I Am A 16 Year Old Cub

I Am A 16 Year Old Cub

Introduction: This story contains graphic material, including Young Male and Older Female intercourse. If this bothers or offends you, please do not read on. If you do enjoy this, please rate and give CONSTRUCTIVE feedback.
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Cole was 16 and an orphan. He was average height, about 5'10", with long dark brown hair, and deep brown puppy dog eyes. His parents had abandoned him when he was only 4 years old. He had lived in the same orphanoge in the same town since. 

That's how he met John. John was 10, also average height, with short red hair. He and he lived with his single mom and 7 year old sister, Emily. John's dad had ran out on his mom, Rhonda, who was 38, when his sister was born. 

John and Cole met when John's youth group volunteered at the orphonage. They became good friends upon discovering that they had many things in common. Cole was often invited to John's house, which just down the road. Eventually John saw Cole as a father figure.

Cole's first thought of Rhonda was, "DAMN." It would be an understatment to call her a MILF! She was short, about Cole's heiht, and had, short blonde hair, sparkly blue eyes, perky C cup breasts, a nice round ass, and that perfect feminine figure. It was a miracle considering the stress of being a single mom! Cole almost felt guitly about thinking about all the hints he wanted to do to this woman. 

Because Cole and John were such good friends, Cole was always at his house playing videogames and listening to music, and pretty much mentoring to the kid. Over this time, Cole and Rhonda had devoloped somewhat of a repor. They often made small talk, and sometimes Cole could swear she was flirting with him!

Ond day when Cole visited John, Ms. Rhonda answered the door. "Hi Cole!" she said in her cheery southern accent. "Hi Ms. Rhonda," answered Cole warmly. "Is John here?" "No, he's at a friends house, but you can come in anyway!" once inside, Cole asked, "Where's Emily?" "Oh, she's gone too. It's just us..." 

Rhonda went into the kitchen, with Cole in toe, amd pulled two beers out of the refrigerator. "I'm 16 Ms. Rhonda." said Cole, rather confused. "Oh don't worry, I know you do it anyway so go ahead! Oh and please, just call me Rhonda." she answered with a smile. Cole uncapped the bottle and took a draft, still unsure. 

Walking back to her bedroom, Rhonda asks Cole, "What do you think about older women, Cole?" "Wh-wh-what do you mean?" Cole splutters. "Do you find older women attractive? And don't be awkward, silly! I won't laugh!" "Well, uh, yeah I do..." "So, say some MILF wanted to get in your pants? Would ya let her?" Shocked by her boldness, Cole could only stuttor! Approaching him, and stretching the front of her jeans open giving him a peak at her uncovered, shaved pussy, Rhonda said "I said, 'If I wanted to get in your pants, would ya let me in?'"

Rhonda shoved Cole on the bed and grabbed his rock hard cock, and undid his jeans. She laid down next to him, massaging his cock through his boxers. She shoved her tongue in his mouth, while his hand shot down her jeans and began to furiously rub her enlarged clit! Rhonda moaned at the sudden stimulation and began to girate her hips. 

"Come on Cole! Shove your fat cock in me! " shouted Rhonda as she ripped off Cole's jeans, freeing his large 6" cock, and undoing her own jeans. She held him down and mounted him cowgirl style, until Cole flipped her over and started fucking her missionary style. She moaned and called out his name, "COLE! COLE! OH GODDAMNIT COLE!! FUCK ME! FUCK MY DIRTY LITTLE CUNT!!! OH GOD YES!"

God this this woman's dirty little mouth was driving him crazy! Cole fucked Rhonda's pussy for what felt like an hour! When her orgasm started, Rhonda screamed as loud as she could, "OHHHH!!! OH GOD!! FUCK ME! I'M CUMMING!! FUUUUUCCKKK MMEEEEEE!!!!!!!" Rhonda let out a final loud, low moan as she had a powerful squirting orgasm. Cole grabbed her pert round tits and thrusted three more times into her.

Rhonda took Cole's cock out of her and engulfed it in her mouth all the way to the hilt. She deepthroated Cole's cock until he took charge. Cole grabbed Rhonda by the back o her head and proceeded to skullfuck her! He rammed his steelrod down her throat, freeing up her hands. She began to finger fuck her crotch furiously! Cole started to feel his climax approaching swiftly! "Ahhhh! Fuck I'm cummin!" Rhonda pulled Cole's cock out just as he blew his load in her face!

Rhonda took some cum from her face and used it to lube up Cole's penis. "Now, fuck my dirty, slutty asshole!" Cole quickly obliged by throwing her on the bed and ramming his cock into her cougar ass! Cole fucked her hard and fast enjoying the tightness of her asshole. Cole knew he wouldn't last long, and soon he was blowing his load deep in her ass! Rhonda moaned for the last time, enjoying the sensation of having Cole's cum deep in her anus

Cole was startled to see John in the corner jacking his rock hard 5" cock. "Is it my turn now, Mom?" "Sure is baby! Come on and eat your momma's cum-filled pussy!" she answered. "You guys do this kinda stuff???" asked Cole, taken aback. "All the time!" she answered...

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