Real cuck

Real cuck

I have always enjoyed watching my wife fuck other men and women, as well as sharing with others. Occasionally we take that to the point of a really humiliating cuckold. It isn’t something we do all the time, but it can be really fun. This is one of those times.

We used to go over to my wife’s lover John’s house every other Saturday. They usually spent Wednesday evenings together, so they would often have a plan for Saturday when all three of us could play. I never knew what the two of them may have in store- they both have wicked imaginations, and he has quite an impressive collection of fun items, so it was always interesting.

This Saturday seemed like a normal fun day- we had all stripped down and were in the heavy foreplay stage. I was on my knees sucking his wonderful cock, looking forward to seeing him use it on my wife. She was on the couch moaning while he licked her pussy. When she said I should sit down and watch for a bit, I did not think anything of it- I like to watch and they know it. They surprised me, though, because when I sat down, they pulled silk ropes out of a shoebox and tied my hands and legs to the chair. I had never been tied before, and was not sure what their plans were, but I was sure it was going to be fun. They laid on the couch 69 and put a show on for a while, when the second surprise came. There was knock on the door and another young man came in.

Like her lover, he was younger than me, and quite good looking. I did not know him. I guess she did, though, because she walked over to him and gave him very deep kisses while she helped him unbutton his shirt. John joined too and the three of them kissed and played as they slowly pulled off his clothes. He was well built, and when they pulled off his pants the bulge in his underwear was impressive. He was clearly into both of them, and it was hot watching the three of them play. His cock had to be nine inches and very fat. It wasn’t like a record or anything, but it was very big, and I got very stiff just looking at it. It did not take my Wife and John long to get it fully erect.

Up to that point he had pretty much ignored me, but now he looked over at me, naked and tied to the chair. He walked up to my chair and thrust his pelvis forward so that his huge cock was right in front of my face. He said “Ok, here’s the deal- my name is Jack. My friend John and I are going to fuck your wife. She is going to scream and moan and come like a whore, and then beg for more. You are going to watch. Understand?” My eyes were fixated on his erection. I nodded my head.

The three of them whispered together for a bit- I wondered what they had planned. Then my wife came over to the chair and bent over so her face was right in front of mine. I thought that she was going to kiss me or whisper something to me, but instead, Jack walked up behind her and pushed his dick into her. I got to see her face close up as she took his big cock. She moaned, and bit her lip a little. He pushed in deep and held it there, while she rocked her ass on it, and then he started pumping in long strokes. Her breasts almost hit my face as they were rocking with his rhythm. As he pounded my wife, he said “Tell him how it feels.” Her eyes were closed as she enjoyed his stroke. She said “Fuck he has a great cock- I fucking love having his fucking awesome cock in me.” My dick ached, I wished that I could touch it. “God he is a great fuck- oh your wife is going to get the shit fucked out of her today. I want these two to fuck me all day.”

She wasn’t kidding, she really was enjoying his cock- it didn’t take long before I could see that she was getting ready to come. I could see the sweat dripping down her chest as her neck starting to get red- I knew she was getting close. My mouth was watering- I love watching he come. Before she finished, though, Jack pulled out, slapping her on the ass. I heard her whimper as he took his big cock out of her. Jack moved over so I could see him stroking his erection, wet with my wife’s juice, and John moved behind her and took a turn.

John is a very skilled lover, and he knew her body very well. He gave her a long, slow fuck that kept her on the edge of orgasm for a long time. It was fantastic to hear her moan and whimper for him.
It was Jack, though, who decided to finish her. John pulled out and Jack stepped in and slam fucked her so hard that I could hear his balls slapping against her ass. She shouted “Fucking yes, oh fuck I am coming” and I saw her eyes roll back as she came on this man’s huge cock right in front of me. Her fingernails dug into my arms as the orgasm rocked her body. He came too, jerking as he pumped inside her. He kept pumping, pulling her hips against him, as he slowly pushed through a long orgasm. When he finally pulled out, I could see a long line of sticky come dripping down the inside of her leg. He said “Man I love fucking your wife- this little whore loves a good, hard cock.” Then he moved up and grabbed her shoulders. He helped her climb up so that one knee was on the arm of the chair and her dripping pussy was in my face. She ground her hips into me as he pushed the back of my head into her. Her pussy was sweaty and swollen from being fucked, and his come ran out in globs. She rubbed it all over my face. I tried to lick her, but I couldn’t manage much with him holding my head from behind. When she pulled away my face was covered with her juice and his come.

She went and laid on the couch. She had the “just-fucked” look of satisfaction. John walked over and knelt to the side of the couch, feeding her his still hard dick. She sucked at it softly, bobbing her head up and down on its length. Jack sat down on the end of the couch and started fingering her wet pussy while he stroked his own semi-erect cock. It did not take long for the three of them to get each-other excited enough for a second round.

John took a bottle of KY off the end table and moved around to where Jack was sitting. Jack got up and switched places, kneeling in front of her across the arm of the couch. John pulled her hips, directing her to turn over on all fours. She took Jack’s cock in hand and sucked him while John squirted KY on her ass and started fingering her asshole with it. It was obvious what was coming. She and John and I had fucked several times, but I had never seen him take her ass. She and I had done ass-play only a couple of times ourselves.

After she was good and lubed he said “Do you want me to fuck your tight little ass? Would you like that?” She stopped sucking Jack long enough to say “yes, I want your dick in my ass- I need a good ass fuck.” He slowly worked his nice cock in, angling so that I could see it well. She moaned, and for a moment it looked like she was in pain, but she quickly loosened for him and he was able to fuck with a slow smooth motion. She looked at me and said ”You like watching me get fucked in the ass don’t you? I am going to ask this stud to come in my ass.” Then she went back to sucking Jack and I got to watch my beautiful wife as she sucked one man and while another took her ass.

Between her expert sucking and watching his friend pumping her, it did not take long for Jack to get fully stiff again. Once he was nice and stiff he said “I need another fuck.” They all got up and Jack went and lay on the couch, his huge hard cock pointing up. She mounted him, sliding down his cock. Once she was on, John moved in from behind and entered her butt again. This was the first time, though certainly not the last, that I got to watch my wife take two men inside her at once. She ground on Jack’s cock while John pumped her from behind. Jack fondled and sucked her tits, pulling her nipples and making her moan. She was biting her lip- she only does that when she is really having fun.

John pulled out and lay on his back, holding his stiff cock. She climbed on top of him, her back to him, and slowly lowered herself on his nice dick. This time she was controlling the pace, and she moved her asshole up and down his shaft slowly. Then she lowered herself fully onto his dick until he was buried in her ass up to his balls. She spread her legs, offering her very wet pussy to Jack. Jack climbed on, pushing her legs up so that they were straight up as he fucked her very deep. She was on her back, holding herself up with her arms, as John fucked her ass and Jack fucked her cunt. She had a look of both intense concentration and intense pleasure as the men started pumping in unison, ramming her in between them with strong strokes. With Jack holding her legs up, I could clearly see both men’s erections as they pumped in and out of her. I loved watching her breasts as they rocked with both men’s rhythm.

Her body rocked as she came, and she screamed. John came next, saying “Oh fuck, I am coming in your ass.” Jack kept pumping, but finally pulled out and finished himself with his hand, squirting come across her from her pussy to her heaving tits.

Jack came over and untied me. He let me up off the chair, but then used the rope to tie my hands behind my back. He said “Go clean off your wife, she’s got my jizz all over her.” He pushed me to the couch where she was laying covered in sweat and come. I got down on my knees and started licking her clean. I started on the come that was on her chest, licking and slurping it clean. I moved down her body, licking up every drop, until I came to her pussy, which was wet and swollen and had a big glob of come on it. I licked her and sucked all I could from inside her. Jack came and pulled up her legs so I could see her asshole, all stretched and red. “That too” he said. I was loving being humiliated. I buried my head in her ass and stuck my tongue in as deep as I could. I was sucking my wife’s lover’s come out of her ass and loving it- I almost came.

I would have stayed there a while giving her a rim job, but Jack sat down at the end of the couch and said “now me.” I moved over and looked at his huge cock. It would be the largest cock I had ever sucked, and I was worried because I couldn’t use my hands. He was only semi-erect, though, having come twice already. I licked his entire cock clean, sucking off her juice and his come and sweat. He didn’t get fully erect, but he got stiff enough for me to suck his shaft a few times. I would have liked to have been able to suck him when he was hard.

Next I went over to the chair where John was sitting and started licking him as well. He tasted like KY and come. I was having some trouble not being able to use my hands, but my wife had taught me how to suck John’s cock, and he started to get rock hard for me. As I started bobbing up and down my wife said “oh yeah, suck that cock that was just in my ass, suck it good.” He seemed to really like that as he got even harder. He said “Oh yeah, I am gonna fuck your ass too.” He stood up and pushed me against the chair. He shoved his erection into me. I had had him in my ass before- my wife loved to watch him do that- but always before he had worked his way in slowly, and used lube. This time he pushed in roughly, and it hurt, but I was so into being humiliated that I didn’t care. He fucked me hard, slamming into me until he came.

They finally untied me, and since I had not come they made me stand and masturbate while they watched. The two of them talked about how fun it was to fuck my wife while I jerked myself until I came. It did not take long.

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