A Not-So-Simple Life: Part 4_(1)

A Not-So-Simple Life: Part 4_(1)

The cafeteria died, figuratively of course, but it did feel like I was staring at bunch of ghosts after that. Everywhere I looked I was met with pale, awestruck faces that I tried my best to ignore as I weaved through the crowd. Keeping my head down, I managed to break free from the mass and escape the cafeteria, leaning up against the wall to try and gather myself momentarily before heading towards my class.

When I was about halfway there, I heard stampeding footsteps behind me. I turned to check who it was when Shawn suddenly tackled me to the ground.

“Are you insane!” he shouted in my ear, strangling me in the process. “Do you have any idea what you just did!?”

“Shawn relax,” Jason wrenched him off me.

“Relax? Did you not hear what he said?”

“Yeah, I heard him. So what?”

“So what? He just said no to Heartbreak Hailey! He’s got to be insane!”

“He’s probably got a good reason Shawn. Jeez you’re his friend remember? You can’t go tackling him when he’s already banged up like that. What the fuck is wrong with you?”

“What’s wrong with me? There’s nothing wrong with me! There’s something wrong with him!” he pointed at me as I sat up and rubbed my already bruised ribs.

“There’s no point talking to you is there?” Jason helped me to my feet, “You alright man?”

“Yeah, just a little shaken up at the fact that my own fucking friend did that,” I replied looking at Shawn.

I tried to take a step forward but was met with a wall of pain that almost caused me to collapse. Luckily Jason caught me and held me up, “Christ bro! Thought you said you were alright?”

“Well I didn’t exactly plan on getting my ribs smashed in again,” I clutched my side. “Nice catch by the way.”

“Don’t mention it. C’mon, we need to get you to class so you can rest before this shit storm catches up to you.”

With his help, I limped my way to the classroom with Shawn grumbling his annoyance the entire way. It was a pain to listen to the blubbering’s of a jealous horn dog the entire way but I was more focused on breathing properly then telling off someone who I thought was my friend to quit being a bitch about it.

When we got to the classroom, Melissa dropped the coffee mug in her hand the moment she saw me. It splattered like a bug on windshield once it hit the ground, the coffee and shattered remnants of the mug flying in directions, but she ignored it all as she rushed to my side.

“What happened to you?” she asked worriedly.

“Long story short, Tucker got in a fight a couple days ago and Shawn decided that it’d be a good idea to tackle him to the ground.” Jason explained.

“Why on earth would you do that Shawn?”

He mumbled something under his breath, making sure to look away now that the spotlight was on him.

“I think what he’s trying to say is that he hit Tucker in a jealous rage because the love of his life asked Tucker out and he said no.” Jason said after helping me to my desk.

“Are you ok?” Melissa asked, leaning down to look at me.

“I’ll be fine,” I tried to reassure her, “Just wasn’t expecting to get hit by my own friend.” Resting my head on the desk, I sighed softly, “I just need a couple seconds to recuperate is all.”

“Alright, but if you want to go to the nurses office just let me know ok?”

I nodded my head softly as everything slowly but surely started to calm down. Eventually the bell rang to begin class and everyone filed into class, although any idiot could have guessed that there was something wrong. The elephant in the room became clearer as the day went on because no one actually paid attention to Melissa as far as I was aware. There was constant whispering and I caught the occasional glances from my classmates that quickly snapped their attention back towards the front whenever I turned to acknowledge them.

Hailey was the worse as far as I could tell. Since she sat near the front, it meant that everyone could see her statue like body. I’m not even kidding when I thought she had turned to stone because she didn’t move an inch all through first session and break, and only after some friends got her attention did she finally get up to go get lunch.

“Jeez, she’s taking it pretty rough,” Jason said. “Can’t really blame her though. I mean, she never takes a chance on any guy, and the first one she does, shuts her down in front of a crowd of people.”

“I didn’t invite those people did I?” I countered while bringing out my lunch.

“Exactly,” Shawn said, sitting down in the desk in front of me, “It’s about time someone broke Hailey’s heart instead of the other way around.”

He went to grab my lunch and I latched onto his wrist angrily.

“You’ve got a lot of nerve jackass,” I growled. “After the shit you pulled this morning you’re lucky my hands are wrapped up because if they weren’t I would’ve hit you so hard you wouldn’t remember all the hypocritical shit you’ve done.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Dude,” Jason shook his head, coming to my defense. “You deserve an award for all the hypocrisy that shoots out of your mouth. Seriously man, fucked up.”

“Oh come on,” he sounded desperate. “You’re not seriously gonna get mad at me right Tucker? Right?”

“Mad? Shawn I’m at the point where I’m wondering why we even hang out,” I said.

“Jason talk some sense into him man.”

“Hell no. I agree with Tucker. He took a fucking beating protecting one of the billion girls of your dreams and instead of thanking him you just reinjure him. I’m starting to wonder why I hang out with you too.”

Like a scolded puppy, he turned around and put his head down but I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t pissed off at all the crap he was inadvertently putting me through. I wolfed my lunch down quickly before putting my head down and trying to pretend that I didn’t just make headline news at the school again. It was pretty hard though. And by pretty hard, I mean fucking impossible. The doorway out had people looking in…at me, and the classmates that were inside had eyes glued to me like some kindergarten arts and craft project, and it was taken to a new level when I glanced outside and saw people actually standing right outside the window to look at me. My only option was to close my eyes, so that’s what I did until the bell to end school rang.

Thanks to my injuries, I couldn’t dart out of the school like last time, so instead, I opened up the window and went out that way. Jason laughed so hard he cried, but being the good sport that he was, he followed me out the window and helped me sneak out of the premises before anyone could stop me. We parted ways at the park and I dragged my gimp ass to the restaurant, which was the lone silver lining in all of this.

My apron as well as my old pair of keys was waiting for me inside my locker. I got dressed and looked at the list to see what I’d be doing today. After lucking out with kitchen duty, I joined Rocky in the kitchen.

“Feeling better?” he asked.

“Turned down the most popular girl in school in front of a couple dozen people. So…no.”

“Could be worse.”

“How so?”

“You could still be looking for a job.”

“Good to be back Rocky.”

“Good to have you back.”

That was the extent of our conversation, and it brought a smile to my face as I continued to cook without a hitch. It was almost like I hadn’t left it all. No one came in and welcomed me back either. Everything went on as if the last couple weeks didn’t happen, and if I had to be honest it was just what I needed to relax.

Time flew by and before I knew it, I was already done with my shift. When I went into the locker room to change, Lexi had just finished up her shift as well and was waiting for me to get off. The tension between us had lessoned a bit so I agreed to walk home with her.

“How was school?” she asked.

“Pretty terrible,” I kicked a rock down the sidewalk.

“Did something happen?”

“Just school drama. I don’t really want to talk about it.”

“It can’t be that bad can it?”

“It can actually.” Rearing back, I punted the rock as far forward as it could. We both followed it with our eyes as it hopped, skipped, and jumped down the side walk at a surprising speed until it bumped into someone’s foot. My gaze slowly started to lift up as I got a good view of a very sexy, and very familiar body. “Um, hi Ms. Benson.”

“Hello Tucker,” she smiled at me before looking at Lexi and I watched as her smiling face slowly morphed into that of a professional poker player’s, “And you must be Lexi.”

“Um, yes I’m Lexi,” she replied giving me an uneasy look. “Who is she?”

“She’s my homeroom teacher.”

“Oh, well it’s nice to meet you Ms. Benson.”


“So,” I cautiously began, “Is there something you need Ms. Benson?”

“Yes actually, I was wondering if I could speak with you two.”

“Both of us?” she nodded. “Uh, sure, let’s go inside I guess.”

A tsunami of uneasiness swept over me as I walked over to my door and unlocked it. I had no reason to feel like something bad was going to happen but with the day I was having, I was starting to expect the worst possible outcome with everything I did. Maybe the reason I felt especially wary at the moment was because I’ve had sex with both of them.

Yeah…something tells me that might be why.

After setting my things down, I went into the kitchen, “Can I get you anything Ms. Benson?”

“No I’m fine.”


“I’m good thanks.”

They both strangely followed me into the kitchen, taking a seat at the table across from one another as I leaned up against the counter and cracked open a soda.

“Well?” Lexi began, “What can we do for you Ms. Benson?”

“I’m here to talk about Tucker and his behavior over the last month.”

“And,” Lexi looked at me but I shrugged. In all honesty I didn’t know where she was going with this either. “What has his behavior been like over the last month?”

“To be frank, it’s bad. Over the last month his normally good attitude has shifted drastically. He’s always tired, his grades are starting to slip, he hardly talks in class anymore, and when he does it’s only to argue with one of his friends. Not only that, but from what his other classmates have told me he even turned down a girl that he had crush on for no reason. And let’s not forget the fact that he got into a fight as well. This all started the day you walked into my class as well, which, I might add, was extremely disrespectful and caused a lot of backlash for Tucker by the other students too.”

Lexi’s eyes slowly narrowed, “So you…think it’s all my fault?”

“I do actually.”

“You really think I’m the sole cause of all of this?”

“There’s no other explanation as to why he’s been acting so irrationally, so yes, I do. He also told me that you two had a little bit of history and I know that you forced yourself into his home so it’s obvious that you’re having a negative impact on him.”

“Is that so, Melissa.”

That sentence threw up more flags then the U.N.. I haven’t said Melissa’s first name in front of Lexi yet, so how the fuck does she know that? Unless…oh shit.

Realizing my situation, I tried to leave the room as nonchalantly as possible but Lexi caught my wrist.

“I think we should discuss this,” Lexi’s tone was surprisingly cheerful, but I could tell it had hidden force behind it. It may have sounded like an offer, but it was really an order. “Don’t you Tucker?”

“Yeah, just um, let me grab something from my room,” I put up one last desperation play in hopes of escaping but it was foiled by her grip.

“I’m sure it can wait,” she yanked me back towards the table. “Please, take a seat.” Yep. I’m screwed. I sat down in the chair, slinking as far down as I could without falling down. “So let’s talk about this a little more Melissa. What do you think we should do about this little problem?”

“I may be overstepping my boundaries a bit but I think you should leave,” Melissa proposed. “Or at least move out of his house.”

“Because I’m a bad influence, right?”

“Yes. You’re interfering with his education and health.”

“All by myself right?”


“No one else is helping?”

“Not that I know off.”

“I see. I guess you have a point there, but are you sure I’m the only one at fault?”

Melissa raised a brow, “What do you mean? Do you think there’s another person affecting his lifestyle?”

“I don’t know,” she twirled her hair around her finger, “Is there?”

Call me impatient, but these hints were starting to get on my nerves. Seriously, if this was going to happen then I wanted it to be like ripping off a band-aid. Quick and incredibly painful.

I think Melissa was starting to get the hint because her stone cold expression slowly faded and her eyes moved to meet mine. Of course, I was staring at the center of the table as if my life depended on it so she wasn’t going to get any answers from me.

“I guess if you really wanted to point fingers then I might be held a little responsible, but I wouldn’t be the only person Melissa. After all,” she ceased her hair twirling. “It’s not like I claimed that I was pregnant right?”

She exploded to her feet, “Tucker you told her about that!”

All I could do was face palm.

“Nope, someone else did,” Lexi smiled. “But I thought she was kidding when she said that Tucker’s teacher claimed to be pregnant.” And that’s why I face palmed. Melissa must’ve realized it too because she slowly slithered back down onto her seat and groaned while Lexi laughed it up. “So this is the famous Melissa I’ve heard all about. I’m sorry that I didn’t really get a good look at you when I dropped off Tucker’s lunch that day but now it all makes sense at least. I’m curious though, how many times have you slept with him?”

“What the fuck?” I interjected. “Why are you asking her that? It has noth-”

“Tucker I’m talking to Melissa right now,” she interrupted, using the same tone she used when she blackmailed me into letting her stay here. “However, if she doesn’t want to answer then that’s fine. But since this is so serious I’d have to go to the principle tomorrow and talk to him about Tucker’s recent change in attitude. Of course, he’d have to know all the details, including the fact that Tucker’s homeroom teacher had sexual intercourse with him.”

“Twice!” Melissa said immediately. “We had sex twice.”

“Oh really? I didn’t think you guys actually had sex more then once but I guess I was wrong.” My hand was glued to my face now as Lexi continued to play Melissa like a drum. “So where did you guys have sex the second time?”

“The park.”

“No way! You guys did it outside?” Melissa weakly nodded. “How was it?”

“It was…nice,” her voice was reduced to a whisper.

“And who led the charge?” Melissa raised her hand sheepishly causing Lexi to laugh. “He did the thing where he makes you feel special didn’t he?”

“What do you mean?”

“Like, the first time we had sex he said the cheesiest thing ever to me,” she sighed, “But it still made me feel all warm and appreciated inside. Did he do the same thing to you?”

“Kind off. Wait, you guys had sex before?”

“You can answer this one Tucker.”

“What? No, keep me out of this.” I shook my head. “It’s your conversation remember?”

“C’mon Tucker you don’t want me to explain what happened do you?”

She’s right, I don’t want that. “Fine! Six years ago she took my virginity when she was babysitting me. We spent the next month having sex. Happy?”

“You lost your virginity at the age of ten?” Melissa asked. “Was it…willingly?”

I nodded.

“He was just so cute when he was a kid,” Lexi rested her head on her hand and looked at me. “That combined with what he said just drove me insane. Plus he was dangling his innocence in front of me like a string in front of a cat. And damn did I want that string.”

“Why are you telling her this?” I asked.

“I figured she’d want to know more about you and your sneaky ways.”

“Whoa don’t try and act like I’m some jackass who says whatever he needs too to win a girl’s heart. I meant what I said, to you, and to her.”

“And what did he say to you? I want hear it from Melissa’s perspective now.”

“Well,” Melissa began. “He said that if I was pregnant that he’d help raise the kid. He even offered to let me move in with him and talked about getting an extra job if he felt we needed me more and promised to never leave me. Through the whole thing he was calm and collective and never once got angry at me even though I was an emotional wreck. I just…thought it was so sweet of him to say that after everything that happened.”

“Where are you living now Melissa. If you don’t mind me asking.”

“I’m staying in a motel a short walk from the school.”

“Perfect!” Lexi clapped her hands together. “I expect you to move all your stuff in by tomorrow.”

“What?!” Melissa and I shouted in unison.

“You’re moving into this house,” she smiled devilishly. “Duh.”

“I-I can’t!” Melissa shook her head. “He’s my student it wouldn’t be right.”

“Yeah, and it’s my fucking house Lexi!” I shouted. “You can’t go making decisions like that!”

“But I can,” Lexi sang, “because if she doesn’t move in, I’ll tell the principal all about your little love affair with her.” That stopped all protests in their tracks. Melissa, much like myself, was left awestruck. Lexi had just blackmailed both of us into making Melissa move into the house but I have no idea why. “Is there a problem Melissa?”

“N-No. I’ll get my stuff and bring it in tomorrow I swear.”

“I’m glad you see things my way, now is there anything else you need or will that be all Melissa?” She shook her head. “Well then I’ll see you tomorrow!” Lexi showed her out the door and exchanged phone numbers as I followed cautiously. With a fearful wave, Melissa walked out of the house as Lexi slammed the door shut. “I think I’ll go make dinner now.”

“Start explaining!” I shouted as she walked past me.

“What is there to explain?”

“You just blackmailed my teacher into moving into my house. What the fuck do you think there is too explain?”

“I think you’re missing the point. When life hands you lemons,” she looked at me expectedly.

“When life hands me lemons? I don’t make lemonade. I make life take those fucking lemons back and have them explain why the fuck they think I wanted these lemons in the first place! In fact, I demand to see life’s manager because I’m absolutely furious as to why life thinks I want these fucking lemons. What am I gonna do with these lemons huh? Fuck lemonade, I want answers instead!”

“Wow!” she giggled, “I take it you’re referring to me when you say life huh?”


“Do you really not like lemons though?”

“Cut the shit and start explaining!” I demanded. “I thought I could finally start trusting you again but then you pull this? What is going on in your head?”

“You’ll see.”

Call me an animal because I growled threateningly before heading for the door, “I’m going for a walk.”

“Ok! Don’t be to long though!”

I wasn’t in the mood to take orders from her, and since my hands were wrapped up I couldn’t take out my rage on a punching bag. So I headed to the one place I knew I could just say whatever I wanted.

“I mean honestly!” I shouted, pacing back in forth. “I can’t figure her out at all. This morning I thought things might actually start looking up for me, but holy crap was I wrong! I’m practically being alienated at school, my dream girl is a two faced bitch, my teacher is about to become my roommate, and my old babysitter does whatever she wants. Why is everything so complicated! Is it too much to ask for a simple life?”

I dropped to my knees and took a deep breath. I had been shouting for almost five minutes now and if anyone else was around I’m sure they wouldn’t have been particularly happy to me hear what was going on in my life.

“Who am I kidding though?” I mumbled falling backwards, “Life’s not simple. It hasn’t been simple since you two died.” Sighing, I looked at the tombstones of my parents, my tone admittedly becoming quieter as I calmed down. “Just once, I wish you guys would answer me, even if it was just to tell me that this is all my fault, which wouldn’t be too far from the truth really. Give me a break though. I know I screwed up in more ways than one, but I don’t exactly have someone to teach or reprimand me y'know? The small amount of guidance I have comes from Missy K and even then it’s like, only when I screw up and she finds out about it. If I really thought about it though, I should probably stop telling everyone at work about my life. A lot of problems seem to be stemming from that actually.” I chuckled a bit before getting to my feet and dusting myself off. “I better get back before she does something else that I’m going to regret. Take care guys…I uh, love you both.”

Shoving my hands in my pocket, I turned and left without looking back. I realize that talking to tombstones is about as effective as talking to a mirror, but I guess it was my way of showing that I still remembered them. Not that I’d ever forget them of course. It was just something I started doing whenever I was lost or needed help. That’s what normal kids would do right? Talk to their parents about problems. Some problems anyway, I mean, if my parents were alive no way in hell would I have told them about what I did with Melissa and Lexi. I’m stupid but I’m not that stupid.

I was back home before I knew it. Slamming the door shut I walked over to the table where Lexi was already enjoying her dinner.

“Welcome back!” she pulled out a chair next to her and patted it. “Did you have a nice walk?”

I grunted in response, taking a seat and not even bothering to do my usual food protest. She seemed bubbly after seeing me eat her food in front of her now that I had the choice of whether or not I wanted to.

“I’m going to go bed,” I announced, leaving my plate at the table. “Before I get blitzed with more surprises.”

“You want some company,” she purred.


“Suit yourself!”

It was a peaceful night that led into a peaceful morning, and after grabbing my lunch Lexi announced that she was taking the day off to help get Melissa settled in who, coincidentally was also taking the day off. That was good news for me because I needed to do something at work without Lexi interfering, and if I saw Melissa at school right now it’d be more awkward than a hunchback chiropractor.

After successfully hopping through the classroom window again with Jason’s help, I sat down in my seat and relaxed.

“Heard we have a sub today,” he said leaning back in his chair. “Guess who’s not paying attention today.”


“No, you.”

“How is that different from any other day?” I joked.

“You got a point there man,” he laughed before abruptly stopping. “Um, Tucker do me a favor and tell me if you see what I’m seeing?”

“Huh?” He pointed towards the front of the class and I skeptically followed it until my jaw dislodged from my mouth. Smack dab in the front of the class was Shawn, and wrapped around his arm was none other then Heartbreak Hailey. I’m not talking like a good, friendly type of thing that you see some guys and girls do around the school, I’m talking pressed against each other as if they were glued that way.

“Wow, she got over you quick.”

I looked at him dumbfounded, “Dude you serious right now?”

“What? Man I know she’s only doing this to get to you, but damn does she act fast. Give her credit too for finding the perfect idiot to act as her boyfriend.”

“You realize this can only end badly though right?”

“The most popular girl in school is currently dating a moron in order to get revenge on the only person that rejected her the day after said rejection took place. This is like the plot to a bad high school romance story. So to answer your question, I’m expecting this to end as badly as every movie directed by M. Night Shyamalan (DOUBLE ZING).”

“Colorful choice of words but I get what you’re saying. Plus, I think Shawn’s the only person in the school that doesn’t realize it. His obsession is going to be his downfall, but…”


“But we probably shouldn’t say anything.”

“What?” Jason leaned forward, “Dude he’s being used and abused right now, we gotta step in.”

“You want to go tell King Hypocrisy over there that his dream girl is using him? How well do you think that’s going to go?”

“Point taken.”

“Call me selfish man but this is great news for me. Shawn gets his dream girl and all the attention will now be thrust his way. Maybe now I can make it a month without fighting off questions and listening to ridiculous about myself.”

“Alright man, I’ll play along I guess.”

“Thanks. I’m pretty sure if Shawn was listening he’d thank you too.”

“Who am I thanking?” Shawn asked.

“Um,” I stammered, admittedly caught off guard by his sudden appearance. “Hey Shawn! What’s up?”

“Well,” he smiled smugly, “I’d like to introduce you guys-”

“Dude we already know who she is,” Jason interrupted. “It’s not like we haven’t heard you talk about her for the last two years or anything.”

“Oh Jason,” Shawn shook his head…smugly again. “You know it’s alright to be jealous man. We can still hang out, maybe even all four of us. Right babe?”

During this time, Hailey’s heat seeking eyes had locked onto mine, and the death stare she was giving me unfortunately had no effect on me this time. After all, this was the break I was waiting for. I mean, holy shit! She practically solved the problem for me. I should be thanking her. Spotlight’s off me now and onto the new couple. Can this get any better?


“Huh?” Hailey snapped out of her trance and looked at Shawn, “Oh yeah. That’s fine! I’d like to hang out with you and your friends sometime. I think it’d be awesome!”

I had to cover my mouth to hide the fact that I was smiling so wide. Luckily the bell was on my side today, and it decided to ring before I had to explain why I was starting to shake with laughter. With one last spiteful glance, Hailey whirled around and let Shawn walk her to her seat

“I think I found another silver lining in all this too,” Jason said with contemplative nod of his head.

“What’s that?”

“We don’t have to put up with his hypocrisy as long as she keeps him busy.” We bumped fists in approval.

“Don’t get me wrong though, he’s still our friend. A terrible friend, but still a friend.”

“Yeah man, but as long as we’re on this ride it can’t hurt to enjoy it right? Or does that make us bad friends?”

“I could care less right now to be honest. I’m going to enjoy this while it lasts.”

Now that I had some good news, the rest of the day was sunshine and unicorns and anything else that could be associated with happiness. Hailey took Shawn to lunch with her so I enjoyed lunch with Jason, uninterrupted by Shawn’s bullshit and finally able to relax now that all eyes were on him. It was so perfect that I was able to walk out of the school as just another student instead of the target of whispers and pointed fingers.

The walk to work was a breeze too, and the best part was that I met the perfect person in the locker room.

“You look happy today Tucker,” Melody greeted.

“Yep. Today was a good day.”

“What happened?”

“Not going to tell ya,” I smiled.

“Why not?”

“Because every time I tell you something, you go straight to Missy K about it or go to Lexi. Don’t think I don’t know that you’ve been telling her about all the stuff I’ve gotten into over the last two years, and frankly I’m kind of annoyed that you’d sell me out for pussy.” Never thought I’d say that too a girl but I guess anything could happen today. Best part was that I wasn’t even yelling at her, I was just talking normally. “But I realized this morning that you got what was coming too you.”


“Melissa moved into my house today.”

“What!?” she slammed her locker shut. “Your teacher?”

“Yep, and the best part is that Lexi was the one who invited her. You’re dream girl might have a thing for my teacher instead of you,” I finished changing and walked past her.

“She did what!”

“Karma’s a bitch ain't it?”

Shoving open the door, I went to work with a genuine smile on my face. Because my injuries were still healing I was on kitchen duty again but that was just fine with me. Leo was working with me today and he was just glad to see me back at the restaurant so I caught him up on things that I had done while I was looking for work. Of course I left out everything involving the three main problems in my life, Lexi, Melissa, and Hailey. It was a sure fire way to make sure I wasn’t going to get shit from Missy K about the reemergence of Melissa, or the fact that I was intentionally letting my friend get played just so I could finally get some peace and quiet.

Guilt would eventually catch up to me, but right now I could give two shits about that. I finished up my shift without a hitch and left the restaurant at around eight. My good mood was even more obvious when I came home and smiled goofily all the way to the table, ignoring the fact that Melissa was sitting in the living watching TV.

Fuck it! Not even the fact that she moved in could ruin this day.

“Well you look like you’ve had a good day,” Lexi said while putting away some of the dishes. She went over to the microwave and pulled out my plate and set it on the table. “Did something happen?”

“I think today was probably the best day I’ve had since you moved in,” I admitted. “Everything went right for once. I got Melody back, cooking duty with Leo, actually stayed awake in class, stopped all rumors about me in the school, and let my horrible friend date the girl of his dreams allowing me to enjoy lunch peacefully without him spewing out bullshit.”

“Wait what happened at school?” Melissa got up from the couch and joined us in the kitchen. Instead of her normal prim and pressed attire she was wearing a long sleeve shirt and yoga pants which looked pretty damn nice on her to be honest.

“Hailey’s dating Shawn now,” I said, shoveling food into my mouth.

“What? But I thought she asked you out yesterday?”

I nodded my head before swallowing, “She did, but now she’s with Shawn so I don’t care.”

“I haven’t seen you this happy in a long time,” Lexi said.

“Huh? Why would she do that so suddenly?” Melissa asked.

“To make me jealous,” I shrugged. “Shawn’s obsessed with her so he probably doesn’t even realize it.”

“That’s terrible.”

“No, that’s awesome. I’ve been in the limelight for too long thanks to that girl, and now she’s willingly taken it away so I’m gonna enjoy this time while it lasts.”

“But what about your friend?”

“He’ll live. Trust me. And even if I wanted to stop them, I couldn’t. Shawn’s not going to listen to anything I say and unless I ask Hailey out, she’s not going to care about what I say either. My hands are tied and I’ve never been happier.”

“Sounds like we should celebrate!” Lexi said abruptly. “Tucker had a good day and our new roommate is all settled in now.”

“Oh no!” I stood up, “I’m getting as far away from you as possible.”

“Awe, how come?”

“Because I know that if anyone can ruin this day, it’s you. Plus I don’t want to hear your crazy idea for celebrating.” I looked at Melissa, “If you need anything you know where to find me.”

I retreated to my room and sat down at my desk to do some homework. It was pretty boring and a couple of times I couldn’t help but close my eyes and rest my head. Eventually I did start chipping away at it until I heard a knock on my door and I tilted my head in curiosity.

“Uh, come in Melissa,” I said.

The door opened to reveal that I was right, “How’d you know it was me?”

“Lexi wouldn’t knock.”

“I see,” she laughed. “Do you have some time to talk or are you busy?”

“Sure, we can talk.” She nodded and sat down on my bed, “So what’s up?”

“I-I just don’t know to be honest.”

“You don’t know what’s up?”

“I mean I don’t know exactly what’s going on. Lexi just forced me to move in here but when we were moving my stuff into my new room she acted like we were best friends. Completely different from how she acted yesterday.”

“Sounds about right.”

“Is there a reason she’s doing that? Like, I didn’t realize it until I went home yesterday but she was smiling the whole time she was blackmailing us.”

“Also sounds about right.”

“But why? Don’t you know anything about her?”

“Not really. I mean, yeah she babysat me but we didn’t talk that much. Even when we started having sex we never talked about each other. The only thing I know about her is that she loves the mess with people, and I’m pretty sure you’ve figured that out by now. I guess the only time I really saw her worried or upset was when I got into a fight, other then that she’s been parading her blissful attitude around without a care in the world.”

“She must care about you then.”

“You’re probably right, but she does have a weird way of showing it. So what do you think about all this?”

“About all of what?”

“Well, you moved into my house,” I chuckled. “Are you happy, sad, scared, don’t care?”

“I…guess I’m a little happy. The motel really wasn’t that glamorous and it doesn’t compare to your house at all. What about you?”

I shrugged, “Don’t really know what to feel. I mean, I don’t hate you, but given our past encounters I thought it might be a little awkward y'know? For you at least.”

“For me? You’re telling me that you don’t feel awkward at all seeing me in your house? Clothed I might add.”

“Not really. At school it’s a little weird but after awhile I finally stopped picturing you naked.”

“You were picturing me naked at school?”

“Maybe,” I spun around in my chair to avoid eye contact.

She giggled a bit, “I guess I can’t really control that can I?”

“Sadly no, but I’ve admittedly gotten better at it. Maybe that’s why I don’t think it’s so awkward to see you in my home. Yeah, we had sex, and since Lexi knows it why hide the fact that I’m kind proud of having sex with you?”


“As a peacock.”

“With me?”

“Should I not be?”

“I’m not saying that it’s just that compared to Lexi I’m not exactly up to par.”

I turned back around with a funny look on my face, “How so?”

“Well she’s younger, more attractive, curvier, and doesn’t look like a nerd.” She pointed to her glasses.

“I kind of like your look to be honest. So what if you have glasses and age doesn’t really have anything to do with it. Plus you can’t compare Lexi’s look to yours, you both dress and act completely different. She’s loud and eccentric and you’re more quiet and composed. I also think you got her won in the boob department.”

She blushed at me as I got up and stretched out.

“All finished?” she asked.

I had been done since she came inside but I don’t think she realized that so I just played it cool. “Yep. All done.”

“Mind if I check it?”

“Wouldn’t that be cheating to have a teacher check my answers?”

“I’m not going to give you the answers, I’ll just tell you which ones are wrong,” she got up and walked to the desk as I plopped down onto my bed.

“Knock yourself out I guess.”

While she combed over my work I closed my eyes and listened to her quiet humming. My eyes shot open a couple minutes later however when she hopped onto the bed and laid next to me.

“Looks good,” she smiled.

“Yeah you do,” I replied coolly.

“Using your words again huh?” she glanced up at the ceiling. “Be honest, is it intentional?”

“Is what intentional?”

“What you say? Like, what you just said to me about how I look. Are you planning that out or what?”

“I’m pretty straight forward I guess, I mean, I know when to lie but I don’t like to unless it’s a sticky situation. Plus, how could I plan it? I’m not that smart.”

“Well you definitely know how to make a girl feel good about herself. Is this the part where I throw myself at you?”

“You don’t have to throw yourself at me, I could just get on top of you if you want.”

“Then why don’t you?” she glanced at me, playfully shrugging.

She was basically taunting me, but I had no idea whether or not she wanted me to actually do it or what it would lead to for that matter. I almost decided not to, but then I realized that this day was letting me get away with whatever the fuck I wanted to so I was going for it!

I rolled over and pounced on top of her with a playful smile. She giggled as I hovered over her body, staring at her adorable face as she blushed.

“So what do I win?” I asked.

“What do you want?” she fired back.

“How bout a kiss?”

“Kind of bold but I think I can manage that.”

I leaned down and kissed her.

“Maybe one more,” she smiled, leaning up to kiss me again.

After that kiss, something turned on inside of us both. She lost her playful stare, taking off her glasses and carefully setting them on the nightstand while never taking her eyes off of my hungry gaze. It may have started off harmless but after two kisses it was already heading downhill.

She moved her hands onto my back and I moved back down as we started making out. Our kissing didn’t become lustful, and sloppy like our last two meetings. These were slow, and tender. Even when we started French kissing neither of us immediately dominated the other, instead we let our tongues intertwine and enjoyed the feeling.

It was romantic, which was completely different from all the other times I’ve had sex so I was content with keeping it like this, but Melissa had a different idea. She grabbed my shirt and pulled it over me, tossing it to the side and pushing me over onto my back. Getting rid of her shirt immediately after, she slowly started kissing her way down my body until getting to my waist. She unbuttoned my pants and pulled them off revealing my dick that was already covered in pre-cum. Not wanting to waste anytime, she wrapped her mouth around my dick and started sucking on it while I moaned.

Her ass was sticking up high in the air to my left so I grabbed her yoga pants and slid them down to her knees, rubbing two of my fingers over her soaking wet pussy while she continued to suck. I shoved them both in after that and I noticed she started sucking faster as well, moaning into my dick while I continued to play with her pussy.

My door suddenly slammed opened scaring the shit out of both of us.

“Gotcha!” Lexi announced walking into my room.

Melissa and I froze like teenagers caught…doing what we were doing basically.

“This isn’t what it looks like,” Melissa said for some odd reason.

“This isn’t? Then do you mind explaining what you’re doing half naked on Tucker’s bed with two of his fingers shoved into your pussy and your mouth right next to his dick?” After neither of us answered she shook her head, “I can’t believe you two.”

I slowly removed my fingers from Melissa’s pussy but that proved to be a big mistake.

“What do you think you’re doing Tucker?” Admittedly I didn’t know how to answer that question with turning beat red. She walked over to the bed and grabbed my hand, “You need to finish what you started.”


She grabbed my two fingers and shoved them back inside Melissa’s pussy. Melissa immediately gasped causing Lexi to giggle evilly.

“Look at how wet she is,” she ran one of her fingers over Melissa’s clit and started to rub. She immediately gasped again as Lexi gave her ass a good smack, “C’mon Melissa, start sucking.”

I could see the hesitation in her eyes but she leaned back down and started sucking my dick again. Lexi was enjoying the situation too much as I glanced at her plastered smile. She moved her hand to Melissa’s tit and started pinching and squeezing one of her nipples causing her to stop sucking and let out a long moan. Lexi climbed onto the bed after that and lifted up Melissa’s head, stealing a kiss from her immediately.

“Mind if take it from here,” she asked, taking off her shirt and undoing her bra.

Melissa nodded her head weakly as Lexi bent and licked my dick clean. It sent shivers through my body as she sucked on the tip of it while slowly jacking me off with her other hand. Melissa took my hand out of her pussy, bringing it up to her mouth and sucking on it like pacifier. Once it was all clean she leaned down to kiss me, her hesitant look replaced by a lustful one as we started making out again all the while Lexi continued to suck my dick.

She stopped a few seconds later however, and I was so caught up with kissing Melissa that I didn’t notice her as she climbed on top of my dick. I moaned loudly, cutting off my kissing and causing Melissa to investigate as well, and the look on her face when she saw Lexi riding my dick could’ve broken someone’s heart.

Realizing this, I whispered “I can eat you out if you want.”

Her attention shot back to me as she immediately got up and placed her knees next to my head, lowering her pussy down onto my face. It was hard to concentrate with Lexi moaning and the warm feeling of her pussy as I slid up and down my dick, but I tried my best to lick Melissa’s pussy any and every way I could think of. Since I liked her taste however, it became easier for me because I just licking and probing her hole as she started moaning loudly as well, grabbing her tit with one hand and balancing herself with the other.

It quickly turned into a hot, sweaty, and loud mess as we all lost ourselves in the sex. Melissa was the first to cum, moving her hand to her clit and rubbing it furiously until she started shouting out, “I’m cumming!”

I was showered in her juices as she shakily climbed off of me, breathing heavily and turning to look at Lexi who was bouncing up and down. Melissa grabbed onto her tits and got a little revenge as she squeezed them together and played with them.

“M-Melissa please stop,” Lexi pleaded, “or else I’m gonna…I’m gonna…fuck I’m cumming!” She shut her eyes as Melissa continued to play with her tits.

“I think I’m going to cum too,” I mumbled, “Shit. Here it comes.”

Lexi climbed off me unexpectedly and I was about to ask what the fuck she was thinking when I realized why she did it. Her and Melissa started licking my dick at the same time and the moment I felt both of their tongues I shot my load all over both of their faces.

A huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders as I hazily looked at Lexi and Melissa as they wiped cum off their faces. Of course, Melissa took all the cum she wiped off her face and swallowed it, even leaning back down and sucking every last bit of cum off my slowly shriveling dick. Lexi on the other hand was fine with just licking a bit of cum off her fingers before letting Melissa take the rest.

“I think we should celebrate more often,” Lexi looked at me, licking her lips and smiling.

“I-I kind of agree with you,” Melissa admitted sheepishly.

I closed my eyes and smiled, mumbling the words, “Best. Day. Ever.”

Author's Note:
I have a feeling that i fucked up and missed an important error in this story. But after rereading it five times, i can't find it xD Sorry. Have a nice day.

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