College Party Gone Right For a Change

College Party Gone Right For a Change

Saturday 12:00 AM

“Fuck-“ I was cut off by the wall hitting my back behind me. His hands had me by the tits, shoving me against the wall. My fingers locked on his shoulders to keep from slipping off the dresser; funny clinging to source, I thought. His breath was hot against my skin hovering above my cunt. My head leaned back as he kissed my panties, how the hell did this happen? And I remembered,

Friday 5:00 PM

“I still can’t believe you convinced me to go to what’s-his-face’s party, I should have asked for a better bribe.” I said to my best friend and roommate, Alanna. We shared a dorm, so we pretty much shared everything.

“How can you be surprised Mirabel, I know you’d agree if I got you that set.” Alanna was taking a pre-party shot; still in her lingerie. – Excited -, I decided. She was always down for a party. I was always jealous of my friends looks. She had coppery light red hair, almost blonde, green eyes, rosy lips with a light dust of freckles. If that wasn’t enough she had The figure; trim but soft curves, an ass that got her compliments and a B-cup. She skipped over to me and passed me a shot, grinning she pointed at my outfit. “You always need to take your new panties for a test run.”

I shrugged her off embarrassed. I was standing in front of the full length mirror we share. Her bribe for me was a red and black lacy push up bra with matching panty. It complimented my light tanned skin. My legs were shapely with a full ass, a bit chubby, c-cup, 5’5. I combed my hair back, it was honey blonde, mid-length that framed my brown eyes and dark pink lips. I pulled on my dark jeans and then a beige undershirt and then a vintage tank over top.

A few more pre-party shots later we were in a cab, headed for the house party. During the ride I thought to myself; - I’ll just have to suck up and try my best to have a good time. It’s not my fault I’m not good with guys. I’ll just have to hope Alanna doesn’t ditch me. –

After about two hours of drinking with Alanna I found myself sitting with the stoners; my close classmates. I had lost my friend to some exchange student from France. We were sitting outside the house; it was two stories but the upstairs was a separate place and locked. The joint was being passed around and I took a couple hits. I was pleasantly drunk and high now and it was about 15 minutes later that he sat with our group. I couldn’t help the stare I gave in his direction.

He must have been around six-foot, dark brown hair with a matching five-o’clock shadow. He was toned, with strong shoulders. Light grey eyes, and a smirk that made me shiver. He was one of those guys, the ones my hormones loved. I quickly looked to my one of my classmates. I needed a distraction to keep from blushing. “So Jeff, what are you going to do for your paper for Prof. Green?” I said.

“Professor Green?” It was the man, cutting Jeff off before he could reply. “I used to have him. He still complaining about everyone downloading his book?” He smiled at me. I could feel the chemistry. I felt my body lean forward and my smile widen. – He’s gorgeous and he’s in the same field as me, unbelievable! –

We talked with the group, I learned his name was Kevin and that he was a friend of the upstairs tenant. I found myself craving to be nearer to him. I watched afar as he talked with the rapidly decreasing group. I snuck another stare when he was answering a question from Jeff. Wetting my lips while I stared, he suddenly made eye contact with me. I raised my eyebrows in surprise, he grinned and continued his story while his eyes roamed my body. Quickly I stood, and dusting off my jeans,

“I’m going to find my friend, I’ll see you guys later.” I waved and looked directly at Kevin, my body didn’t want to leave, but my gamble was he’d follow. I walked towards the deck and around the corner. That’s where I waited, taking out my phone to text Alanna. I had barely time to think of what to text when he appeared. We locked eyes and he stepped forwards, I smiled.
He quickly closed the distance between us. “So, you didn’t tell me your name.” He said smirking a bit.

“Oh? I thought I did, I’m Mirabel. Mira if you want.” I extended my hand, expecting a hand shake. He took it carefully and held it in his.

“Pretty, I know this is a little weird but, uh-” He cut himself off and leaned forwards, planting a quick kiss on my lips.

My knees shook and I was disappointed by how fast it went by. He was watching me for a reaction. I took his other hand and held it in my hand; looking up at him. “Not weird, at all.”

Encouraged he slid his hands apart from mine and rested them on my hips. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders. We continued tasting one another, his kisses positively enticing. His mouth was suddenly against my ear, I could feel his stubble against my cheek and his hands exploring my waist. “I have a key for upstairs, if you want to hang out alone?” I nodded.

Running up the stairs we ducked while holding hands in the dark, we were trying to be discreet. When we got to the top and he pulled me close again for yet another kiss, his lips gentle against mine. I sighed in content as he pulled away, pushing the door open after a twist of the keys. Kevin pulled me inside, and then crushed me against him as his lips sought mine. I grappled to hold onto his shoulders, pressing my hips against him in earnest. His hands slide down my back, over my jeans and grip my ass tight. A soft gasp escaped me as his fingers dug under my ass, almost to my cunt.

“Nice,” his voice was raspy already. He watched me with an amused expression as he continued to work his fingers through my jeans. Pulling his hands back up to the small of my back, he looped his fingers through the belt loops of my jeans. My fingers soon were gripping the shoulders of his shirt, I tried pulling it off. He ducked back grinning and pulled off his shirt in a quick smooth movement. My hands went straight for his chest. I felt around, the dark was teasing me. Mimicking his earlier taunt I murmured, “Nice.” Following with a quick kiss on his collar bone.

That’s all it took for him to pull me through the apartment by my jeans. We were both laughing and tripping over things in the dark. He stopped in what I presumed was the living room. I felt my hips being pulled towards a dark shadow, I presumed was the couch, as he still guided me by my jeans. “I’m so glad I wore these…” I murmured.

“Me too, but…” With those words I felt my jeans pulled down. I was so surprised for a moment that my hands darted to try and cover up. “Aww… don’t be shy.” I heard him say in the dark. With that I felt him closer in the dark now, his hands moving again to my ass. Just as he gripped my lace covered ass, my hands explored the hard muscles on his back.

“Lights?” I whispered, almost pleading this time. I want to see him, I decided.

“Hm? Oh sure.” He seemed reluctant to let go of my ass, but after a moment he started pulling me again in the dark. We took a couple steps and I heard the click of a doorknob. He led me into the room and quickly left me standing in the dark as he went for something. I heard the click of the lamp just before the light bounced into my eyes. Even though the light was on, it was not too bright; but I could see him. And by the look on his gorgeous face he could see me too. We admired each other, inch by inch, from across the room. Finally he opened his arms towards me, a silent request to go to him.

My feet moved slowly, and I took the time to saunter towards him, hands on my hips. “So I think it’s a little unfair that my pants are the only ones off.” I said.

“Really, because I’m enjoying the sight.” I was just in his reach now and he closed his arms around me, pulling me close to him face to face. Suddenly he turned me around so my ass was against the bulge of his jeans. “And to be honest I don’t want to play fair.” His breath was hot against my ear as he held me against him possessively. I could feel my cunt getting wetter with his every word. And to be honest I always thought being dominated would be sexy.

His hands went from my hips up to the hem of my top, pushing it up he soon found my lace bra. He whistled quietly as he moved to cup my breasts. I smiled, watching his hands explore over my soft skin. He kissed my neck as he started to work his hand against my breast, I shuddered with anticipation. Raising my arms, he quickly understood that as the signal. Pulling my top over my head, he turned me around to face him. This caused my top to trap my wrists, I blinked in surprise as he pulled my now bound hands upwards. Grinning he used his free hand to slip under my bra, causing a small gasp escape my lips. I was looking into his eyes now, they seemed to glow with a hunger. One I understood immediately-

“Ah!” I jumped a little; my train of thought was broken by the pinch he gave my nipple. He grinned like a kid caught by someone he know won’t punish him. I tried to lean in close to him, and he pulled me against him again. I could feel his cock through his pants now, my hands wriggled to try and hold something, anything, him mostly. He kissed my lips and let the t-shirt free, letting me fling it off my wrists. I grabbed his shoulders just as he grabbed me from behind and lifted me from the ground. Scared and definitely more than a little flirty I tried to wrapped my legs around his lower back. Only I hadn’t expected him to drop me.

“Fuck-“ I was cut off by the wall hitting my back behind me, and my butt landing on the dresser. His hands had me by the tits now, shoving me against the wall. My fingers locked on his shoulders to keep from slipping off the dresser; funny clinging to source, I thought. His breath was hot against my skin hovering above my cunt. My head leaned back as he kissed my panties. How the hell did this happen? And I remembered.

He nibbled on the lace just above my clit, quickly reeling me back towards reality. “Kevin… Oh fuck me…” I wriggled as I felt him pull away. I heard him snicker, and only then did I realise my eyes had been closed. Opening them I found his face only about a hands width away from mine.

“You said something?” His voice almost seemed serious. I smiled a little shyly, too embarrassed to answer as I shook my head. How do you tell someone you just met you were moaning their name? “Come on,” he leaned in, but more importantly he slid a finger over my soaked panties.

“I’m sorry I seem to have forgotten,” I tried. My voice a little hitched from everything so far. He dipped a finger in my cunt and I moaned. My body needed the bulge I could see across our bodies. I need cock. Now he continued to dip his finger into me every few seconds. I tried moving my hips against his hand, but it was clear we were going to go his pace.

“Say it again Mirabel if you want me to continue.” I felt his finger in me, only he didn’t withdraw it like he had been. I could feel how wet I was against his finger, and my hips tried to work against his hand. He held me still, “I just want to hear you say it again.”

I blushed, “Kevin, fuck me.” I turned away, I was always shy with dirty talk. I was rewarded by a kiss on the lips as he started to pull my panties off. I lifted my legs to make it easier while my hands went for his belt. He was laughing in that surprised way as I unzipped his pants. He dropped my panties as I dropped his jeans. He pulled me against him and lifted me again.

“Bed.” Was the gruff explanation. I saw the bed across the room and made an effort to rub my cunt against him for each step. He caught on and only took his time. He lowered me down onto the bed, and I held onto his boxers, taking them down with me literally. With that I finally saw it, I was almost scared. He was big, bigger than I was used to. And he was inches from my pussy.

His hands moved, one headed for the nightstand and the other now rubbing his cock. It took a moment for him to get the condom he’d grabbed open and on. But soon his cock was closer and closer; until he was rubbing the tip against me. He pushed and my back arched, he hadn’t made it quite all the way in but he felt huge. He didn’t wait, now fucking me hard and slow. Gasping I wrapped my arms around him, with each thrust he was getting deeper. Till finally she felt him buried completely. He gave me a moment to catch my breath as he finally remembered my bra. Soon it was off, his lips sucking hard on my left nipple. Then it started…

“Fuck!” I gasped, he was fucking me faster now. “Oh god!” All I could do was grab his shoulders and hold on for the ride. He kissed me hard before straightening and releasing me onto to flip me onto my stomach. I raised myself onto my knees, looking up at him. He was smiling with a hand holding one of my ass cheeks.

“Nice.” He said. -I guess that’s our thing.- I thought. Next he was trailing a finger over my cunt and ass. I shuddered, I’d tried anal only once. I told him so quietly and he sighed a little disappointed. “Another time then… For now.” I felt his cock against my pussy again and just as he rammed into me I felt his finger slip into my ass. I moaned and he fucked my pussy and ass hard. I was feeling the beginning of my orgasm and I blushed. Only to moan and shudder as he rammed me harder than before. I gripped the sheets and continued to moan until my back straightened.

“Yes!” I moaned and he slowed down a bit, fucking my cunt gently while I came.

“That’s a good girl…” I heard him murmur. That was the only warning I had till he started to pick up pace again and then pull his finger out of my ass. I was still too sensitive I tried to say, only he pulled me up by my shoulder so that I was no longer on my hands and knees but rather just my knees as he fucked me from behind. I moaned and he moved his hands. One arm wrapped around my chest and the other soon rubbing my clit. I was gasping for breath and calling him to stop, it was simply too intense! He was fucking me for all his worth now. All of a sudden my body stiffened and I came harder than ever, a small jet of cum squirting all over his hand. I felt him shudder and fuck me hard once, twice, three more times before he pulled out, a full condom on his softening cock.

“Oh god, sorry- I never- Sorry!” I tried, to explain something I didn’t quite know myself. I’d only heard of squirting from friends or porn. Kevin only pulled me away to kiss my cheek.

“Shut up Squirt.” He muttered and pulled me down to lay on the bed with him while he held me. I drifted off thinking about how I could feel a bit of the wet patch I’d made on his bed and how nice it was that he didn’t snore.

Saturday 9:00 AM

An familiarly annoying sound reached my ears, only it was getting closer. I opened my eyes and saw my surroundings and more importantly Kevin; who bringing my ringing cell phone to me. The night’s adventures returned to me and I was glad to still see him here. I took the phone smiling and answered it, her voice shrilled in my ear, “I said test drive! Not overnight drive!” We laughed.

To be continued? Any suggestions on what could happen next? Always love feedback, and lovers gonna love and haters are gonna hate. Ttyl!

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