Lonely Julie Chapter 5

Lonely Julie Chapter 5

Lonely Julie Chapter 5

The day was a lazy one. 11 year old Timmy was exhausted by his sexual experiences with Julie and Sally and slept for much of the day on the sheets stained with his semen and the girls juices from the night before.

It was a hot summer day and Julie and Sally sat in the garden mostly talking about the discovery that they turned each other on and had had great orgasms fingering each other. Neither thought of themselves as Lesbian but it was obvious now that they were both at least bi-sexual and that was a brand new idea to them. They both stayed naked as no one could see into the garden. After coffee they lazed back and sun bathed.

“I’ve got to pee” Sally said “but I can’t be bothered to get up”

“Just do it” Julie said but let me watch”.

Sally sat up on the grass and rolled to her left side so that she was almost touching Julie. “Here it comes then” and Julie felt the warm wet urine on her thighs and looked up to see Sally pulling back the lips of her vagina to squirt her piss forward onto Julie. Julie inched even closer and exclaimed “Fuck that’s sexy” and Sally let her piss slow to a dibble. “Its easier for Timmy “ she said “At least with a cock you can aim it better”

Julie lay back on the grass, sally’s urine was dribbling down her thighs and she found herself getting horny as Sally also lay back. “Have you ever been sucked off?” Sally asked Julie.

“My husband did it once or twice but not for ages” Julie replied “ Do you think I could get Timmy to do it?”

“Absolutely – if we plan it so that he’s not too shocked or worried about his tongue in a cunt” Sally said. They lay and dozed in the sun. Julie’s mind went to the idea of Timmy’s head between her legs and his tongue in her cunt. She began to get wetter and was just going to masturbate when she realised that Sally was there and they had never actually masturbated in front of each other before – although they had seen each other cumming so it was not really much new. Sally had also wanked Julie to an orgasm the night before with Timmy as she sat on the lavatory shitting.

“Sal?” Julie said it softly. “Yeah” Sally grunted.

“I want to cum”
“So wank you twit” Sally said
Julie put her right hand between her legs and touched her clit and then stroked the sides of her vagina. Her excitement grew quickly and she rubbed her pussy and then brought her left hand down to finger fuck herself as she nealy always did when she was on her own.

She opened her eyes and saw Sally looking at her and fingering herself quite hard. “Shit I’m going to cum quickly I think Sally murmured. Both 29year old were now masturbating and watching each other. Neither saw Timmy who had woken up and was standing in the doorway to the garden – his penis in his right hand also masturbating as he watched the two girls.

Even at his age he could sense both girls were close to an orgasm and he beat his cock a bit harder.
The orgasms when they came were close to being simultaneous. Julie was a fraction ahead “ Oh FUCK Sal I’m going to cum” she burst out “Me too” Sally said. “ME TOO” Timmy suddenly moved forward to stand over the girls heads as he watched their fingers wanking and fucking themselves.

Seeing Timmy over them and his spunk suddenly shoot out of his dick to land on both their faces and then on their naked breasts – crashed both girls into a screaming body twisting orgasm. “FUCK FUCK SHIT PISS FUCK ME – argggghhh Bugger me OOHHHHH” the girls were incoherent as their bodies rocked and their legs clamped tight around their hands between their legs.

“Oh my God” Sally said “Timmy were you watching us”? “Course I was said Timmy his cock still with a speck of white semen on the end. Now he had confidence far beyond that of his 11 years.

He took one more step forward and began to piss on the girls. They squealed but stuck their tits out for his urine stream and he splashed up onto their faces that were covered in his spunk.
He pissed a lot ! And the flopped down by Julie and snuggled into her. “Timmy that was great” Julie said “I bet you never thought your summer holiday would be like this?” But Timmy had gone straight back to sleep and the three of them lay on the grass in Sallys and Timmys urine and in Timmys spunk.

The sun stayed warm and the trio lay until they all felt a bit sticky and smelly and decided to have a shower together. By now watching each piss and shit and shower and masturbate had become usual and they had no inhibitions washing each other.

There were also all eager to experiment more with their bodies and after lunch went back into the garden looking for more fun. Sally asked Timmy if he had ever seen a girl cumming before and he shook his head “But I Like it its fabulous” he said.

Julie and Sally chatted about touching each others bodies and how powerful Julies orgasm had been when Sally masturbated her the night before. The were both getting wet again and Timmy was as ever ready for anything. Timmy had now watched closely as both Julie and Sally had shit in front of him and he was curious about their arseholes and how they expanded to push the dung out and then shrunk back to their tiny brown wrinkled size.

Julie said “Sometimes you know Timmy people actually fuck the shit hole instead of the cunt.” “Isnt that dirty?” Timmy asked.

“Sometimes it’s a bit shitty but you can wash and that just makes it more exciting”.

“Have you ever done it ?” Timmy asked. “Not yet Timmy – maybe you can be the first”

“I’ve been ass fucked once “ Sally said “And I certainly came when he shot his cum into me”.

They talked more and Sally began to touch Julies breasts. Then they both began to kiss and stroke and squeeze each others bodies while Timmy watched , his cock stiff in front of him. “ Sal I want to kiss your pussy” Julie said “ Can we 69 each other ?”

Sally was eager and the girls moved with Julie on top with her cunt on Sallys face and her tongue working Sallys cunt. Behind Julie, Timmy saw Sally licking Julies pussy and her spread shit hole right in front of him. He needed no urging.

Moving in to Julies arse he position his stiff penie by her anus as, 3 inches below, Sally licked Julie Cunt. Timmy pushed his stiff prick and Julies anus opened to let it into her. He FUCKED. As never before – in and out of Julies arse – watching the specks of shit on his cock as it came out and feeling Sallys hot breath on his balls as she licked Julie.

They seemed to have naturally reached a point where they almost always orgasmed virtually together. Timmy felt his sperm moving and Squeaked “I’m going to cum – I’m fucking CUMMING”

As his spunk began to shoot into Julies bum – she too started to cum and Sally inches from Timmys pulsing cock Jerked into her own orgasm. Timmys cock slipped out of Julies arse and she farted into Sallys face. Sally screamed in her extacy and without realising suddenly urinated into Julies face still licking her cunt.

They all collapsed on each other and wondered what would happen next.

Continued in Lonely Julie Chapter 6

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