Making Amy wet again!

By Blueheatt

__Amy was good at her job and I did my job, but the tricks never stopped. She would page, “James call extend. 102” I would call her and she would bark orders at me. (she loved to play boss with me, even though she wasn‘t my boss)

“JAMES, my chair has a squeak in it, get up here and fix it. CLICK.” I would go there when I got a chance, no hurry. I would grab my little tool kit and act like I was doing something. When I got there, her assistant would announce me to go in, and I would shut the door. (and lock it). She was always on the phone. So I would pull her chair back, with her in it, trying not to giggle and get under her desk, spread her legs and try and lick her pussy. She would of course be trying to push my head away and talk normal on the phone. Then I would crawl out, and dust my hands, and say, “All fixed”, all the while her being on the phone and trying not to giggle.

Being in security, I knew no cameras were in her office. I would tell her assistant that I had to fix something in her office, go in and put a dildo all wrapped up like a gift in her drawer. I would call her, and just breath heavy into the phone until she would whisper: (pervert!, and giggle). I had the security maintenance guy quick install a dummy black camera dome, when I knew she was in a long meeting. I bribed her assistant to keep her mouth shut by bring her goodies to eat. I would call and say: “I see you, you look so hot in your pink blouse.”
She looked around and spotted the camera dome. She said: “There is no camera in there I bet, and say: “Your just a lying fart!” Then she would turn away

from the dome, and squeeze one her tits. She would say: “What am I doing now, pervert.” I would be peeking from close by and tell her, she must face the dome. She would giggle and say, “I win”, and hang up.
At night we would laugh at our tricks, and threaten “Tomorrow, I really going to get you good.” Oh she would pay me back big time when I least expected it. Glenn, my boss just loved all this trickery, and once helped her pull a trick on me.

Glenn told me to go and take a file, without being seen, marked. JLBW, at a certain office, and a certain file cabinet, while they were all at lunch. I did it, and gave it go Glenn.

My next visit to Amy’s office, she shut the door, locked it and ask me to sit down. She didn’t smile, and pulled out a file from her desk drawer, and said:

“JAMES, (oh oh, when she call me JAMES) “I just want you to know that I have nothing against gay men. In fact they are always nice and polite. I understand what you must be going through.”

(WTF???) She then handed me the file. JLBW. I open it and there was a picture of a big dick! Under it was, JIM LOVES BIG WEENEES. She laughed so hard, she almost wet her panties. I laughed too, and said: “I

have to go kill my boss!” Glenn was right around the corner, and Amy, unlocked the door and let him in. He had tears from laughing and finally said in a sing song voice: “It’s ok, to be gay, la la la.” and ran away before I could choke him!

The nights were wonderful, she loved to play games. I would get her so wet, she would be dripping. Then say, “Goodnight, and roll over and

pretend to snore.” She would roll me over and jump on top of me and say: “OH, run out of energy? How would like a 12 volt battery up your butt!” Then we would lick and fuck for hours. I started telling her

that this long weekend, she was really going to get it, and she better rest up. I kept saying it over and over.
Finally she started to ask me what was going to happen?

First I told her a gangbang and she was the lucky girl. She would grin and pretend to choke me! I said next, it was big surprise. She said don’t bullshit me JAMES! Next I said I might fuck her right in her

office! She laughed and said, “Oh, do you want a promotion by fucking the boss?” I said: “ You don’t have the BALLS to fuck me in your office.” Well, when you say that to highly competitive bossy woman, anything can happen.

It was bait for her, and she knew it. Our minds both churned with evil tricks. She loved to boss me around at work, to impress those within ear shot. She

had NO authority over me what so ever, but I played like she did. It was ’Yes mam, I’ll get that for you as quick as I can, do you want some more coffee, Miss Mills? Can I get you a softer chair?, and try to make

her grin. She would see me walk by, and say loud: “JAMES, come on my office, now!” and close the door while we kissed and played feel the tits and boner.

The long weekend was approaching, and I just knew she had a plan to play a trick on me to counter my ‘big surprise’ if it turned out to be a trick on her.

That night as we laid naked, we played a new game I dreamed up. ‘Corporate Resistance’ I would be the President of our huge corporation ( I named him Mr.

Lust) and I want to get in her pants, and she is to resist my advances. (she didn’t play nice)

“Well Miss Mills, I see you have done well for the corporation and I have big plans for you.”
“What are those plans, Mr. Lust? (I pretend he closes his door and locks it)

“How would you like to be the ‘24th vice,vice, assistant to all the parking lots?”
“Is that a cocktail weenie in your pocket, Mr. Lust?”

I smacked her on the arm as we laughed and said: “Your suppose to be resisting!”

She giggled and said she would try.
“Gee Mr. Lust, that sounds like a great job, but I don’t think my biker bar bouncer boyfriend, would let me.” I said: “Good one Amy!”

“Come over here and sit on my lap, Miss. Mills.” She started giggling and I knew she was getting ready for a smart answer.
“Gee I would Mr. Lust, but I just pooped my pants!”

I now smacked her more and tickled her too! She got the giggles and couldn’t stop. She got weak, and I pushed her slowly off the bed. She lay on the floor, laughing. I said: “Miss Mills, I want you to blow up
this balloon in my pants.”

She tried to tell me to stop, but couldn’t speak, so she just waved for me to stop as she tried to compose herself. She tried taking in air, and wiping her eyes, but kept restarting the giggles. Finally she said: “Oh my god, that is worst case of the giggles I’ve ever had….YOU FART!” I slowly helped her up on the bed, and laid her on top of me. She laid her head on my chest and still I could feel her tummy shake some from giggles.

I turned out the light. It was pitch black now. We just lay there feeling our bodies. She slowly scooted down and started sucking on my dick. I sat up and

felt her warm tits, and played with her stiff nipples. She moaned so sexy. I pulled her up and put my dick in her, she was so wet and it just slipped in so nice.

She moaned and squirmed on my dick. We kissed hot and I whispered softly: “damn your so hot Amy, cum hard for me.” She panted and said: “I’m going to fuck your brains out“.

I slowly started sliding her back and forth on my body. This caused her clit to rub on my pubic hair. I whispered: “I‘m going to explode in you.” She

moaned and started huffing and moving faster. She now was so damp it was slicker to move on top of me, and she started to growl. Her face became red as

she became an animal holding on to my shoulders and sliding on me, sliding my dick in and out with her in control. I moved with her, pushing my dick in

her deep. She stopped, moaned, shook and shuddered and yelled…“OH GOD JIM!!!!”..and drove my dick in tight and squeezed her pussy tight

around me as I shot load after load in her. She squirmed until she just went weak, and she collapsed on me.

It was now Friday, and tonight was the start of the long weekend. We went to my place that night. I knew she was tired, and didn’t play any tricks on her.

I watch her go to sleep in my arms, after a ½ glass of wine. I carried her to bed. I woke up before her letting her sleep late. I had bought a male blow up

doll, with a stick on dick and I had it blown up and hidden in my closet. I carefully placed it in my place under the covers. I went in and made coffee, and

waited. In the mornings she always put her arm over me and kissed me. Finally I hear: , “AHHH! And then silence. I waited. Then I hear, “Oh Jim, your

cold, here let me cover you up. Why Jim, you have an erection. Ooooo let me play with it. OH JIM, I broke it off! I’m sorry honey, but don’t worry, I have hammer and nails, I’ll fix it for you!!!”

She came out naked carrying the doll under one arm, and holding the rubber dick in other hand. I said: “Surprise!” She grinned and I knew I was in for it. She glared at me, still grinning. She said: “Awwww sweetie, you bought me a boyfriend!”

I was in my recliner, leaned all the way back. She put the doll on my couch on it’s back and stuck the

rubber dick back on him, sticking straight up. She slowly walked over and climbed on top of me. She opened my big robe and crawled in giggling. I closed

the robe over her. She said softly: “If you think you can dump me by giving me a new boyfriend, no way.

You started all this by stealing a kiss from me and your not going anywhere.” I said: “Well when I was in the porno store, there were some really hot blow up girls in there.”

I felt her tummy start the giggles. Then get stronger. Then start in again giggling hard. She tried to say something, but she couldn’t get it out. She

would start with…“JAMES, then crack up and try again as tears ran down her cheeks. She lost her breath and finally let the giggles fade. “JAMES,

giggle, if you come home smelling like plastic..and we both started laughing hard! My side began to hurt, and she gasp for breath, and went limp on me, her tummy still shaking some.

We had a hot weekend, fucking ourselves silly, but I still had the feeling she was going to pull something on me. She looked so hot, walking around my house

naked. Her tits sticking straight out, and perky. She teased me by fondling my dick, pushing her tits in my back and sitting on my lap naked. I teased back by kissing her tits as I walked by her. I would come up

behind her and push my dick between her hot little legs, and then finally just fucking right there on the floor.

Tuesday came and back to work. At 5:00 I went to Amy’s office. Mandy, Amy’s assistant was still there in the outer office, just sitting there with a suppressed

grin on her face. I knew that look. I reached in my pocket and pulled out her favorite candy, and placed it in her drawer. She said thank you but wouldn’t look

me in the eyes. I moved around and got in her face. She started to giggle, then composed herself and said: “ Amy is gone for a few minutes, but you can go on

in. She got up and unlocked Amy’s door. Hmmmm. I went in and sitting at Amy’s desk was a female blow up doll, with a note taped to it’s forehead.

It said: “JAMES, I have a new boyfriend now, so

I’m dumping you. I know you’ll miss me, so I got you a girlfriend. Her name is “Airhead”, have fun sweetie!”
Damn!, she got me, and good. I looked around and Amy and Mandy were standing in the doorway. Both

with arms folded and then busted out laughing. I just stood there with a look of ’get even’ on my face as I

said: “You two have had it.” Mandy ran away quick, but Amy just stood there so satisfied she had got me.
She closed her door and locked it.

We slowly walked to each other, and now we were face to face, both grinning. She said softly: “you owe

me $20.” I said what for? “That’s what it cost me to tip the cleaning crew to NOT clean my office

tonight.” I started to talk, “Shut up and listen, JAMES.” “You knew when you told me that I didn’t have the balls to fuck you in my office, that I would

defy you and make you a liar and you would have to admit it. I won, didn’t I!” I started to answer…”Say it JAMES, you win Amy dear!”

“But Amy dear, we haven’t fu…she put her arms around my neck and kissed me long, hot and sweet. She held the kiss, and started unzipping my pants. I

lifted up her skirt, as we slowly sank to the floor, her on her back. She had no panties on, as my dick felt her hot bush. She stroked my dick, and put it in her

sweet pussy. We had to muffle our moans, but didn’t care, as we kissed. We fucked like we had to hurry or get caught!. It was exciting, sneaking a fuck right in

her office! I felt her sweet tits through her business suit jacket. I grabbed her tight ass through her

clothing. She rubbed on my clothes to feel me. We were fully dressed, but fucking like teenagers, getting a quickie in the hallway.

She panted, and whispered. “how dare you fuck me in my own office!, I’ll get you fired!, I’ll have

your job, I’ll, I’ll… oh god James, fuck me hard and deep…ooooo god!. Muffled moans and then her body went all ridged as we both came together. Feeling my

hot cum blasting in her pussy and her juices flowing between us, gasping for air and then kissing and

panting. Wow, it was exciting sneaking it. She said “Oh god, (taking a breath) we have to do this again“. We lay there out of breath, trying to kiss in-between breaths. We weakly helped each other up. I helped her straighten her clothes as she did mine.

We sat and gasp for while. We finally gathered our wits and she unlocked the door.

There was George of the cleaning crew. He was

holding a note. He read it. “Do not clean Miss Mills office #102 tonight”. Amy told him that the meeting was over, and he could clean it. He started chuckling,

looked down and said: “OK”. and kept chuckling. As we walked down the hall, we wondered how long he had been standing at her office door listening?

Oh shit! We forgot to remove the blow up doll still sitting at her desk!….oh well.

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