The worst / best detention ever. 2

The worst / best detention ever. 2

*there is a part one to this and once again grammer isn't perfect*

The thought of nipple torchure made me excited but I dare not tell Mr.B that. He grabbed my arm and told me to unbutton my top and take that along with my bra off and place my hand on top of my head, When I took too long he sighed shaking his head and laid some more slaps on my ass. I sped up as to not upset him anymore.

He took in my triple ds and large nipples smiling to himself as though he had hit the jack pot. I got smiles from the other boys as well. I wondered if anyone would believe this if I told them and once I realized no one would believe me I thought it best to be submissive as best as possible.

He took a step to me holding a small box of items I feared to even look at. He pulled out two nipple clamps that had small teeth on them. Oh how I prayed to myself they weren't sharp. He licked his lips and pinched my nipples making them hard before applying the clamps. My fleash seared in pain and turned bright red and I closed my eyes as if somehow that would help.

He clapped his hands in front of me, "Keep those eyes open! And keep your breasts thrusted out! I want them pointed out at all times or you'll be bent over my knee again you hear me Lilly?" He asked,

I nodded thrusting them back out and getting a hold on the pain. I looked down and seen every man in the room had a buldge. I couldn't help but feel a little proud of myself. Mr. B grabbed a few weights from his box and added them to the clamps chain that connected them. Then he grabbed a whip and started the lashings.

WHIP WHIP WHIP "Beg me for more Lilly! Be a good girl." WHIP WHIP WHIP.

Tears began to fill my eyes but I honestly wanted more. "Please sir more, make wet."

He smiled and I got over 100 more lashings but then the pain got serioiuse and I put my hands down to stop the whip. He didn't like that and motioned for the boys to stand up. He handed the whip to one while one was to hold my arms back. The third took a cane to my ass and the back of my legs.

It went on for a while and I wondered if the small things I did really deserved this. Mr. B seemed to know what I was thinking as he came up to my face, "Look Lilly you need to learn your place and I have found with young bull headed women as yourself need a proper punishment at least three times a week to do so. So you shall come here with these boys and I three times a week untill I see fit got it? And do not worry my pet sometimes it will be for a treat as well."

He reached between my legs then pinching my pussy lips and running a finger up and down my slit. I quivered in pleasure and realxed. He found my clit then and rubbed my nub over and over telling me I am never to cum without permission. I held back moaning and leaning into the boy who held my arms. Mr. B grabbed me by the neck and laid me down on his desk having a boy on each side hold my legs apart and the third was to yank the chain every few seconds.

He took a thin long wooden stick and rubbed my clit over and over making it pink and swollen again. He then lifted it and smacked my pussy . I screamed and he shook his head and pulled my skirt off shoving part of it in my mouth and slamming the stick down six times in a row. I closed my eyes letting a few excited tears fall.

Then came the clothes pins, He put 3 on each of my pussy lips making them fan out , leaving my clit out. He grabbed a vibrator and turned it on max speed and showed it to me. My eyes grew wide as he took his time going down my thigh. He smiled rubbing it around my clit being careful not to hit it. I bucked a few times hoping to get it to it my pulsing clit but he backed away farther so I held still whimpering.

He pulled it down to my ass hole and circuled and played with its entrance. I chewed on my skirt and watched as he put on a white latex glove like the doctors wear. He then poured lube there and began to slip a finger in. I wasnt sure if I liked it or not but it didnt matter because it was going to happen no matter what. He finally got it in all the way and then began on working in two. And then before I knew it he had three and was pulling a butt plug from his box with a pink jewlel at the end. He came to my ear then and began to whisper.

"I got this to match that pretty pink bow you like to wear."

My heart skipped , so he had planned it all I thought. He began to work it in and even though he had stretched me some it still hurt.

"There its in. And it looks very good." He smiled giving it a playful tap and taking off his glove.

He stood up and began to work his pants down off his athletic body. Being a teacher and football coach paid off. I shivered when I see his 8 inch cock it had to be 3 inches wide. And I knew he wanted my virginity.

"I'm going to enjoy this Lilly. You may not but it would be selfish to deny me pleasure and really denying yourself of it for later. If you fight me it will hurt worse and you will not leave this class untill I have fucked your tight cute little pussy."

He came over me then and rubbed his dick head on my clit. He yanked the clothes pins off and spit on my pussy entrance while rubbing it some more. He slid the head in finally after some pushing and stopped to grit his teeth before slamming down taking my womanhood for his own pleasure. I took the pain like a champ knowing it was a part of this no matter who did it.

His cock filled me up and stretched me untill I thought he would push me in half! I moaned and coed and breathed heavy as his strides got longer and faster. I tried to hold back from cumming but I couldnt help it and let it go,. Once he had cummed he pulled me to my feet and handed me my clothes.

"I'll see you in 2 days Lilly. . .and dont think I will easily forgive you cumming without permission. Whether there was a skirt in your mouth or not...."

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