The Rendezvous

The Rendezvous

I waited for her in the hotel room trying to steel my nerves. We have done this before but this time I had a plan, and we had made arrangements ahead of time. “Calm yourself old boy, can't get carried away. This time is going to count.” A small knock on the door wakes me from my thoughts. I open the door and I’m greeted by that smile that anyone would call innocent but I know better.

“I’m glad you came.” I say as she enters with that confidence as if this were her own room at home.

“I almost didn’t.” She replied while taking her jacket off and laying it across a chair in the corner. With a glance over her shoulder I can see in her eyes she only says things like this to tease. She knows I like the chase. She wants this as much as I do.

“I’ll make it worth it.” I say as we meet in the middle of the room. “Do you trust me?”

“Yes.” Without hesitation she replies and looks me in the eyes.

“In that case it’s yes sir.” I stroke my fingers through her hair over her ear.

“You gonna make me address you as sir?” That eyebrow twitch dares me to do act.

With a firm tug I grab the hair already entwined in my fingers at the back of her head.

“You will or you shall pay the consequences.” Her head tilts back a bit from my pull, and she closes her eyes. Oh no I think, she's not in that kind of mood. Here comes the safe word... Then I notice the smirk.

“Yes sir.” As if the words alone weren’t enough confirmation she leans into the hand. Without releasing I use the angle to lean in and kiss just below her ear and work down her neck. Releasing her hair my hands work their way to her hips and the hem of her shirt. Lifting from the bottom she raises her arms as if commanded to ease removal. When my hands pass her elbows I quickly pull down behind her head, trapping her arms and eyes inside the shirt. I start planting kisses working up from her collar bone, to her neck, to her jaw. When I get to her lips I stop, close enough she can feel I’m there. I feel her pushing against the shirt but she plays tough.

“What's the matter? Turn chicken on me?” She says with that smirk again.

“You’ll get what you want when I give it to you, understand?”

“Is that s-” She’s interrupted when I use my free hand to deliver a sharp smack to her rear. “Yes sir.” Bringing that free hand up I unsnap and raise her bra allowing me access to her breasts. Cupping one I bring my mouth her nipple, and I’m answered with a gasp. Finally pulling the shirt I free her arms and she drops the bra to the floor. After a few moments of massaging and kissing her breasts I pull away, I could spend all evening there. I circle behind her taking in her exposed beauty.

From behind I brush her hair back over her shoulder and kiss it. A momentary softness before my right hand reaches under her arm to her throat, pulling her head back against my shoulder. My left hand goes to her breast naturally as if that's just where it’s meant to be. Her hands react in kind going to the back of my head and my thigh. I nuzzle into her ear and whisper, “You like that don’t you?”

No answer... I pull tighter putting more pressure on her throat. “I asked you a question girl.”

“Yes sir.” I get my response with a big smile and a shudder. Sliding my left hand down across her stomach I unfasten her pants. Releasing her neck I drag my hands along her sides and start another line of kisses. Starting at her ear I trace down her neck and spine. When my hands reach her waistband they drag the clothes with them, taking jeans and panties to the floor in one sweep revealing my favorite asset. I let the last kiss linger in the small of her back before I stand and turn her with her hips to face me.

The desire in her eyes standing there exposed in all her glory before me could melt steel. Before I let my primal urges take over I grab the back of her neck and pull her to me in a deep kiss. Feeling her nakedness against my still clothed body I need a break or I’m going to lose control. Grabbing her hands I bring them between us, “Now undress me” I demand.

That one tattletale eyebrow snaps up with the smirk… “Yes, sir!”

I wonder if she knows seeing her thoughts through her expressions are one of my favorite parts. This goddess kneels before me making no attempt to shield her exposure and reaches for my belt. She cuts those eyes up at me again while her fingers work on my bindings, I can't help but run my fingers through her hair. Slowly she pulls at my pants and I help them slide from my hips. Her eyes turn to my crotch watching the elastic of my underwear reveal the prize she’s been waiting for. I’ve tried my best to stay in control but my excitement betrays me. My penis springs from its restraints and her eyes widen, that never gets old. My pants fall to the floor as she nuzzles my manhood and looks at me for a reaction. I only meet her with a smile but the animal inside me is begging for release. She leans away and starts a slow stroke on my shaft.

“Is this what you wanted?” She knows damn well it is, she's testing my control.

“It’s a good start.” I reply, quickly pulling my shirt off over my head, a distraction to keep myself from overthinking. Her smirk shows she accepts the unspoken challenge. Without breaking eye contact she runs her tongue slowly from my balls, up my shaft, and places a ginger kiss on the tip. Again my body betrays me and a tremor runs through me. A quick breath to regain composure and I meet her gaze. “You’ll pay for that.”

An angelic giggle sounds out of place coming from this succubus. She’s proud of herself for getting a reaction. She continues her wonderful torture taking me into her mouth. I have to look away and focus on my breathing, she's trying her best to release the animal, but I refuse this time. She’s not making it easy though. With a palm she massages my balls while her mouth makes trips up and down my shaft. Her tongue makes special attention to the ridge of the head at the top of the stroke. I wish this could last forever, but I will keep control this time, of my mind, of myself, and more importantly of her. I look down to pull her away and start the next step in this adventure, but before I can she grabs the back of my thighs and pulls. I’m frozen as I pass deeper into her throat, until her nose is nestled into my pelvis. She holds me there and I feel her tongue massaging the underside. I can’t move, I can’t think, I wasn’t ready for this.

Finally she backs up for air, I hear the smack as she pulls her lips from the tip. That's enough to snap me out of it. I grab the back of her head and the other hand goes to her throat as I lean down for another kiss, that caught her off guard. She was lost in her thoughts as well. I stand back up dragging her with me not releasing the bond of our lips. Pressing our bodies together we can feel the tension in each other. My hands work their way down her body making stops along the way. I couldn’t stop them if I wanted. Her body calls to me. My kiss moves to her neck and the lower angle allows me to grab that magnificent ass with both hands and lift. Her legs wrap around me as her feet leave the ground. My sex looks for that opening it yearns for, but that is not my intentions, not yet. I turn and sit her near the edge of the bed. With a hand on her chest I push her to her back, her feet go to the edge opening herself to me. I can’t help myself and begin to rub the underside of my shaft along her slit, making sure the head puts a little pressure on her clit as it passes.

“Do you want this?” I ask looking down on her. I’m answered only with a smirk. I come down hard on her pinning her arms above her head and my face at her ear. “I asked you a question girl, and I demand an answer.”

“Please sir.” I get a breathy response this time. She’s almost there, I want her to beg for it.

“I don’t think you want it enough. Until you can ask properly you will have to wait.” A ragged breath escapes her lips. I know she wants this as much as me but I want to hear it. A kiss below her ear starts a new line, but this time there's larger gaps in between. As I move down her body I keep close enough for her to feel my breath. The second kiss comes at her collar bone, I feel her tensing, her body begging for my mouth at every inch. At the third kiss in the middle of her chest my hands start to drag down her arms. When my hands get to her biceps I pin them again, my mouth comes down over her right nipple. Inside my mouth I circle the tip with my tongue. Pulling away I leave a small trace of wetness. With a gentle blow across it her entire body tenses, and her chest rises from the bed. I made the right call pinning those arms. It’s my turn to smile at her, proud of forcing a response, the difference is I have another side to do it again. Try as she might the other side rewards the same reaction. A small growl escapes her lips.

“Did I hear a complaint?”

“No sir.” Her eyes flutter.

“I can stop if you’re not enjoying yourself.” An empty threat, right now I’m not sure I could stop even with the safe word.

“Please sir,” almost at a whisper this time, “don’t stop.”

I grin to myself, we’re almost there I think. Kiss six comes just below her navel as my hands stop momentarily to massage her breasts. My mouth comes down towards her clit, but I stop, close enough she can feel my breath. Her hips are trembling, she’s struggling with control herself. “If only you had behaved yourself earlier, but now I have to drag this out a bit.”

Thanks for reading. I’m afraid I'm dragging this story out too much and this is a good break, let me know how I’m doing and if I should continue

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