Sarah, what have you been doing with sweetcorn?

Sarah, what have you been doing with sweetcorn?

This is a first attempt so any constructive criticisms are more than welcome, any praise would be nice also.
If anyone has an ideas for new stories, feel free to leave your ideas. I have some ideas that could use the same characters in his story. Enjoy.

Sarah and Matthew Jones lived in a small terraced house somewhere in a small town in the south of England, they lived with their mother Elizabeth, but she was never there. She had attained a high position in her company and her job meant she was travelling a lot of the time. This was unfortunate but necessary and at least this allowed her to pay the mortgage and the bills. Elizabeth always remembered how she got the job and it was never far from her mind!

As a result of her job, her children had the run of the house but they always behaved and there was never any trouble. Indeed, despite some talk from her neighbours, any criticism was quickly dispeled when there were no signs of trouble or wild partys or any other incidents associated with two teenagers alone in a house. In fact, there was nothing but praise for the Sarah and Matthew as they were more than helpful looking after some of the elderly when they needed assistance. The fact that Sarah was 17 and her brother Matthew was 15 also helped, as they were deemed responsible and to be treated like adults, especially Sarah.

Elizabeth had lost her husband five years ago to a long torturous illness, she never appeared to recover from it. There had never been any new boyfriends and she seemed to put all her energies in to her work. So with no natural father or new partner to look after her two children, that was the arrangement and while it was not the typical family arrangement, it worked out well for Elizabeth, Sarah and Matthew.

Sarah was still in school after finishing her exams and was in higher education. She was smart, pretty and popular with everyone. Some thought she was a little too popular. She also had a little bit of cunning, she knew that if there was any type of incident in the house while her mother was away, it could end the little arrangement they had. While she loved her mother, she enjoyed the independence that she had been granted. It was her idea to ensure they kept on good terms with her neighbours as they would then leave herself and Matthew alone to their devices.

She had inherited her mothers figure, she could have been her mother’s twin. At 5’6 with brown shoulder length hair, her face was pretty but all attention went to her beautiful blue eyes, which everyone had remarked about. No one could miss how her body had changed recently, developing more feminine ways. She had got more curvy in all the right places and had certainly developed a fine bust that was certainly noticed. She knew she could attract boys attention but chose to tone it down, she could always pick and choose when to really show what she had. In her mind she knew she was in control and would let the other girls flaunt themselves if they wanted to.

Matthew was 15 and was a year away from taking his final exams. He was doing well but not well enough to make himself noticed, he would certainly do enough to pass his exams. He was quiet, a little shy and kept pretty much to himself. He had some friends but too few to be called popular. He didn't really show much interest in the girls at school and his classmates, in private, had the impression he was either gay or a virgin. He really didn't mind what they thought.

Matthew in the last couple of years had been developing normally, the same as any teenager, he did not know it but he was looking more like his father day by day. Approaching nearly 6’0, with plenty of exercise and sport he was lean and healthy. Definitely a trait from his father. Of course he had had the normal crazy hormonal changes but had got through them with help from his sister, she had been acting like a surrogate mother and this bonding meant that Matthew and his sister were now closer than they had ever been.

While his sister was the more responsible, he was smart enough to listen and take heed to what she said. They knew that everything was better if they were left alone to themselves.

As far as the school was concerned both Sarah and Matthew were doing well and while the school knew about the situation, there was certainly no need to worry about it.

School days were pretty much normal. Wake up, get ready, have breakfast, go to school, return to the house when school was finished, have tea and watch television or some other activity to pass the time in the evening. Today would be very different.

Matthew and Sarah sat at the table having breakfast.

"I'll be back later tonight, so don't worry. Just make your own food and leave something for me" Sarah said.

"OK, I may be late as well, my friend wants to talk to me about something but he said it had to be after school" Matthew replied.

With that Sarah rose, kissed her brother on the cheek and went to make her way out. Matthew left a little bit later curious about his friend and his strange behaviour.

In the school grounds three boys found a quiet place to talk, they wanted some privacy. The three were friends. John, Luke and Terry were all in Matthew's class and they obviously had plans for this evening. John was the leader while the other two acted more like sheep. John had matured physically and mentally very quickly, while his two friends less so, they still acted like children sometimes.

"We don't have much time so let's make this quick. I have thirty pounds, Luke you've got thirty and Terry you've got thirty. That's ninety pounds in total plus an extra ten makes it a hundred. We'll meet here at 4pm and take it from there. Don't worry what the ten pounds is for, you'll see later. We should have some fun later." John spoke forcefully not allowing either of the other two to talk. He had school to deal with, some shopping and then playtime.

Four o’clock came around too slowly, the time in school dragged and when it had ended the three boys couldn’t wait to get out of there. Luke and Terry went to the meeting place at 3.50 and waited for John who showed up about twenty minutes later with a carrier bag. They had tried to ask what was in there but were just told to wait and see.

“OK, let’s go and meet her” commanded John and led the way.

Matthew finished school and waited outside for his friend David. Finally he was going to find out what was going on. As soon as he saw David the questions fired out of his mouth. David calmed him down and filled him in with what he knew.

“Just listen and don’t ask questions, I can only tell you what I know. All I know is that there has been plenty of talk about you in the school, they all think you are gay or a virgin.” David was red faced about this and felt embarrassed for his friend but continued, “I was told to tell you to meet someone outside the school gates at 5.30, they will find you. Apparently this is to your benefit. I’m sorry that’s all I know.”

David quickly made a move as this was an awkward situation for him and would sort it all out the next day. Matthew was perplexed and taken off guard, he wasn’t too sure about this but felt intrigued enough to go through whatever it was.

Sarah had finished school and now had to go to meet up with some people from the school, she had been promised a profitable and enjoyable time. She had some idea what it was and was more than happy to see how things panned out. After all she had no reputation in the school or the area but people didn’t know the half of it.

There was a park a couple of minutes away from the school and she had arranged to meet someone from school there. She didn’t know who it was as the note was anonymous, it sounded like an adventure and dangerous but she knew what she was doing, she always had the confidence to look after herself and the brains to know when things had got too far. She proceeded to go to the park and when she entered it, could only see three schoolboys sitting on a bench. While the one was confident and observant looking for someone, the other two were nervous and twitchy. She knew she had found who had sent the note.

She approached the three boys, they stood up and could not help to admire this figure in front of them, they had certainly made the right choice.

“I guess you are the ones who sent me the note? Would you like to tell me your names or would you like to stay anonymous? I recognize you from my brother’s year don’t I?” Sarah asked forcefully.

John stepped forward and introduced himself, “I’m John and you are right we are in your brother’s year, and of course we sent the note.” When John saw the other two were acting sheepishly he could see he would have to take charge, “this is Luke and this is Terry. Shall we get down to business?”

John was annoyed by his two friends reactions and decided to take control of the situation. “You know why you are here, don’t you? It wasn’t explicit in the note but you could read between the lines and you definitely know of my brother. He told me all about you, it was all good.”

Sarah just nodded and only commented to say that she knew his brother really well. She could see that it had been a big step for John to have taken control of this situation and let him take the lead, after all she could take it back anytime.

John continued “I know of your reputation but how the school doesn’t know is a miracle. We have the money, the time and the place, shall we go? Oh and by the way we are going to my brother’s flat, he is away but said I could use it anytime. I think you know the way.”

As they were going to leave Terry went to give John the money, but was quickly scolded “not now you idiot.” Sarah saw all of this but decided not to make a fuss of it knowing these three would be putty in her hands.

The flat was only five minutes away, all this was obviously well thought through. The four of them entered and sat in the lounge, no one talking, just a nervous silence. John took control as he now felt empowered, he was after all in his brother’s flat and they had got Sarah this far, it was all going very well. A little bit too well maybe.

“I believe that we agreed ninety pounds for the hour and another ten for some extras?” John looked nervously for an answer from Sarah.

“That’s right. Are we going to have a drink first and then we can begin? If I remember your brother had a good supply of drinks” Sarah answered confidently. After John’s bravado faltered, it looked as if she would to have to take charge.

They found some whisky and other spirits and they had a little to drink, this put the three boys at ease especially Luke and Terry whose nerves seemed to disappear. Sarah was glad about that as she wanted them to be some use to her and not just a bag of nerves. After the drinks Sarah announced that she was going to the bedroom and to give her a couple of minutes, then they were to join her. She left the room and went to walk to the bedroom, but popped her head round quickly and said “I know you have the money, can you count it out and leave it on the side please?” They counted out the money, left it on the side. When she saw this, she smiled, and told them it was five to five now and to enter the bedroom at five o’clock. Their time would start then. She added to bring the bag with them.

Sarah had decided that if she waited long enough for them, nothing would happen so it was better to start the proceedings. By making them wait she could start taking control of the situation, they thought they were taking advantage of her but really it was the other way round, they just didn’t know it.

Sarah was comfortable with this, she had been in this flat before plenty of times, she had three young schoolboys in the other room waiting to ‘take advantage of her’. By the looks of them she didn’t think they would last an hour, the two weakest especially so she had to make the best of what they had.

Now it was showtime, she had a paying audience and wanted to make sure they got their satisfaction and hers. If she waited for them to undress her, the hour would be over and everyone would be disappointed. She also didn’t want to be cold either so that’s when she took matters in to her own hands.

She had a couple of minutes to wait for them, she quickly undressed down to her knickers and bra. She undid her bra and took it off, releasing her large breasts. Her nipples had started to harden with the thoughts of what was to come. She quickly rubbed them to excite them so they stood to attention. Then she took off her knickers exposing her pussy, as a surprise she had shaved a small arrow pointing downwards. At least they knew where to go now. Her pussy lips had started to moisten, after all the bullshit was over now and at last there was going to be some action.

She laid down on the bed touching herself starting at her breasts, softly grabbing at them, and then moving to her nipples, rubbing them slowly, going quicker, then slowly and pinching them to get them excited.

That really her going, it was only natural when her hand moved slowly down to her pussy. Her finger moved around the arrow and followed it down finding to her clitoris. She played with it a little before moving down to her pussy lips, now they were more than moist, one finger went in followed quickly by another. She was ready now. Her hand went back to her clit, softly rubbing herself. She rubbed it a little faster till she really started getting excited and felt little spasms inside of her. A little bit quicker and her hips started to buck, this was getting better and better.

She had lost control of her thinking, not realising where she was and not caring, she was on a bed playing with her clit and very turned on. Her hand went down to her pussy, her lips spread easily and two fingers went in. She fingerfucked herself with two fingers and then three and afterwards four, she liked the challenge of how much she could fit in there.

She had lost control so much she didn’t realize that the three boys were now in the room, naked and jerking off watching her one woman show. Sarah then gathered her thoughts, not wanting to stop but knowing she had to slow down a little, she called over to the boys “are you coming or what?”

They needed no second invitation, John had naturally headed for her pussy while the other two had gone either side of Sarah. Nervously at first one of the boys started to kiss and suck her breast, the other had started kissing Sarah, but having seeing what else was on offer went down to the other breast kissing at first and continuing to suck her nipple. John had quickly found her pussy lips and started to spread them, putting his tounge inside. She was soaking and he could taste her sweet juices. Sarah grabbed his head and pulled it towards her clit, when he found it she felt spasms everywhere. When she felt everything was right she spread her arms to the side searching for two pricks to play with. She found them and started wanking them off.

What a show, there were hands, mouths and tounges everywhere. Every so often there would be a moan or murmur till John started to change things around. He told Luke and Terry to stop a minute and told Sarah to get on all fours, which she did. Not surprisingly all three of the boys were hard, while Sarah was soaking, her juices going down her thighs and down to her ass. With Sarah on all fours, John got behind and started to fuck her soaking pussy, Luke and Terry at first were confused till Sarah placed them in front of her. She started to suck one of their cocks while wanking off the other. John was bigger than the other two but she took him easily, her pussy muscles tightened around his cock while he fucked her for all it was worth. Sarah alternated between the two cocks in front of her and thought what a great start it was till it all went wrong.

Luke and Terry couldn’t last much longer and she could start to feel they were going to explode. One came in her mouth and she continued to suck him off even after he had cum. The other had cum when she was wanking him off, now his cum was on her hand. When she had finished sucking off the one prick, she cleaned the cum off her hand and then cleaned off the other prick in front of her with her mouth, causing him to moan. John did not last much longer and quickly came inside her. What he didn’t realize was his finger had easily slipped in to her ass and she did not complain but instead bucked back on to his prick in movement with his thrusts. After he had finished, she quickly took John’s prick and cleaned it off with her mouth and tounge till he was moaning in ecstacy. The three boys were spent and could go no further, they looked at the clock and saw it was only 5.25.

“I knew this would happen, lucky I thought ahead. Luke can you bring in the bag please.” John asked and when Luke returned John took the bag off him and whispered something in Luke’s ear. Luke left the room with a curious smile on his face.

Luke quickly got dressed and rushed out the flat, he started to run to the school gates, he had to meet someone there at 5.30. Time was against him and he could not afford another thirty pounds. Meanwhile David stood patiently outside the school wondering what was going on, whoever he was supposed to meet was late, he was about to leave when he saw a dishevelled figure running toward him. David stopped and waited, he recognised the strange figure as his classmate Luke. David could see he had dressed in a hurry and there was an unhealthy odour about him. Maybe it was better to ignore his appearance and just see where this led. Luke spoke quickly, "just follow me and we have to be quick, we don't have much time." Luke led the way, running as quick as he could back to the flat to see what he missed out on.

Back at the flat things were going to get more interesting. Sarah was still on all fours and still very wet, but her hands were now tied to the headboard, she was blindfolded and her legs were spread forcing her pussy and anus wide open. It was uncomfortable, but she had been in that position before and her experience told her that it could lead to some very good things. There was a rustle as John and Terry opened the bag. When they saw the contents both of them had big smiles. There had to be no doubt in their minds what was going to happen next, in front of them Sarah was tied and showing off all her assets. Her anus and pussy were just begging to be filled. The contents of the bag were laid out in front of them on the bed. On the bed was some lube, a carrot, a gherkin, a corn on the cob, a cucumber, an aubergine and a chocolate bar. There were no prizes for knowing where some, if not all of that was going. Sarah could not see any of this and while she could feel she was losing some control here, she seemed to like the feeling turning her on again.

There was no time to lose, they only had thirty minutes left. John slowly fingered her clitoris moving up to her pussy tracing the open lips up to her anus, circling it until suddenly putting his finger inside. Sarah's body had enjoyed the soft tracing of his finger on her most intimate parts but suddenly spasmed when his finger had entered her. When he kept it in there, she moved her anus back to meet his little thrusts. "I knew you would enjoy that, you didn't seem to mind when I did it to you before", John said before indicating to Terry to pass him the lube. Terry passed it and John quickly took out his finger of her anus, disappointing her. He put some lube on two fingers and pressed on her anus, leaving it there enough time just to tease. When she felt his fingers enter they felt cold and she was certain there was more than one this time. He then started to fingerfuck her ass, she responded by moaning softly and moving her body back to meet his movements.

When he took out his fingers a second time, he quickly replaced them with the carrot, moving in and out of her ass. He left it there and put his fingers in to her pussy. First two, then three, then four and just about five moving them in and out slowly. He picked up the cucumber and the gherkin, inserting the cucumber first into her soaking wet pussy. He fucked her with the cucumber quickly going as deep as he could, then looked at the gherkin. Sarah was letting out soft moans and her body flled with spasms but when she felt the gerkin inside her, with the rough skin and small knobs interacting inside her vagina, she felt like she wanted to scream and had to try and stop herself from doing so. John then shouted to Terry, who could not take his eyes off what was happening and wanking himself off, "Come here and start fucking her ass with the carrot". He was there in a flash and soon Sarah was being penetrated in her ass and her pussy and loving it. She made a note that John would have to get some kind of reward, as he appeared to have a talent for perversion. He may have learnt it from his brother.

Terry continued to fuck her ass with the carrot and got so bold to slap her ass a couple of times, when there was no resistance he kept on slapping her ass till it started turning red. John took out the gherkin, to Sarah's disappointment, and replaced it with the corn on the cob. This was a bit bigger and took a little longer to put in as deep as he could, instead of fucking her going in and out, he kept it where it was and just rotated it going round and round. Sarah exploded inside, the little pieces of corn interacted inside her vagina more than the gherkin and it had certainly hit her g-spot. Now she had difficulty in breathing, there followed wave after wave of orgasms, making her even more wet than she thought possible. How long could this go for? How much more could she take?

John glanced a look at the clock and saw it was 5.45, he removed the corn on the cob, noticing that some of the corn was missing and must be in her pussy. It would come out later he supposed. He then told Terry to stop fucking her ass but to leave the carrot inside her, John then handed Terry the chocolate bar telling him "fuck her really good with this, get plenty of her juices and then feed it to her. When I come back I don't want to see any left, I will be back in a minute" He walked out in to the living room leaving Terry having the time of his life, fucking her pussy with a chocolate bar and forcing Sarah to eat it making sure she had tasted plenty of her own juices. He didn't need to be persuaded. Sarah was going out of her mind, the first half hour may have been a bit of a disappointment, but they made up for it, and they were paying her! She had done worse things!

John walked out of the room naked and saw Luke and Matthew sitting down waiting for some sign. David wasn't sure what to think, he had met Luke in the state that he was, now another classmate John was sitting down in the same room naked and smelling of sex. Now he understood that strange aroma of Luke's and hoped it was not what he was thinking. John came straight to the point, "Matthew, I don't have a lot of time to explain this, but we were worried about the reputation you were getting. So we are going to help you. In the other room is a young woman who we have had fun with, she is tied to the bed and blindfolded, she will never know who you are and all you have to do is go in and fuck her anywhere you like. She likes it both ways, so don't worry about that, just take the carrot out first. Oh and don't worry about any mess you might see on the floor, though you might be curious about the vegetables. Now all you have to do is fuck her and thank us later."

When John was saying there were two reactions, first of all Luke started to get angry wondering what had gone on when he was not there, while David was more than a little relieved when John had said about a woman being in there. The way things were going, he was wondering whether he had got in to his too deep. However, here was a free fuck and as they say 'when in Rome.' John left for a minute and went back in to the bedroom, two minutes later he walked out with Terry who was smiling from ear to ear. This did not please Luke. Terry nodded to Matthew and saw him getting stripped naked, Terry said nothing. Terry and Luke went to the bathroom to clean up while John explained a bit more, "don't say anything to her and when you finish get her to lie face down on the bed so she doesn't see you. Untie the knots to free her arms and just leave. I will return later to clean up the mess, this is my brothers flat by the way. We will get out of your way now and leave you to it, just close the door behind you when you leave. Have fun and make sure you finish by six o'clock."

When Matthew entered the bedroom, he was amazed by the sight of it. On the bed were different vegetables, some lube, the sheets were all over the place not to mention the open legs, soaking wet pussy and gaping anus that now faced him. The ass cheeks had turned red where Terry had lost some control and just kept spanking that helpless bottom. With one finger he put his finger on the anus, tracing it down to the extemely wet and open pussy, fingering the lips and fingerfucking a little bit, before rubbing the clitoris. He heard the front door close and he put his head around the corner to see if they had gone, his clothes were still there and he could see some money on the side which was obviously for this gaping pussy.

"Hi sis, been having fun?"

"Hi bruv, I'm surprised to see you here but while you're here finish me off and fuck me again. Then we'll see what games we can play tonight"

Matthew did not need another invitiation and quickly put his prick in to his sister's pussy, and started to fuck her. He picked up the carrot and put up her ass and fucked her there as fast as he could. He did not last too long and when he was ready to explode, he took the carrot out of her ass and replaced it with his prick, going as deep as he could and cumming very soon after.

"Just two questions sis, why is there sweetcorn in your pussy and what were they going to do with this aubergine?"

His sister replied quickly "take it home with you and we shall see what to do with it later".

"Sarah, we're not going to eat it are we? I don't know where it has been!"

"Matthew, I was not thinking of eating it and anyway I thought you liked the way I cooked the vegetables, with the special seasoning I use. At least now you know my secret recipe. Now untie me and remember we have to keep the act going so you go first and I shall meet you at home."

Matthew washed quickly, got dressed and left the flat, closing the door behind him. He left his sister to clean herself up but he was sure he could her mumbling about fucking sweetcorn and how it gets everywhere.

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