Biker Lust... The Beginning

Biker Lust... The Beginning

It was a warm fall day. I was riding aimlessly around in the country on my Sportster. All summer
long I'd ridden around on these same roads and I was feeling quite bored. I had been riding along, lost in
thought when I came upon the little wooded glen with the roadside cemetary. This was as good a time
as any to stop and have a sip of water. Pulling over on the side of the road I parked my bike and stretched
breathing in deeply the woodsy scent I've always loved. Unbuckling the straps to the saddlebag.
I pulled out a bottle of water and a map. I sat backwards on the bike leaning back against the tank
with my feet propped on the bitch bar, pulling out my pipe, I enjoyed a hit of some of the finest organic
this side of the CA med clubs. . Holding in the hit, I enjoying the skunky taste of the weed. Off in the
distance was the sound of another bike and it was getting louder as it drew closer. Exhaling the hit, I stashed my pipe in my pouch I turned back to my map browsing as the Softail cam around the corner. The sound of it slowing came next as the tires crunched on the gravel as he pulled up and stopped.

"Having trouble with your bike?" he asked arching one eyebrow.

He was a friend of mine, I'd known him since high school, hell, I'd fucked him in high school. He still
had that exciting mysterious air about him. Those dark brooding types always did hold a fascination for
me. I wondered if his cock was still as fun as I remembered.

His eyes roamed over my body. I was wearing a bright pink tank top with no bra My nipples were
slightly hard from the wind making the top rub against them and my jeans fit nice and snug on my
ass and thighs. My hair spilled out from under my doo-rag, just brushing my shoulders.

"No" I replied with a smile, "just having some water and looking at my map, I'm bored with riding the same area over and over again and was thinking about checking out some different side roads".

It was difficult to keep from staring at his crotch. I already knew what was in those pants and the
thought of that day so long ago caused stirrings deep within me.

He shut his bike off and leaned it onto the kickstand. "like some company? I haven't seen you in a
while, what have you been up to lately." His eyes wandered back to my nipples again.

I sat up, with my feet on each side of the bike, causing my tits to jiggle under my top , still sitting
backwards on the seat and laughed "sure let's hang out, I've got no where to go".

Spinning around in the seat, I started the bike and pulled it up the gravel lane into the cemetary. "This
is better than just sitting on the side of the road" I said as he followed. Once the bikes were parked again
we were pretty secluded behind the screen of trees that seperated the old cemetary from the road.

As I leaned over to stow away the map and buckle the bag he came up behind me. Pulling me back
by my hips he ground his groin into my delicious asscheeks. I tensed up, not sure what to do as he
wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer, his hands searching under my top, casting his hot
breath into my ear. One hand cupped a breast while the other fondled and teased the other nipple.
He relaxed his hold on me and I turned around to face him trying to push him back away.

"I'm not sure about his" I said, the worry evident on my face. "you know I'm married and I've never

He took me by my wrists and said "Oh , I'm sure about this, I saw how you looked at me and I always
wanted a replay of that day in the rain. You know you want it too, bitch, so let's get to it. "

He pushed me down to my knees. Taking both of my wrists with one hand, he fumbled with his
belt and zipper with his other hand. His cock sprang free. It was already rock hard and ready for
some attention. It was a similar length as my husbands cock, but bigger around. He took me
by my hair and pulled my face into his groin. I tried to push away again, but he took his swollen member
and slapped me across the face with it.

"I said suck it you slut" as he jabbed it toward my face, stilll pulling on my hair.

I reluctantly opened my mouth and took the head inside. I flicked my tongue across the head
lightly but the warmth of my mouth and the loving caress of my tongue were more than he could bear.
Gripping my hair, he rammed the full length into my throat. It took me by surprise , gagging me for
a moment, before I managed to adjust to the size. His excitement grew as he jackhammered his
cock in and out of my throat. Using my tongue, I licked and flicked it across his sensitive head as
he pulled back before thusting into my throat fully again. I could barely breathe but I sucked as
hard as I could anyway. I reached up with my fingers, teasing his balls as he groaned in his
excitement and pleasure. Fast and harder he fucked my face, I didn't think I'd ever even had
my pussy fucked this hard before in my life. Just sucking on his cock made my clit tingle with
electricty. He kept on ramming my face as I traced my finger around his tight ass. I slipped my
hand up and down his wet cock then returned to tracing his ass. Suddenly I slipped my finger up into
his ass and worked it around a bit. The effect was amazing, he groaned loudly, shoving his pulsating
pole deep into my throat as he started to come. I grabbed his balls and squeezed as his spunk
filled my open throat. His legs shook as he released his grip on my hair, his head thrown back in
the ecstasy of his primal lust.

I looked up at him with large open eyes as I cleaned the cum off of his cock for him. Just seeing
his cock in my mouth was already making him hard again. I tenderly licked and caressed his cock
with my tongue getting each and every last drop of cum off. I could feel it growing in my mouth again.
As he felt his need rising again already, he ran his fingers through my hair.

"You want to suck me off again bitch? " he moaned at me..

Slurping on his cock, I affected to ignore his question and just kept licking and teasing the head with
my tongue, I could feel the little jolts of pleasure he was getting and it excited me. I would ever so
slightly graze the head with my teeth causing him to shudder with pleasure as I took it fully back into my

His cock was hard as a rock when I suddenly took my mouth away "I'm done here" I laughed
out at him.

His eyes blazed with a sudden fury, teasing was something he would not withstand.

He yanked me by her hair again "my sluts don't tease me" he bellowed as he pulled me to my feet. "and
you are now my slut. "

He spun me around facing away from him and pushed his hand down the front of my pants. His fingers
probed and groped until they found my clit. He rubbed my clit before burying his middle finger deep into
my wet slit. His other hand pushed up under my top, pinching a nipple between his thumb and forefinger.
I tried to struggle away from him, but his grip was too strong.

It'd been more than 20 years since anyone else had touched in an intimate manner. I was almost
shocked at myself by the excitement his hand being in my pants caused me. The fire and sheer animalistic heat I felt was almost frightening. It was all I could do to keep myself from spreading my legs open to make way for those searching fingers. I couldn't believe how open and receptive I felt towards this man who was practically raping me. It was almost like being a teenager again, with a pounding heart during awkward backseat fumblings. Only this wasn't awkward fumbling, this was controlled calculation, he knew exactly what he was doing to me. I was torn between the guilt of his touch and the excitement of this taboo encounter.

"You really think you can tease me and get away with it?" He was beyond turned on now.

Pulling his hand out of my jeans, he tore them open and yanked them down to my ankles, he drew his hand back and spanked me on my already dripping pussy. He bent me over and spanked me over and over, pounding my clit with his open hand making me twitch and moan with each strike. I was thrusting my hips back against him in an attempt to meet his blows.

"I knew you wanted it, look how wet you are"

I couldn't believe how hot I felt from this treatment. The more he spanked, the more I wished one of
his digits would slip into my dripping cunt. As if he'd read my mind, on the next blow, his middle finger
slammed fully into me. My head came back as I gasped for breath. A few blows later 2 fingers slipped
into my waiting hole, then he moved on to 3 fingers pounding into me with each spank. As I arched my
back and cried out with the sheer pleasure of the feeling, he ceased spanking me.

"Slut, do you even know what a punishment is?" he asked. "You are enjoying your punishment for teasing a little too much, don't you agree"

By now I was panting, I hadn't felt this turned on in years, "please fuck me, I really need your dick
inside me, I really don't know if I can wait" , it was like I was possessed. As I begged, his cock somehow
get even harder, though I didn't think that was even possible.

He shoved me down to my knees and penetrated me completely in the first thrust. I came back to meet
him, wanting to be sure to get it all. He held me by my hips as he pounded into my tight waiting pussy. I
shoved back against him even harder with each thrust, as I felt my orgasim grow. He almost lost his
grip on me, I was slamming back hard against him, until I was fucking him instead. I cried out
as his fingers grazed and once again pinched my clit. He started rubbing it in earnest now, feeling my
muscles tensing around his cock as he pounded in and out of me. I was so close to cumming now,
I could feel it rising from deep within me when suddenly he stopped and pulled out of me. I rammed
back hard, trying to keep him from pulling out, but he was too fast.

I heard him laugh as my hips gyrated against the empty air, my orgasim so close, yet so far away.
My breath was raspy as I begged "why did you stop, please don't leave me like this. Come on, fuck

"I told you my sluts don't tease me and get away with it" he giggled as he slapped me on the ass with
his swollen member, knowing how badly I wanted it. "You call me Master from here on out like a good
dirty tramp"

He then followed his statement with another hard spank to my pussy, being careful not to spank my clit
since I was so close, he didn't want me going over the edge quit yet. Not until he got what he really
wanted from me. He slid his member slowly along my labia teasing me, making sure to not come
anywhere near my swollen clit. He could feel my body trembling with need underneath him and it turned
him on even more. My attempts to wiggle his shaft back into my tight cave were thwarted as well.

I tried to reach between my legs to masterbate myself to finish, but he grabbed my hand.

"No slut, you don't have permission to cum yet, if you really want to cum, I'll let you, but it has to be on
my terms."

"Yes, please anything Master, whatever you say, just let me cum, please I'm begging " I cried out
as I thrust my hips around with the intensity of my hanging orgasim.

He leaned back in towards me and grabbed my hips again, this time pressing the head of his cock
against my virgin anus.

"NO", I yelled, trying to pull away, but his grip was firm. " I don't do that, please don't , I've never........"
I whimpered as I felt him press a little more firmly in his excitement over my refusal. All attempts
at wriggling free of his grasp were futile.

He pressed harder as I squirmed "Hold the fuck still slut, or I'm going to make you sorry" as his hand
cracked down on my ass cheek. The thought that my ass was still cherry tripled his excitement. Now he
wanted his cock in my tight virgin ass more than he'd ever wanted anything in his life.

As he pushed the head of his engorged member into my ass, I still struggled, but my struggles just helped it slip farther and farther inside. He eased it in as gently as he could, before wrapping his arms around my waist and pumping in and out of me like there was no tomorrow. I don't really think he wanted to hurt me, but he could hardly contain his excitement, it's not everyday that a man gets to deflower a womans ass. The firm grip of my ass was so hot and such a turn on. He was doing all he could to avoid cuming already, he at least wanted to bring me off with him, even though he'd never tell me that, that's just not something a Master admits to. He reached between my legs massaging my swollen clit. The faster and harder he fucked me, the faster and harder he rubbed my clit.

At first I was only feeling the pain of his swollen cock inside me, but the more he rubbed my clit, the
more turned on I became. Even without permission my body began to respond and I began
pumping back against him, once again meeting him thrust for thrust. I was almost embarrssed at
how turned on this was making me. I reached between my legs and slid a finger into my own pussy
as he pumped and ground away at me.

"I knew you were a dirty fucking slut that would love this" he exclaimed and he raised himself off of me
and started spanking my ass cheeks alternately as he rammed my asshole. "tell me you love it slut, tell me how you want it more and more. Who's your Master now? "

I could feel his balls slapping my clit and the sensation was almost unbearable it felt so good. My fingers
were now rubbing my clit as hard as I could manage, the orgasim building up towards an explosion.

"You are my Master now", I could barely get out the words as my climax began.

That was all it took, he grabbed my hips and yanked me back against him as hard as possible while
impaling me upon his rigid shaft. I could feel his penis begin to throb inside my ass and the sensation
sent me over the edge. Waves and waves of pleasure washed over me, rocking me to my very core. I
could feel his white hot spunk filling up my ass as he too cried out with the extreme nature of the climax.
We slumped to the ground, not even caring if anyone had seen us.

As we lay on the ground, him on top of my back, I could feel his cock softening inside my anus. It
surprised me even more that I was sorry the encounter was over already. After a few minutes
he pulled free from me and rolled onto his back.

"May I pull my pants back on now Master?" I inquired sweetly.

He smacked my ass one last time. "Sure, knock yourself out" he said with a smug grin on his face as he buckled his belt.

After I'd straightened my clothes he informed me that when he felt the need to fuck my ass, he
would send me a text and I would be expected to show up for my ass fucking within 15 minutes, or deal
with the consequences. No excuses would be accepted.

"I'll be looking into some toys for future sessions at my place" he said.

With that, he got on his bike and fired it up. "Nice seeing you" he exclaimed as he took off down the road.

I sat for a while wondering what the consequences for tardiness might be, before getting on my
bike and heading home to clean myself up before making dinner for my family.


To be continued............

Feel free to PM me with suggestions for the next installment. Will I be late? How will I be punished? Any other things you might want him to do to me.

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