Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

They were sure they would get married some day and Jeff always treated Julie very special she meant a lot to him.
He was remembering one time in particular that made them sort of know that they would marry some day.

They were at the outdoor theater with his parent's car one of those family types you know the roomy kind.

Well anyway, they had gotten into the back seat for the extra room and comfort and nuzzled up to one another. Jeff had his arm around her shoulder. In addition, was kissing her on the cheek.

That got them started for she turned into him kissing him full on the mouth. They got into the swing of it slowly kissing and rubbing each other.

They ended up lying on the back seat Julie on her back Jeff to the side kissing her beautiful mouth.

She had perfect lips firm but soft and teasing, he loved it. She would give him access to her breasts and enjoyed him doing so moaning as he explored and enjoyed.

He had his hand up her blouse, pulled out of her skirt to get his hand up underneath.

Yes, she had nice firm almost hard tits;
Jeff loved to touch them getting the nipples hard as rocks he thought.
Now as they kissed he began to move over her putting his leg between hers. They were slowly pushing into each other as Jeff moved over her positioning himself between her now spread legs.
That caused Julie to buck up and into his fully erect cock. He held himself off her hips and groin region just enough for her to move under him.
Then it happened she had her arms around him under his arms, and reached for his butt pulling him down and into her.

That caused Jeff to meet her parted pussy lips through their clothing sort of a dry fuck.
She was in control however saying how she wished she were not so afraid of loosing her virginity
Jeff told her he would never force her to do anything that she did not want to do, but could they just keep doing this?
She said sure, Jeff it feels good having you between my legs like this and kept on humping his cock.
hey got into the kissing and humping so much they almost lost control.
Then she asked if she could see his cock
said she wanted to see what was causing the pleasure that she felt when it pushed against her like that.
They parted so they could sit while Jeff undid the zipper and opened his pants for her.
She gasped at the sight of it
and reached to touch it saying she just could not believe the size of his cock.
She asked if it felt good for her to touch it as he bucked and pumped into her hand as she squeezed it.
Jeff said shaking his head yes but could you move it.
She asked how
as his hand went around hers to guide it.

He moved her hand up and down and said like this as he showed her how to jack him off
now releasing her hand.

She did it as if she knew how
as she said how good it felt in her hand as she pumped this big fat hard dick up and down very slowly.

Jeff began to moan.
She picked up the tempo as Jeff moaned and fucked her beautiful soft fist, telling her not to stop because it felt so good having her hand jacking him off.
She was really getting into it pumping faster as she pushed her firm tits into the side of him.

Jeff began to grunt, that caused her to pump even faster and start to wiggle around where she was sitting.

Jeff lost control as his cock erupted into her hand and shot a load of his cum straight up into the air.

At the sight of it, Julie began to moan softly as Jeff put his hand over hers to help keep the erupting cum from his throbbing cock as they both jacked him off.

Another main load squirted into the air like a rocket blast as Julies eyes widened watching his white jizzum shoot into the air.

Then he released her hand as another and another and AH, he gasped as the sensations slowly faded.
Julie was still pumping like crazy and wiggling around as her hand felt this magnificent cock
Throb as it spewed his juices
Against her now, beginning to slow her pumping fist Jeff went limp slowly sighing as he did.
He could not believe how fantastic this had felt with her as he told her he loved her and she said that she loved him too.

Yes Jeff missed Julie they had only been apart for about three weeks with her going off to university to further her education.

They met in the sixth grade. Their teacher brought Julie into the class one day.
Saying that Julie would be in this class now. That her family had moved into this school district.
Jeff knew instantly that they would like each other. He could just tell like premonition or something like that.
They met in the lunchroom. The instant she bumped into him at the lunch counter and made eye contact that they would be friends.
Striking up a conversation easily, just talking about whatever came to their thoughts. Gathering their lunch things now made their way to a table.
After that, they ate their lunch together every single day that there was school, always talking and getting to know each other. They even had to go to the same junior high and high school, where they had graduated.

Julie was gone now to begin learning business management at the university about thee hours ride on the freeway. Jeff's dad said he could use the car on weekends if he could give him some warning so that they could make their plans without the car. As a mater of fact they had this weekend Jeff was going to visit Julie on the Sunday.

Jeff's week had been full. He did the job with ease and here it was Friday already not knowing where the other two days had gone.
However, he had a lot to think about with Karen and Pam teaching him so much about sex. Also, how to seduce women.

He really was looking forward to seeing Julie on Sunday, he missed her smile her laugh and her good looks. Julie was a blonde-haired person about five foot six a beautiful body and a fantastic pair of legs. Jeff could not keep his eyes off her slender perfect Legs whenever she wore a skirt. He thought he was definitely a Leg-Man.
He missed the way she felt in his arms and could hardly wait for Sunday to get to her. Well here, it was Sunday
Jeff was on his way to see his only love Julie.

He was a good driver at least his father thought so and that was all that really mattered as far as the car was concerned.
He had three hours to think about how Julie and him would react seeing each other after three long weeks.
He wondered if she made any new friends or a new boy friend.

Na she wouldn’t
Or would she
Dam his thoughts to hell
He did not like the idea of a rival.

Well here, he was on campus trying to find a spot to park finally doing so and getting out stretching.
Jeff he recognized her voice it was Julie as he turned to see her running toward the car.
She was there in about ten more strides throwing her self into his outstretched arms.
Julie he said as they hugged each other holding on for dear life.

He said damn I missed you
she said I missed you too Jeff
as she raised her head for an open mouth kiss

How was the ride she said as they broke apart to look each other in the eye? He said it went fast considering how much he missed her as she giggled and gave him another kiss and hug.
She led him to a park across the street as they talked along the way arriving at a park bench they sat and talked both touching each other at the hip.

Where are we he asked?
SJulie told him it was a secluded spot that she had found the other day.
She discovered it while taking a walk.

Jeff leaned in for a kiss as Julie met him half way.
It was a slow starting but very passionate one they held on to one another.
Jeff said as he broke away lets stand up I need to hold you in my arms. They stood and hugged feeling caressing kissing Jeff ground into her making her weaken in the knees as she felt his cock push against her tummy she said somewhat shaky
Do you need some help?
He smiled down at her pretty face asking if she felt like playing with his cock
She smiled up at him saying she had hoped to do just that.

Where he asked?
She took him by the hand leading him into the thick bushes finding a little spot with a very small clearing and huge oak.
As they stopped now under the protection of this massive Oak tree.
They now stood under the tree but also in the clearing

She was in his arms again kissing the one she decided she loved.

Jeff confidently moved into her open arms, kissing as they did so.
She knew what she wanted as she worked the front of his trousers open to free his now swollen cock.
Jeff gasped as she took it into her lovely soft hand and began to jack him off.
He held her tight to his ridged frame as she pumped him up and down up and down.
He asked if she wanted to try something
As she looked in wonder shaking her head yes
If she could
However, she could not do the “f” thing.
Not yet anyway
Jeff just laughed and said that would only happen when she was ready, but if she thought she could please kiss him down there.

She looked with a smile and said she wondered if that was ok or kinky.

Jeff said it could only be kinky if either of them thought it was
In addition, he did not think it could be if they both wanted the same thing
Then admitted she wanted to.
She said
She wanted to ever since the night at the outdoor in the backseat of his parent’s car.
Jeff said “really”.
As she pushed him to his feet and answered yup
As her mouth touched his cock-head,
He gasped at the touch of her loving lips
Pushing his trousers down with her arms
Revealing his tight, firm, hard, legs.

Now kissing him on the end of his big fat dick-head asking if she could try something
Between kisses

Jeff said anything you want princess.

He knew what she was talking about but could not believe the sensation as his cock head slid into her mouth
As she sucked him in to her wonderful, soft and very wet mouth.

Jeff told her to use her mouth
As she had used her hand
As she slid it in further sucking licking pumping his fat cock
With her fantastic mouth
She was moaning now
He could not believe his ears. She had been so worked up her pussy was very wet now.

Controlling his voice, he said
Yes as he talked to her
Sucking him off,

That’s it suck it baby
Suck it,
Oh, that is good

God he loved her.

She began to wiggle around as if she had something in her panties as she moaned sucking him fucking him with her hot wet mouth.

She took it out to look up at Jeff’s dazed frown. And said is it good am I doing it all right while stroking with her hand

Are you going to shoot for me Jeff?
Jeff looked at her inquisitive face saying


If you want me to
As she looked up at him.
She was back at it now, sucking.
Harder than ever in and out in and out
Licking, sucking, fucking,
This magnificent member
Jeff held her head gently at the back on either side as he said
Oh, yes that is it
Suck it baby
Fuck me with your mouth
Fuck me; give it to me, that’s it.

She was a natural at this
She was humping his cock with that beautiful mouth of hers.

As Jeff’s tension rose, his legs tightened
As she sucked even harder feeling his cock grow a little bit bigger
Grabbing his butt with one hand
Also, holding him inside of her watering mouth.

He began to throb and convulse inside of her sucking mouth
She sucked it up swallowing everything that came out as she squeezed his ass.

He was great tasting
She was not sure if it was because
She wanted it to be good for him
On the other hand, it just tasted good.
She still had him in her mouth when he said dam

That was so good Julie
I cannot believe you liked it so much.

Removing her mouth and coming up to stand before him
She said
She thought it was great and wished they had done it sooner
Hugging him to her still shaking frame.

She told Jeff that she wanted that very much
And had been hoping they would get the opportunity
For her to make love to his cock.

She also admitted that she too had an orgasm when he did
She said it felt like he was humping her when she sucked him like that.
Jeff held on to her as he said

Jesus I love you kid.
She smiled up at him
I love you too Jeff.

They left the park to go and find somewhere to get something to eat. Finding a fast food place to get a burger fries and a coke to go.

They went back to the park and made a picnic of it. Talking and laughing all the while, they ate their lunch.
Jeff asked if she would like to have a chance at making him happy as Julie laughed
Saying she was just about to ask him the same thing.
They both laughed at the same time heading for the bushes this time with a blanket from the car.

Once in the secluded spot they both lay on the blanket
Julie on her back Jeff on his side.
They began to kiss and pet and caress.
Jeff had Julie ripe and ready, by kissing her neck, and ear
Breathing, into her ear.
As he had learned earlier

Julie was acting as if she was out of control
As she moaned
With Jeff at her ear like this.
When Jeff decided to go for better things like her tits,
She encouraged him helping to undo her blouse.

She also helped him by guiding his hand to her erect nipples
She pinched them into very erect and stiff buds.
Jeff broke off the kissing of her neck to find a nipple with his watering mouth
Sucking one in
As Julie bucked her hips up and into his hard thigh. Now moving back to her ear to help her to the edge of no return
Humping his tight, thigh with her soon to be discovered wet, pussy.

Jeff worked at her panties never releasing her ear from his loving mouth until she began to quiver.

Recognizing this as a go for it
Jeff released his rock hard cock
By undoing his pants.
Julies hand found his cock pulling it hard
This made Jeff move toward her nest
As she guided him to her.
Her legs opened for him to be between hers

As he lowered himself to get that fat cock, of his where it needed to be. He pulled her hand away as he took control,

Holding the shaft, he slowly and gently touched the very end of his
Cock-head against her now parted and very wet pussy.

She gasped as her eyes opened to look at Jeff in shock
She asked if he was going to…

As his mouth came into contact with her ear again
She moaned and went all limp like putty in his wonderful hands

Caressing her there. This caused her to hike her hips up to meet his hard cock involuntarily gasping as she did.

Jeff would not leave her ear alone still caressing her there. As her hips came up to push into him his cock entered her hot wet hole causing her to moan grunt and shiver. All at once, Mist fog warm fantastic is all she could think
As Jeff could not stop he also
Pushed into her as they were both pushing something gave way

Moreover, he went all the way in
Up to his now swollen balls. Jeff grunted into her ear causing her to buck again
And say YES
She pushed Jeff up and away from her ear getting too dizzy
That Was Good she thought
As she looked at him smiling down at her.
Now showing passion in her wanton eyes.

She said she wanted to cum as she looked at Jeff.
He began to move inside her slowly savoring every tight slick inch of her hot wet love canal.
It feels so good he told her.

She was already coming by the fourth or fifth stroke
As she shook and convulsed under him
Just letting the flood go.

Holding on for dear life.
She had never ever experienced anything like this
Amazing feeling like an explosion went off
Deep in her tummy and opened the flood walls
Her insides where tickling fluttering and soothed all at once she Loved it
Now between her stretched out legs. Making sure, he could get all of that wonderful beautiful amazing Cock of his in all the way. To the hilt as they say
She wanted all he could give even his seed.


Her brain told her
However, her pussy said YES! YES! YES!
She was coming so. Hard
She could not stop him at this point did not want to either.

Jeff knew he could not shoot his load up inside of her, as he would like to
However, not wanting to get her pregnant.
Not yet he thought.

He pulled it out
Just in time to shoot a stream right up her belly stopping at her lower left breast
Then lowering himself to her
Supporting his weight on his elbows
Still humping her crotch he pushed and pushed
Until his cock, stopped shooting its load on her now smoldering belly.

Neither of them moving or thinking. For what seemed a long time
Just lying there enjoying the aftermath of it all.

She finally said thank you Jeff
As he rose up to kiss her full on the lips.

He asked if he had hurt her as she shook her head,
No' smiling up at the man she now knew
She would love for the rest of her days.

They got up and dressed after a few more kisses and left the park talking about their wedding some day.

After about nine that night she said he had better leave as it would be getting dark and he had a long drive back.

They parted with several goodbye kisses and made plans for her return home at thanksgiving.

Jeff said he could hardly wait as he slowly drove and waved goodbye.
As he set out for the journey home.

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