Naruto: Slave for You Ch. 2

Naruto: Slave for You Ch. 2

Hinata awoke to the smell of breakfast. Slowly, she opened her eyes and was startled to find herself not in her own room. Then the memories of last night started to emerge in her mind as she reached for the collar around her next. It hadn’t been a dream after all. She had told the person she loved more than anyone else in the world how she felt.

Then she noticed that Naruto wasn’t in the room. A sense of shame filled her as she remembered her lessons from the academy. She had been taught to awaken before her master. To prepare a meal for him to start the day out right. She had forgotten the basics that had been drilled into her head since day one.

“Hey there,” said Naruto as he entered the room with a tray. Well, the tray was just an old book with a plate on hit. He sat the plate down in front of Hinata and she saw eggs and toast. “I would have brought you something to drink, but that milk smells a little off.” Before Naruto could say anymore, Hinata got on her hands and knees and bowed before him on the bed.

“I’m sorry N-Naruto-sama,” she said. “I s-should have gotten up b-before you and made breakfast. Please f-forgive me!” Naruto just scratched the back of his head.

“Who said you had to do that?” asked Naruto. Hinata raised her head up and looked at him with confusion. “Listen, if those jerks at the academy told you that you had to do it then I say screw it! Besides, this is the least I could do after…last night.” As he said the last part, his face went red as did Hinata’s.

“T-Thank you Naruto-sama,” said Hinata as she got into a sitting position. Slowly, she began to eat the meal her master had prepared for her. The eggs were a bit runny and the toast was a bit darker than she liked, but it was the thought that really counted.

“So how are you feeling Hinata-chan?” asked Naruto.

“A little sore,” admitted Hinata as she finished the eggs. "But I'll be fine."

“That’s good,” said Naruto. “Our sensei came by earlier and said that she would meet up with us tomorrow. That means that we have all day today to get supplies that we need. You know…since we’ll be living together.” Once again, both their faces turned red.


It was amazing. Hinata was amazed by how fast they were getting everything done. She had first made a list of all the things they would need. Things like food other than ramen, clothing, and some shinobi supplies. Naruto had decided to create a couple kage bunshins to get the food that they needed. This would save them a couple hours at least.

The first place the original Naruto and Hinata went to was to a local clothing outlet. This was mainly for Hinata, but she convinced Naruto to get a new outfit while they were there. She had found an outfit that was orange and black (it’s what he wears after the time skip). As for Hinata, she tried on several outfits and asked for Naruto’s opinion on each one. Naruto found out that Hinata liked to wear jackets no matter how warm it was. Ones that hid her great figure, in his opinion. In the end, however, he did manage to get her several outfits without jackets. As they walked out of the store she wore her new blue long sleeved shirt and matching pants.

With that out of the way, they went to the only place left on their list. It was a small shop at the edge of the village that had been recommended back at the academy by Iruka-sensei. The building was white with no windows. There was a red door with the kanji for enter written in yellow paint. Above the door was the name of the building, the Bloody Kunai.

“Welcome,” said a purple haired woman as they entered the building. The place was full of weapons, scrolls, gear, medical supplies, pills, and everything else that a shinobi could want. But the place was empty other than Naruto, Hinata, and the purple haired woman eating dango at the counter. “My name is Anko Mitarashi. How may I help you?”

“Uh, we just came for some supplies,” said Naruto. Anko grinned. They were both shinobi cherries if she ever saw. And since the academy just let out a new bunch of rookies, she was guessing that these two were from that group. This was going to be fun.

“Alright then,” she said as she left the counter. “Now, the first thing that you’ll both need will be the basics. In the back I have kunai sets complete with sharpening stones as well as shuriken sets. I also have some rope, sleeping bags, and all the other basics that you will need.” Then she eyed Hinata and smirked. “Might I suggest the Ultimate Pack? It comes complete with everything I just mentioned as well as a beginners manual for having a slave. It’s cheaper than getting all of them separately and created by yours truly.”

“Alright then,” said Naruto. Anko motioned them both to the counter and once they were all there she pulled out a large black case.

“Next up,” continued Anko, “are weapons. Normally I let my costumers pick out what they want and sell it to them regardless to whether or not they can use it. But since your both green, I’ll help.” She then pulled out two pieces of paper and handed them to the teens. She then instructed them to channel some chakra into them and saw the results.
“Well, Hokage-sama knew what he was doing when he put you two together.”

“W-Why do you s-say that?” asked Hinata.

“Because wind and water type people are the best match up,” said Anko. “Let me explain, there are the five basic elements: fire, water, earth, water, and wind. Wind is weak against fire. Fire is weak against water. Water is weak against lightning. And lightning is weak against earth. Each person is born with an affinity for one of these elements and can later learn how to do the others. These affinities can also help describe a person and can be used to find the best match up for that person.”

“Oh,” said Naruto. “I think I get it. So me and Hinata-chan are a good match up then. Cool.”

“That’s right,” said Anko. “Well, back to business. Right now I don’t have any weapons in stock that would be good for a water user. But I do have something for the blond.” Anko then left the counter and went over to the weapons section. After a few minutes of scanning she grabbed something and came back the pair. She then placed a pair of kodachis’ on the counter. “These are perfect for you gaki. Light weight, easy to handle, and they make a decent defense. Also they’re made with a special metal that absorbs the nature of the chakra of the owner. That way you can channel your chakra into them and make them sharper.”

“Cool!” shouted Naruto. “I’ll take them!”

“Great,” said Anko as ryo signs appeared in her eyes. “I’ll also add in a training guide for elemental training.” With that, she pulled out a large book and placed it on the table. Anko then pulled out a scroll and sealed all the items into it in a flash. “Now, before we finish up, is there anything else you need?”

“I don’t think so,” said Naruto. He then turned to Hinata. “What do you think Hinata-chan?”

“I-I think w-we’re all set,” said Hinata.

“Good,” said Anko. “But might I offer up some other services? For example, maybe some tattoos for your slave. Or maybe having her nipples, tongue, or clit pierced?”

“We’re fine!” said Naruto loudly as his face turned red. He then emptied his wallet, grabbed the scroll, and left with Hinata in tow.


It was getting dark by the time Naruto and Hinata got home. They had walked all the way back in silence due to the shock of what Anko had suggested. Naruto couldn’t help but to imagine Hinata with some of the things Anko had suggested. He pictured a flower of some kind on Hinata’s still growing breasts. He wondered what Hinata would look like with piercings. And every time he would look at Hinata, he knew that she knew what he was thinking about.

As soon as they entered the apartment, Hinata went to but away her new clothing while Naruto looked at the kit they had bought after unsealing it. Like Anko had said, it contained all the basic supplies that any shinobi would need on a mission. However, the manual also came with a few other things like dildos, anal beads, egg vibrators, a bondage kit, and a face mask with a hole in the mouth area. The manual itself was called ‘Taming Your Kunoichi’ and after flipping through it. It had diagrams showing him how to tie up his slaves, check lists on how to break newly acquired slaves, games he could play, and various other things. In the end, Naruto put it all away for now and decided to take a cold shower.

Naruto had been in the shower for less than a minute when he heard Hinata’s voice.

“N-Naruto-sama,” she called. “Would y-you like m-me to wash your back?”

“Sure thing,” said Naruto without thinking. Soon the shower door opened and in stepped a naked Hinata. She took a wash cloth, soaped it up, and began to wash Naruto’s back.

“N-Naruto-sama,” said Hinata after awhile. “W-Would you like me b-better if I had longer hair? Or if I-I had a t-tattoo?”

“Nani?” said Naruto. Hinata stopped scrubbing his back and then pressed her body against his.

“I just w-want to please you N-Naruto-sama,” she said. “I-If there is a-anything that you don’t like a-about me, I’ll c-change it just for y-you. So p-please, tell m-me how I-I can be better.” Naruto quickly turned around and grabbed Hinata’s arms.

“Don’t ever think like that again,” said Naruto. “If you want to change something about yourself, you should do it for yourself!”

“But…” began Hinata.

“No buts,” said Naruto as he cut her off. “I can’t care that you belong to be. The truth is that…I like you just the way you are.” With that, Naruto kissed her. It was slow and sensual. Soon their tongues began to feel each other as Naruto pressed Hinata against the shower was. Slowly, Naruto reached down to feel that special area between her legs. It turned out water wasn’t the only thing running down her legs. And in being in these close spaces was making Naruto really hard.

Naruto then broke the kiss and they both began to pant really hard. The look in both their eyes was that of desire and longing. They both wanted this. So, wordlessly, Naruto brought both his hands down to Hinata’s soft ass and lifted her up. Then, while keeping his eyes on Hinata, lined his dick with her pussy and then lowered her down. Hinata hissed in pleaser as she warped her legs around her blond haired master’s waist and her arms around his neck. Then, Naruto began to thrust while pressing her against the cold shower wall.

Hinata was in heaven once again. She was straying right into Naruto’s face as he trusted into her. Her skin felt cold from the shower water, but her insides felt like they were burning up. And with each trust felt like so good. Hinata then kissed Naruto, moaning into his mouth as she came.

But Naruto wasn’t done. He kept trusting faster and faster. Hinata broke off the kiss and began to moan louder and louder. Soon she began to scream in pleaser.

“YES!” she screamed. “JUST LIKE THAT! OH NARUTO-SAMA, YOU’RE DRIVING ME WILD! I’M GOING TO CUM! I’M GOING TO CUM AGAIN! PLEASE CUM INSIDE OF ME! PLEASE!” Naruto grunted as he gave her what she wanted in one final trust. Hinata climaxed as she felt his hot semen shot inside of her and her body went limp.

“That was fantastic Hinata-chan,” breathed Naruto.

“Thank you N-Naruto-sama,” said Hinata. “Naruto-sama, c-can I ask a-a favor of you?”


“Can I sleep i-in your bed with y-you again?”

“Sure thing,” replied Naruto. “Just as long as we both get some sleep and we’re both naked.”

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