Working Mom 7

Working Mom 7

Hello again its Becky and it’s been a week since I had my little incident with Peter and his friend. I decided that those two boys had more pussy than they could live without mine. I also thought about telling Ryan about it, but I thought better of it. He was so happy that he fucked me right on the living room floor; I still have rug burns. Now back to my story; we now have to think about what we’re going to do about me getting pregnant.

“Everyone will know I’m not dating anyone. So how do we explain how I got pregnant and I want you to take care of the baby. It will look a little odd if you act like a daddy to someone who’s supposed to be your brother.” I told Ryan. “Yeah I see your point.” He continued. “but what about my friends and your job?” “Don’t worry about my Job; I’ve told you I could retire if I wanted to. I’m an equity partner I don’t even have to be there.” I told him “That’s in then. I’ll go to college, and we’ll find another house a few towns over. That way we can raise our kid together.” He finished.

Later that night we went out to dinner to celebrate our new soon-to-be addition to our family. I put on a nice black dress with some suspender pantyhose, and a lace bra I went with not panties tonight; I have a feeling I didn’t need them. “Are you ready Mom?” Ryan asked as he knocked on my door. “Yes sweetie I’m ready; I’ll be right out just putting on my makeup.” I told him. I finished with some dark ruby lipstick and walked downstairs. I couldn’t find him anywhere, “Ryan I’m ready! Where are you at?” I yelled.

“I’m outside Mom.” I heard him yell back. I opened the front door, and saw him standing there in front of a long stretch limo. “What the hell is this Ryan?” I said surprisingly. “This is my surprise for you. I thought we could go forget dinner and take a long ride tonight.” Ryan told me. “How did you afford this?” I asked him. “I saved some money from work, and my old bonds. You’ve taken care of me my whole life I’m pretty sure I could save enough to cover this.” He said with a smile. “What a great idea honey!” I said with a smile. The driver started to walk around to open the door, but Ryan stopped him. “Don’t worry I’ll get the door for the young lovely lady.” He said as he opened the door. He grabbed my ass as I got in the limo. It made my pussy get instantly wet.

As I got in the Limo I saw that it was decked out. It has a television with a dvd player a stereo system, and some champagne. “Wow Ryan this is amazing.” I told him. “Yeah it is. We can just take a drive; in fact I found a drive in movie theater an hour and half away if you want to go.” He said rubbing my thigh. It made me squeal a little “Ohh” I blushed. “that sounds great sweetie.” “Greg, to the Mount Vernon Drive in theater.” Ryan told the Driver. “Sure thing!” He said. We took off, and before we were off out street Ryan put up the divider window and ran his hand slowly up my leg starting at my lower calf.

His touch made me so horny I started to squirm in my seat as he reached my thigh. His fingers felt so good against my smooth pantyhose. “Mmmm” I bit my lower lip. Just as his fingers reached my hairy mound he stopped and pushed my ass up and pulled my dress up to my waist. My mind went blank with bliss because the next thing I know we was between my legs eating my pussy until I came so hard. “Oh fuck yeah I can’t believe how great you are at that.” I told him as I pulled his pants closer so I could unbuckle his belt. I took his cock out, it was rock hard already. “Oh baby I’ve been waiting so lon…..” I started to say, but he grabbed the back of my head and forced his cock down my throat. “Uggghhhh” I all that could come out of my mouth. “I love hearing you deep throating my cock mom.”

He popped out his cock from my mouth and sat on the car seat. “Keep going baby I’m not done yet.” He told me. I put my knees next on the seat next to him and started sucking on his cock again. “Mmmmm, your cock taste so good I can’t get enough.” I said licking the shaft of his cock up and down. He didn’t say anything he just pulled my press over my ass and started fingering me. “You’re so wet baby! I think you need to get on top of me mom.” He told me. I did what he asked, and guided his hard cock into my moist slit. “Oh my fucking God! You’re so hard baby. You like it when mommy fucks you?” I asked him as I sat hard on his cock. “Oh yeah!” he said as he grabbed my tits through my dress.

As I was riding him I could feel his cum seeping out of my pussy. “Oh baby you came already. We’ll have to clean you up and get you ready for the movies.” I said dismounting him and sucking his cock dry. Even after I was done that he was still hard as a rock. I asked him with a smile. “How can you be that hard still?” He laughed a little. “My buddy got me a Viagra pill so I thought we could take advantage of this tonight.” He pushed me down on the seat and pulled my dress back up and started licking my pussy and asshole. “Oh baby! It’s been so long since I had you in my asshole.” “I’ve been waiting for this a long time now.” He said spitting in his hand and rubbing his cock head, and then he made me lick his two fingers. “Mmmm” I said “Stick those fingers in my asshole baby. It’s waiting for you.”

He started slowly and put two fingers in and out of my asshole while putting his finger in my pussy. He knew exactly how to make me cum. “Ohh fuck!!” I screamed. He then put the tip of his hard cock slowly in my asshole. “Yeah this what I’ve been waiting for.” He said as he plunged his cock far up my asshole. “Oh fuck yeah baby! Fuck mommy’s ass!” “I love your ass so much baby. I’m going cum in your asshole mom.” Ryan said ripping down my dress exposing my breast. “That’s it baby! These tits are all yours. I’m yours whenever you want me.” “Oh fuck mom I’m cumming!” He grunted as he pushed his cock one more time deep in my asshole.

He sat back down next to me as I fixed myself, and he buckled his pants back up. “This was great mom; I have some things I want to talk to you about. It has to do with the house.” He continued. “I think we should have certain room in there.” He said. “What do you mean honey? What kind of room do you mean?” I asked. “I think we need a sex room.” He said. “That way we can do what we want and no one can hear us. I’ve read about this online. Some people that are into loud or crazy stuff use them so no one can hear them.” He finished. “I’ll think about it. We’ll talk about it after the movie.”

During the movie we fucked each other for so long I don’t think I saw more than 5 mins of the movie. Wait until you hear what kind of stuff Ryan wants in the room, and find out where we do it next time. Love Becky!

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