3some fantasy

3some fantasy

We meet up with another female in a bar for a few drinks, she is wearing a little dress, and you can tell she has no underwear on underneath, I'm wearing a very short skirt, low cut top, and stockings.
After a couple of drinks we all head back to the the hotel room that we have booked, stopping on the way to get more drinks in.
As you pour the drinks me and her settle ourselves back on the bed and start kissing, taking our time as we know you are watching. She starts moving down my body, starting with kissing my neck, my hands on her tits, she is kneeling in between my legs by this point with her arse in the air giving you a very sexy view of her pussy.
i can see you getting hard and I tell you to come and join us on the bed. Her mouth by this time has moved down to my nipples and she is slowly taking them into her mouth, one at a time licking and sucking on them.
As she carries on moving down my body i reach across to feel your cock through your trousers, mmmm your very hard.
I reach across to you and put your hand on her bare arse. She moans at the feel of your hand, slowly caressing her and moving your hand round to her soaking wet pussy.
As soon as she feels your hand, her pussy gushes, soaking your hand, as you start playing with her clit. She moves her head down to my pussy as my hand is slowly stroking your cock.
I can feel her breath on my clit and I suddenly get very wet, knowing that its not going to take me long to cum. I make you stand up and pull your trousers down, pleased to find you have nothing on underneath.
My hand starts slowly moving up and down your cock as you slide a finger into her wet pussy, I can feel you getting harder in my hand.
I whisper in your ear that I want to watch you fucking her while her mouth is on my clit. You remove the rest of your clothes and go to stand behind her, your fingers never leaving her wet pussy. You slowly slide 2 fingers inside and push them deeper and deeper, making sure she is wet and ready for you.
The further you push your fingers inside of her the louder she moans. I cant wait to hear her when you push your hard cock into her.
You slowly slide your fingers out and position your cock so that she can just feel you but your not inside her, she gasps and start licking my clit harder and faster.
As she starts to lick my clit faster you know it isnt going to be long before I cum , you get hold of her hips and thrust yourself inside her, all the way in in one quick movement, her moan vibrates around the room.
I struggle to hold myself off from cumming so I slide out from under her so that I'm positioned underneath both of you. I'm then able to play with your balls and lick her clit and your arse at the same time, giving you both extra pleasure.
You start thrusting into her faster and harder, and I can taste her wetness on her clit and on your cock as you slide out.
The harder you thrust into her the more she moans, as she wraps her legs around your back I'm able to gently slide a finger into her arse which then pushes her onto your cock harder and faster. Seeing the look on your face I bring my other hand round and do the same to you, I slide my fingers in and out of both of your tight arses at the same time as you thrusting into her wet pussy.
My mouth is still on her clit and she starts to moan hard which is a sure sign she is about to cum. I start licking her clit faster, gently sucking as well as licking and it is like a tidal wave as she starts to cum. Her hands grab onto your arse to pull you as deep into her as possible, I can tell by the look on your face that your wanting to cum as well so i move my mouth away from her clit and take your balls into my mouth. This sets you off cumming and she cums again. When you pull out your cum is leaking from her pussy and you spurt all over her, I'm straight there to lick every drop from her.
You come back out of the bathroom to find me and her in the 69 position, she is on top of me so I'm able to easily slide my fingers into her still wet pussy.
You lay on the bed next to us playing with both of ours tits, you know what I want and you manage to flip us over so we are in the same position but with me on top. You slide your fingers inside me so they are nice and wet. You tease me by letting your soaking fingers trail over my arse and then moving them away again. After a few minutes you take pity on me and slide your finger into my arse so easily, I moan loudly and I tell you that I want your cock inside me.
You move yourself behind me and slide your cock into my arse, before your even halfway in i start cumming. There are just not enough descriptive words to explain how fantastic this feels.
Every thrust you make into my arse pushes my clit onto her mouth.
You slide your hand forward so your fingers are sliding into my wet pussy at the same time as your cock is sliding into my arse.
I have 2 fingers buried deep in her pussy and can feel her hands on the back of my head keeping my mouth on her clit at the same time.
Your cock feels so good, and so does her mouth, I force myself further on to her mouth as you fuck my arse harder and faster, your fingers working inside my pussy making me so wet.
I feel her pussy tighten as she is about to cum and I know that i not going to stop myself from cumming at the same time.
I dont want you to cum just yet so i get you to pull out, I have other plans for you.
You sit back and watch us both cumming, whilst wanking your cock slowly, you can tell from the smile on my face what I want next and we both know that your not going to say no. When she is able to I get her to go on her hands and knees, her arse thrust up in the air.
I take your cock from your hand and start wanking you myself, your hand goes to her clit and I tell you I want you to fuck her arse like you did mine. I slowly guide your cock into her and it looks so damn hot.
When i know you are both comfortable I come up behind you and slide my hands round the pair of you so im able to play with her clit and tits, my pussy pressed aganst your arse. I climb off the bed for a moment and you both moan at the lack of contact. I'm soon back again though and I place my hands on your arse.
I slide my fingrs into her pussy so thay are nice and wet and then move my hand back to your arse and slide my finger inside you, you thrust harder into her with each thrust of my finger. I slide my finger out and you feel something cold against your arse , you look down and see that i have put my strap-on vibrator on, you moan as you watch me slide it into her wet pussy.
She feels so tight around your cock, I pull out of her and make you stop. You look back over your shoulder as you feel me slide it up and down against your arse, before slowly sliding it into your tight hole. Your eyes close and I slide into you inch at a time. You force yourself to stay still until you feel me pressed right up against you. When you feel the full length of the vibrator in your arse you can control yourself no longer, you start pushing back against me as you pull out of her dripping pussy, but then letting the vibrator slide part way out of you as you thrust back into her. I could tell by how quick your movements were getting that you was about to cum and I knew that I was just about there with you. I pushed you forward onto her back and told you to pay with her clit to make her cum, as I kept up a steady rhythm of filling your arse with the strap-on. Another couple of thrusts and I could take it no longer as one of the most amazing orgasms took over my body. Feeling her cumming underneath you and me behind you, set your own orgasm off and you pulled out of her just in time to cum all over her pussy and giving me a delicious finishing off treat.

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