Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill climbed the mountain together
True story
I’m not an author of any substance, however I wanted to capture some events and fantasies that I’ve had. Im hoping that Jill (The subject of this story) will read this

My name is Jack. Happily married for over 20 years, living in London.
A few years ago I met Jill at a business meeting. At the time we were competitors in business, however due to the magnitude of a mutual project we were forced to co-operate together.
Jill is what most men dream of. She weighed about 55kg with C cup breasts and long shapely legs that made my cock rock hard. She has black hair, blue eyes, a thin waist and a smile that can break down all resistance. Her ass is small and round. She does not realise how many men get turned on when she is around.
Jill is sophisticated, highly intelligent, strong willed and knows how to get her own way. Jill is my dream woman. She has the ability to possess your soul, your fantasies and will own your orgasms. You will be hers to command. Unfortunately Jill does not share my bed as we are both married.
When I first laid eyes on this beauty, it was most difficult to maintain my concentration. All I could think about was fucking her senseless.
Our co-operation remained strictly professional over the following two years, yet I’m sure my lust was evident
Jill remained the subject of many fantasies over the two years and as fate would have it, our paths crossed again and we would start a business as equal partners

As with any business, the first years proved to be very difficult however Jill and I grew closer day by day.
On one beautiful day, Jill and I decided to enjoy a glass of red wine together at a local restaurant. Before long we had finished 2 bottles of wine and were pretty liberal with our verbal expressions and thoughts. Jill said something that hit me between the eyes… she commented on the amount of time we spent together and said that she was my “WORKWIFE”.
Jill was wearing blue jeans and a blue blouse that showed enough cleavage to magnetize my eyes. All I wanted was to see those beauties.
At that moment, my head spinning from too much red wine was now spinning with the thoughts of this magnificent woman who just told me she was my “workwife”. All I could think about was fucking her… I wanted her, needed her. Nothing else mattered. The bulge in my pants giving away my lust.
Jill has a way with words. She told me things that made me feel like a million bucks. I had never felt this good before. At this point, I knew that I was a lost cause. I was smitten with resistance gone.

After a quick lustful kiss in the car on route back to the office, we waited for the coast to clear and the rest of the staff to go home.
Jill was in the kitchen pouring herself some water to try sober up a little, so she could drive home. I came up behind her, with my heart beating like a drum, and somehow hypnotized by the lust in my cock, I pressed hard into her ass and kissed her neck… she turned around, and instead of slapping me, started to kiss me. Her kisses were beyond my wildest dreams. She explored my mouth with her tongue, tasking teasing and suddenly she bit me…blood was flowing in my mouth, and in a way I guess it was like a young girl losing her virginity. I had just become hers.

I lifted her onto the counter top all the while kissing. I undid her belt and unzipped her blue jeans and removed them only until her knees. She was wearing boots, so her jeans were half mast
I opened each button on her silky blouse. Before my eyes, the object of my lust, the woman who possessed my dreams and thoughts was before me. What a glorious sight. I felt like I was in a twilight zone stuck between my dream and reality
I kissed her neck and made my way down her chest. My hands looking for the prize. Pulling her brassier down, I released her magnificent breasts form their confinement. Her small perky nipples giving her own lust away. I kissed them and suckled her nipples drawing them into my mouth and releasing them in search of the other.
My hands quickly moved down the sides of her body, to find her lacy thong. I hooked the sides of her panties and pulled them off. There she was, sitting on the counter top, in all her glory. I always thought Jill to be beautiful, but now before me was a goddess. Her cunt was something to behold. Hair trimmed, yet not clean shaven. Her lips were swollen and her juices very visible. She reached down and put her fingers in her cunt and again to my surprise she tasted herself. I'm sure my heart skipped a beat. Then she put her fingers in her cunt again, and put them in my mouth. She tasted wonderful. Her cunt juices mixing with the blood in my mouth and I knew this was a union that was beyond compare.

I got on my knees and started kissing her cunt. I opened her lips which made a perfect butterfly. Sucking, licking, twirling my tongue. I was tasting her most inner parts. I thought to myself “this is what being a work wife is all about”. I felt her hand on the back of my head. She was grinding her cunt onto my face. She was using my face to grind herself to orgasm.
Jill came three times that night before going home to her husband. I on the other hand was patiently waiting for my turn to take ownership of her body. The union had been created, she owned me. Of that, there was no doubt.

Chapter 2
Several weeks passed, with both of us trying to compartmentalize the events that had happened. The subject was “taboo” as a topic of discussion. After all we had a business to run.
Again the opportunity came to have a little drink at the office. This time, we had invited our colleagues so the chance of us getting into trouble was not great. Four bottles of red wine soon found their way into our systems, and we were way over the limit to drive.
Later that evening, we were again left alone in the office, waiting to sober up sufficiently so that we could drive home.
I grabbed Jill by the hand and brought her to my office. Being the MD of the company, I had a slightly bigger desk. Not paying attention to anything, I swept the desk clean, and made Jill sit on my desk while I was in my office chair. I pushed her back so she was lying on my desk. I could smell that sweet scent of her pussy. I lifted her skirt and pulled her purple lace thong to the side. This was my moment. I was going to fuck her. I was going to take possession of her, the way she did to me.
Whilst siting down, Jill’s legs on my shoulders I again started savouring her nectar. She tasted heavenly. I was licking her and kissing her inner thigh. Watching her breathing increase and her hips rise to meet my seduction. I knew that this night my cock was going to spurt it seed in the depths of this goddess. My lust un-containable.
Suddenly she sat up saying “this is cheating. We can’t do this” immediately she got up packed her bags without saying a word and left. My desire and lust crashing down like an abandoned building imploding.
The next day at the office was awkward, with neither of us talking about what happened. The incident was again compartmentalized and was not under discussion. Two long months passed without mention or incident.

Chapter 3
As it happened, and as is the case in many companies the inevitable business trip started to loom its head.
We were heading out on a business to negotiate several supply deals. Jill, being a financial person was critical to the negotiations.
A few weeks later, after securing the required visas and air tickets we made our way through the international departures, leaving my wife and her husband waving us good bye.
The flight was long and somehow during the flight I reached over and held Jill’s hand. We fell asleep holding each other. Soon I felt her squeezing my hand and digging her nails into my skin. Yet she seemed asleep. I watched as Jill was squirming and bringing herself to orgasm right next to me.
I discovered that Jill has the ability to cum without anyone touching her or without the use of her hands. I watched her twitch and breath faster as her inner thoughts took over. That was when I learned that she could orgasm without any physical contact at all!
And she admitted that sometimes when she was alone at work, she’d let her mind wander and have the most delicious secret orgasms! Without touching herself! Just squeezing her thighs together. But told me she often did play with herself if no one was around! This woman was amazing me.
When she awoke, I whispered in her ear “Interesting dream?” Her response was short and definitive “don’t go there!!”
I left it, knowing that this was going to be an interesting trip.
Upon arrival at our desitination we were taken to our accommodation as sponsored by our supplier. We arrived at a sub standard bed and breakfast. This was no hotel! Our rooms were next to each others. The rooms were clean, yet provided the minimum of creature comforts. The beds were hard and uncomfortable.
Jill’s room was particularly bad. I heard a knock on the door, asking if she could use my shower. Her room had no water. Of course I beckoned her into my room, and like a true gentleman, I let her shower in peace. Everything in me wanted to go into the shower and lay eyes on this heavenly being before me.
Whilst she showered I lay under the covers stroking my cock at the very thought. As I was building up, she came out the shower towel wrapped around her body and my heart skipped a beat. I did not cum, but knew that when I do, it was going to be good. The three day build up in my balls was certainly not going to disappoint.
She went back to her room to finish getting ready for the day.
Later that night, Jill again needed to come to my room as her water was still a problem I had two single beds and told her to make herself comfortable. At least we could watch TV together. She agreed and came to sit on the bed wearing shorts and t shirt. We shared a bottle of red wine again, and soon things started heating up.
I pulled her toward me. She lay on my shoulder while we snuggled up together. Without care or concern of real life, we enjoyed each other. Jill always wears the most incredible perfume. The evening was spent tickling her back and stoking her hair. I’m not sure if Jill could hear my heart beat, or if she could see the stiffness of my cock. I knew that I was a lost cause with this woman in my arms.
For the most part the first night we “behaved “ourselves.

Jill and I were getting used to the fact that we needed to share facilities and indeed share my room. She not only had water problems, but also had issues with her electricity. She needed to use the hair dryer.
Every opportunity we had during the following day, we were holding each other, sending each other looks of appreciation and whispering affection to each other. The chemistry was building, of that.. there was no doubt.
After a long day visiting factories, we returned to our accommodation. After we had settled down in my room we started fondling each other. We were lying on the bed next to each other kissing. The foreplay was incredible. Suddenly Jill got up and left the room. Just like she had done before. This time, saying that we are going too far. As she left, I told her that the door will be left open, and that I’ll be waiting for her to return.
Jill sat in her room and had many conversations with herself. Two hours later, the door opened and she snuck into bed next to me.
She lay with her back turned to me and I whispered in her ear “everything is going to be ok”
Those words are the key to her inner soul.
I kissed her neck, while lifting her into a sitting position. I removed her t shirt. Her wonderful breasts on display. Jill’s eyes begging me to suck her nipples.
I lay her on her back and removed her shorts. There before me was the object of my desire, the woman who had controlled me since the day my blood mixed with the nectar from her inner most parts.

I lay on top of her still not penetrating her, still kissing and fondling.
She grabbed my cock, what seemed for the first time and placed me at the entrance to her temple. Her eyes giving me the go ahead, her body writhing in lust. Her cunt was so wet the juices were running down into her ass.
With one thrust I entered her cunt, and filled her up with my cock. The moment I had been waiting for, for so many years. Warm wet velvet, and her mouth opening to gasp for air with each thrust.
My balls were bursting with cum. In that one moment of entering her, I felt sensations that I have never felt before. Her velvet cunt enveloping my cock; the moment of possession.

I could see Jill’s eyes the moment I filled her up. The look on her face, as she knew that her body was mine. I was lying on top of her in a missionary position, my cock impaled and our hearts intertwined.
I shuddered as I shot my seed in her depths but was far from finished fucking her. My cock remained ridged and wanting …The night was just beginning
We fucked several times that night…. With only enough time for my cock to recover for rest. I came inside Jill several times that night. Her body and mind were mine. My territory marked, and all inhibitions removed.
Our partnership was consummated. She was my work wife and I .. her work husband.
Jill straddled me in the 69 position and presented her delicious cunt to me. At the same time she started sucking my cock. Her mouth felt amazing. Her tongue darting around the tip, up and down the shaft, until she came to my balls. She sucked my balls and took me in her mouth. I had never felt so much pleasure at the same time. Her pussy in my face, and my balls in her mouth. Had I died and gone to heaven? Was this pleasure even possible on earth? Soon I started to build and shot my load in her mouth. She lapped up every drop.
We fell asleep in each others arms smiling with eternal bliss.
The following day was filled with subtle touches and tenderness between us. Knowing looks and shared secrets.
Our third and last night would prove to be even more exciting than the previous, however, the intensity of the consummation could never be matched.
Jill again, in my bed next to me, naked was grinding her ass into my crotch. She needed cock. She wanted cock and she always got her own way.

I however had other plans. Jill and I were spooning when I felt Jill, pushing her ass out asking for me to fuck her . I turned around so that my head was facing her ass. The 99 position I lifted her leg and started to eat her cunt from behind. She was so wet. I love the taste of this beauty. I could savour her cunt every day!
I could feel the contractions in her cunt as I was licking her and rubbing her clit. Lustfully I moved my tongue to her ass. I started licking her most sacred place. Jill had never experienced that before.
My tongue started darting into her ass, I was tongue fucking her little starfish. Her taste magnificent. To think how intimate and vulnerable we were with each other at that point. Her body responded and she writhed and bucked under my prodding. Eating her ass was probably one of the most beautiful and erotic things I have ever done. I was born for this. I was born to make this woman cum. I was born to eat her ass.
Jill bucked and shook as her orgasm overtook her body. Her face describing her pleasure as her mouth opened and the groans left her body. Jill turned and lay on her stomach and fell into the bliss of post orgasmic sleep.

As few hours later lying naked next to each other I asked Jill if she liked to get spanked. She said that she does. I was sitting upright in the bed supported by the pillows, and moved Jill so that she was lying across my lap. She was on her hands and knees, with my cock reaching up to touch her tummy. I pushed her head down so that only her ass was raised. It was time for Jill to get spanked. After all, she was very deserving of a decent spanking. She need to get spanked for being so sexy, so hot.
I rubbed my hands on the mound of her ass, letting my fingers every so often touch the folds of her cunt.
Without expectation, I delivered the first flat hand slap to her ass cheeks. Jill gasped for air.
Ann was murmuring, “please spank me. I’ve been naughty seducing you “ I spanked her about 20 further blows that made her ass bright red. Jill was getting turned on by the spanking. She wanted me to treat her like this. She wanted to be punished. She wanted me to fuck her face, she wanted me to totally possess her with lust.
After a while I could hold out no longer and mounted her from behind. At this point, my balls were bursting and I needed relief. I placed my cock at the entrance to her slit and pushed. She was so wet my cock slipped inside her with ease. I pumped my cock in her cunt like this was the last time I would ever fuck her. I let my seed go deep into her womb, filling her up.
Jill fell asleep with her red ass on display, as I watched her. I was absorbing her beauty. Soon my cock was hard again and I had no choice but to mount her again, and treat her like a cum dump. My cock found its way into her soft wet opening.
Our business trip was all too short, and the trip back to London had arrived way too quickly
On our return trip Jill was whispering in my ear. She was telling me how she was going to control my cock, and how she was going to own and even possess my very orgasms. As she was talking to me, I was rock hard and desperate to cum. I had become her slave and my cock her toy.
She teased and played with my cock for a long time, during the flight back. Gratefully it was a night flight where blankets and dimmed lighting hid our indiscretions. Jill whispered in my ear and told me to go and shoot my load in the toilet. I went to the toilet and shot my load in total abandon and surrender. My actions were more than simply cumming. I was a slave to her will.

We returned from our business trip with lots of emotions to deal with. Our intimacy was not only lustful, it was also making love. The subsequent weeks were filled with lots of hugs and touch. Lots of shared intimate thoughts, desires and fantasies and of course many orgasms
We fucked on my table at work, in her office, and anywhere that opportunity would allow. We owned each other. No limits, no restrictions.

I have to mention that Jill is one of the most amazing woman ever. She has the ability to suck cock like I’ve never experienced. She is one of the most skilled woman with her tongue. She has mastered the art of deep throating. There is nothing like feeling my cock touching the back of her throat. On one occasion, she sucked my cock and milked every drop of cum into her waiting mouth. She suddenly stood up with her cum filled mouth and kissed me. She made me eat my own cum. I loved that cum kiss. That in itself took us to another level of intimacy. could not keep my hands of this goddess. She is a magnificent woman in every way.
Jill loves to dominate and be dominated. We reversed roles on a weekly basis. In her turn as dominant, she would make me take out my cock and stroke it for her… she would tease me and edge me, so that I would not cum until she gave me permission.
When it was my turn to dominate, I usually ended up with some spanking. I have a wooden spoon on my table that was given to me as a memento. This wooden spoon provided the best and perfect tool for a good spanking. I was hoping that Jill would use that on me one day, but that is another story
We fucked like teenagers who had no control. We took many risks however it was all worth it. All Jill wanted was to have my cum deep inside her. All I wanted was to please that heavenly body. I loved fucking her. My work days were characterized by me having a constant bulge in my pants, as I seemed to lose all control around Jill
Our relationship was becoming so very intense, that we (I) decided that we were almost at the point of no return. Our families and friends would all be severely hurt. Two realities colliding in time and space..
The next few months saw some sanity prevail and our physical encounters became less frequent, yet our intimacy remains with shared sacred memories.

Every now and then we seem to let our guards down and lust overwhelms us. Recently we were alone at the office. I approached Jill and started kissing her. I grabbed her throat and she responded with by gyrating her body. I was taking possession of my woman again. My hands found her breasts. I pinched her nipples. Jills gasps were so encouraging. I loosened her blouse so I could behold her beauty once again.
I sat her down in her office seat. She was wearing a skirt which was almost around her waist. Her hot wet cunt was wanting, hungry and needed attention. I moved closer as her legs spread for me. Jill was pushing her cunt into my groin. I opened my zip and released my hard cock. I pushed her panties aside and placed my hard cock at her entrance. I filled her up with my manhood. It felt like heaven. The one thing about Jill's cunt is her heat. I have never felt a cunt so hot before. My cock deep inside her, our eyes locked and our lustful breaths mixing in the air.
I shot my load deep inside her. My territory had been marked yet again.
On another occasion, I started rubbing Jill's neck and shoulders. My intentions were to simply give her a back rub. One thing led to the next. My hands found her tits. Somehow every time I see her tits and small perky nipples it’s like the first time. I could never get enough of them.
Her legs opened as I started kissing her inner thigh. She was fingering her cunt. She put two fingers into her depths and made sure that she was wet. She scooped her love juice and put her fingers into my mouth. I almost fainted. Soon her hands were on the back of my head as she pulled me into her delta of venus giving me permission to take what I wanted. Her clit in my mouth felt so amazing. I lapped her juices. She tasted incredible. Soon Jill was cumming on my face as her orgasm overtook her. What a feeling, what a pleasure.

Jill has somehow maintained possession of my mind. I cant seen to cum without me thinking about her.
Not a single day passes without my cock leaking cum at the very thought of what we had and what I wish we could be.

As mentioned before, Jill is a very strong willed woman. Her strength of will is only surpassed by her beauty.

The following text describes some of my office fantasies with Jill.
Jill has become my dominant. My purpose in life is her pleasure. Jill has prepared a menu similar to that of a restaurant, listing her wishes and desires. She updates this from time to time as she pleases.
Every morning, as Jill enters the office, my first task is to make her a cup of tea and present the menu to her. Jill rolls her dice (1,2,3 or 4pcs) to see what the day will hold
The menu reads as follows:
Item 1: Strip naked (bottoms only) and continue working. On command watch a porn video. No touching allowed (Jill loves this one. She loves the tease and denial concept)
Item 2: Masturbate on command, while sitting in your office chair. Make sure you are in full view
Item 3: Eat my cunt. (One of Jill's favorite)
Item 4: eat my ass while you finger me
Item 5: suck my nipples and wait for further instructions
Item 6: cum on my breasts
Item 7: cum on my breasts and lick it up after. (Jill loves the power and control this gives her)
Item 8 : cum in my mouth and let me kiss you (Again a favourite. She loves the thought. )
Item 9 : Kneel behind me while I stand. You will fuck my calves while you rub your head on my ass
Item 10: spanking time
Item 11: Jill selects a scene / fantasy. I must cum to her selection. No matter what or how taboo
Item 12: role play any fantasy of my choice
Item 13: Mind fuck (Jill has such a powerful imagination and wicked mind. She makes me cum in my pants without any stimulation. Purely the whisper in my ear and my body responding to being mind fucked)
Item 14: Fuck me but no cumming
Item 15:fuck me and cum inside me, followed by a face sitting session, where you will clean up your cum from my cunt
Item 16: fuck my ass
Item 17: fuck a woman of my choice.
Item 18: change your social media profile pic and status to my choice.
Item 19: tied up, blindfolded and fucked
Item 20: Jills prerogative

Every morning as Jill contemplates the days, dice in hand, she would ask
“ Jack, did you fuck your wife?”
Yes mistress, I would answer.
“Jack, What are the rules about fucking your wife?”
“ Mistress, wife is a whore, and a slut. I am only allowed to use her cunt but I must be imagining that I’m fucking you”
“Jack, tell me again what is your wife? “
“Mistress, she is a whore. Nothing more. A worthless slut. A cunt for my use” I would answer.
“Good boy. Now we can start the day”

If I answered “ NO” to the question of fucking my wife, Jill would say
“ Your wife is a whore right?”
“Yes mistress” I would say
“ she probably is being fucked by another cock isn’t she?” Jill would respond
“Yes mistress”
“ you get turned on by the thought don’t you Jack? It makes your cock hard does it not jack? You love the thought of cum dripping from her cunt that’s not yours hey Jack”..
“ yes mistress” I respond
“ show me your cock…..Good boy , now we can start our day”

Jill would throw the dice and the item number on the menu would be selected. My body has become so accustomed to this slave life style that my precum starts to leak as I hear her footsteps enter the room.

Although I am her slave and always will be every action is an act of love. She does not share my bed at night but lives as my lover, friend & wife, inside of my heart

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