I meet her at a BBQ

I meet her at a BBQ

I had just sat down to a plate of food when she walked into the community BBQ. The right amount of thickness in all the right places filled out the little black dress she was wearing, her heel elongated her legs. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her as she walked by laughing with her friends in what seemed to be slow-motion. I leaned over to my friend and asked if he knew who you were. “Her name is Dayana or something like that. She is Luis’ cousin,” he said, the last part meant to be a warning. Luis and I have had some bad blood between us since 6th grade over some crush we both had and his temper, so that just made you more appealing to me. I hadn’t seen him at the BBQ, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t there, and I didn’t want to ruin the BBQ for the rest of the people enjoying themselves, so I sent my friend over with a note that said “I would love to talk to you, please text me,” and included my number. I played it cool and wasn’t paying attention to my friend when he handed you the note and pointed me out to you. When you look, you see a 6-foot, 220 pound, guy with strong muscular arms and tattoos, joking around with his friends. You take the note, and read it, sliding it into your purse, thanking my friend. He comes back and breaks me the news that you didn’t seem to interested, and somewhat dejected, I finish my drink and tell my buddies I’m taking off.

About 15 minutes later as I’m walking to my house, my phone buzzes in my pocket. Thinking it’s probably my friends giving me shit, I ignore it and head into my house, being it’s about time for me to hit the gym, I grab my bag and head out. I work out for an hour, and head back home for a shower, when I decide to look at my phone. I have a text from a number I don’t know that says, “Where did you go?” Thinking it’s just a wrong number, I ignore it and jump into the shower. My phone is flashing when I get out, indicating I have a new message, I look at it and is from the same number. This time the message is “it isn’t very nice to give someone your number and then not respond.” I quickly text back “hi, I’m sorry, I thought you were a wrong number, and that you weren’t interested. My name is Derrick by the way.”

“Dayana, and I didn’t want my friends giving me shit, since I just moved here”

“look, again I’m sorry, why don’t you let me make it up to you and take you out sometime”?

“I’m free right now, why don’t you come pick me up and we can go to the beach? I haven’t been there yet”

“sounds good”

“pick me up in 20 minutes from the corner store”

“I’ll be there” I reply. Excitedly I throw on a pair of board shorts and white t-shirt and and a hat on, I grab a bag, throw in a towel and some sunscreen. That only taking about 5 minutes, I have 15 minutes to kill, so I head to the store anyway, and pick up a 12 pack of Corona and some ice. As I’m filling my cooler up, I hear “hey, I didn’t think you’d be here already.” I turn around and there you are. You are dressed completely different from the bbq. As I scan from your feet up, you have on flip flops, a white sun dress that shows flashes of a brightly colored bikini underneath and you let your hair out of your bun, so it is blowing lightly in the breeze. “Wow” was all I was able to manage to mumble out. You hold up your beach bag and say “where would you like me to put this?” Snapping back to my senses, I take it and put it in the trunk with mine and then I load up the cooler. “I’m so glad you texted me, and you are absolutely stunning,” I say as I hold your door open for you. Inside my head I’m cursing myself for being such a nerd as you say, “So am I”.

We drive in awkward silence, broken only by shyly asked small talk questions from the both of us. After about a 20 minute drive, we arrive at a little beach that most tourists don’t know about. Mostly it is filled with local surfers, but since there aren’t too many good swells at this time of day, I am hoping it is mostly empty. I pull into a spot, and get out, going around and opening your door. You step out, looking around, as I go to the trunk and pull out both our bags and my cooler. We walk out onto the sand, me carrying the cooler and my bag, you carrying yours. We seem to be in luck as the beach is mostly empty, only 4 or 5 people are out there with us. I find us a nice spot away from everyone else, and throw out my towel, setting the cooler on one end. You lay yours out as I pull out a beer, popping the top and offering it too you. You take it and sit down, as I join you. Our conversation becomes more relaxed and natural as we get to know one another and start getting more comfortable with each other. After another 2 beers each, I ask if you’d like to go swimming. You look in your bag and realize you forgot your sunscreen, and say you don’t want to get burnt. I say that’s ok, I have some as I pull it from my bag.

You smile, and pull your sundress up over your head revealing a small pink and black bikini (like this but the white would also be pink http://www.beachstuffshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Hot-Zebra-Tonga-Bikini-Swimsuit-1.jpg), and say “ok, but you need to help me put it on. I smile sheepishly and nod, taking the sunscreen, I pour some into my hands, I start at your shoulders, rubbing it in gently. You hold your hair up and as I move up toward your neck, you moan softly. Finding this encouraging I rub with slightly more force, and then slide my hands down your back, making sure to rub the sunscreen lotion into your back. You lay face down on the blanket and say, “that feels amazing so don’t forget my legs.” Not one to displease, I put more lotion on my hands and start on your left leg at the calf, gently massaging, as I rub the lotion into your skin. My hands slide up and down your calf as you spread your legs slightly, encouraging me to move to your thigh. My hands one each side of your leg, slide up. Again you moan as I start rubbing the lotion into you. After I finish with the left leg I move onto the right, again starting on your calf and then moving up your thigh.

Working up a sweat in the heat, I pull my shirt off over my head, as you roll over. “Time for the front” you say with a hint of humor in your voice. This time I start at your legs, rubbing from your shins up to your bikini line, then onto your stomach. This time I squirt the lotion right onto your belly, and you squeak because it was cold. My strong hands rub the lotion in, sliding with ease all over your belly, making sure it is nice and lotioned up. You sit up and say “you missed a spot” looking down at your cleavage, I laugh and go to put lotion on you, but you take the bottle, and say with a playful tone “not so fast, I was just teasing, what kind of girl do you think I am?” I watch as you squirt a line of lotion along the top of your breasts, then with both hands begin rubbing it in. Then you stand up, toss the bottle and me and run down towards the ocean. Shocked you get a head start on me, but I quickly get up and race after you, catching you as we reach the water. You slow down and walk into the water, but I continue running and then dive in, swimming out a little ways and then coming up for air.

You walk out so the water is just above your breasts, and I swim back to you. As I get to you, you playfully splash me in the face with water. I grab you and carry you out deeper, you are squirming in my arms. I go to throw you in the water, but you latch on to my neck as I let go, causing you to pull me under as well. We both come up laughing, and you wrap your arms around my neck, I lean in and kiss you deeply, pulling you in tight against me. Your legs wrap around my waist as we stand in the ocean, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths. My hands slide down your body, grabbing your ass to help hold you, our lips salty from the ocean. You break the kiss and swim away from me as I stand there savoring the taste of you on my lips. We stay in the water, until it begins to cool off for the day. As we come out of the water and wrap ourselves in towels, I ask if you’d like to head home. “We can leave the beach, but I’m not ready to go home, besides you have few more beers left for us to drink, you say. “We could go and get some food and go watch a movie at my place” I suggest. “That sounds perfect, but I get to pick the movie” you say. So we gather up our things and head back to the car.

We swing by a little hole in the wall Mexican café and get a bunch of tacos to go and head back to my place. I grab the cooler and our bags and bring it inside. “I’d like to get out of my wet things do you have anything I could borrow?” you ask. I show you the bath room and bring you one of my large T-shirts and a pair of my shorts. “I don’ know how well these will fit, but you can try them” I say as I hand them to you. Then I go out, sit on the couch and load Netflix up on my TV, then I go throw on a pair of Basketball shorts and a t-shirt. I hear rustling around in the bathroom as I walk back to the couch, I pull us both out another beer and am about to start pulling out food as you come out wearing only the T-shirt. “The shorts were too big,” you say, as you push me back and straddle me, kissing me deeply.

My hands slide back to your ass, grabbing it and pulling you against me as you grind your hips into my instantly hard cock. I slide my hands under the shirt, gripping your bare ass, our mouths locked together and tongues dancing inside. You break the kiss, pulling my shirt over my head, and then lean back in kissing me. I can feel the heat from between your legs as you grind against me. My hands slide up your back pulling you in tight, then slide the shirt over your heard, exposing your breasts. You lean back catching your breath, giving me a chance go lean forward and suck one nipple into my mouth, gently tugging it with my teeth. Your hand goes to the back of my head pulling me in as your back arches and you moan in pleasure. As you grind against me, you create a wet spot on my shorts from the juices pouring from your pussy. I slide from one tit to the other giving each equal attention as I suck and kiss at them.

I grab hold of you and roll you over onto the couch. I kiss down your body, licking and sucking as I go. Then I slide down more and start kissing from your knees up your thighs, kissing all over your legs. Finally I slide my tongue up along your pussy, your hand goes to the back of my head urging me to do more. I slide my tongue deep inside you, sucking your juices from your cunt. My hands grip your thighs pushing your legs apart giving me better access to eat you. As my tongue slides from you and flicks at your clit, you have an orgasm, juices flow from you coating my face. I kiss back up your body, and when I reach your mouth you suck hungrily at my tongue, tasting yourself on me.

As I kiss up you I press my cock against your pussy, sliding it easily into you, you inhale sharply as it spreads you apart. Your legs wrap around me and your hands grasp at me as I start sliding my cock in and out of you. Your second orgasm shakes your body, your pussy clenching around my cock, begging for more. As I thrust all the way inside, I grind my pelvis into you, my dick brushes against your g-spot. Then I slowly slide back out all the way, then just the tip, in and out before suddenly thrusting back in setting another orgasm flooding through you. Your fingers digging into my back, and your legs trying to pull me in deeper. I let this one subside and you tell me to move. After I slide out of you, bend over the couch and tell me to fuck you from behind.

Happily I oblige, moving behind you I first slide my tongue all the way up your pussy, sucking your juices out of you. Then I stand behind you, pressing my fat cock head back between your swollen lips, your juices and my saliva mingling together into lube. My balls heavy with cum smack against your clit with each thrust forward. My hands grip your hips pulling you back with each thrust so I can fuck you harder. Your face pressed into the top of my couch, moans of ecstasy escaping from you filling the air along with the sounds of our bodies slapping together. I grab you by the elbows pulling your arms back as I thrust into you, raising the top half of your body off the couch. “Stop, I can’t take anymore,” you pant as another orgasm crashes through you. I slide out, kissing you deeply. You push me onto the couch and replace your pussy by wrapping your mouth around my cock, sucking your cum from my shaft. My hands begin fondling your tits as you stand bent over me burying my cock in the back of your throat. Up and down your tongue works my shaft, my head hitting the back of your throat. Tired of standing you kneel between my legs, never taking my cock from your mouth. My hands slide from your round firm tits to the back of your head, assisting you as your mouth and now a hand works my cock.

The sensation of just fucking you, now having you suck my cock doesn’t make me last long, soon my cock begins swelling in your mouth and I warn you I am about to cum. Instead of pulling off and finishing me by hand, you suck harder on the head of my cock and start jerking my shaft faster. Without further warning I explode. My first blast of cum hits you in the back of the throat, causing you to cough a little. You manage to swallow it and string after string, your mouth never leaving my cock until you coaxed all of it from my balls. Exhausted I lay there, breathing heavy. You get up and grab our drinks and food, and pull a blanket over us. You select a movie as we eat and finish our beers. Afterwards you cuddle into me, laying your head on my shoulder, your hand finds its way down to my cock and slowly you start stroking it as we watch the movie.

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