A Tip To Remember

A Tip To Remember

"Sal, take table 12," I heard the hostess say.

I gradually turned and peeked over there. 'A pretty thirtyish brunette alone in a pink dress on a Tuesday night? And wow, she isn't even trying to hide that rack, she is giving me a hard-on now,' I thought before I calmly began walking towards her.

My eyes never drifted off her as she just looked over the menu for the moment.

Although, I still went over to her. "Hello, how are you tonight?"

She put the menu down and glanced at me. "I'm fine, Salvatore."

"You can call me 'Sal' if you'd like," I informed her, vibrating. 'Don't stare at her bosoms, don't eyeball them. If she even thinks I might be checking them out, she could get me fired. Just look towards her face,' I thought before a gap. 'Crap, she is giving me a look.'

"Are you okay, Sal?"

"Yes, it has just been a long night, and I clock out in about a half hour."

"And I'm lucky enough to be your last customer? Not a bad deal," she mentioned, leaning back. "It takes a classy guy to at least pretend that he isn't massively attracted to his customers, especially when they have their boobs out front and center."

My eyes widened, and I looked away for a few seconds. "I guess."

"Don't worry; I won't bust you for looking at them. At the very minimum, I'll give you this: I'm Jadia," she told me, prior to putting her hand out.

I casually took it and shook her hand for a few seconds. I was confident she felt me shaking nonstop, but she just smiled at me.

After a moment, I took my hand away. "What can I get you, Jadia?"

"Just a burger with fries please, and a beer," she responded, handing me the menu. "I know it seems weird to go out to a nice restaurant in a sexy dress to get food you can get at a bar, but I tend to go out of my way to get some things I want. In this case: a handsome waiter."

'Is she hitting on me?' I thought, grabbing the menu. "Thank you."

"Your welcome."

I didn't know, but I just calmly walked away and put in her order.

After I put it in, I slowly turned my head to her. 'I'm not sure what to make of her, but she has my motor running. She is waving at me in a sexy way, so is she coming onto me? I don't even have another table to take my mind off her. Wow, she is stunning: a pretty face, straight brown hair, those breasts that look like c-cups and the whole persona she has too.'

I grabbed her a beer and brought it to her. "How are you so far?" I inquired, handing it to her.

"Fine, thank you. How are you, Sal?" she asked, opening it.

"Great, Jadia," I answered, placing my hands on the chair across from her. "I'm just hoping to meet the woman of my dreams soon as well. You never know when she might come over."

"True, and do you not have kids?" she pondered before taking a drink.

"Correct, and you?"

"No, but I'm open to someone putting a bun in my oven sometime. It is quite difficult to distinguish the guys I'd like to start a family with and the ones I'd probably be better off getting into bed with once. Are you surprised with this body that no one has been interested in getting that far with me?"

"No, not at all, It could simply be that you are too much woman for one man. You are dazzling if you don't mind me saying so."

"Oh," she said grinning. "Not at all, Sal. You may compliment me all you want. Your charm might earn you a big tip."

I bit down on my bottom lip. "Thank you; I'm going to go check on your food now," I informed her before I began moving back towards the kitchen.

I strolled right into the bathroom and peeked in the mirror. "Wow, Jadia is something else it seems," I whispered, breathing heavily and placing my hand on my crotch. "Damn, woman, if you aren't hitting on me, then you're causing an extreme unintended side effect: you are turning me on and breaking off the switch too."

A customer walked in, so I just washed my hands and made a little eye contact. I just zipped my lip and played it cool for the moment, but then I went back out the door. I voyaged back towards her table, and she waved at me.

I waved back, but didn't come back to her just yet. I turned my head away and strolled to the kitchen. Oddly enough, I saw her food ready for me to grab. I took in a deep breath and performed my duties as the waiter.

A moment later, I found myself back at her table. "Here you go, Jadia," I said, setting the plate down. "I hope it is to your liking."

"I'm sure it will be," she mentioned, glancing at me and feeling my arm. "Solely because you delivered it to me. I'm sure you sprinkled a little extra 'Sal magic' on there for me, didn't you? I'd hate to leave a small tip because you couldn't do that for me."

I swallowed once. "No, I did it for you."

She picked the burger up and took a bite with her eyes closed. I watched her eat, and my jaw nearly dropped.

"Whoa, maybe you put a little too much of it on here," she told me, peeking at me. "Although, I'll forgive you."

"Good, I'll check on you in a few minutes."

"Please do, I love the company of a hot and sexy man like you, Sal."

I shook somewhat and walked away again. I just headed to a corner and placed my hands on my face. I couldn't comprehend what was going on exactly, but I just tried not to draw attention.

"If I didn't know any better, I'd think someone was pranking me. Is this chick leading me on or what? Does she want me, or could she be screwing with me? I know I've been a good waiter, but the jury is still out on the 'WTF' for this gal. She has been smiling at me lustfully, and even making a physical contact with me too."

I stayed away for a few minutes, but kept her on my mind. Whether nothing was going on, or something, I had to check on her again.

I went back and placed my hands on the chair across from her again. "How was the burger?"

"Great, Sal," she answered, wiping her mouth. "Who says a sexy lady eats slowly?"

"No one, I guess. Would you like the check or would desire some dessert?"

"No, I'm good, just the check pretty please," she answered, placing her hands on mine.

I failed to move or say anything for a few seconds as our eyes stayed together and she smiled, but then I nodded and calmly walked back.

I turned away again and went to the register. "Wow, I'm speechless. Is going to give me a big tip, or ask me out? I can't ask her out, but it seems like she is laying the groundwork for something to go down," I explained before I pulled out the receipt. "I guess I'll find out shortly. She has definitely been flirting, so anything is possible."

I nonchalantly made the trip back to her and dropped it off. Although, she was ready with her credit card, so I just took it from her. I immediately went back and rang her up with a hard beating heart. A moment later, I walked back to her again.

I set it down with a pen. "Well, I hope to see you here again, Jadia."

"I'm sure you will, Sal," she mentioned, picking up the pen.

I left again to give her some privacy. I still didn't have another table to go to, but I just waited again for my nerves to calm down. Although, that just wasn't an option as I knew the moment of truth was coming.

A minute later, I looked at her table. "Oh, she is gone now."

I walked to the table again and picked up the check. "Are you kidding me?" I groaned, letting my head back. "She inserted an 'X' right through the tip line. What the hell, dude?" I laughed softly.

I sighed again and placed it down on the table. I didn't say or move for a moment and tried to overcome the event.

Although, after that minute, I viewed the check again. "Did she write something on the back?" I pondered, picking it up and flipping it. "'Meet me in the ladies room.'?" I asked before a gap. "Is this for real? Who the hell else would write it?"

I looked around, but saw no sight of her. I attempted to think about it all again, but my hands both came onto my rod. I felt it for a few seconds and smiled widely too. I just chose to investigate out of curiosity. I lazily made my way over to the ladies room, but made sure to check the perimeter first.

I swallowed as I saw that the coast was clear, but I still found myself on edge. No matter what the prize was, I knew there would be a risk. I clenched my fists and already felt drops of sweat streaming down my forehead.

I just peered at the ladies room sign for a moment in the same position. "Well, you only live once, right?" I theorized before I slowly opened the door.

I went in there, and let the door close. 'I don't see anyone, but it is a somewhat big bathroom, but could Jadia be hiding in one of the stalls? Am I supposed to go looking for her? Does she even care if I get fired?' I thought, standing nearly frozen except for my head.

I bit my bottom lip and breathed heavily for a moment. I didn't know what to do, but my hard-on never went away. Then I calmly lowered myself to my knees and looked over towards the stalls.

"I don't see any feet on the floor," I whispered, scanning all of the bottom ends of the doors. "This chick must have been screwing with me."

A few seconds later, I rose back up and went to the sinks. I angled my head down and began washing my hands. As I did, I felt myself jiggling again, but just for a different reason that time. I felt sweat flowing down my head and nerves were shot too.

"Shit," I whined, going to the paper towel dispenser. "It seemed like Jadia was into me, but she sent me on this wild goose chase? Isn't that just a crock of shit?" I bitched, drying my hands.

I got no answer, and then I threw the paper towel in the trash. "Well, at least no other ladies came in here," I said, prior to strolling back to the door.

I grabbed onto the knob and attempted to open the door. "What the hell?" I fussed, pulling on it. "The door is locked, who the hell locked it? I'm the only one in here," I said before a gap. "Is someone there?" I questioned, turning my head back towards the stalls.

"Just me," Jadia announced, calmly walking towards me.

"Jadia, what's going on here?" I wondered, putting one hand up. "What was with the note?" I asked, showing it to her.

"This," she answered, wrapping her arms around me and pressing her lips onto mine.

'Holy shit, she is kissing me,' I thought before I placed my hands on her butt.

Although, then her lips parted from mine. "I didn't say you could feel my ass, Salvatore," she informed me, giving me a look and taking the receipt.

"I'm sorry, I guess I don't know the rules, and that is my natural response when a woman makes out with me. I've never had this happen before."

She kissed me again and smirked. "There is only one rule," she let me know, heading back to the door while putting the receipt in her pocket. "Let's not get caught," she proposed, unlocking the door. "We don't want to that obvious, Sal; your boss could come in here," she pointed out, coming to me. "Now, let's go back to that last stall," she offered, putting her hand out.

I took it, and she took us both to that destination. I didn't know what to expect, but my hopes skyrocketed as she showed herself and kissed me too. She was beyond sexy, and she knew she had just where she had me.

She entered second, shut the door, locked it and turned to me. "I'm not a hussy, I know to tip a waiter that did a great job," she made clear, placing her hands on my crotch. "It is so much more than just taking an order and delivering the food," she explained before her tone slowed down. "You have to make a connection with the customer, which you clearly did, Salvatore," she reminded me, undoing my pants.

They fell right down, and my cock popped out.

"That's commendable," she stated before blindly grabbing onto it. "I don't see this as seduction, because I think the seducer has to know the person that they are seducing beforehand, and I never met you before tonight. I could be wrong though; I'm not perfect. I'm just a sexy chick that is willing to give her waiter a good tip," she whispered, stroking it. "I really hope you'll accept."

I failed to speak for a moment, but kept my eyes on hers. Jadia didn't say a word either, but did bring her lips to my cheek and neck a few times though. Then I angled my head up a bit and sensed the thrill going throughout my body.

I just felt her please me with her soft hands and lips for a moment as I couldn't look at her anymore. I knew the potential for what could happen was limitless, but I just kept fearing we might get caught.

"Go ahead, feel my butt again, and you might notice, I'm not wearing any panties. Give in to temptation and find out where this sexual rabbit hole goes, Sal. You wouldn't be in here if you didn't want to know."

I felt my cock become even harder, and she placed the pieces together for me to make this experience even sexier. I gently put my hands on her butt and helped myself to grab onto her butt cheeks as well.

"Holy shit, those are soft cheeks, even through your dress."

"I know, just imagine how my bare butt feels."

"Damn, are you tempting me to strip you now, Jadia?"

She slowly leaned back and giggled. "I'm not wearing a bra either," she confessed, letting go of my schlong. "Go ahead, take this nettlesome pink dress off me. See the body you've been fantasizing about seeing since you set your eyes on me. Don't even try to deny it, Salvatore; I can see what your sexual dreams are, even as they just starting to exist. This one started just as you first looked at my rack, correct?"


"Then strip me," she ordered me, letting her arms up. "And prepare for the best tip you'll ever get."

I wasted no time and got it right off her. Then no one said a word for a moment as I took the tour of the front half of her nude body. She just placed her hands on her hips and allowed me to absorb the image of her naked body into my brain.

I dropped it, and she calmly closed the gap between us. "Are you ready for your tip now, Sal?"

"Yes, I am, Jadia. Nothing could be overrated coming from a ravishing woman like you. I think your breasts are in fact perfect, size, nipple color, and placement too."

"Good answer, consequentially, my favorite color is pink," she said, grinning.

She smooched my cheek, placed her hands on my chest and calmly lowered herself down to her knees while letting them rub their way down to my pecker.

She let both hands come onto the base of my rod and peeked at me. "Just don't cum in my mouth, we don't know each other that well," she warned me before she let it into her mouth.

"Oh, holy shit, I already know that this is the best tip ever, Jadia," I moaned, slanting my head back and covering my face with both hands.

I immediately began rubbing it as I felt her lips thrusting on my johnson ever so slowly. I had no idea this would indeed happen, but yet, I felt the pleasure happening just a few feet down below. Then I dropped my hands to my sides, and they transformed into clenched fists too.

'I want to look at her and watch her perform this lewd act, but I think I might just shoot too early. Fuck, this chick must be crazy.'

Her thrusts remained slow for the first minute, but as I failed to peek back at her, I did feel her begin to speed them up casually over the next couple of minutes. She felt the direct effects of it as my whole figure shook a bit.

Although, she kept her hands right at the base of my wood and pleasured away to no stop. My feet also began tapping the tiled floor, and my mouth opened up as much as it possibly could too. I did manage not to drool though.

'Crazy and sexy, what a lethal combination. I don't even know where things could go after this. I saw Jadia as a somewhat innocent, but still evil woman with hidden intentions, and I was right. She said she wasn't planning on seducing me, but I don't know what to believe. Her lips feel so phenomenal on my schlong that I think it might fall off. I feel like I won the lottery.'

After a few minutes, I felt her grab my shirt and pull on it. I made sure to glance back down at her and give her a little attention. We made eye contact again which did increase our new found intimacy and she did let my pecker out.

No words dropped from either of us, and we smirked at each other as she rubbed my johnson for a few seconds. Soon after that, Jadia's tongue came out, and she began tonguing my balls and cock. I took in the deepest breath I possibly could and applied the most significant defense I could.

"Fuck yes, Jadia, if you do this for a perfect stranger, I'd love to see what you do for a lover."

"Treat me well, and you might find out," she offered before taking my dick back into her mouth.

"I hope so, Jadia," I moaned, placing my hands on her head. "You do have a great set of lips and sexy personality too. You were flirting with me, right?"

She nodded and even pushed herself back all the way.

"And you can deep throat too? Wow, you are one amazing chick," I let out, caressing her head.

Again, she looked right into my eyes and let her lips do the talking, but of course not with words. She made her soft lips go as slowly as possible, and my skin crawled. The pleasure faced the fear, but I just waited for the inevitable point where the pleasure won.

"Crap, someone is in here," I whispered, widening my eyes and bringing my hands up.

That failed to scare her, she just kept thrilling me and looking directly into my eyes.

"You are insanely sexy, Jadia," I mouthed.

Then she angled her head down and closed her eyes. All the while, we knew there was another woman in the bathroom doing something. With each passing thrust from her lips, I felt myself come a little closer to the edge.

I felt to be just like going through something painful where the effects just didn't let me concentrate on anything else. I couldn't be sure how long I could go on, because in this case, it was the opposite of pain, like a pleasure so great, that it hurt.

I felt my load building up faster and faster by the moment, so I knew the happy ending was coming soon, but I still couldn't be sure where she wanted my seed to crash down onto right then. I even peeked out towards the cracks of the stall, but I could only see the wall.

We both still heard footsteps and then the sink running too. I could only hope that the woman would leave soon. Even with her eyes not on mine anymore, she still managed to keep the sexy affection alive and well.

With her lips still sliding on my cock at medium speed, it seemed like a game for her so she could easily win. The 'Why?' on the other hand remained on my mind throughout my blow job, whether we looked into one another's eyes or not.

"Oh," I moaned, peeking back at her. "it sounds like she left."

She instantly began making her slurping sounds that only came from a woman sucking on a dick.

"Fuck yes, Jadia, you are very close now. Just keep sucking on it for another minute, and I'll give you my white juice. I'll deliver it to any surface you desire."

She calmly let my member out again. "On these giant tits would be sexy," she pointed out, lifting them up. "Don't you think?"


She took it in her right hand. "Good," she declared, rubbing the head on her left nipple. "I like you, Sal. I might be biased because of your cock, but as I previously stated, I'm not perfect."

I moaned and stayed silent for twenty seconds as I breathed heavily. "You're more than good enough for me."

"You're biased too, but thank you. Just know this: I only let guys I like do that," she alerted me before taking my schlong back into her mouth again.

She let her lips immediately glide all the way to the back, so she could deep throat me once again. Then all of a sudden, my entire body waved around like one of those big plastic inflatable used car advertisements.

Even though I knew that my time was dwindling, I still fought like hell not to cum. She hadn't set any terms for the future, so I had to assume that this would never happen again. Although, we both knew no matter how much I challenged myself not to shoot, it was a pointless battle.

"Shit, Jadia, you are flawless," I praised her, rattling around incessantly and placing my hands on the sides of my head.

She let my schlong out yet again and took it in her right hand. "Then distribute that seed onto these superb breasts, Salvatore," she ordered me, stroking it.

My same movements went on for a few more seconds before I had to unleash my cum directly onto her jugs. I didn't even look down at my pecker; I just kept viewing at her beautiful face even after I felt my cock let out my first shot.

"Oh, yes," I moaned, clenching my fists again and closing my eyes about halfway.

I twitched with every passing shot, but nothing was going to make me part my eyes from her completely. I felt my dick let out six different shots of my seed as I felt her move it around over the course of thirty seconds or so.

My whole body felt the gratification, so everything seemed to be affected, from my head to my feet. Even as I finished cumming, she didn't also stop rubbing my schlong. She seemed to be out on a mission: to please me. After a moment, she rose up with me.

She kissed me once. "How was that for a tip, Sal?" she wondered, continuing to rub my wood.

"Great. May I see you again?"

"Here, maybe as a customer, but if you want to get me into bed, I'm going to need you to take me on a date at a different restaurant."

"I can do that," I whispered, positioning my hands back on her butt. "And you are completely confident that you didn't plan this out beforehand?"

"Yes, but I am attracted to other brunettes though, so maybe your hair played a role, or maybe it was because you were sweet to me. Do you really give a shit why I gave you a blow job?"

"Yes, a little bit, considering this has never happened before."

"Well, you do have the charm, so let's leave it at that," she mentioned before she smooched my cheek and grabbed her dress.

She put it back on as I pulled my boxers and pants back up.

Then she pulled out a pen from my apron and that receipt from her pocket. "Call me, Salvatore," she suggested, writing on it.

"You aren't even going to clean off your chest?" I asked, taking it from her.

"Nope," she replied, turning back and unlocking the door. "Don't make me wait too long for your call; you do have me curious to feel that pecker into my pussy," she mentioned, opening the door.

"I won't, Jadia."

"Good," she said as both walked out of the stall. "Now get the hell out of the ladies room."

"May I have one more kiss?"

She smirked and closed the gap again.

She placed her hands on my thighs and lips on mine for a few seconds. "Now get out before I tell your boss." 

"Great to meet you, Jadia," I said before I rushed out.

I still made sure not to let anyone see me exiting; then I went up to the front desk.

"Sal, what are you still doing here, your shirt ended twenty minutes ago? And why are you so sweaty?" the hostess asked.

I couldn't utter a word and bit my bottom lip. Then I saw Jadia casually walking towards the door, and she smiled and waved at me.

"Hello, is anyone in there, it is me, Mary, the hostess, remember?"

After Jadia was out of sight, I peeked back at Mary. "I don't think I'll be in tomorrow, get someone to take my shift."


Then I ran after Jadia and got to her as she made it to her car. "How about tomorrow night, at the steakhouse over there?"

She peeked at it for a few seconds. "Sounds good to me, save your seed for me though, and bring some condoms too," she advised me, opening her door and getting in there.

"Done, Jadia."

"Good, Salvatore, call me when you want to pick me up," she answered before shutting the door. "See you tomorrow night then," she said before blowing me a kiss, starting the car and driving away.

I watched her drive away. "And to think I thought about taking the night off."

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