Friday rolled on, and I didn’t know how I was going to make it. With every file on my desk I had to ask myself if I was trying to see Sara again or if that was even worth it and if I should make up the difference by trying to pass by Lisa’s bar on the way home. Chasing two rabbits meant I would lose both, chasing neither also meant losing both, so I had to think of something.
I gave up. I went home, alone, on time.
Sara pulled up to a dingy bar not far from work, a watering hole she hadn’t visited in a while. When she made sat down at a bar a familiar face greeted her.
“Hey Sara! Long time, no see!”
“Hey Lisa, remember my usual?”
“Of course!” she replied turn around to pour, “What brings you here after such a long time away? I had started to think you didn’t like me.”
“Oh. No, I just have been working more over time than usual.”
“Yeah? Hows work going? School is what it is, you know.”
“Right. Work is still keeping me on my toes. Actually met a cute guy there rather by accident.”
Lisa slid the glass over, eye brow arched, “Oooh? Did you get his attention?”
“Maybe…” Sara glanced up and to the left.
“You didn’t even talk to him. Did you?” Lisa said flatly.
“Might have done… more than…”
“What?! You’re telling me you just jumped the guy? What are you? Me?”
The girls laughed a minute, accepting the absurdity.
“He was nice! And I don’t think he expected it. At least he didn’t try anything weird.”
“Aw, you’re missing out. Went back with a guy the other night that could take strange in stride.”
“Please.” Sara said, “this is what, your fifth this week?”
“As a matter of fact, it’s been a bit dry. Though, now that he has been brought up might not let that stay dry.”
“Thanks for that… what should I do though? I don’t know if I can just show up and be welcomed in.”
“If he was that eager before you could probably show up fully dressed and be taken in. I say, go for it.” Lisa smiled and gave Sara a reassuring wink.
I had resigned myself to another night alone, a glass of whiskey and a few movies I hadn’t yet seen when a knock forced me to shake off the booze.
I answered the door and those beautiful blue eyes stared back at me.
“Did… am I interrupting?”
The confident girl I had spent the night with was acting almost coy.
“No, Sara, I was just putting my feet up. Why are… did you want to come in?” I didn’t know what to ask.
She came inside, turning to me as I closed the door and wrapping her arms around my neck.
Her lips closed in and I couldn’t help being drawn in again. Only this morning I was wondering if I was going to be here again and figuring I would only get to think of that feeling compelling me forward. I pulled her into me, grateful for the chance to feel her mouth locked against mine again.
She tugged at me leading me backwards towards the bedroom and the bed still unmade. I gave in letting myself fall in to those eyes. Her shirt came undone in my hands; her hands fumbling with my belt. A loose length of hair brushed out of the way. She had backed up to the bed and was pulling me down when another knock on my door sounded off.
“Ignore it, let them think we are not here.”
The knock repeated, harder.
“I don’t think they are going to buy that.”
Louder, more persistent.
“Hold that thought” I said, aggravated enough to almost lose the appreciation growing in my boxers.
I stumbled over to the door and opened it fully prepared to tell off the person on the other side only to be tackled by a beautiful red head. Her lips found mine before I could say anything and a deep kiss instilled pent up lust.
“Miss me?”
“Hey, you… uh, this is… I wasn’t expect…” I am so dead.
Lisa pressed her lips against mine again, I almost forgot I had left someone else in the bedroom.
What did she just say?
What did she just say?
“What are you doing here?” both girls asked each other; the type of set up one expects from a sitcom.
“I told you, I was going to go see the guy I met at work and make up for being awkward. Why didn’t you say that this was the guy you met?”
“I thought we were talking about different guys!”
I back up a bit and consider covering my crotch. “Uh, ladies, can you come inside Lisa and have this conversation where my neighbors won’t…”
Lisa turned and half slammed the door. Sara turned and looked at me accusingly.
“Why didn’t you tell me you had someone else? I… I didn’t think that… didn’t mean to try to…”
“I don’t have someone else. I didn’t know what to think of the other evening or, frankly, last night. Stuff sort of went where it wanted to and I just went along with it because I wanted to.” Not my best line, but out of it and a bit scared of losing both rabbits…
“But, but, I came back first and…” Sara seemed hurt, like she might have wanted something else before.
Lisa interjected “what about me? Was I not enough?”
“More than anyone like me deserved, but I said, I didn’t know what to think and just went with it. I’ve been a bit out of…”
Lisa stopped me, taking Sara by the wrist and dragging her aside. She turned, cupping her hand around her mouth and Sara’s ear so I couldn’t hear.
I couldn’t make out much, the words ‘finger’ and ‘multiple’ might have come up, ‘compromise’ was tossed in. I was starting to voice a question when Sara turned around and rushed to put her arms around me.
“Where were we?” she asked kissing me before she let me speak.
“The… but, what…”
Lisa was beside us, one hand on me another on Sara. She leaned in and kissed me before kissing Sara just as passionately.
“Ever done this before?”
“I - no.”
Lisa smiled and pushed both Sara and myself back toward the bed. "Sara got here first, I guess its only fair we make her feel good first." she pulled Sara around and held her by the hips from behind both of them smiling and looking at me. Those eyes, that smile. Lisa's hands went to work on Sara's top, relieving her of it while bringing her lips around and kissing her.
I stood for a moment letting the image sink in then moved in to kiss Sara's neck. My hands found their way down to her pants which I finished loosening and helped her step out of. Lisa brought Sara down to lay on the bed and quickly got naked herself tossing her now wet panties at me.
I go to lay down between them. Right, still wearing pants, those are coming off now. Lisa is back to kissing Sara, Lisa's hand holding and rubbing Sara's breasts. Sara's legs open up, she’s reaching for herself when I stop her hand, leaning down and kissing her stomach, down her hip and then running my tongue down over her clit and then flicking back and forth. She moans and I see her hand go back towards Lisa's chest in exchange.
The girls are kissing each other harder, Lisa's body moving in closer, propping herself up for a better angle. I run a free hand up and stroke the inside of Lisa's leg, she moves a bit and lets my fingers slide in, thumb running circles on her clit. Both girls are moaning and I feel Sara tighten around my tongue and Lisa around my fingers.
"Fingers or tongue?" Lisa asks looking into Sara's eyes.
"Don't know, I have to try both a few times." Sara moans back looking at me.
I take the hint, giving Sara one long last lick and a Lisa a few more circles. I roll Lisa on to her back and put my head between her legs, tongue running around quickly. Sara sits up and kisses Lisa's breasts, my fingers make their way to Sara's pussy and she moans.
"Fingers, definitely fingers."
Lisa laughs lightly "good, I think I rather enjoy his mouth."
"Do I not get a say in this?"
"No." both girls at once followed by light hearted laughs and Lisa looking at me saying "you'd better keep going, I was getting close again."
I smile, my tongue going back to work on her, my fingers curling inside Sara who rolls on to her back again, grabbing her own breasts.
Lisa clenches up on me again, her moans mixing with Sara's own soft swearing. She looks at me then beckons me to climb up on the bed. I comply, crawling between them, kissing each in turn.
"I kind of like how you taste on him." said Sara, making another pass for a kiss. I kiss her deeply, letting her tongue find its way around mine.
"Want to taste it directly from the source?" said Lisa, getting up on to her knees.
Sara reached out for Lisa's hips, pulling her over and kissing her way up the inside of Lisa's legs until Lisa lowered herself down on to Sara's waiting mouth. Lisa moaned and reached down to spread Sara's legs apart. I put myself between Sara's legs, sliding the head of my cock up and down her lips a few times before sinking into her. She moaned loudly, muffled by Lisa's pussy covering her mouth. Lisa smiled her smile reaching out to kiss me while continuing to hold Sara's legs up and apart.
I worked up a good pace, careful not to buck too hard least Sara bite down or lose her place on Lisa's clit. Lisa was kissing everything she could reach, she started pinching Sara's nipples and sneaked a hand down to rub Sara's clit too. Sara was moaning, each moan echoed by Lisa. I was starting to let myself pick up a bit too much speed when Lisa climbed off Sara's face and pulled my dick out of Sara.
"Mmmm, I was liking that" said Sara, dejectedly at Lisa.
Lisa wasn't paying attention, she'd leaned down and taken my cock in her mouth. She gave a few long licks before letting go and responding.
"You taste good on him too."
"Oh, stick him back in and let me!"
She uses her legs to pull me back into her, letting me getting deep and a few thrusts before jumping off and turning around on the bed. She laid on her back, her neck stretched. Sara brings a hand up and bends my stiff self down and into her mouth. She moans a bit and Lisa lays on top of her a bit, kissing her neck as I slowly start to pull in and out of Sara's throat. Lisa is fingering Sara and gets her moaning around my dick. I pull out and Lisa takes me in her mouth again.
"I agree, tastes good"
Sara licks what Lisa doesn't have in her mouth. Lisa backs off a bit and the two make out with the head of my cock in the middle. I moan, its the damned sexiest thing I have seen. Sara pulls Lisa off and pushes her on to her back on the bed then crawls on top. Lisa and Sara keep kissing, boobs pressed together. Sara uses her legs to spread Lisa's open, both dripping pussies’ wide open and turned towards me.
I don't take much time to admire the view before I stick my cock my into Lisa, her moans greeted by more from Sara. I kiss Sara's back while Lisa grabs Sara's butt and spreads it further. I keep thrusting into Lisa, I can feel her tighten and a fresh level of moans announces another climax. It takes all my energy to pull out and push back into Sara, her moans get louder as I get faster.
Sara's pussy tightens up around me too and she moans, almost shrieking as she quakes on top of Lisa. I am getting close but I pull out again and dive back into Lisa. Lisa mean while has moved one hand down and found Sara's clit and the other hand has a finger out circling Sara's tight little asshole. Sara seems to be having too much fun to protest and soon Lisa is fingering her ass. Lisa is cumming again and fingers Sara harder sticking a full finger in her ass while furiously rubbing Sara's clit.
"You like that finger?"
"Want something bigger?" asked Lisa.
"I guess."
Lisa stops me. Damn it, almost finished. And puts Sara on her back this time. Sara spreads her legs, Lisa takes my cock in her mouth again, gets it all wet then leans down and licks Sara's tight hole before bringing me in. I slowly slide my cock into Sara's ass while Lisa goes back to rubbing Sara's clit. Sara moans and reaches out for me to come and kiss her. I try keep it slow. Shes really tightening down on me, Lisa has a mouth around a nipple and I kiss Sara again.
I am really trying to keep it slow, but Sara starts thrusting into me. "You can go faster" she says and Lisa laughs, "told you you'd like it." Lisa brings my face around and kisses me. "Cum in her, she'd like that."
I speed up a bit, Sara's moaning more and Lisa works her fingers into Sara's slit as well. I am getting close, her body is pressing against me, ass tightened around me. I can't hold on. A few more thrusts and I push deep into Sara's sweet ass as I feel myself tighten and spill into her. She moans as Lisa helps bring her over the edge again.
I fall out, and Lisa leans down and licks up my cum dripping out of Sara's ass.
"Hm, what are we going to do with you?" I ask Lisa as she finishes off Sara who is still moaning and fondling a breast.
"You could stick it in my ass next?" she says. I reach down and give her ass a bite. "I'd love to, but you two seem to have taken quite a bit out of me." the day catches up to me all at once, guess it had been hiding.
I lay down and pull Sara to my left as Lisa crawls up to my right, kissing Sara and I before she settles. I pull them both close, reaching a hand down both to cup each girl's butt. Sara kisses my cheek. I hear both of their breathing settle and turn to slight snoozing sounds before I too fall asleep.

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