against the walk and fucks. He sits and I jump on his lap. It slides in a and we fuck. The Chinese man watches us. He lets our friends out but we stay. We go up to the top of the wheel.
"You know." He begins to say.
I look at him.
"I love you." He smiles.

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