My senior year we travelled about 2 hours to a HUGE wrestling tournament in hopes of gaining a lot of experience and maybe a trophy. This one was different from the end of the first period of my first match.

Well we went through the first with nothing major happening and I took bottom in the second period. I guess that got him a little "excited" being in that position in front of him. I hit a roll and put him on his back right at the whistle. I suppose he was taken offguard and next thing he knew he was pinned. well I get up to shake his hand and he's sporting a HUGE boner. Total embarrasment for him I imagined seeing as how everyone is laughing at him but all i could think about was his dick being pretty huge. So being as this tournament was huge I didn't have to wrestle for another couple hours, so I went and found him and asked him if he'd like to leave the gym for a little while. He was kinda hesitant and didn't want to go at first, but I finally talked him into it.

I had a seperate changing room obviously being a girl, so I told him we'd just sneak back there for a few. I suppose it was a team room for the girls basketball team, because the guys had the boys basketball team room and the regular guys gym locker room tied up as well as the regular girls gym locker room.

Anyways, we entered there through the hallway once nobody was looking and walked on back to the benches.

He said, "Look, if you are here to make fun of me and joke at what happened out there then I can just leave now and get this over with."

I looked back and told him that it was about what happened out there, but it surely wasn't a bad thing, so maybe he should calm down and come talk to me. He agreed and I think he was getting what I was hinting at. I grabbed his hand and pulled him in the open area where the ball racks were and pushed them to the side. I got down in the same bottom position as I was in right before I pinned him. He immediately got down in the starting position behind me. Instead of waiting to go, I just moved my hips backwards and right into his. He rocks back on his heels and trys to adjust himself so I wouldn't see it beginning to get hard.

"Its ok, ...wait...what is your name in the first place?" I said.

"Sam" was all he could mutter as he just stared at me.

"Thats the reason I brought you back here, Sam. I took quick notice of it on the mat out there and I want to know how big that gets."

He began to studder as I reached out and rubbed my hand across it through the singlet. I could watch it get bigger immediately. Best I could guess it was about 8 inches long and that was perfect because it was plump and juicy looking too. He reached out for my sweet spot and I realized I was getting really wet, which wasn't hard because I had on a singlet and no underwear, so of course it would show. He rubbed across once or twice and that was all it took for him I guess. He slips his singlet down and off and grabs the shoulder straps and pulls them down over my arms and begins to move behind me and slide it down over my back and keeps on going down over my ass. I figured he would stop there but he pulls it all the way off of my right leg.

I asked why he did that to which he responded, "You might need to spread em out a little bit here in a second."

"Lay on your back, spread your legs as wide as you can, and grab your ankles!"

He was really getting going on this, so I did very willingly and there I was showing all for him on that locker room floor. He rubbed my pussy and played with my clit for a minute before diving in face first. Very sloppily done, but satisfying nonetheless. He stopped and started stroking his dick looking at me. I guess instinct took over because he definitely wasn't this aggressive about it when he first came in here. I got up on my knees with my pussy dripping wet and grabbed his cock. As I stroked it a little trickle of pre-cum came out and thats when I went ahead and took it in my mouth. I didn't want to make him cum so quick, so I went really slow on his dick. I even stopped at the top to swirl my tongue around the head and give it a little kiss.

"Enough, now get back in the first position" he said.

"But..." I said.

"Just do it!"

So there I was again on my back, grabbing my ankles, with my legs wide open. He scoots in and puts his dick right at the entrance to my ass. He lifts my ass up a little bit and rubs my wet crotch juices into my asshole and works a finger in and then two fingers in. He rubs it all over his cock and pushes hard against my ass until it finally gets open enough to let him slide freely. He fucks really slow in my ass and is obviously enjoying it from the way he was moaning for several minutes he was pumping away slowly. Lord only knows what he must have thought of me, I was trying to contain my volume, but I don't know how well that was working.

He pulls out and straddles my face and says, "suck on these," as he drops his nut sac over my mouth. I went ahead and took it in my mouth. I couldn't get both nuts in there at first so he forced the other one in there with his finger. I was fine for a minute and then the way he moved I couldn't breathe. So I spit them out. He apparently liked what had happened and went around to my pussy. He rubs his dick along the slit and pushes a little, not enough to enter, but just enough to tease. At this point I am so fucking horny I had to have it. So I just grabbed his dick, put it right where it needed to be and yelled, "NOW!"

He rammed in there hard and then fucked me softly while he slipped his fingers in my ass. Over and over that dick was getting me closer and closer to an orgasm.

"Up on your knees and take it like the little bitch that you are..BEG FOR ME TO GO EASY."

At that point I didn't know what to say, so I got up on my knees arched my back and prepared for it.

"Please be easy! You don't have to hurt me!" I said.

"Keep Begging for it you scrawny little bitch! I own you now! You do what I say when I say!"

He pushed his dick in me as hard as he could and the pain was out of this world.

"I said keep begging!"

I began to cry and said, "Please don't be so rough! Why can't you be gentle like you were at first?"

Then he yells, "'Cause you're my bitch! The only thing you are good for is getting your holes filled, isn't that right?"

He keeps on fucking me harder and harder, slamming his dick in and jerking my hips back harder each time.

"ANSWER ME, my little bitch!"

It hurt so bad and felt so good all at the same time. I was still crying and finally worked up a "yes."

"Now admit that you got lucky that I let you win," he said.

"I got lucky that you let me win! I got lucky that you let me win!" I screamed.

He pulled out and my pussy was almost raw. He pushed me over on my side and I just collapsed and laid there crying while he stroked his dick looking at me.

"All I wanted to do was let you pin me in a little better fashion," I said. "You didn't have to hurt me!"

"Oh I am gonna pin you right now!"

He flips me on my back and goes in between my legs and starts fucking me in the missionary position.

"OH! OH! MMMMM! That feels so fucking good! Keep fucking me Sam! More, more, more!"

There it was, an orgasm through pain so intense it made me cry.

The pounding continued as Sam began to moan and grunt. He held my shoulders to the ground, pushed in me as far as his dick could go, and exploded. It felt hot, a burning hot sensation, deep in my cunt that was almost pulsating. He rubbed and rubbed, faster and faster and there came another orgasm, as intense as the first. He still held my shoulder down with the other hand.

"I guess I'm pinned now," I whimpered.

He was the first guy I've ever had tell me to clean his dick off. So there I lay, legs wide open, him practically sitting on my chest with a 8 inch dick in my face, licking it clean.

He thanked me for the rematch and left. I haven't seen him since then. I finally got to my feet and got dressed and walked REALLY SLOWLY back to the bleachers. I told the coach I couldn't wrestle any more that tournament and I went to the bus with my blanket and bag and laid in the seat. I could feel where the clothes I changed into were moist, but I didn't realize til then that the panties and sweatpants that I had put back on were filled up with cum. I hadn't gotten in the shower where it would come out, I put clothes straight on, so I rode 2 hours on a bus back home in a pair of panties that had Sam's cum all inside them.

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