Joanne Is Desperate For Black Cock

Joanne Is Desperate For Black Cock

Joanne had been happily married to Mike for many years and had two twenty something kids. Their sex life had always been very satisfying but recently her mind had been fantasising more than usual. She regularly pleasured herself, most of the time she used a black dildo and it was this had had been occupying her mind most recently.

She had woken up feeling particularly horny one morning and as Mike had to get to work, a fuck was out of the question. As she showered she loved the feeling as she slipped a moist finger inside her. Should she pleasure herself now or later? As horny as she was feeling she decided to wait and let the feeling build up, knowing that her climax would be stronger.

It was a warm day and she chose a black bra that gave her big tits plenty of uplift, a t shirt and short skirt. Amazingly she left her panties off which just increased her horniness. She had a few groceries to buy and jumped in the car and headed to the supermarket. As she browsed for the few things she needed she noticed one of the shop workers bending down and filling some shelves. He was about 18, definitely younger than her own kids, wearing a while t shirt and tight trousers and black. Her mind went back to her black dildo at home and wondered whether it really was true about black men having big dicks. Her eyes were transfixed on his tight ass and she could feel herself getting damper between the legs.

She decided she needed to hurry home and headed to the checkout. She paid for the groceries and the assistant asked if she wanted them carried to her car. She said she did and the assistant called for some help. In a minute or so the black guy she had seen came over and picked up the groceries. They went outside and he followed her to her car. Neither of the spoke and she unlocked the trunk and he bent down and put the groceries in. Joanne thanked him and he turned and walked away. Joanne, too, turned but only to have a last look at his tight ass.

As soon as she started the engine and put the car in gear her hand went down between her legs. He skirt was soon up around her thighs as she slowly stroked herself. She couldn't believe how wet she was. She just couldn't wait to get home and slide that big black dildo all the way inside her. In fact she's not sure how she got home without having a huge orgasm. She quickly went indoor and dropped the groceries on the kitchen table and almost ran upstairs taking her skirt off as she did so.

She got her dildo out of her bedside drawer and with her legs wide apart slid it inside herself. She visualised the black boy at the supermarket fucking her as she plunged the dildo in and out of her wet cunt. She reached up and pinched one of her rock hard nipples and but suddenly needed to use both hands on the dildo as she pumped her cunt and yelled out as a huge orgasm crashed through her body. She lay and relaxed with it still inside her and soon she was repeating the exercise and having another thundering climax. As she slowly slid it out of herself she put it to her mouth and sucked and licked it clean. Oh how she wished it was a real black cock.

Mike came home at his usual time and they spent the evening watching TV but as Joanne found it boring her mind was soon wandering back to the events earlier in the day and she soon found herself getting horny again. She went and snuggled up to Mike on the sofa making it clear what she was interested in. Soon they had undressed each other and she was rubbing his stiff cock while he slid a couple of fingers in her. He was amazed at how wet she was straight away. She opened her legs wide and said, 'I want you to fuck me with my black dildo.'

He went upstairs and got it out of her bedside cabinet and as he walked downstairs was soon licking it and thought he detected her smell on it.

Joanne sat with her legs as wide apart as she could. Her cunt lips were very moist. Mike knelt in between her legs and as he moved the black cock nearer her she said, 'Fuck me, black boy, fuck my white cunt, shoot your black cum into my white cunt, fuck me hard, make me cum black boy.'

Mike couldn't believe what he was hearing. He had known her for over 25 years and never had he heard speak like that. Hearing her really turned Mike on and he really wanted to take the dildo out and replace it with his cock but this was not what she wanted or demanded.

As Mike pumped the dildo in and out of his wife's wet cunt she squeezed and pinched her own nipples. She called out, 'Fuck me black boy, fuck my cunt, make my white cunt cum, oh fuck black boy I'm cumming.'

As Mike plunged the dildo in as far as he could she screamed out as her third or was it fourth climax of the day thundered through her sexy body. But just as Mike stopped fucking his wife said, 'No, don't stop black boy, make me cum again.'

Mike carried on, never had he seen his wife so sexy and soon yet another huge orgasm was crashing through her body. She took a few minutes to recover and then said, 'I want to suck you off.'

As Mike started to withdraw the dildo she said, 'No, leave it in there.'

Mike now sat on the sofa, his huge cock straining to cum, his balls red and swollen. Joanne leaned forward, opened her mouth and took it all in. She clamped her lips tightly around the head and sucked and licked it. One hand stroked his shaft and the other squeezed his balls. She wanted her husband's cum in her mouth and very soon she felt his shaft start pumping as spurt after spurt of hot cum hit the back of her throat. She took his cock out, opened her mouth so he could see his cum inside and took one big swallow and took it all down.

They sat and recovered and were soon chatting about how much Joanne enjoyed it and then Mike asked, 'Would you like a big black cock in real life?'

Joanne smiled and afraid to upset her husband replied, 'Why would you like to watch me taking one?'

'I think we both know the answer to that,' he replied.

'Where do we start?' she asked.

'I guess online, let's compose an ad and see what happens,' he said.

Mike started by saying, 'Sexy married white woman wants to experience a black cock.'

'Oh we need to say a bit more than that, if we're going to do this I want a young, fit black guy with an enormous cock who can cum three or four times,' she said.

'Fuck this is making me horny again just thinking about it,' she said and she reached out and started stroking Mike's cock again and soon got it rock hard. 'Fuck me darling,' she said as he slid his cock in her. Somehow Joanne managed to cum yet again just before Mike pumped his hot seed inside her.

They sat and chatted again and she said, 'I want you to watch me, I want you to play with yourself and cum over my face as he makes me cum.'

They sat and talked about the advert, when they were happy with it they posted it on a porn site. It read:

Horny, mature married woman wants (with her husband's permission) to meet a very well-endowed young black guy. He really must be well endowed and able to repeat cum. Photo evidence required before proving size in the flesh. Husband fully approves and will watch and pleasure himself.

They posted the ad on their favourite porn site and waited for replies. Joanne had already decided that she wanted someone a lot thicker and longer then her dildo which was about 7 inches in length.

They were both disappointed when after a couple of days there were no replies. On the third day there was a reply from a 25 year old black man whose cock was about the same size as her dildo and didn't say anything about being able to cum more than once. They were both getting despondent when an interesting reply turned up. He said he was 18, his erect cock was almost 10 inches in length and he said it was as thick as a Coke bottle and could cum several times. This really intrigued Joanne so much that she resorted to her trusty black dildo while imagining him doing all sorts of things to her.

As soon as Mike got home she told him about the reply and he agreed they should contact him. Joanne emailed him and asked him to send a photo of himself and she sent him one of herself where she had just got out of the shower and her magnificent tits and erect nipples were very prominent.

Amazingly a few minutes later he had replied. He said his name was Rodger and he lived about 20 miles away, enclosed were two photos, one of him clothed and the other sporting a very impressive erect cock. Joanne loved them and said, 'We must meet him.'

She replied suggesting they met up for a drink in a bar midway between them but then Mike thought it would be a good idea to get him to come to a bar near them so that if they all got on well he could come back home them. Joanne agreed and emailed Rodger suggesting that they met in a couple of days. She told him about a local bar and they agreed to meet at 7.30.

Later that evening the thought of what they were going to do excited them so much that they had sex again using her black dildo.

During the day they were going to meet Rodger, both Mike and Joanne were very horny. The thought of having his huge black cock inside her had her wet all day and Mike seemed to have a hard on all day. Joanne showered early on and trimmed her bush. As she admired her 40 year old body in the mirror she loved the way her nipples stood out so much. She brushed her long dark hair and put on her quarter cup bra with plenty of uplift. She particularly liked this bra as it just covered her nipples. She put on her slutty red lipstick and plenty of eyeshadow. Next came a fairly short skirt and high heel shoes. She thought about putting on some nylons but decided against them as the weather was pretty hot. She also decided not to put any panties on.

They jumped into the car and Mike drove the short distance to the bar. They were both very nervous and also very aroused. They walked in and found a quiet booth and sat down. Mike went to the bar and got a couple of drinks. Joanne glanced at the clock, it was 7.25. They had agreed to meet at 7.30, suddenly she had doubts, whatever was she thinking of agreeing to have sex with a complete stranger.

The door opened and Rodger walked in. They both saw each other at the same time and Mike beckoned him over. They all shook hands and introduced themselves. Rodger sat down opposite them and Mike asked if he wanted a drink. Joanne was delighted with what she saw as he looked better in real life than in his photo.

While Mike was at the bar Rodger said, 'Why don't you come round and sit with me?'

She got up and walked round and sat down, he took her hand and put it on his trousers. She could immediately feel his hard cock through them. Mike came back with a beer for Rodger and Joanne said, 'Oh darling he is so big.'

Rodger said, 'No one is looking why don't you get it out?'

Joanne looked around and undid his trousers, as she put her hand inside she realised he wasn't wearing any underpants and she immediately felt his very hard cock. What also amazed her was that she couldn't get her hand round it. She managed to get his cock all the way out of his trousers and gasped in amazement at the size of it.

'Oh Mike, it's huge, I must have it,' she said to her husband. Joanne just couldn't take her eyes off the monster cock, she could feel herself getting wetter and suddenly she felt Rodger's hand going up her skirt. She was unable to resist, she knew she was soaking wet and if he had lain her on the table in front of the whole bar she knew she would have been unable to resist.

She said to Mike, 'Let's go home, I need it so badly.'

Rodger poked his cock back in his trousers and they walked out leaving their drinks unfinished. Joanne got in the back of the car with Rodger and immediately undid his trousers, took them down and started playing with his cock. It was so large and rock hard, she bent down and opened her mouth and could just about get it inside. She loved the blackness of it and she licked the head of it.

The drive home only took about 5 minutes and they got out of the car, Rodger pulling his trousers up although his cock was still hanging out and they went indoors. Joanne grabbed his hand they all went straight up to the bedroom.

Joanne said to Mike, 'undress me darling, take my clothes off for my lover.'

Mike did as his wife wanted. As he took her blouse and bra off he was amazed how hard and large her nipples were, and when he lowered her skirt he could smell her cunt juices and as he glanced down he could see her juices glistening on her shaven mound. Rodger had undressed and his immense cock was sticking out straight in front of him. Joanne couldn't take her eyes off it and now desperately wanted it inside her. She lay on the bed with her legs wide apart and said to her husband, 'hold my cunt lips open for his black cock.'

Mike knelt beside his wife. He had never seen her like this in the 20 or so years of marriage. He leaned across her and eased her cunt lips apart as Rodger eased his huge black cock nearer and nearer. Soon it was at the opening and he eased just a little inside her. She had never had anything so large inside her. Joanne loved the feel as the huge cock slowly forced its way inside her. It filled her and forced her cunt lips apart. Then he slowly eased it out but not enough to take it right out and then he pushed back inside but a little further this time.

Joanne was getting more and more aroused even though Rodger hadn't started fucking her properly yet, just easing his huge weapon in and out. But gradually he got faster and with each thrust his cock went deeper inside her. She could feel the end pushing against her womb and stretching her side walls. Mike had now undressed and his cock that for the past 20 or so years that Joanne had been content with was very hard and fully erect. He sat on the bed beside his wife and loved the look on her face as she got more and more aroused. He reached over her and started squeezing her erect nipples which were larger and redder than he had ever seen.

Rodger was now starting a steady in and out fucking of his lover's white cunt. Mike loved the sight of the big black cock fucking his wife's white cunt.

Joanne was panting, her breathing was getting faster and heavier as the big black cock fucked her. She felt totally full and suddenly she knew she was going to cum. She called out. 'Oh fuck, I'm cumming, oh fuck it's wonderful, fuck my white cunt, make my white cunt cum, oh yes, oh yes, oh FUCKKKKKK.'

Her climax was so intense and Mike loved the look on his wife's face as her thunderous orgasm crashed through her body. But Rodger never gave her a chance to recover as he continued pumping her white cunt and within minutes she was experiencing the beginnings of another orgasm. Again this climax was as intense as the first one and she screamed out with pleasure. Mike was frantically rubbing his cock but didn't want to cum too soon and had to keep stopping as he felt his spunk rising in his balls.

Her second huge climax was just subsiding when Rodger said he was going to cum. Joanne said, 'Shoot your black cum deep inside me, splatter my womb with it.' Just a couple of more thrusts and he was emptying the creamy contents of his balls deep inside her white cunt.

Amazingly he still remained hard inside her but Joanne wanted his cock in her mouth. He slipped it out of her and she knelt over him and held his cock upright. She loved seeing it with the remains of his spunk dribbling out over the head. She started licking it clean and loved the combined taste of her cunt juices and his cum. She thought she would never be able to get it in her mouth because of the size but she opened her mouth as wide as she could and amazingly managed to slide it in. She clamped her lips tight around the head and started sucking it. She used one of her hands to squeeze his big black balls and the other to rub his shaft. Mike was now behind his wife and desperate to cum. As she knelt he could see her black lover's cum start trickling out of her cunt. He wiped it up with his fingers and started smearing it around her tight little ass hole. He knew that if he fucked her in the cunt she wouldn't even feel it after having such a big cock in there. He had only ever finger fucked his wife's ass before but as he was so desperate to cum he decided to slide his cock into her ass. He rubbed Rodger's cum into the dark little opening and slowly slid a finger inside too. Joanne loved the feeling as she had her mouth full of black cock and when Mike slowly and gently eased his cock inside her asshole she loved the feeling. Although it initially hurt, the feeling was soon one of pleasure rather than pain.

She was getting more and more aroused as Rodger had started pumping his cock into her mouth. She was rubbing his shaft faster and faster and soon he was shooting spurt after spurt of hot black cum deep inside her mouth. Her first reaction was to swallow it but she wanted to savour the taste and texture of it. Rodger took his cock out of her mouth but she stayed in the same position so that Mike could carry on fucking her ass. It was only a couple of minutes until Mike literally exploded inside her tight brown hole. This was a new experience for both of them and one that they knew they would definitely want to do again.

They all lay and recovered for a short while and as Rodger took hold of Joanne's hand and put it on his ever hardening cock again she knew he wanted her again. He said, 'Get on top of me and face the other way.'

She straddled him and as he held her cunt lips open she lowered herself onto the giant black member. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened as she started experiencing the wonderful feelings again. But of course as she opened her mouth Rodger's cum that she had kept in her mouth started trickling out. Mike was sitting at the end of the bed facing her. The sight of his slutty white wife impaling herself on this huge black cock and with his cum trickling out of her mouth and down her chin and onto her tits and erect nipples was the sexiest and sluttiest thing he had ever seen.

She was getting more and more aroused as she fucked herself up and down the huge black cock. Mike leaned forward and started rubbing the cum into his wife's nipples. She reached forward and started rubbing her husband's cock, soon getting it back to full hardness. Mike adored the look on his wife's face as she fucked herself up and down on the black cock and got closer and closer to yet another thundering climax. Her eyes were part closed, her mouth open with cum still slowly trickling out as she got closer and closer to yet another huge orgasm. He now knelt in front of her and started jerking himself faster and faster. Even though he had just cum in her ass he was about to cum again.

He now stood up, his cock only inches from his wife's face as he spurted hot cum all over her beautiful face. Seconds later she screamed out with pleasure as she felt the huge black cock splatter her insides with yet more cum which, of course was more than enough to trigger the most intense orgasm of her life. Her body trembled and shook. Her face was dripping with her husband's cum and her cunt had spasm after spasm as yet another huge climax hit her.

Joanne slid off Rodger's cock, she lay on the bed exhausted, her cunt sore. Her face covered in cum. Before she drifted off to sleep her last thought was I must do this again soon – very soon.

Please let me know what you thought of my story.

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