The Clockmaster and The Inventor Part 4_(1)

The Clockmaster and The Inventor Part 4_(1)

“There we go…” I groaned, setting the crate down on the table. I sighed looking around the storage room; Once more I was alone in the factory, this time organizing shipments. Whimpering I arched my back. Stretching; I was more than sore from the days labor.
Scrap stood in the corner, awaiting my orders. “Scrap time to head home.” In response, the automaton straightened slightly, hissed and clomped toward the door. I opened it, and followed my invention into the dimly lit streets. The streets were half empty, mostly people going home for the evening; every so often a steam car passed by carrying a upper ring citizens or two.
As I walked, I became aware of what sounded like a violin from a few blocks away, nearby the clock tower. I headed toward the noise until I saw the small crowd gathered around a street corner.
Letting Scrap go on ahead toward the clock tower, I stopped to listen to the violin music. It was a quick and lively song, one that lifted the soul.“Who knew he could play the violin?” “Is there anything he can’t do?” People whispered. I pushed my way gently past people trying to see where the music was coming from. Finally getting through, i was shocked.
His lean fingers danced over the strings, the blue painted wood shiny slightly in the setting sun’s light. His hat was pulled low over his face, and he seemed to sway gently as he played. The chain of his pocket watch clinked lightly as he moved. The Clockmaster was a truly gifted man.
“Clockmaster…” i whispered, keeping up my facade as the loyal apprentice. Seeing me, a coy smile played on his lips, and he suddenly stopped playing. Placing the blue violin and matching bow in the open case, he suddenly out of thin air produced a rose, presenting it to me.
A few women squealed and i stared flabbergasted at it for a moment before taking it gently. I sniffed it. Its perfume brought me back to the days in my mother’s garden, among her many flowers and bushes.
“A gift for my loyal student.” The Clockmaster drawled in an unnaturally deep voice. “Careful with the thorns.” I nodded slightly, still taken aback by the surprisingly romantic gesture. The Clockmaster stooped down, snapping the case closed and carefully latched it. He stood up straight and said “Come now. We must be getting home.” I nodded, trailing after him.
As soon as the door to the Clock tower closed behind us, he dropped the pretense. “Finally. It's good to be home!” He said normally, throwing the hat aside revealing gently black waves and brilliant green eyes. “When the bloody hell did you learn to play the violin?!” I asked incredulously as he put the case by the door. “And when did you even get one?” “I’ve known how since I was a child. As for getting it, it was being thrown out at the local music shop. Can you believe it?” He said grinning like a child.
I sighed and shook my head. “Sky, sometimes you amaze me.” “That's the point, Kara.” In response I hugged him. “How are things at the factory?” “Everything is in the stockroom, organized by type and size. Scrap didn’t do much though. I think he may need a tune up later.” Sky nodded. He went to hug me, but when he did I felt something pop in my back. “Ow ow ow owww…” I gasped, putting a hand on my lower spine and bending forward.
“What is it?” “I… oww…” I tried to straighten up but felt the pains shoot down my legs and into my feet. “Kara are you okay?” “My back… i think I did something to it….” I whimpered. Sky put his hand on my shoulder bending to look me in the eye “Can you make it down the stairs?” “I dunno….”
In response, Sky gently scooped me up, carrying me down the stairs to my room. He somehow managed to open the door while still holding me. “Here you go…” He set me down gently on the bed. I moaned in pain as I straightened out, and Sky turned on the lamps, flooding my basement room with light. “Were you lifting with you legs or your back?” I bit my lip knowing he would be annoyed. “My back. You have to remember I’m chubby, It's hard for me to hunker down like that.”
“You fool..” “yes, but I’m your fool.” I whispered biting back a grin despite the pain. The Clockmaster sat gingerly on the edge of the bed. He hesitated, then said “Would you like me to rub your back?” I nodded. “But.. if I do I’m going to have to have you remove your corset and shirt.”
“You're kidding… I don’t think I can Sky….” I whimpered. “I’ll help you then.” His fingers moved to the steel clasps on my corset gently undoing them one by one. As soon as it lay open, he began to do the same to my shirt. I bit my lip but he didn't open it like he did the corset. “I’ll avert my eyes…” “After all we have done you--” “I still have respect for you, my little slut.” he said playfully, almost teasingly. I didn’t break eye contact for a moment before nodding. Turning his head, He shut his eyes as I slowly sat up wincing as I pulled off my top, throwing it and the corset to the side.
“Roll onto your stomach” He didn’t look as he spoke. I did as I was told, resting my arms on either side. “Do you have any salves or lotions?” “On my dresser in the wooden box…” I replied my voice muffled by pillows. I shut my eyes, trying to relax the muscles in my back. Suddenly, i smelled lavender and felt the cold lotion on my back. I gasped quietly, and felt his hands pressing on top of the small puddle of lotion I whimpered as his hands easily glided up my back,
“That feel good?” “Amazing…” I whimpered as his fingers gently pressed into the my spine. Moving my hair with the back of his hand he kneaded my shoulder muscles firmly, making me moan loudly in pleasure. His hands glided back down, and his thumbs pushed into the small of my back. I melted under his hands.
“Lovely..” I murmured as they moved back of, now gently brushing the side of my ribs. I noticed his fingers gently drifting lower and lower until the fingertips gently brushed the sides of my breasts. I breathed out in bliss. I felt him lean over me until his mouth was by my ear.
“Do you like that?” He whispered moving his hands lower to cup me. I moved my head in the slightest of nods. “Are you sure?” He whispered, his thumb and forefinger gently pinhcing and rolling my nipple lightly. “Yes sir…” I murmured. I had learned how to reply and behave by now.
“Good girl…” he breathed nipping my ear lightly. I laughed and his hands released my breasts and slowly trailed back down my back. They reached the top of my pantaloons, and stopped for a moment then went further town into them/..
I moaned softly, his hands tugging at my pantaloons. “Can you take these off?” he whispered. I nodded, sitting up. I managed to tug them off and toss them aside, now only in my knickers. “Good Girl…. You have been good lately haven’t you…” I bit my lip not sure if this was a trap or not, but then I decided it was safe and I nodded.
“Yes sir I have been…” “Maybe you deserve a reward….” I bit my lip not knowing what to say. He suddenly grabbed my hips and flipped me on my back. I stared up at him with bated breath not knowing what was happening. Leaning down, he kissed me gently, softly. I sighed my eyes shutting, my arms wrapping up around his neck. He leaned down a little more, pressing down against me.
My hand went up, running through his hair as he gently began to suck on my bottom lip. I whimpered, turning my head to break the kiss still unsure as to whether I should be enjoying this. “What do you want your reward to be?” He whispered, now kissing my neck and jawline. “I dunno sir…” I whimpered.
“Where do you want my mark?” I Bite my lip and motioned toward my upper breast. He leaned down kissing and nibbling until a small red circle appeared. “There…. If anyone sees that, they will know you are mine.”
“They already know sir….” he grinned kissing me again, our tongue mingling. I moaned lifting my hips to press up against him. I could feel his growing length through his pants. “I have something for you, my darling whore…” He breathed reaching into his pocket. “You remember this don’t you?” he pulled out a small, brass cylinder with a rounded tip and a wire, which connected to a small remote. “Another gift for my loyal apprentice..” he whispered.
I bit my lip not knowing what he was going to do to me. Suddenly he turned a little nob on the remote, and I heard it start vibrating “What on earth?” Before i could say any more, he slipped it between my legs and into me.
“Oh god….” I moaned bucking my hips in wild pleasure. It was just like before, the intense feeling. As I moved my hips, the Clockmaster pressed his thumb to my clit rubbing hard and fast. “Please master… please… let me cum…” I whimpered my teeth digging into my bottom lip. He didn't answer, an evil smile on his lips. “Careful, my slut.,.... Don’t disobey… don’t defy…. Or you will be punished with no mercy….” I gasped nodding faintly desperately holding in my orgasm.
Leaning down Sky whispered “Now… cum!” I nearly screamed as I let the waves of pleasure take hold, cumming so hard the toy Sky made slipped out onto the bed. As my body went limp panting, I smiled faintly winking at Sky’s longing look. “Good girl….” came the reply.
“Does my little slut want anything else?” I spread my legs nodding, but staying silent. “Oh she wants that does she?” he turned off the vibrating toy, placing it on my nightstand. Standing up he put his hands on his hips waiting for me. I instantly was on my knees on the bed, my hands struggling to undo his belt and pants. Our lips met in a frenzy, and as soon as his slacks were undone, i was on my back on the bed, pulling my master on top of me.
He teased me lightly with the tip, not quite entering but not entering me. “Please sir…. Stop teasing my and fill me…” I whispered. A thrust into me was my response, and my fingers dug into the sheets. “Oh… Oh.. Oh…” I whispered with each of his thrusts. He moaned softly, not breaking eye contact with me.
Suddenly, the head pressed into my g spot, and I could stop the strangled cry and squirt. Sky the Clockmaster didn’t stop to punish his slut, choosing instead to move faster nad harder. My arms moved up my hands resting on his shoulders, my nails digging into his shoulders through his shirt.
His eyes shut and his hot load exploded inside of me, drippign out of me and onto the sheets. Sky collapsed, his full weight on me, panting, trying to catch his breath. Slowly, his arms wrapped around my body and I sighed in relief; I knew now i didn’t have to fear being punished at least at that moment.
He said nothing, turning me on my side, curling up against me from behind, his body spooning me. “See my darling? You should listen more often…” “Maybe I will…” I sighed, leaning back against me “I like misbehaving….” SLAAP! I yelped as the Clockmaster spanked me. “You will do as you're told when you are told…” He purred in my ear nipping it playfully. I grinned leaning him back against him. “Yes sir…”
“Now my darling…. I think I should leave you now.” He went to stand up but i grabbed his hand. “Please Sky… stay with me…” He hesitated “I really should let you get dressed and--” “Please…. For me…. Like you said I’ve been a good girl.” Smiling he lay back down, his arms around my waist. “Fine…. Fine…” it was like that we fell asleep.

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