Naples, Florida & Beech Mountain ,N.C.

Naples, Florida & Beech Mountain ,N.C.

Naples , Florida and Beech Mountain N.C.

Sandra and Debra were full of questions as she banked the plane south.. I told them of the plan Donna and I set up and how well it turned out. They were really impressed that I took on Stanley and had broken his nose, his collarbone, and a few ribs. Debra hugged and kissed me several times in gratitude.. I think she wanted to do more , but Sandra cooled her down some..

“We need to discuss what will become of you now that you can't return to Beech Mountain any time soon. I guess I 'll have little choice but to put you in Naples, Florida—our next place on the list.”
“Things will work out just fine Sandra, I'm sure she can earn her keep there.” I said. Debra sat in the little jump seat behind the pilots and co-pilots seats. She flashed her blue eyes at me , concerned at the tone of Sandra's voice.

“I don't want to be any trouble to anyone.. I've never had trouble finding work since I graduated bartenders school..” Sandra's eyes were moving over the instruments, and I seen her hit the autopilot and began to unplug herself from the headset and seat. “You guys make yourself comfortable back there.. We'll be there in a couple of hours.”

The passenger area had been customized for Sandra, complete with a very
large sectional couch down one side , and four reclining seats on the other
We chose the couch, and Sandra produced a couple of bottles of water from a mini-fridge in the tail section.. She opened hers and passed one to Debra.
“ I know better than to offer you water, Dano.” She was right.. I reached into my Jethro bag and came up with a fifth of Jack Daniels..
“ Do you have a glass back there?” I asked. She went back again , returning with a plastic beverage cup with two ice cubes.
“ That's the limits of this planes amenities I'm afraid.. I equipped it to fly not entertain.” I asked Sandra about the place in Naples.

“ At last count, we had 145 members, and the 'ratio' is about even. It's a large place with a seasonal surge to around 200 in the fall and winter months. I like your idea of separating the members into two buildings. I have the room there to expand and build the men a nice weight room and
sauna.. That alone would give me an excuse to increase monthly dues.”

“ I have to get back in the pilots seat. You two have fun..”

I finished my double and leaned back to talk to Debra.. I would have to educate her quickly..
“ This talk is important, so listen well.. Ask if you don't understand something I say.

When you first meet a client, look for any unusual moves or any limps, etc. Always check the form they fill out for injuries or places to avoid. You have to learn to “read” people .. Some will be easy, some hard, but all will give off subtle signals as to what they want or expect from you.”

I pulled Debra into laying her head in my lap, with her on her back facing up. I used my fingertips to trace out a pattern I used on the scalp and temple areas.
“Watch for facial expressions as you work. They can indicate discomfort or pleasure, depending on what you're doing. By paying attention to their breathing, it can indicate arousal or the approach of an orgasm, if you're doing an Erotic massage. This is as much pressure as you ever want to use on the head and neck areas.”
My fingertips pressed into her temples, the most sensitive spot on the head. She nodded that she understood. I had her swap positions and I lay my head in her lap.
“Now repeat the moves I done to you.” Debra worked slowly but with confidence, and gave me a very nice scalp and temple massage.

“ Some will be quiet, some won't stop talking..You just go with the flow. I've
had some spill their guts while on the table, telling me their life's story, a divorce , a ongoing affair or breakup.. If they get any sexual idea's , be sure you offer them an 'Erotic massage' before you continue..They must request it-- then any sex that happens will be legal. “
Debra's hands stopped and she finally spoke.

“ What if I don't want to get sexual with them.. you know—they could be butt-ugly or I'm just not attracted to them..” I rolled to my stomach and let her work my shoulders and back.
“ It's entirely up to you.. You can end a massage at any time you like if it gets uncomfortable for you. I don't anticipate that happening , but it never hurts to have a plan.”
Her fingers were feeling great, and I let my breathing reflect my relaxed state while she worked. I dozed as she worked , and the next time I opened my eyes was when Sandra called back for us to get in the seats and buckle up for landing. There was a taxi waiting and took us to her home.. This home was within 300 yards of the beach.. a spacious four bedroom affair with an outside patio/ pool / bar for entertaining.

“Put your things in any of the bedrooms to the right. The big one on the left is mine..” Sandra slipped into her room as we chose the end rooms.. I took a quick shave and shower, and dressed casually in camo shorts and white polo shirt. Debra appeared in white jogging shorts with her yellow tank top.
We made our way to the patio and she made my favorite drink, and 'Jungle Juice' for Sandra and her. It was a homemade concoction that contained an ounce each of orange, lime,and pink grapefruit juice, plus an ounce of 100 proof vodka.. Sandra swore by them. She joined us and we sat at the pool to discuss our plans.

“ We will be here no longer than a few days Dano, so look the place over well.. Talk to my manager Vicki , and keep Debra with you for now. When we leave, I want Debra to stay at the gym to help out and do whatever massage/bodywork that may come up.
Word gets around fast in these places, and I'm confident she will be in high demand soon. The gym is up the beach about a quarter mile.. You two walk it if you like. I need to make a few calls, and will take my car and meet you there later.”

We made the walk there in less than thirty minutes, and was met at the entrance by Vicki.
“Hi-- Sandra called and said to be looking for you two. I'm Vicki , and I've already been told a lot about you. Please come in and I'll show you around.”

As we moved to the juice bar , I saw a bulletin board. In heavy print a paper stated :
“We will offer our members massage & bodywork very soon. Ask Vicki for details.”
Vicki was showing off the juice bar to Debra.. It was nearly identical to the others, so she would feel right at home here.
“May I see where I'll be working?” I asked.
“Sure thing – this way please.”

We followed her to the rear and a long line of doors, stopping at the last one.
“These are offices, but Sandra had me set you up in the largest one, which has a full restroom and shower.”
Inside we saw a nice , new massage table and hot stones / heater.. There were ample room for my towels, oils, and even had a file cabinet to hide my Jack Daniels.
“ Sandra has spoken highly of your talents, Dano... and Debra's..”

“I'll be working with Debra closely till I leave.” I continued..
“ She can help out in the gym if she's not doing a massage. That is her primary job – massage--are we clear on that point?”
“Sure- I have already had plenty of members asking .. plan on starting tomorrow?”
“We need some supplies … is there a Wal-Mart close by?”
I got directions and borrowed Vicki's car, while she and Debra got acquainted.. I was gone about an hour and a half.. I returned to find the doors locked.

“Duh” I said loudly, looking at my watch. The place had closed twenty minutes ago. Sandra's car was there, a pretty black/ grey BMW … I knocked loudly on the glass, and Debra appeared and unlocked the door. We had the supplies unloaded and put away in minutes. Sandra and Vicki came into my 'office' , all smiles..
“O K-- what gives?” I said.. They were both in bikini's and had just left the pool, still toweling their hair.
“Just girl talk Dano..” Vicki smiled.. She had a models body.. Short black hair with green eyes, 32 a cups, a very narrow waist and well defined firm buttocks. I put her between 26-30 years old. I never ask a lady her age...

“I can't help myself Dano..” Sandra said.. “ I was telling her of our little orgy at Beech , and the Sybian.” I could still see that in my mind's eye.
“What's a girl have to do to get on one of those?” Vicki asked.
“Well, there should be a Sybian coming here by UPS any day now. I ordered one for each of the fitness centers.” Sandra said, sitting at the desk.
“Debra, how bout giving Vicki a little look-see on what you can do with those Hot Stones. Dano can join in if he wishes.” Vicki was not the least bit shy, removing the scant bikini and moving onto the table. Debra had filled the heater with warm water and turned it on earlier.
“ I think we've been set-up Dano.” she smiled. I began to put up my oils, and placed some near the heater to use.

“Since she didn't fill out a form, you know what to ask her. “ I reminded. Debra was oiling her hands as she spoke.
“Vicki, do you have any back or neck problems I need to be aware of?”
“Are you ticklish anywhere?”
“Everywhere” she said .
“Then you are gonna love this!”

She worked each foot, slipping between each toe with her oiled fingers and making Vicki squeal and jerk. Moving to her calves, she divided the toned muscles well, and moved to her upper thighs.
Vicki was moaning at every move Debra made near her firm buttocks, her fingers lightly scratching the soft inner thighs. Her thighs began to spread, and her shaved labia blossomed open, the small lips coated with fluids. Moving to her head , she done the scalp next, while I grabbed eight stones of various size..

I placed them four each from the back of each knee to her firm buttocks. I held the two largest stones in my open palms, transferring the 140 degree heat to them. I placed them back to re-heat and put my open hands on each firm cheek. Vicki moaned loudly, and rolled the orbs against my hands..
“Ooohh!!-- T-That feels soo good!!” I gripped them together, using my thumbs to massage all around her tanned crease, but not so deep as to divide the orbs. I would let Debra handle that. I spoke softly to Vicki as we continued to melt her into the table.
“ Vicki, most all massages begin this way. As it progresses we look for calcium deposits along the shoulder blades, neck and spinal column..We use the stones to relax you. They promote increased blood flow and are a great stress reliever..the heat penetrates to the bone, and will usually relieve any soreness or pain.”

I gathered the stones from her thighs and returned them to re-heat. I used my thumbs over thumbs to divide each thigh muscle, making her grunt in approval. Debra was working her shoulders and neck. I motioned for her to exchange places with me. I lightly oiled my hands and began at the base of her neck, rolling my fingers along each side of her spine. We could hear the little pops and cracks as calcium deposits were found. More were found in her shoulder blades.

Debra's hands were at her firm buttocks, rolling each in opposing circles to expose the star shaped anus. It winked uncontrollably as her thumbs brushed near it.
“ Ahh—Damn that feels good!” Vicki's cheeks jerked as the hands moved deep into the crease, and massaged her tail bone. By now my hands were down to the L- 4 position. The pleasure she felt must have had an effect on her tone as she said--
“ Pl-Please --- you two are gonna make me climax if you keep it up!”

I backed away to let Debra have control, and see what she had learned. She kept it just this side of professional, making the manager squirm and moan loudly as her hands brought her to new heights. At the last moment , Debra would stop and work another area. She finally asked the question, and was very tactful with the words.

“ Vicki-- We have a special massage for ladies like you... It's called an “Erotic Massage”.. It's a lot more personal than what's been done so far, BUT you have to request it for me to continue..It will not increase the hourly rate either. “
“Who's gonna do it—You or Dano?” I nodded to Debra that it was hers. She rolled Vicki onto her back and said-- “ME”
“You'll be my first massage in Florida.. Dano says I need the practice.” I had poured myself a double and sat near Sandra, who was eating this up, and obviously getting aroused herself.

“Well-- Debra, can I please have an Erotic Massage ?” Debra smiled as she placed a line of warm stones from the collarbone to her pubic mound,on a line between her pert breasts.
“Y-Yess!”-- Debra held a small, flat stone on her clitoral hood, and immediately the erect nub pushed through, glistening with clear fluids .

She slowly spread her thighs as the stone slid down.
Debra turned the stone on edge, splitting the outer labia to explore her tightness. Vicki's thighs shook as if she might climax, but Debra was watching her movements and breathing, pulling the stone away at the last moment. She removed the line of stones and put them away as we watched. Vicki's fluids ran down across her anus to pool on the sheet below.
Debra moved to her breasts, lightly pinching both nipples as the brunette pushed her chest up towards her hands. Grabbing a couple of the large stones, she let the heat transfer into her palms, then put them back into the heater. The sexy redhead massaged each mound with her warm, wet palms, making Vicki moan in delight.
“O-Oh shit!!” I looked to see Sandra, slid low into her seat, moaning also. She had slid the crotch of her bikini to one side and was stroking her large clit , letting her middle digit slide into her depths for lubrication, then attacking the nub again.. Damn -- I wish I had brought my camcorder..
I inched my chair quietly as to not disturb the women, and got side by side with Sandra's. I slid onto my knees between her thighs, my hand taking over her job. She sighed and spread her thighs even more, closing her eyes as my two middle fingers slid inside to hook her G-spot and thumb her large clit.

Debra took turns sucking each hard nipple, rolling her tongue over the entire mound... Vicki was loving the attention, and held her in place with her hands. Debra's hand slid down into the folds of her labia, and used her two fingers to reach deeply inside. It caused Vicki to scream--

“Aaaahhhgg!” An explosive orgasm rocked her loins as she began to shake all over..
“ C-Cuummminngg!!” Debra didn't back off either, and sucked and licked her way to Vicki's jerking thighs. Just as her lips found her clitoris, Vicki screamed-- “ I'm Cummin again!!” , which set Sandra off..
“O-Oh my God Dano—I'm Cummingg!!” My hand was flooded with her thick fluids, spurting as her walls spasmed around my fingers. I removed my fingers and locked my lips onto her clit, sucking it an inch or so inside, and began to trace my ABC's all around it. My middle finger played around her spasming anus, and her hips shifted down, impaling herself onto it.

“Ahhh—no-noooooo!! Cumminngg!!!” My chin and neck received a generous spurt as a stronger orgasm rocked her world..”No—Not another one! I -I can't stand it!!”
It hit her so hard she fainted dead away, leaving me to hold her to keep her from sliding onto the floor. I eased her into a sitting position and laying her forward, putting her head on the desk..

My cock was so hard I could see my heartbeat in it, jerking inside my shorts. I had promised myself I would not interfere with Deb's first massage after I got her going. They seemed to be doing just fine own their own.

I slid my shorts down and sat back into the seat , scratching my throbbing erection..not masturbating—just giving it a little attention.. It was a sight to behold, watching the two ladies at the table. I was no more than ten feet away.. Sandra hadn't stirred as Vicki had her third or fourth orgasm—I had lost count..
“No—I- noo-!!!” She was trying to push Debra's head away. She was evidently not accustomed to multiple orgasms, and it was scaring her. The redhead was trying to suck her guts out, or so it seemed.
“AHHGG!” Vicki came one last time and fainted also. Deb raised up, wiping her mouth like she had just drank a mug of beer. I couldn't help but chuckle at the irony of the situation.

I was very proud of my little apprentice.. I motioned for her to come around the desk. She hadn't seen the 'surprise ' I had for her. Seeing my erection her eyes went wide, she slipped her jogging shorts and thong off and went to her knees in front of me. She slipped her hand under my heavy balls, hefting them as she licked the wide head of my cock.
Deb suddenly deep-throated me, getting her nose all the way down to my pubic bone. It surprised me as she slurped back to the head, and dove down again..Coming back up, she let it pop from her mouth and said--
” I've been practicing Dano !! While you were away, Donna and I practiced on the Sybian attachment..”

I stood her up and spun her around.. She got the idea and spread enough to get her thighs outside mine, and lowered her sweet cunt onto my slick cock. She moaned at every inch that spread her –
“ G-God --That cock is so wide!! It almost hurts—but it's a good hurt.” She kept cutting little circles to open the inner lips. Once the wide glans passed them, the rest was easier.. I spread Debra's ass cheeks to watch as her anus puckered.. my cock finally seated deeply inside her hot vagina. She leaned back to rest her head on my collarbone..

We kissed deeply as I flexed my cock, the wide head and shaft expanding to take her breath. She came off my lap and started a furious pace, rising and falling on my cock, gripping it like a wet, warm vise. We fought each others strokes for control , but in the end, she won out. It was less than five minutes till she froze.. screaming her ass off.
“NOW – I'm cumming now!!-- Cum with me Dano –Please..!”
No problem for me.. I could have cum as I watched her eat Vicki's cunt, but I hadn't wanted to waste a good load on the floor. My heavy nuts had drawn up as she ground out her orgasm on my crotch, and we timed it perfectly .. I was spurting lines of thick cum as her cunt spasmed, pulling the juice deeply into her..

Her cervix must have dilated, cause I felt the head of my cock being sucked, just like a blow job—but more intense. I was cumming right into her womb. Debra's legs jerked and shook as her own release mixed with mine. Feeling my cock that deep sent her into oblivion, and she cried my name, which made Vicki and Sandra stir to life..

Vicki sat up on the side of the table just as Debra went limp in my arms, nearly passing out.. Sandra sat straight up, surprised that she had fell out so quickly. I leaned back and let Debra wring out the last spasms of her pleasure.. Vicki stood , looking at the redhead sliding up and down my thick cock , licking her chapped lips.. Everyone was dehydrated..

Sandra stood and headed for the bar for drinks, while Vicki said she was going to hit the pool .. She thanked both of us for the massage, and for her first bi-sexual experience... I hadn't known that. I assumed that Sandra had uh--...Well, that was none of my business. Sandra returned with a handful of bottled waters and we made our way to the pool, to round off a great evening in Florida.

Next morning we were at the fitness center by 10 am. I ran off plenty of forms for Debra , and Sandra discussed her pay with Vicki.
"I had her at $450 a week plus tips..You give her a raise if she continues to improve."
"She's damn good, and I'd like to keep her for myself." Vicki said. I filled out a sign up sheet and pegged it to the bulletin board..By 4pm it had quickly filled. I realized I'd thrown Debra into this quickly, but she seemed to thrive on the attention and the tips she was getting. I did a couple of the older members, and left the younger ones to her.

Surprisingly few men wanted one, but the ladies got the word around and the little redhead was an instant success.. On the third day there , I told Sandra I felt we could leave, knowing Deb would have a nice future here. I promised to check in on her, and Sandra and I flew out about 2pm to our next destination..

We were in the air only a few minutes when she spoke up and said--
" I want to stop in at Beech again and see what the word is on Stanley.. I can come in the way we did before and raise very few eyebrows.."
"It's fine with me.. I need to talk to you about this membership drive you're having. I wasn't anticipating the sheer volume of people I'm dealing with..I need to get to a bank also, and get some cash...I've nearly spent my first month's salary."
"I keep $15-$20 thousand in a safe at my condo if you need some more." she said.

"No-- That wasn't our deal. I'll get my supplies out of my pocket. It's costing a bit more than I figured is all. I can cover it.
My next problem is -- I need some help if I'm gonna be any good to you. I was happy you put Debra where you did, but I want someone who will stay by my side in this, so I don't get burnt out. I also have regulars near my home I have to see at least once a month.."
" Who have you got in mind--Connie?"
" I'd say yes but she'll be needed at Knoxville... I want Donna.."
“ I need her at Beech Mountain!” Sandra was shocked.
“I'd be willing to bet she has the twins doing just fine by now. They're not but a couple of years younger than Donna. I told Donna to split the $450 a week you were paying Deb between tips.. You would be getting the place run for half what it's costing you now.”

“Why do you have to be so damn smart all the time?” She continued--
“Let me handle Donna. I'll tell her you want to talk to her later. You fire her, and then hire her back to work for you. Her pay will be your responsibility..” I thought about that a minute or so and told her it was a deal..
“Donna has a very short fuse-- don't piss her off..” Sandra was serious.
I walked back to the couch and stretched out on it, planning my next move.
I dozed awhile before feeling the planes altitude drop, my ears popping.
“Dano, we're about 5 minutes from touchdown..Call Donna to come pick us up and sit up here with me.” I snapped the seats harness in place and put the headphones on to hear her over the twin engines.
“ I've done this before , so don't wet yourself.” Sandra said.

I saw the landing strip just as we popped up over a mountain-- entirely too low.. I could have spit into the treetops as she continued to lose altitude. She backed off the throttles, slowing the plane even more on the extremely shallow approach.
I don't know anything about stall speed, but we were doing less than 100 mph, and dropping fast. The runway was a half mile away and she had the plane less than 100 feet off the ground.. Sandra done something to the flaps causing the speed to fall even more.
I could barely hear the engines as the wheels touched down so softly, I couldn't tell we were on the runway. We idled over to her hangar, surprising the ground crew.. She taxied into the hangar and cut the engines.

“ I could have you doing that inside two weeks if you'd let me.”
“ I'm just fine with the passenger part, so forget it.” I didn't dislike the idea, I just thought she would get me killed in the process.

Donna met us and we loaded into Sandra's Hummer.. Sandra drove us back to the gym, then took off to her condo. As I exchanged my soiled clothes for clean ones, I asked Donna had she heard any word on Stanley.. She was smug as she replied--
“ You know, I've not heard a single soul around town mention it. He apparently wants to keep a lid on it.. It was embarrassing to him-- A 50 year old man fucking his ass up.. As far as I can tell, we got away with it.” I was glad he chose not to involve his uncle-the local sheriff.
“So how long you guys gonna stay this time?”
“I have no idea. I think this is probably her base of operations. She keeps her records in a safe at her condo. This makes twice we've had to come by here before visiting the next one on her list.” One of the twins came up the stairs with the phone..
”Sandra needs to talk to you Donna..” She took the phone and moved to the window, looking at the view as she spoke.

“Thanks, Dano for helping us out.”
“Huh?” Which one what she?
“Yeah-- the jobs here, you know. Josie and I love our jobs, and it's saving us $300 a month in dues..” So, I was talking to Jan...
“Is there no way to tell you two apart?” She smiled, saying--
” Only when we're naked , Dano.. You'll have to check us out “IF” we ever get our massages you promised.” A pout formed on her lip..
“ I don't know yet how long I'll be here but I'll speak with Sandra and see if we can stay awhile. If that works out, I''ll take care of you two tonight after you close up.” Donna hung up saying Sandra wanted to see her later..
“She sounds a little pissed. Wonder whats up?”
“I haven't a clue” I lied. “ I think all this jumping around has her nerves on edge.” She handed Jan the phone and she went back downstairs.

It was nearly 7pm and I went down to the sauna to relax.. Air miles can wear you down as easily as driven miles can. Donna drifted in soon afterward and said she was headed for Sandra's with the last few days income from the gym.
“ I promised the twins their massage, so I'll be busy a while also.”
“Think you can handle both of them, Dano?”
“I've been in far worse situations..” I smiled and added--
“I can always ask my 'friend' to assist me.”
“Don't suppose you'd consider waiting for me to get back..”
“Hey—I promised these young ladies a nice massage. Hell, they think I can do them together, and there's no way.. I don't have but two hands.”
“ Plus some educated fingers and very thick cock.” she said.
“We'll most likely be started by the time you return. Just pick up on the flow of things and help me out.” Donna kissed me deeply, and after giving my cock a playful squeeze, was gone. I made my way up to the front and caught one of them at the juice bar.

“Have you twins ever had a massage before?” I asked.
“No , Dano-- This will be our first.”
“ Are you the one that was upstairs earlier?”
“ Must have been Jan---I've been right here since your arrival.”
“How can I tell you two apart?” I had to know..
“I have a small mole just under my nipple.” She pointed under her right breast.
“With your clothes on, is there a way...Help me out here Josey..”
“Not that I'm aware of.” she said.
“By the time I return, I want you two to get a choker to wear with your name on it. Or name tags that identifies you.. Fuck.. It's rude of you two .. making people guess all the time.”
“Hey—that's a great idea! I'll get over to Boone and have a couple made. I know just the place that would have them..”
“Send your sis back to my office to fill out my paperwork, and I'll begin with her. You help Donna close up and come on back when the place is secure and the lights are out.”

I walked back to my office and plugged up my stones. It wasn't two minutes till Jan walked in..
“Hi again-- what do you want me to fill out?”
“Sit and fill this form out for my records please.” I stepped to my restroom and washed my hands.. I was already dressed down to jogging shorts and a wife-beater tee.. I lit my oil burner that had Egyptian Musk in it. I lay a large beach towel to drape with across the table and waited..

Jan finished quickly , handing me the form.
“O.K. Here's how this works. Undress in the restroom. Theres hangars on back of the door. I need the bra off, but you may leave your panties on if you're shy.. Also remove any jewelry.. I picked the beach towel and demonstrated how to drape herself. Off she went, smiling.. I checked the heater and found the stones were almost ready..
I moved to my file cabinet and brought out my Jack Daniels, pouring myself a double, knocked it back, then poured another to sip on. I read her form, noting no areas of injury or places to avoid.. She stated she was very ticklish.. I put a large “ X—2 “ on it.. It would cover Josey also, since they were twins.. Jan came out and to the table..
“Tummy down , please..” I oiled my hands.
She slipped onto the sheet, as she commented on the smell in the room. “That smells so sexy!” Just then the door opened and Josey sprints in, out of breath.
“Got here as soon as I could.” Her ample rack was heaving.
“Just in time , go undress in the rest room, and remove your bra and any jewelry. You may leave your panties on. There's a beach towel to wrap with..”

I began at Jan's feet, working the oil slowly between each toe.. I was stalling, waiting on Josey to return, so I wouldn't be repeating myself so much. She came from the restroom and right up to the table..
“As you two can see-- there's no way to put both of you on the table at once. Josey-- oil up your hands and repeat my moves on the other side of Jan. “
“Oh yeah!--I've always wanted to do this..” she exclaimed.

“Always begin with the feet, and work towards the heart. Give each toe a little 'push' below here, and see if it pops. All four smaller toes popped.. Josey did likewise. Her big toes refused to pop. Moving to her calves, I explained how to divide the muscle to a point just under the back of the knee. As we moved to Jan's thighs, her legs spread slightly, showing off her shaved labia...
“ Hey !! You said to leave our panties on ! “ Josey said.
“ I 'm sorry, I mentioned to your sis that if she was shy, she could leave them on. As we see, she's not shy.” I showed her how to divide the large thigh muscle all the way to her buttocks. Jan grunted her approval as we neared them.
“You two need to remember this-- and practice on each other every chance you get after hours. When I leave, I plan to take Donna with me. You can make some serious money giving the members massages.” Jan's head came clear of the table--
“ You mean we're gonna be running this place?”
“If Sandra approves it... I've put in a good word for you two so don't let me down.”

I pulled four large stones from the heater and placed them from the back of Jan's knee up to where thigh meets buttocks. She moaned as Josey repeated my moves.. I walked around to her head and lightly oiled my hands. Josey followed my lead. I worked her neck and shoulders while explaining to Josey how to do a scalp and temple massage. I worked her spinal column all the way to her tail bone.
Her grunts and moans were getting louder by the minute as I had Josey remove the stones to re heat. I returned to her thighs and told Josey to go over them again, working the heat into the deep muscle tissues. I fixed myself another drink as I watched the twins. Jan was really getting into the whole thing, while her sis did all the work. That would change soon enough. I moved to the heater and put a row of stones down each side of her spine. Jan's hand came down and around my leg, and ran her fingers up the back of my thigh.
“Those feel so wonderful Dano.”

I backed away from her hand just as Donna walked into the office.
“ I want to know what the hell is going on around here!” She was in my face as she spoke.
I told Josey to get the stones off Jan and turn her over to repeat the moves on the front-- I would return shortly. I walked Donna out to the pool , my arm hooked in hers..
“ I get to Sandra's and she has an attitude.. wants to know if you have talked with me.. She takes the money and tells me to come back here.. Doesn't say why she wanted to talk.. so what the fuck's up?” I tried to not jerk her chain, so I turned and held her close, kissing her softly.

“ Things have changed , and Sandra told me to fire you.” She tensed and tried to wiggle free of my grip, but I held her a little tighter.
“ What the fuck for? I've been doing her a good job and the twins--” I cut her off before she completely lost her cool.
“ I have to fire you , so I can hire you to come work and travel with me. Sandra said she couldn't do it.” Her eyes bore into mine as she spoke..
“You're not jerking me around are you?”
“No-- I wasn't expecting the volume I'd be dealing with. I need you with me..and I won't drop you at another place unless you want to stay..You'll have to take charge sometimes when I have to be home with my regulars. I'll start you at $500 a week plus 5% of our gross each month as a bonus.”

I let her go , to slap me silly or whatever. Donna seemed to be in thought as we walked back to my office.. She looked at the twins having their fun..
“I'm giving them a crash course in the next couple of days .. They can run the place and do any massage work when I'm not around. Eventually, when all the places are set up, we'll be coming back here.. I like my place here, and the climate. You wouldn't have to give up your apartment either. Think of it as a long vacation.”
“I'd miss Sandra-- we've been an lovers for nearly a year. You sure it's O K with her?”
“She's the one who couldn't fire you, remember? And we'll be flying with her to these places. It's not like you'll never get to see her.”

We watched the twins swap places, and it was Jan's turn to massage her sister. I moved close enough to her to observe and be of help should she need me.. Jan had listened well, repeating my moves flawlessly.. Josey moaned and wiggled, and seemed to be ticklish everywhere. Donna's hand circled my waist she steered me to my desk.
“Dano-- I feel I'm getting left behind in this thing Sandra and you have started. I was out of the loop on most of the discussions you had. Promise me you're not gonna drop me like you did Debra.” I sat her in my lap, and gave her my best bear hug.
“ You and I will be together except when I visit my regulars.. That's when I will need you to take over in my place while I'm away. After we get everyone we need in place and running smooth, we'll come back here and run it from the phones and computers.”
“You make it sound so easy, but it will be hard at first, right?”
“I plan to be compensated from each place.. about 25% of the massage business will come back home to me each month, for training each lady and stocking each gym. You help me out and I'll share that with you. You won't be “dropped” anywhere..unless you see one of the other gym's you would like to settle down in.”
She put her arms around my neck and kissed me , whispering those Cherokee words into my lips.. that we were of one spirit..
”OH Shit!!!-- Josey screamed. Jan was thumbing her anal muscle with slow, circling pressure. Josey's ass was off the table, backing up on the digit.

“Hey—You two.. Have you ever had a vibrator used on you?” I asked. They both said “YES” in unison-- I pushed Donna up and stood, telling her to introduce them to my 'friend'... I had a phone call to make. Stepping back over to the pool area, I called Sandra on my cell phone.
“ How did she take the news Dano?”
“I held her arms behind her while I fired her, but she understands why now.. She will be my assistant from now on. I'm gonna need a couple of days to get the twins up to speed, but I've saved you a ton of money. I've taken Donna off your payroll, and both the twins are working for what you were paying Debra.”
“You've been a great help to me. I wish I'd met you five years ago..We could have retired by now. Your common sense approach and looking at problems 'out of the box' are two assets that most people lack. You would make a hell of a politician.” We laughed and hung up.

I stepped back into my office to see Donna explaining the controls of the Sybian to the twins.. There would be a fuss over who rode it first. One twin quickly lubed the shaft and impaled herself as the other turned the vibration knob up a notch. Donna and I left them to experience the Sybian for themselves.

We walked back to my place as we spoke of my plans for her in the near future. The whole evening had been a shock to her, but as we talked, I felt she was beginning to see the unique opportunities that had opened for her by working with me. I showered and shaved while she done some bookwork for the twins.
It was decided we would check back on them in an hour.. I arrived first, slipping into my own office to watch in awe as they pleasured each other. It was like looking into a mirror that wrapped around them.
They were so in tune with each others feelings, one would anticipate what the other wanted..both were on the saddle with Josey's hands cupping Jan's ample breasts from behind.
The control lay in the floor, with both knobs near their peak settings. Jan's head lay back into her twins shoulder, either passed out or in such pleasure she couldn't move or speak. I picked up the control and cut it off. Both girls suddenly snapped out of their trance.
“Help your sister off that and hit the showers. You both have a big day tomorrow.”

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