The King’s Gigolo

The King’s Gigolo

The King’s Gigolo (A Medieval Adventure)

I have always been a little keen on medieval times. I am by no means what you will call a history buff, I enjoy the primitive fashion especially the low neck lines and heaving bosoms and the barbaric behaviour but mostly the romantic interludes that are linked with so many hero’s and legends.

On a smaller scale I have always been let’s say amused more than interested in the idea of time travel and teleportation from a very early age from the time I started to read The Chronicles of Narnia, but I guess every kid is to a certain degree.

Perhaps it is the combination of both that thrust me into the reality of the tale I am about to tell or perhaps I was predestined, maybe I was just plain lucky, and I can say this because I came out of it alive. Whatever it was I am eternally grateful.

So without further ado I introduce to you The King’s Gigolo …………..

One fine sunny afternoon I sat by the pool sipping a scotch and dry and reading a hilarious fiction story based on Charlemagne but very farfetched indeed. I must have been in the middle of an orgy scene when I dozed off and found myself at a gathering amid all manner of debauchery that shocked even me. I was face down in a little blonde wench and a dark skinned, dark haired beauty was beneath me sucking my cock. I awoke suddenly to a spray of water in the face and looked up to see who had disturbed my heavenly dream and saw Kevin Adams, the little kid next door hanging over the back fence with a water pistol. I reached slowly down beside me and turned the water pressure on the tap right up then grabbed the hose, aimed it at Kevin and turned the tip releasing an almighty stream of water all over him as I laughed. He was a good kid; we had some fun together despite his parent’s belief that my bachelor influence on him would lead him astray.

I headed for the pool shed to get out the test kit for chemical levels, I wanted to have the water perfect for the party I was having on the weekend. I opened the shed door and was half way through when I saw the rear view of a solid hairy naked man hammering a tiny redhead within an inch of her life upon a pile of hey. I backed out of the door and slammed it shut. What the fuck? I rubbed my eyes in disbelief then turned and looked across my yard. Everything seemed perfectly normal. Perhaps I had been drinking more than I realised. I opened the door again in time to hear the redhead screaming as she came as the hairy gentleman grunted and blew his load inside her. I backed up against the wall and side stepped behind some bales of hay, not my bales of hay of course but all I was worried about was not being seen by the couple recovering from their romp. I looked back at the door but it was gone and the barn door to the left of me appeared to be the only way out.

Now I was sure I was dreaming, this was surely a boyhood fantasy. I looked around for Aslan or Mr Tumnus or any of the other Narnian characters but they were not there. Suddenly I noticed my breeches and tunic, what the fuck was I wearing? And when did I change? I slapped myself hard hoping to wake myself. When my eyes opened there was no change except now the hairy man was redressing and then climbed down a ladder in the middle of the floor that I had not noticed earlier. I went for the door but trod on something and tripped. I rolled over in time to see something falling toward my face and then ‘bang’ I was out like a light.

When I came to the red head was hovering over me waving something vile under my nose. My tunic was open and the redhead was beaming lustfully at me. Her tits were almost falling out of her low cut bodice.

“Well hello my lord, aren’t you a handsome one”

She said as she leaned in and began kissing my chest wildly. Still a little groggy from the blow to the head I was defenceless against her frenzied attack. She unfastened my breeches and pulled them down and gobbled up my cock hungrily and sucked it until it was rock hard and ready to mount. She wasted no time in straddling me and sliding down my shaft as she unfastened her bodice and shirt and let her tits spill out of the top. Just as I was returning to normal and really starting to enjoy this little sexual escapade the hairy man came back upstairs now kitted out in armour and carrying a weapon. The second he saw me he drew his sword and roared in anger and rushed at us. I fumbled with my breeches as I ran toward the open end of the loft and dove out. I landed on a soft pile of hay and managed to fasten my breeches and then seeing a horse tied down I unfastened the rope and jumped on. The horse took off and I went arse over head off the back, who the hell was I trying to kid? I had never ridden a horse before.

I ran from the barn into the street and saw a market place a couple of hundred yards down the road. I ran and found a bread stall with a tent behind to hide in and ducked behind some sacks of bread. I heard the man and the others he had gathered for the hunt run by and keep going. After a few minutes my breathing had returned to normal and I sat and wondered what my next move should be. Just then a young woman came into the tent and grabbed some bread from the opposite corner of the tent to which I was hiding. I thought I had gone undetected but then she stopped and came over to where I was hiding under some empty sacks. She lifted then and smiled at me and put the sacks back over me and hurried out. I sat a little bewildered by her actions for a second before she entered and again removed the sacks. She grabbed my hand and led me out the back of the tent and into another tent. She began removing her garments until she stood naked before me and then started removing mine.

I wasn’t use to getting so lucky but gladly let this beautiful dark skinned nubile remove my clothing and ravage my body. I began feasting on her beautiful tits and then lay her down on some fabric and began eating her pussy. She moaned as I spread her pussy with my hungry lips and tongue and then tongue fucked her. She came again and again as I found her G spot with my finger and rubbed it as I sucked on her throbbing clit. I bent her over a hay bale covered with sheets and pounded her from behind. I managed to explode shooting stream after stream of cum into her belly this time before soldiers burst into the room and captured me.

I awoke with a headache in a dim jail cell with my hands and feet in chains. When the guards noticed I was awake they dragged me upstairs and threw me on the ground before the king.

“Is this the scoundrel that dares shame the royal family?”

“It is your highness”

“Then leave us, I will deal with him myself”

The guards all but one, the king’s personal guard left the throne room. The king spoke

“I understand you quite like the company of the lady’s. Well give me one good reason I should not remove your head here and now for disgracing the princess”

“I didn’t”

“You will address the king with the appropriate respect or I will remove your tongue”

Boomed the guard.

“Umm, I did no such thing your highness?”

“How dare you lie to the king, you were caught red handed in the stables”

Seeing his long red hair and beard I realised now that the redhead in the barn was indeed his daughter.

“I have a proposition for you that if you agree will be the only way your head will not be separated from your neck. Seeing as you prefer the company of the ladies and it would seem they also enjoy your company you may suit a particular need I have here in my kingdom. I need someone to service the royal wives and concubines in my place. If you can pleasure my first wife lady Francis you will pass the test and become eligible for this role. So do you accept this challenge or do I cut off your head right now?”

“But what if I can’t ...what if she doesn’t.............

“Then you will be no use to me will you”

He roared.

“Take this man to the Queen at once”

The king’s guard sent for some of his men to escort me to the Queen as the King himself headed there to meet us. Once there the guards threw me on the ground before the Queen, a beautiful and voluptuous young woman with fair skin and long golden hair.

“What are you doing bringing this wretch into my bedroom?”

She snapped.

“My dear I may hire this man to be at your service if his skill suits your needs”

“Hmmm.....ok then. Guards leave us please”

She ordered and only the King and his personal guard remained. No sooner had the guards shut the door did the queen rise and to my surprise disrobed leaving her completely naked. Immediately the tent in my pants became obvious to everyone in the room.

“I apologise your majesty”

I said.

“Don’t apologise, you are no good to without that aren’t you. Otherwise I’d have your head removed immediately, both of them! Speaking of your head, Guard remove his clothes at once”

The guard stripped my clothes from my body leaving me standing before the queen pointing straight at her luscious pussy with my mighty erection.

“Come closer”

She beckoned. I immediately crossed the room and stood in front of her with my hands at my sides. The Queen looked up and down my naked form seeming pleased with what she saw. She walked around me still admiring me and just as slight relief started setting in ‘crack’ she slapped my ass hard. I could feel my face go as red as I imagine my ass had gone and my heartbeat had skyrocketed. The Queen laughed wickedly.

“Well he sure looks the part; let’s see if he can go the distance”

She said. The guard threw a cushion on the ground in front of me and she knelt and wrapped her small hand around four of my nine inches and squeezed it hard forcing blood to rush into the end ballooning my knob out to the size of a small apple.

“I expect you are unable even to endure past the time it takes one’s tea to boil”

She jeered taking my cock into her mouth. I gasped thinking she may be right as her tongue swirled around my swollen knob and her hand pumped my shaft. She gripped firmly on each forward thrust in a milking motion each time forcing the blood painfully into the head and then bringing comfort to the throbbing tip with her talented mouth. I closed my eyes and thought of my brother, my father, my dog, the three of them in bed together, anything that would assist me in holding off an orgasm. She felt incredible and was doing her best to make me lose my head in more ways than one. I past the end of her expected time and she paused and glared at me in annoyance and then a smirk fell across her face as she raised up on her knees and wrapped my cock in her beautiful tits and started bobbing up and down. Oh god it looked hot and felt great, her soft large breasts against my throbbing cock. She lowered her mouth and gave the tip a lick or a suck each time it bobbed up from between her succulent tits toward her amazing face. I pictured my severed head on a silver platter and fought of orgasm again.

“Guard, my servants please”

The guard left and re-entered with two oriental and two Middle Eastern beauties. They immediately removed their clothing and began kissing each other in an orgy like scene from a Bollywood film. The thought of never tasting another pussy, never feeling another breast and never holding another woman’s convulsing body as she came on the end of my thrusting cock all helped me to continue to hold my orgasm at bay. The servants turned up the heat as they began licking and kissing my body all over. I felt nipples and lips and soft fingertips dancing all over my aching body. I considered that when I finally came that jizz may pour out of every pore in my skin, that my body would explode covering the room in my gooey juice. I was one enormous jizz bomb just waiting to detonate.

“If you deprive me of your manly seed for a moment longer I will see to it that you remain alive and make sure you suffer with sex barely beyond your fingertips for the rest off time. You will die with an unquenchable hard on; I will make sure of it now CUM!”

I opened my eyes just as her lips closed around my cock, a dark nipple was pushed in my mouth, lips, tongues and fingers worked my body ferociously. My balls churned and I began to pump hard as the Queen had her servants kneel beside her. I sprayed cum all over their faces and tits as her majesty directed my fountain of cum at her will. My legs shook and I arched backwards pushing out the last few drops of cum hoping I had done the right thing.

“Well, well. We know you can hold off an orgasm, but how good are you at granting them? You will pleasure all of my servants sufficiently before you service me and work swiftly for I am in no mood to wait”

My years of porn surfing, ogling women and exploitation of woman were finally coming back to bight me on the ass. How did I get here? I settled down between the first girls opened legs and took a deep breath. I began kissing her inner thighs gently, working from side to side and down toward her neatly trimmed pussy. I gently blew on her moistening pussy knowing it would drive her crazy. Barely touching her I circled the folds of her muff with my tongue several times. She begged me now to eat her and make her cum. I drove my extended tongue deep into her pussy and paused making her gasp. I licked up and down forcefully spreading her lips apart and then plunged in and out. I sensed her approaching orgasm and began to suck on her swollen clit while I plunged first one and then two fingers inside her. She shuddered through one and then two and then a third orgasm as I fed on her hungrily. I kissed her soaking wet pussy and then licked my lips, one down and four to go.

The Queen sat nearby fingering her slit and massaging her own breasts as I chewed my way through another then another of her servants with skill and determination. The last one came squirting stream after stream of her sweet liquid into my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could and licked her twat clean before turning to face my final challenge, The Queen.

“Now take your time and do your job well and I’ll persuade the king in your favour”

She beckoned me with her finger so I got off the bed and started to walk


She ordered. At once I crawled over between her spread thighs and began kissing her softly. I pressed my lips firmly against the folds of her vagina and kissed her passionately rolling my head from side to side as I did. As instructed I took my time, the instruction was not hard to obey as her delicious pussy tasted of fresh rose petals and sweet perfume. I felt her hand grasp the back of my head as I now lapped at her pussy and then licked her slit from bottom to top flicking the turgid little nub before starting at the bottom again. By this stage she was pulling at the back of my head so hard I thought I may suffocate. I nibbled my way down her folds to the bottom of her slit and then took a huge gamble; I slid my tongue down the skin under her slit and stuck it in her ass hole. She threw her arm s back grasping the back of the chair and pressed her hips forward. I tongue fucked her ass and she screamed and squirted her sweet nectar over my back and face. I continued to suck but not quite as hard and sucked and kissed her until her breathing returned to normal.

When she was ready she climbed up on the bed on all fours and poked her gorgeous ass in the air and did not even look my way. Knowing what she expected I climbed up on the bed behind her and stuck my cock between her ass cheeks. Using my hands I pressed her ass cheeks together around my cock and slid up and down between her cheeks several times to make myself as hard as I could. I wanted to impress her with my size and I did not yet know who or if there was any competition I was up against. I spat between her ass cheeks and continued to glide up and down between them and before long was almost ready to go. Using her own milking technique I made sure the cock head was nice and swollen before pressing it up against her sopping wet pussy lips.

She groaned at the feel off my bulbous head pressing against her lips and then groaned again as I slid the tip up and down her lips. When I felt she was ready I poked into her and inched my way forward slowly. With every mini thrust she moaned until I was nearly all the way in. I bottomed out inside her with an inch left to go then withdrew and started thrusting slowly, gracefully inside her pussy. She oooh’d and aaah’d as I pumped her without changing pace for a long time. Hoping not to jeopardise my life I bit the bullet and rammed into her hard feeling my balls squash up against her firm as she howled in pain and hopefully pleasure. The guard stepped in

“No, no. It’s ok”

She said holding a hand out to dismiss him. I grabbed her by the hips and turned her over and slid back inside her immediately. I knelt beneath her ass with my knees around her and began pounding her.

“You are so beautiful your majesty”

I said hoping to win a few more vote however it was not hard to say as it was true. I kneaded her beautiful tits and then let them spring free and watched as they bounced up and down in time with my thrusts.

“Oh your highness I will cum soon”

I said not knowing for sure if she would understand my terminology. I rubbed her clit with a moistened thumb and felt her lips clamp down on my shaft. I attempted to pull out but she grabbed my ass and held me inside and did not let go until I had emptied my entire load deep in her stomach.

“Oh god I needed that, you may keep your head dear man. Guard, show him to his room”

“Your majesty, can I ask, why does the king need someone to service such a glorious woman?”

She laughed a little and then laughed a little harder and then led me over to a panel in the wall. She opened the secret window as best describes it and I could not believe my eyes. The King had a male servant bent over a table before him and was fucking him into tomorrow. Seeing my mouth open and my eyes bugging out of my head she said

“The crown must remain in the family and every King needs a Queen. I shall explain it all at a later date. Now I need a bath and a lie down”

I don’t think I needed any further explanation. Now that I had secured my position and saved my neck I did have a few other questions that would help me decide whether I was happy to stay or to look for a way out of this place.

Just then the king sent for me. He was just fastening his cloak and adjusting his clothes as I entered and stood before him.

“I have decided I may have use for you around here after all. I will decide on suitable punishment for disgracing the princess later but as for now you will see to it that my wives and concubines do not left want, do you understand?”

“Yes your Highness”

“Do you have any questions?”

“Ah, yes your highness”

“Well speak man, what is it?”

“I am not from around here originally; exactly how many women are your wives and concubines?”

“Ah yes, thank you for reminding me”

He clapped his hands and two guards opened the doors and in marched a procession of beautiful women form the many lands he had formed alliances with. Ten wives and Twenty Two concubines. I could feel myself go white as a ghost. I certainly had my work cut out for me. As I was escorted out of the room the King spoke again

“Oh and as you are such a handsome man, I may have need of your service one day”


“Of course you’re Highness”

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