Pussy Up The Tree

Pussy Up The Tree

When I became a Fireman, I realized I would be called upon to handle a variety of services for the public. Public Relations is 3/4 of the job. I deal with the public all the time, handling little crisis to handling big disasters. Usually a "thank you" or a smile is sufficient gratitude for a job well done. On a few occasions during my career, I have received home baked cookies or other treats as a form of a gratitude. Nothing is necessary, as I continually stress to those I help. Bottom Line: The city pays me well to do my job. I was not surprised when the call came in that some lady's cat was up a tree, refusing to come down. It was the address that surprised me. I work at a highly visible station that is surrounded by multi-million dollar homes owned by some of the wealthiest people in the film industry. Unlike the rest of the public, these people required special handling. A cat stuck in a tree was considered an emergency.

As we arrived to the house, I jumped from the truck and went over to talk to the distraught women standing in her front lawn. She was one of the more popular actresses of the silver screen. I had just recently seen her at the movies, playing a distraught female character. She played the part well. She was dressed in a bright yellow string bikini that barely covered her voluptuous body. You could tell she had under gone numerous surgeries, tucking in this and that. The final product was perfect. There was no way that her breast could have been real, but I didn't care as my penis started to respond. I looked up and saw the whitest short hair cat, up on the highest limb of the tree. The cat was hanging on for dear life, meowing its fright. The women kept soothing the cat, assuring it that help was there. She looked at me with her big blue eyes, "you will get my Tiger down, wont you.." I informed her yes, we were there to get "Tiger" down, safely. I instructed the guys to get one of the ladders from the truck. As they held the ladder, I climbed up to the top. I reached for "Tiger" and was rewarded with three sallow scratches on my cheek. I softly swore, as I reached again and grabbed the cat by the scruff of its neck. I gingerly carried "Tiger" again, being careful not to feel the anymore of its displeasure. I handed the bundle of frightened fur to its owner, who expressed her sincerest gratitude. Holding the bundle, as if it was glass, the actress walked into her house. The guys collapsed the ladder and we loaded it back on to the truck.

Needing her signature on my paperwork, I gingerly knocked on her door. She answered the door, still dressed in her little yellow bikini. As she signed my paperwork, she again expressed her gratitude. She invited me back later for a small "get together", giving me her number and the time. I told her I would try to make it. She said she would send a car later to pick me up. When I got back to the station, I was not surprised that she had called. She had spoken to my chief, and again expressed her gratitude. I went to the bathroom, accessing the damage to my cheek. Having no further jobs that evening, I decided to attend this little get together of hers. I dressed casually in a pair of jeans and a button down white cotton shirt. At 7pm on the dot, a limo pulled up to the station. The chauffeur got out and opened the passenger door. She gracefully got out of the car. She was wearing a tight short black dress that adhered to her like a second skin. She asked if she could use the restroom before we left. I showed her where the restroom was and she asked me to follow her in. I assumed she needed help adjusting her dress or something. No sooner did she lock the door, she knelt in front of me. She unzipped my pants, pulling my soft cock out. "I knew it would be nice and big", she murmured as she placed my lance into her mouth and started to suck. She was an expert sucker, and she ran her tongue over my shaft and under the tender folds of flesh at my tip. I held onto the door frame as I moaned with pleasure. I couldn't believe my luck. This beautiful well known actress was sucking on my joint, right here in the station. She moved her tongue up and down my shaft as she continued sucking my tip. I ran my fingers through her long hair, cupping her face in my palms. As I looked down, I noticed she was not wearing any bra under her tight black dress.

I slipped my hands down her front cupping her perfect tits. I squeezed the nipples until they were hard. She moaned with pleasure as she continued sucking on my cock. I arched my body feeling the orgasm building. I pushed her head down, shoving my cock deeper into her mouth, as I shot my load down her throat. She swallowed it all, sucking my tip wanting more. She pulled my soft expired cock from her mouth, and gleefully licked her lips. "Are you up for a little partying still?" she questioned. If the partying meant fucking her... I would have been up to it anytime. We left the restroom and got into the waiting limo. As the chauffeur drove to her home, she stroked my penis through my jeans. I was so turned on, I wanted more. I moved my hand under her short skirt, feeling between her legs. She wore a small g-string that was moist with her anticipation. I slid my hand under her g-string, feeling her hot wet slit. She moved closer to me, allowing me to run my fingers into her hot wet pussy.

As her chauffeur pulled into the driveway, she moved my hand out of her panties. "There will be plenty of time for that, Mr. Fireman!" I was in a state of anticipation. I was curious as to whether or not there were other attendees to this little get together of hers, for I didn't see any other cars. As we walked into her home, she slipped out of her little black dress. She stood before me in black high heels and her little g-string. I marveled how perfect her body was. Her breasts were firm and perfect. Her hips were narrow and her tummy flat, displaying firm muscles. "Are you ready for me to show my gratitude?", she asked. She walked over to a cabinet and poured us drinks. She handed me one, turning walking into her living room. Her fireplace had been previously lit and a thick mink rug was spread out before it. As she reached the fireplace, she turned around waiting for me. She stood in front of me only for a moment, then knelt down assuming a familiar position. She unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, pulling them down to my ankles. She reached up and started to stroke my cock to hardness. Again, she placed it into her mouth and started sucking. I unbuttoned my shirt and flung it onto the sofa. I moved my hands into her hair, pulling her face closer to my crotch. I pushed my cock deep in her mouth.

She stop sucking, and turned around. I moved my cock down the crack of her ass. I moistened one of my fingers and inserted it into her whole, making sure she was ready for the real thing. She refused to remove her g-string, explaining she loved when the material rode between her legs as she was being fucked. I pulled up on the material, making sure that her pussy felt friction as I shoved my cock deep up her ass. She wiggled with pleasure, causing my cock to ride her deep. She held on to the mantle of the fireplace, as I pounded my meat inside her. Her ass was so tight and so wet, that within moments, I shot my second load. She turned and looked at me with pleasure. I felt between her legs, sliding my fingers down her moist clit. Without removing her heels, she laid down on the mink, inviting me to join her. She spread her legs wide, sliding her own hands down her clit. She started playing with her own pink pussy as I watched. I placed my hand around my shaft and started masturbating, enjoying her performance. She moved one of her hands to her breasts and started playing with her now aroused tit. As I continued playing with my cock, I slid its tip between her pussy lips teasing her. She smiled, moving her fingers to her mouth tasting her own sweet juices. She reached over to her glass of liquor and poured some over her cunt. I bent down, placing my head between her legs, and sucked on the combined juices. I wanted to shove my cock into her pussy and ride her hard and deep.

Sensing my eagerness, she gripped my hair, pulling my head to hers. She sucked on my tongue, tasting her juices that lingered in my mouth. I grabbed hold of her tits as I ruthlessly shoved my hard cock deep into her welcoming hole. She arched her back, welcoming each one of my thrusts. I grinded my cock into her, wanting to feel the tip penetrate through her belly. Again, she moaned with pleasure, digging her fingers into my back. I roughly grabbed her head, pulling her mouth to mine, as I turned over, positioning her on top of my cock. She held on tight and rode me home. We held tightly on to each other as we both exploded in orgasm. That evening is one I will always remember, until I die. She was a sexual monster, never being satisfied. I fucked her all night. When I left the next morning, hearing her final gratitude ring into my ears, I tried remembering how many times I came. I have no problems getting pussies out of trees...as long as I can enjoy the gratitude of the owner....

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