My Bus Journey

My Bus Journey

My Bus Journey

As I stepped onto the bus, it was jam-packed full, with many people standing in the aisles. This journey was going to be a long one.

I looked around the bus at the passengers, and then I saw her. I'd seen her previously, but only in passing. Her mousey brown hair was down to her shoulders, a thin button-down summer dress with nice small breasts, great legs, and an ass to die for. I decided I was going to try and enjoy this journey. I moved my way through the passengers until I was standing directly behind her.

Just looking at her ass, was making me hard, so I moved in closer. The jostle of the bus made my groin bump against her ass, but she never glanced back. I moved my hand near her ass and again the jolting of the bus caused it to brush against her curves, but I kept it there. I felt her tense a little, yet she still never looked round so I stroked her cheeks, running my fingers up and down the crack of her ass, through the flimsy fabric.

I reach down to the hem of her dress running my fingers over her bare thighs, slipping my fingers in between her legs. She parted them slightly as she pushed her butt back, allowing me to feel the softness of her inner thighs. I start to move my hand, feeling the silky smoothness of her legs, with just a hint of a tremble. I slowly move higher until I feel the valley where her legs meet. A soft warm junction covered in lacy fabric; my arrival is met with an audible moan.

I explore her contours, stroking forwards, feeling the ridges of her warm lips through her panties and then back again to the curves of her ass cheeks.

She moves her legs slightly wider allowing me more access, and I take advantage of this by moving my hand forward to cup her pussy, it feels warm and moist in the palm of my hand, as I trap her clit between two knuckled fingers squeezing hard, this made her push back more and bend slightly, this told me she wanted more; my fingers start to massage the mound just above her pussy, as I do this, I can feel her hips start to gyrate on my hand. I move my fingers down following the ridge of her pussy lips feeling them open, then to the side of her panties, I slide my fingers inside stroking her moist, trembling open wet lips, up, down, up, down.

Her breathing becomes deeper and faster, but I don't stop my wandering hand. I ease her panties down over her hips until they fall to the ground, I bend down to pick them up, as she co-operates by stepping out of them.

After inhaling the sweet sexy odour of her panties, I push them into my pocket for later appreciation. Right now, I had bigger things on my mind, mainly my

cock, which was now throbbing to get out of my pants. I move very close behind her unzipping my zip, releasing my now throbbing hard member. I lifted the hem of her dress over her ass, so I could rub my hard cock between her cheeks; then lay my hand on her back encouraging her to bend slightly which she does as she pulls her ass wide then leans on the handles of the seat in front of her.

I reach down and guide my cock towards her slippery wet pussy, rubbing it backwards and forwards along her lips. I can feel her body trembling and I place the head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy and leave it there.

I wasn't going to just thrust inside her, although, she eases herself backwards, enveloping my cock in her wetness, then when it was as deep as she thought it would go, she raises herself a little so that my cock is pushing against the walls of her soaking wet channel, then starts to move backwards and forwards impaling herself on my rigid spike, thinking to myself, 'you dirty fucking bitch, letting me fuck you on a crowded bus.'

I reach around helping steady her movement and cup her fantastic tits. I can feel her nipples hard and wet, feeling them push against her dress wanting to be released just as my cock was. I nimbly flick a couple of buttons on her dress, allowing me to appreciate them better. I pull down the cups of her bra, so I can play with her nipples and tweak them, pinching hard. I use her tits to pull her body down onto my cock harder and thrust my hips to penetrate her deeper. I can hear her moaning louder, shrieking when my cock seems to go deeper than ever. I push and pull her harder and faster, onto my burning hot cock, feeling her body starting to tense as her moans become louder and louder until she shudders, clamping her tight pussy around my cock making it engorge with my cum, she lets out an almighty moan and the whole of her body shakes in spasms. My cock shoots what feels like gallons of cum inside her. I can feel our mixed juices running over my cock and down her legs.

We had been so entranced in our actions we haven't noticed the other passengers surrounding us on the bus watching, indeed one or two guys had their cocks in hand, wanking. The man who was sitting in front of her had turned around, placing his mouth over her nipples, he was suckling deeply. I could hear her whimpering, ‘fuckkkk yessssssss.’ I eased my cock out of her and tucked it away, re-adjusting the back of her short dress, that only just covered her ass, while she pulled her nipple out of the guy’s mouth with a pop, trying to regain her composure.

I move to the back of the bus and after a couple of minutes, she joins me, sitting opposite. She spreads her legs wide showing me her wet cum filled cunt and her soft pubic curls, I watch as all my spunk dribbles out of her. I see her fingers play with her clit causing my cock to start lengthening again. She sees this and smiles saying, 'not many men can make me cum as you have just done, humping fresh air. I notice how hard her clit is getting, as it peeks out of the hood. It's as though it is saying 'peek a boo, here I am.'

One of the other passengers stands by her, bending by her ear he whispers, 'I need to cum, so you will suck my cock bitch, and drink everything I give you.'

She opens her mouth and swallows him whole; I can see his cock bobbing up and down in her throat. She is busy wanking her clit, her cunt pulsating as my cum drips out of her, then I hear a low growl, as the man shoots his load down her throat, feeding her.

I look into her eyes, smiling as I watch the scene, saying 'my pleasure. I take it you want more, are you a cock hungry bitch?'

'Yes I am, please, I need to be used and fucked, but one man can never keep up and use me as I need to be fucked and used, ' she says smiling as she puts her cum filled fingers in her mouth sucking and licking them clean. 'Which stop are you getting off at?' Just then the bus stops allowing people to disembark, 'I'm the next one, why?'

'Oh right, I'm the one after,' as she said this, she pulled her top down showing me her tits, I noticed her nipples were leaking as she squeezed hard on them, a dreamy look in her eyes. She saw me looking as I lick my lips, grinning she said, my boyfriend wanted me to start lactating for him, but then left me for someone else, now I am always as horny as fuck, even my clit is getting bigger, look,' spreading her legs wide pulling the hood back showing me her clit as she begins to wank herself. 'Now I will have to let them dry out again,' a hard scowl crossed her face.

'Why,' I asked her. 'Do you have breast pumps?'

'Yes, I do, why do you ask?'

'Well, you could always pump your milk, for the newborns, whose mothers can't produce any, and give it to the maternity hospital.' Just then I stood up to get off the bus and as I did, she stood and got off with me. 'This isn't your stop' I said looking at her.

'I know,' she simply said, 'would you believe I live the next road down, what number do you live at,' she asked.

I told her and her mouth dropped open, so you're the man with the high fence then, are you?'

'Yes I am, I tend to like my privacy.'

'So, I see,' she said still smiling, 'I might have to get a ladder and have a look to see what you might be hiding, can't even see your garden properly from my bedroom window,' she said.

'And why would you want to see in my garden, you never know what I could be doing, plus you may be shocked and take offence.'

'Why would I take offence, especially after the way you've just fucked me on the bus, and that other man who fucked my face, I doubt it very much. But I did notice a door that's always locked, maybe you could unlock it and invite me in some time.'

I stood looking at her for a moment, thoughts formulating in my mind, wondering if she would be offended. 'Would you like to come in for a coffee or something?' I asked, looking into her eyes.

'Shall I provide the milk,' she said grinning, making my cock lurch in my pants again.

We went in, and I locked the door behind her. I took my coat off and hung it in the cupboard, then took my shoes and socks off, she stood watching me, saying 'do you want me to take my shoes off too?' I nodded my head, 'yes I do.' She did as I asked, holding her shoes in her hand. I could see in her eyes a questioning look. I simply said, 'while you are in my home, you will do as I say and obey me at all times, if you can't do that, then leave now.' She simply bent over placing her shoes next to mine, showing me her ass, protruding clit, and leaking pussy as she bent over, ‘and what do I call you?'

'My name is Paul, and you probably think I am a dirty old man, but I can tell you, I may be getting on, but I know how to please a woman,' as he said this, he was walking into the kitchen taking his belt off as he did, hearing him lower his trouser zip.

I nodded my head, by this time he had completely stripped naked, and was standing in front of me watching for any reaction, the only reaction he got was my nipples hardening, as I reached up squeezing them.

'Strip now so I can suckle you.' I watched as she took her top off, showing her titties, letting her skirt fall to the ground, then stepped towards me, as she was standing in front of me, I took her nipples between my fingers and thumbs twisting, pinching, pulling, and squeezing hard on them seeing a milky white substance leak from her, hearing her moan in pleasure.

I bent my mouth taking a nipple between my lips, biting, and suckling hard, going from one nipple to the other, drinking as much as she gave. Just maybe I could turn her into our true submissive.

I lifted my mouth off her nipples, when I looked down, I saw her wanking her hardening clit again, her juices running down her inner thighs, 'very nice, very tasty and I see you are still dripping wet, and your clit is very visible? Stop playing with your cunt and put your arms to your sides and spread your legs as wide as you can, show me. You want me to fuck you again, don't you?'

She looked at me nodding her head, her eyes widened at what I had just told her, then whimpered 'yes please, fuck me, use me like your fucking cum bank, I will be a slut bitch for you' her fingers squeezed and pulled on her nipples.

'What did I just tell you to do bitch?' My hand slowly wanking my cock, which was already hard again, watching her juices trickle down her inner thighs, mixed with my cum.

'Ian and Tom should be back shortly, then we will see how good a slut bitch you are.' My fingers pumping her sopping wet cunt, as I tickled her 'G' spot. She couldn't help but drip juices on the floor, moaning, as I pulled my fingers out, I pushed them into her mouth, 'clean them now slut bitch.' She opened her mouth sucking and licking my fingers clean, looking into my eyes, smiling.

'Do you know how to present yourself, and obey without hesitation? If not, I will show you.' She shook her head. 'Right come and stand in front of me, place your hands together behind your back, legs wide apart.' Giggling, she did as I asked. 'No matter what I do, don't move, unless I move you, and you are not allowed to speak without my permission, or cum, if you do, I shall whip you, do you understand?'

'Yes, I am not to move unless you move me, and I'm not allowed to peak without your permission, and I am not allowed to cum, do I call you sir, master, or daddy?'

'Good girl, now shoulders back and stand straight, eyes down and don't look up unless I tell you to,' he pushed my shoulders back slightly, this made my tits stand out more. He then pushed my legs further apart with his foot, his fingers caressing my curly pubes. 'Lovely, your pubes are delicate and soft to the touch, you look every inch a woman, and not a little girl. Go and lay on the table for me, hold the loops at the sides, feet up by your hips at the end, legs wide open and wait till I come to you.' He waited for me to obey him, but could see me hesitating, as I glanced up at him. 'What have I just told you to do slut? now do it and keep your eyes down, don't look at me unless I tell you, you can, and don't utter a word unless I permit you to understand slut?'

I nodded my head quickly looking to the floor as I made my way to the end of the table, shuffling my bum where I thought he wanted me to be, my fingers wrapped around the loops near the centre. My feet by my hips, legs flopping wide open, I felt like I had been lying there for ages when I heard him rummaging around, but it had only been a few minutes. I felt his touch on my ankles, spreading my left foot to the end and locking my ankle into a loop, fastening it tight but not too tight to stop the circulation, then doing the same with my other foot. By now I was completely immobile, my breathing getting sharper and deeper, I could feel my pussy getting wetter, my juices dribbling down to my butt. My nipples were turning a deeper hue colour the more I leaked. I heard him put something on the table by my side but couldn't see what it was.

'Well, my dear, you look absolute perfection, ready to be sucked, fucked, and used by whoever I say. Now, look at me and tell me what you want!'

I looked up at him as my body yearned to be used again by him, 'just stick your fucking cock in my twat and pound me, I need to cum.' The look on his face surprised me as I felt a stinging slap to my cunt, making me yelp. 'What was that for?' I asked him.

'For one, I asked you what you wanted, for two, you told me what to do, for three, the way you spoke to me, for four, you disrespected me. Now shall we try that again slut; tell me what you want?' Again, he gave my pussy a sharp slap, making my clit tingle.

Looking at him I puffed, 'I want you to fuck and use me hard.'


'Excuse me, why do I have to call you master, your name's Paul?'

'Why? Because I say so, while you're in my home you will obey me, or you can go. I will not have you disrespecting me or my brother's, or whoever I invite into my home, is that understood?' Slapping my cunt again. He knew I would stay for he could see my pussy pulsating and my nipples seemed to glow, my breathing getting sharper. His hands resting on his hips he waited for my response. 'Now let's try again shall we, and when you speak to me, keep your eyes down.'

Gulping, I knew he meant what he said, so lowering my eyes I whispered, please

'master, I want you to fuck me, use me and suckle my milk.' I could feel my juices begin to flow, my nipples hardening as my tits filled with milk, I was getting desperate, and I knew I was, and he also knew how desperate I was getting.

'That's better slut, now, we are going to set some ground rules,' his fingers

caressing my body. 'If I tell you to present yourself, you will stand as I have shown you, you will be naked at all times. If I tell you to pleasure someone, you will, however, wherever they tell you to, you will wear a collar and leash and be the slut bitch that you are, do we understand each other? From now on you will always address me as master.' While he was saying this, his fingers were tugging on my nipples letting my milk dribble down my tits, his other hand was playing with my pussy, as his thumb grazed and wanked my clit. His cock was hard and leaking precum. He stepped in-between my legs, his hard cock brushing from my clit to my ass and then back again. Doing this was driving me crazy, I tried to pump up my thighs, I wanted to feel him inside me. His smile told me; he knew exactly what he was doing. 'You want cock again, don't you?'

I nodded my head just as he thrust deep in my cunt, 'don't you dare move, or I shall fasten you down and if you are a good bitch, I might allow you to cum.' He held my hips tightly, thrusting deeply into me, bending his mouth to suckle hard on my nipples; my clit rubbing against his pubes, he could hear my moans and whispered pleas. I tried hard not to move. He could feel my pussy tightening, knowing I was building to another bigger orgasm.

'Hold back slut, don't you dare cum until I give you permission to.'

He could see me struggling, trying to control myself as he pounded hard and fast into my wet pussy. 'Get ready to be filled again, here it cums.' I filled her so full that it was dripping out of her and down her ass. I kept my cock inside her cunt as I played with her ass, pressing a finger into her small tight butt. I could feel her tense up, tightening herself against the invasion. 'Relax, but I will take your ass, tell me have you ever been fucked in your ass?' Through her puffing and panting, she shook her head. 'No' she barely whispered.

'Ahh, we have an anal virgin, though you were very tight,' gently thrusting my finger in and out of her tight puckered hole. 'I can see we are going to have to train you to be our obedient submissive.' I could feel her cunt tightening around my burning cock, pulling me further into her. My balls tightened as the tip of my shaft swelled, then exploded deep in her cunt. I kept thrusting deep into her as I told her,’ don’t you dare fucking cum yet,’ as I squeezed, pinched, and pulled hard on her wet nipples. I could see she was desperate to cum, I pulled out of her watching her cunt pulsating and dripping with our mixed juices pooling around her virgin ass as it pulsated as if drinking all our cum.

'Fucking hell, you are one randy slut bitch, aren't you?'

'Yes master, I could be fucked all day and every day and still want more, ever since I started lactating. I only have to breathe on my nipples let alone touch them and it sends signals straight to my clit and cunt,' she looked at me watching as my cock started to deflate some. 'Can I ask you a question please master,'

'Yes, you may.'

'Will you suckle me and watch as my clit grows till it's big enough for me to wank, making me cum and cum and cum, please master.' The pleading in her eyes was undeniable. I walked to her side, bending my head I began suckling and the more I suckled the more I wanted.

Within minutes her clit must have been a good two or three inches if not longer, then she was cumming. I had told her she wasn't allowed to cum again until I gave her permission. I continued suckling, till I had more or less drained one of her tits, her nipples standing hard and proud, begging to be used. I could feel her body trembling as she struggled with the need to cum again. I latched onto her other nipple and started to drain that one, her hips bucking and shaking. I knew she wanted to cum so badly.

I went to stand between her open thighs again, my fingers penetrating her puckered hole again and as they did, she thrust hard, making my fingers penetrate her deeper. 'Cum for me bitch,' I commanded, 'and show me your pink holes.' When I said this, she came again, her cunt pulsated as it opened and closed, as I continued to fuck her ass with my fingers.

When she had calmed down some, I sat her up at the end of the table, telling her not to move, as I went to get her a drink and a bite to eat. Watching her I asked, 'how are you feeling now?'

'Still fucking horny.'

Her legs were still spread wide, so I slapped her cunt and clit, 'no swearing while we are eating.' I showed her the bowl I had placed her food in, she was watching me as I placed it on the table near her. In my other hand I had a collar and leash, 'do you still want to be our total submissive, if so, you need to wear this collar and leash.'

She looked at it then back to me, then lifted her hair allowing me to place the collar around her neck. I then told her to get on her hands and knees on the floor, 'come bitch, time to eat.' He placed the bowl of food on the floor next to another bowl that had water in it. I noticed three place settings. He saw me looking with a questioning expression on my face. 'You are wondering why your food is on the floor aren't you.' I nodded my head in answer. 'You're our slut, mine, and my brothers, and until we are used to each other, and we have fucked all your holes, you will eat on the floor by my side.

We will fuck all your holes, suckle your tits, and use you for our pleasure. As he was saying this, he fastened my leash to a hook at the top of his chair. There was enough of the leash allowing me to stand. My hands automatically went to my nipples as I slowly caressed them. Seeing this he said in a sharp tone, 'present yourself. This I did, fingers entwined behind my head, legs spread, I could feel his cum leaking out. 'Good bitch, now put two fingers of each hand on your pussy lips and open up for me, this will make your clit pop more.'

As I was holding my cunt lips open, my clit popped out more, we heard the front door open and close. I looked at him wondering who it might be. 'Don't fret, it's my brother's coming back from their walk, stay as you are, don’t move.' Voices and laughter got closer, just then two men walked in, stopping dead at the sight they were seeing.

Ian said, where has she come from Paul?'

'Behind the back fence,' pointing his finger behind him. 'She moved in not long ago and wondered why the back fence was so high. We travelled home on the same bus after I dropped the car in for servicing,' he chuckled, noticing they were both hard with cocks in hand. 'Shall we tell her or show her,' he asked grinning at his brother's.

'So, sweetie what are we going to do with you?

Have you no boyfriend?

How old are you?'

How would you like three old men to fuck you senseless and make you, our bitch?'

The questions came thick and fast, answering them the best I could.

'No, I don't have a boyfriend now, but he got me lactating, so I am producing milk now, then fucked off leaving me for someone with bigger tits;' when she said this, she wanted to squeeze and pull on her nipples to show them as milk squirted from them, but she couldn't.

I am twenty-three. About being your slut, I have only ever been with one man at a time, you would have to help and teach me the right way, your way.'

They were all watching her as they listened to her answers, then Ian said, 'just look how her clit is popping, I'd love to get my mouth around that,' just as Jim started to gently pump her hard protruding nipples watching milk shoot out. 'Fuck me,' he lowered his mouth he started suckling me, Ian grasped my clit between his finger and thumb, this made me spread my legs wider for him, neither of them could take their eyes from me.

'Fuck me, Jim I can feel her clit growing and hardening,' a look of pure lust crossing his face.

'Let's eat first, then we can all play,' Paul said. He put two bowls near his chair, 'on your hands and knees slut and eat your food, you will need it.' I knelt on my hands and knees; my hands searching the table for some cutlery.

'No, no, you will eat like bitches do, with your mouth, your ass in the air; and I want to see your bowl empty, do you understand?'

I nodded my head, 'yes master,' diving into the bowl, sucking and slurping at the food, I was famished.

As they sat eating their lunch, Jim said, 'should we bring the special chair out?'

'Oh, what a good idea,' Ian replied, 'but do you think she would be able to take it?'

Paul looked at her kneeling by his legs, he could see her tits beginning to fill up

again, he pulled on her elongated nipples making her stand up, 'spread your legs and open your cunt,' as she did this, she couldn't help but dribble. 'Do you need to piss,' he asked her. She looked at him nodding her head, then glancing at the bowl under the table. 'Get the bowl and bring it to me.'

She crawled under the table and retrieved the bowl, then handed it to him. He told her to lift one of her legs, then placed the bowl underneath her, 'now piss and show us your golden rain.'

Try as I might, I struggled to pee, with three men watching me. 'Do you need help? I did tell you earlier if you needed to piss you would piss in this bowl, didn't I?' I nodded my head, whispering 'yes master.' 'Ian go and turn the tap on that should help her,' Ian turned the tap on full, and as I heard the flow of the water I peed, sighing a sigh of relief as I did, globs of spunk plopping out as I peed. My fingers finding my nipples, I squeezed and pulled on them hard. Doing this got my tits slapped.


'What did I tell you when you first came into my home, your body now belongs to us, and we will decide if you are allowed to play with yourself, not you.' Lowering her eyes to the floor, 'lift your leg again,’ as she did she knew she was dribbling, her clit on full show, wanting to cum again, her tits leaking, her clit getting as hard as any cock, she couldn’t help it.

'You want to cum again, don’t you?' Paul said smiling. 'And you know if you do you will be whipped as you have not been permitted to cum, have you?'

She closed her eyes shaking her head, dropping her arms to her sides, as milk oozed out of her nipples, juices dripping off the end of her clit.

'Please master, I need milking, and I am so fucking horny,' I whimpered.

'Yes, we can see you do,' Paul said smiling. He held my waist as he bent me over the end of the table, opening a drawer he got some lube, squeezing a good amount onto his cock and fingers, pushing the lube up my ass, making sure I was well lubricated, scissoring his fingers as he pushed in and out of me. He held his cock as he placed it at the entrance and gently pushed in; when I tensed up, he stopped, allowing me to get used to his size, then slowly continued to gently push a little further in, 'relax yourself slut, I fully intend to take your anal cherry.'

I felt so full and a little uncomfortable but tried to relax, 'umph,' they heard, someone found my clit, and started to wank me, pushing a finger up my cunt at the same time. After a few minutes, I could feel my sphincter opening for him and the more it opened the further he pushed in till his balls were smacking my hole. Whoever it was that was finger fucking my hole, held Paul's balls gently massaging them.

'Ahhhh fuckkk, Jim, if you keep doing that and I am going to shoot my cum deep in her ass. Wank her clit hard for me, I want to see her come undone,' the more he played the more I relaxed, the harder Paul fucked my ass. By now I was meeting his thrusts and he pulled me up, telling his brothers to hold my legs wide. They held me wider than I had ever been before, but now they could get to my tits; both latching onto my nipples and began suckling hard. I could see both their cocks throbbing and leaking precum all over me. I could feel myself building to another orgasm, shakily I begged, 'please masters may I cum?'

'Yes, you may,' I heard Paul say. Within a minute or so I was cumming like never before, screaming as I did, then begging him to keep fucking my ass. Ian whose cock was slightly bigger than Jim's stood in front of me, pushing his cock deep in my cunt, never had I been double-penetrated, but seriously, I was now, and I was loving it. It didn't take long before Paul was shooting another load deep into me, Ian was fucking me like there was no tomorrow.

When Paul pulled out, Jim took his place thrusting his cock to the hilt in my ass.

Paul came round to face me, 'suck me clean slut.' I turned my head to one side slightly and took his cock to the back of my mouth, sucking his cock clean like it was a pacifier, as I did, I felt yet another orgasm hit, 'fuck, fuck, fuckkkkkk, yessssssss.' Both Jim and Ian came at the same time, filling me to the brim, so much that it was leaking out of me.

When they pulled out of me, both my holes were gaping wide open, I noticed Paul had a film, 'hold her up and wide, so I can film her gaping holes and leaking tits, better still suckle on her hard, and she will cum again for us. They both latched on again, suckling hard; as they held my legs wide, the bowl was placed underneath me as my cunt and ass pulsated, I wanted more, no I needed more cock.

'Ahhhhhhh, fucking hell I’m cumming again, and when I came this time, I squirted. When Paul had finished filming me, they sat me in a chair, one I hadn't noticed before, which had the centre missing.

'Jeeeese, that was fucking awesome,' I panted as Jim and Ian were still draining my milk. Paul came over and pulled me to the edge of the chair placing each leg over the arms, my holes still wide and gaping, for whoever came, could see.

Jim and Ian disappeared through the kitchen door, bringing back a chair that had seams running through the centre. They checked it over, then Paul lifted me out of the chair I was sitting on and placed me on the chair that had been brought in. When I sat in it, it began to vibrate, the centre seam began to open, as it did, it opened my pussy and ass. Then I felt two dildos filling both holes, 'ohhhhhh fuckkkkkk,' I could feel the vibration pumping up and down, in and out, filling me so full; my fingers dropped to my protruding clit. I could see it getting bigger and was going a deeper hue colour at the end. I was building again to another orgasm, I looked at Paul: he was smiling as he nodded his head.

'Yes, just as we thought brothers, it's working very well, her clit can be sucked on as can her nipples and just look how hard her nipples are and how big her clit is getting, it's looking more like a cock now, the more we play with her, we could get her to fuck one of us, see how she does!'

Ian and Jim were very much impressed as they watched, both tugging, squeezing, and suckling on my nipples, this was sending me into overdrive, I was so turned on. I needed to be fucked as much as I could get, I needed cock and needed to cum, what were they turning me into, my fingers wanking my clit?

Paul titled my head to the side brushing his cock against my lips, as Ian and Jim wrapped my fingers around their cocks, their mouths found my nipples again, suckling hard. The more they suckled, the more milk I was making and the more I had to be fucked.

'Now you have had us all,' he pushed his cock to the back of my throat, holding my head a certain way, so he could push it down my throat; this made me gag as saliva dripped out of my mouth. 'Good fucking bitch, I am going to fill you with nourishment. You can cum as many times as you wish, while you are sitting in the chair,' he said, looking deep into my eyes, which were shining with excitement. He saw my eyes widen, knowing I was on the way to exploding again. I tried to widen my legs, but the arms of the chair stopped me. Ian and Jim saw this, and both lifted my legs till they were resting on the arms of the chair. When they did this the vibrating dildos went so deep I was totally overcome and my orgasm hit like never before, making me squirt so much, I thought I was peeing.

'AAAhhhhhhh, yessssssss,' I tried to say; but having a mouthful of a ten-inch cock down my throat, everything came out garbled.

Paul watched everything as I felt him swell, as he fucked my throat hard and deep, feeling him spurt rope after rope of his cream down my throat. Another orgasm hit me, making me buck my hips with the pleasure I was getting.

Ian was looking at Jim, 'let's get her off this chair I need to fill her ass and cum

deep inside her.' Jim grinned at Ian nodding his head. The vibration was stopped, and they lifted my wilting body off, watching as my gaping holes dripped with my juices.

They walked with me in their arms, legs splayed wide open, as Paul continued to fuck my face and lay me on my side on the table.

'Just look at her cunt and butt, shall we fill her holes, Paul?'

Paul smiled nodding his head both aiming their hard throbbing cocks to the entrance of my wet holes. One hard thrust and they were both deeply filling my caverns.

Paul lifted his camera and continued filming, making sure he got all three holes used. I am going to cum in your mouth again, but you mustn't swallow. I want you to show me all my cum in your mouth as I film it,' arching an eyebrow at me.

'Ahh, fuck yes, here it cums, bitch. He thrust hard filling my mouth with his white cream, pulling out slowly when he had finished, telling me to keep my mouth open and show him.

When he had finished filming my mouthful of cum, he went to where Ian and Jim were still pounding away at me, a smile on his face as he continued filming.

He didn't stop till they had both filled me full of cum and I was cumming for the umpteenth time but never had I felt as happy as I did right now.

When Ian and Jim pulled out, Paul let some cum drip out into the bowl, then filled both holes again, my ass with a butt plug with a tail attached, my dripping cunt was filled with a dildo telling me, they wanted both my holes always open.

'Yes master,' I simply replied as my eyes closed. The last I heard was, 'let her sleep awhile as she will need all her energy when the other masters come round later.'

When I woke a couple of hours later, Paul helped me sit up, then lifted me onto a chair, as a plate full of food was put in front of me, it wasn't until I saw the food did I realise just how hungry and thirsty I was. It didn't take me long to finish my food and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Although I was in desperate need to pee and poop saying, 'please masters, I need to pee.'

They looked at each other, telling me to hold on for a few more minutes, as they were expecting company soon. I vaguely remembered them saying this as I drifted off into dreamland again, dreaming of being fucked by many men. When I woke again, I remembered someone saying they were having some masters

round, I asked him did they want me to go, while they entertained their friends.

'Oh no, we want you to stay; we're having a few of our Dom friends visit, and you will entertain us all and you will fuck someone with that clit of yours. Why do you think your cunt and ass are filled? Do you need anything before they arrive?'

'My tits hurt some, can two of you suckle me,' I asked, looking at all three of them. 'And don't you think I need to shower, get some of your spunk off me?'

'No, no we want you as you are, dirty, horny, and a sex-driven bitch, which reminds me, open your legs and show us your clit, there's our good horny bitch.'

I opened my legs for them, placing a finger and thumb on one of my nipples pumping hard, making milk ooze out. Swiping the milk onto my fingers I sucked them clean, and my other hand wrapped around my clit as I started to wank myself. 'Ahh fuck,' my hips bucking upwards.

'You need some exercise before they arrive, come on,' Ian lifted my leash off a hook fastening it onto my collar, as he placed some small knee pads on my knees. 'You will crawl out and round the garden, do you need to shit, if so your butt plug will have to be removed and you will be taken to the top of the garden where you will have a crap, your ass will be hosed clean then fucked and filled with spunk again.'

'Yes master, I need to poop.' I kept my eyes lowered as I answered, blushing furiously at the thought of someone watching me have a crap.

'Ok, spread your butt cheeks.' Ian pulled my butt plug out, then made me crawl up to the end of the garden, the air was cooling which made my nipples harden, which in turn made me moan, the tingling filling my whole body. He left me while I did what I had to do and after about ten minutes, he came back, telling me to turn round and hold my ass cheeks open as he hosed my ass clean. When he was satisfied, he fucked me hard, it didn't take long for him to fill me again, pulling out, he got some lube out and another butt plug and lubed both my butt and the plug, then gently pushed it in, and I knew instantly the plug was a lot bigger than the last one. As we were going back in Ian said to me, 'you are really going to enjoy tonight, our dom friends are very excited at seeing how your clit grows when you are suckled, Paul sent them the film he did, so you're in for a fucking good time.' I didn't get a chance to answer him, as by then we were going back into the kitchen.

When I got to the middle of the room, Paul told me to present myself; so, I got into the position Paul had shown me earlier.

There were half a dozen middle-aged men or older, sitting around laughing and joking. All of them were naked and they were stroking their cocks.

'Gentlemen, may I introduce our bitch slut to you, as you can see she is lactating, and when suckled you will see her clit grow. As I told you all before, I took her anal cherry this morning and the three of us have fucked all her holes.'

He looked at me and then told me to lay on the table, hands behind my knees and my knees up to my tits. This I did this knowing they could all see me wide open and ready for them, they were all naked, cocks in hands. 'Let me show you,' Paul lowered his head and began suckling hard, as Jim attached himself to my other nipple again suckling hard, the harder they suckled the more my clit grew. Ian flicked my clit, licking his lips as he is rimming my ass with his tongue.

I could see that they were all wanking, precum dripping off all their cocks, my fingers finding my clit, I wrapped them around it and started to wank myself, they were all mesmerised, then the elder of them all spoke. 'You know gentlemen if her clit gets much bigger she would be able to fuck one of our bitches, she must be getting to around five inches, and fuck I so want to see that happen and fuck her ass, has she been double penetrated in both holes yet master Paul?

'No, not yet I thought I would save that privilege for tonight, but I must say, if someone fucks her clit with his mouth, I don't know what the outcome will be, shall we find out gentlemen? I could see smiles all around, as Paul had his film in hand ready for things to start.

The eldest of them all started pumping my butt plug in and out, as a younger one wrapped his mouth down on my clit, another two were suckling my milk, making me thrust my hips up causing my clit to go to the back of his mouth. The way he looked at me as his head bobbed up and down, my now very hard, sensitives nub. I felt the plug being pulled out, and immediately being filled with a very large hard cock filling my ass.

I felt my clit twitch, 'suck harder,' I heard someone say, 'I think she's going to cum.' They not only suckled harder but pulled harder too, making me hump the man's mouth I was actually mouth fucking him. I could feel a sensation I had never felt before, I felt my clit spurting, the younger man swallowed the first mouthful, then pulled off and finished wanking me, as I continued spurting a white creamy liquid from my clit.

'Fuck me, just look at this, and she tastes great too. Anymore where she came from master Paul, this one is a keeper.'

Another was lining up, lightly brushing his cock to my soaking wet cunt lips, then thrust to the hilt, the elder man shot his cum deep in my ass as the other one kept fucking my cunt. I had hands and cocks all over me, I was in heaven.

When they had fucked all my holes, they held me open. 'Just look how big her holes are,' Paul said. 'Shall we initiate her into our club now,' he said grinning.

They placed me on my side, hoisting one of my legs high, four men aiming at both my holes. Two penetrated my ass getting into a rhythm, stuffing me so full, that it felt like they were going to split me in two. After a few minutes, I heard myself mewling, then two more pushed their hard cocks deep into my cunt, making me scream out loud.

The master with the biggest cock filled my mouth, holding my throat so he could slide in easily, watching as it slid down my throat. When they had finished spurting, they pulled out, allowing two more to fill and fuck my ass and cunt. When they had all had their turn, they all sat around, their cocks limp, wet and sticky.

They lifted me off the table telling me to suck and lick them all clean and thank them for using me, but they had not finished with me yet. When I had sucked them all clean and thanked them, they fastened me to a cross spread eagled, my legs wide open as all their cum was dripping out of me. I was mewling, wanting more, as I was still cumming and my body was still tingling. I felt my legs spread wide as the bowl was placed underneath me, 'now push all our cum out bitch,' I heard Jim say. When I had emptied myself, I looked at Paul, 'Master,' I said looking at him, 'please, I need more fucking.' I could see everyone; their cocks were hardening again.

Master Paul grabbed my hair yanking it back so I had to look at him, 'who said you could speak?'

I looked at him not knowing what to say.

'Well,' he asked again.

My eye hit the floor, 'No one master, I spoke out of turn, please forgive me.'

'You will be punished for your disobedience.'

I heard the doorbell ring, 'Ah,' said the eldest man, going straight to the door to let whoever it was in. When they entered the kitchen, I noticed another four men and a woman, the woman was also naked on her hands and knees with a collar and leash on. She knelt before him presenting herself saying, 'master I am here for your pleasure, what would you have me do to pleasure you?'

'Yes, my fuck doll you are, now go and show your appreciation to the other doms.'

She did no more than crawl on her hands and knees round to each dom and sucked all their cocks, 'good evening sir,' was all she said.

She kept glancing at me, as I was fastened to the cross and saw her licking her lips. When she had finished, she went and knelt in front of her master again, head on the floor, her ass in the air as she spread her cheeks open to him and didn't move.

Can you see this young bitch, fuck doll?'

'Yes, master.'

'Well, she is about to be punished for her disobedience, but if it is ok with master Paul, I want you to go and kiss her clit/cock;’ he looked over to Paul, who nodded his head allowing him to go ahead. Paul walked over to her master whispering in his ear. Her master nodded his head also, a broad grin spreading his face, then told his sub as he caressed her nether regions, who was still knelt by him, ‘you will go over to her and when you have kissed her clit/cock you will fuck her in your ass until you cum, then come back to me and show yourself. You can do whatever you wish to her, but don't harm her, if you do you will also get severely whipped. Now go over to her and introduce yourself, then come back to your master.'

Paul came and stood by me pulling on both my nipples, ‘when she pleasures herself and fucks you, you will not cum, do you hear me,’ he said looking in my eyes. ‘This is your punishment for speaking without permission, if you do cum, you will stay fastened to the cross and be denied all enjoyment for one hour, do you understand me bitch?’ ‘Yes master, I am to allow fuck doll to fuck me, and I am not permitted to cum.’ As she was saying this they lowered to cross so she was laying down, this would allow fuck doll to sit on her and take her pleasure from master Paul’s bitch.

He then stepped to the side allowing fuck doll to continue with her instructions.

All the doms were by now in a large circle, watching her crawl over to me. Two of her fingers opened my mouth as she kissed me deeply, her fingers caressing my nipples, circling round and round, pinching, pulling, and squeezing hard. Smiling at her, her mouth went to my tit's pulling my engorged nipples into her mouth, as her fingers found my clit. Moans could be heard, when she pulled off my leaking tits, her eyes wandered down to my clit as she licked her lips. She knelt before me, then dove straight in, her head bobbing up and down as her fist found my cunt, fisting me. Again, she pulled off, 'good evening bitch, you are going to fuck my ass now, my master demands it.' She looked at my clit/cock spitting on it, then lowered her butt and began fucking her. After about ten minutes that same feeling was caressing her body again just as she felt fuck doll

pulling her in, shouting ‘fuck your clit/cock, I’m cumming master, I’m cumming.

She lifted herself off me and crawled back to her master's feet, licking his boots.

Their new bitch was watching as the other woman's cunt was on full show to me, I could see it moistening and I could see juices from me leaking out of her ass. She turned around showing her master the evidence.

'Well fuck doll, tell us how you feel?'

'I feel good master because it pleases my master that I am your obedient fuck doll. The milk she is producing is a real turn on master, and as I suckled on her I felt her clit twitching and hardening' she made sure her eyes were lowered as she spoke.

'Do you think you would like to start milking for me fuck doll?'

'Oh, if it would please my master, yes,' her fingers went to her nipples pinching and pulling on them hard as she spoke to him.

Paul could see the frustration on bitches face but was pleased with her obeying him. ‘Tell me bitch, did you enjoy fucking fuck doll’s ass?’

‘I found it strange master, knowing I can pleasure another person with my clit while I am getting pleasured.’

‘And did you cum my bitch?’

‘No master I did not cum, as I do not want my master to punish anymore, only give you pleasure.’

‘Very good answer my bitch, now you are part of our circle, and I think you as everyone else will enjoy your services, under my and my brother’s guidance.’

‘Yes master, I am pleased to be able to serve you all, and whoever you may ask of me.’ I couldn’t help but squirm in front of him as my hips jerked forward.

‘I think you need to need to be suckled again, don’t you?’

‘Yes please master, please will you fuck me with your beautiful big cock master?’

‘Do you want me in your mouth, cunt, or ass?’

‘Oh, my ass please master, you have shown me a pleasure I never knew I had, and I will be your true bitch.’

Smiling at her, I thought she had done very well, considering it was her first day in my kind of world. He had been with many women, but never one who was always craving sex as much as she did. He lifted her off the cross and laid her on the table, noticing her tits were leaking, she would have to be suckled as well.

‘Yes my bitch, my cock is throbbing to fill your ass again, and master Ian will fuck your cunt, as master Jim sucks your clit/cock. Do you want your mouth filling too?’

‘I will obey whatever my master desires.’

She lifted her legs high and wide, but she wasn’t in the position they needed her. Placing her on her side again, fastening one leg high, Paul and Ian aimed their cocks at both her holes. Two others were already latched onto her nipples suckling deeply, as she was openly wanking them both. Jim sucked her clit deep into his mouth just as Paul and Ian thrust deep into her; this made her buck her hips. A very large man tilted her head at his cock, gently pushing in to the hilt and he could feel her throat squeezing his cock. She was in paradise. All the other doms were wanking over her body, and when they had all finished she was covered from head to hips in spunk, and she had cum numerous times. Her eyes were now closing, she felt drained. Her last whispered words to him were.

‘Please master will you keep me as your bitch?’

‘Yes, bitch you are now ours, for there will be more play when we take you to our private club.’ He lifted me into his arms and carried me through the gate at the bottom of the garden.

He took me up to my bedroom, gently laying me on the bed covering me as he said, 'sleep well bitch, and if you want more the gate will be open for you to come through. If you do come, you must be naked,' whether he said anything else I don't remember as I drifted off into slumberland, never feeling as content as I did at that moment, knowing I had at last found my masters.

Did she go back, and if so was she taken to their private club?

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