The God and the Girl

The God and the Girl

My breath was heavy, my legs tired. Tired from all the running. How long had I been running? Twenty minutes? An hour? My footsteps fell fast making a crunching sound on the leaves and sticks under my feet. I wasn't sure where I was at this point. These woods were unfamiliar and the loud shouts of my attackers grew closer. "Don't let her get away!" I heard one shout in the distance.
What had I gotten myself into this time? All I had wanted was to steal a couple things out of the Blood Clans temple so that I might have some food for the week. But I got caught, thrown in a prison, and escaped. Not before they had beaten me up pretty good though. Luckily I was able to take a guy's knife and give him a nice slash across the face before taking off. Although I think it pissed him off quite a bit.
I turned my head to look back at my attackers. They were getting closer and I was getting slower, weaker, and more and more tired.
My long brown hair got all in my face when I turned back to face the direction I was going making it difficult to see.
A large root protruded from the ground catching my foot and sending me crashing to the ground.
I grunted in pain and was able to push myself up onto my elbows when a swift and brutal kick to my gut sent me rolling back to the ground and gasping for air.
The man who kicked me was tall and muscular like a brute. He had a sick twisted smile on his face despite the blood running down it. This was the man I slashed I realized. The long deep cut ran across his forehead, eye, and cheek causing blood to drop down his nose which looked like it had been broken multiple times.
He was backed up by two other brutes who were scrawnier and shorter but just as mean looking.
I finally caught a breath and looked up at the biggest brutes smirking face.
The other two brutes grabbed my arms yanking me to my feet and pinning me against a tree.
I didn't fight them, I was too tired.
The big brute stepped forward grabbing my face and getting close to me examining me.
I stared him down with hatred, my green eyes boring into his.
"So pretty." He muttered only half aloud. "It's a shame really."
The others snickered as he took a step back letting go of my face and drawing the very same knife I had slashed him with.
"Any last words?" He asked his sadistic grin widening.
I looked at him a long moment carefully contemplating what exactly I should say. There were a lot of things I wanted to say. But I settled for this,
"You're breath is god awful and I'm very sorry that was the last thing I had to smell before I die."
The brute growled and brought the blade to my throat applying pressure so small beads of blood began rolling down the blade and I couldn't breathe.
"Say goodbye." He snarled and I closed my eyes prepared for the death that was sure to come.
The next thing I heard was a whooshing sound followed by three thuds. Something warm and wet splattered on me. And then...dead silence.
I still couldn't breath but I managed to peek my eyes open just to see blurs. The knife came away from my neck and a singular dark figure I couldn't make out was sheathing a blade.
Then suddenly, the lights went out.

I was outside a cottage. My old house.
A small cottage on the edge of the village, a happy wealthy village.
I could hear laughter in the distance and a soft breeze rustled the trees. I looked down at myself, I was in a baby blue dress with white lace. I giggled. It was strange though, it sounded distant and childlike.
"Gemini!" A soft voice called and I looked up. The cottage door opened and there, much taller then me, stood my mother and father smiling down at me.
My vision blurred and became unfocused then suddenly I was in the cottage, except it was on fire. My mother whisked me into her arms and ran me outside.
My father lay dead on the front stoop his blood pooling around him and seeping from his gut.
My mother was crying.
I was crying.
She ran down the street trying to get away. The laughter was gone replaced with screaming and pain.
A man, dressed in blood clan attire came up behind my mother stabbing her through the back and her blood curdling rang in my young ears.
She fell, clutching my small body to her chest.
My vision blurred again as we hit the ground.
Then I was sitting in the ruins of my village next to my parents dead bodies crying.
Then a hand reached out for me and I sniffled, my tears subsiding as I looked up at the face of a young teenage boy who had a sad smile on his face.
"Come with me," he said in a voice as soothing as an angels. "I'll take care of you."

I woke with a start sitting bolt upright and breathing heavy.
I was confused by my surroundings. I was in a bed, in a room that had only a closet, a dresser, and a singular large window which moonlight poured into.
"Sleep well?" Cooed a mans voice.
I spun to face him while jumping away from the voice kicking the blankets off of myself.
The man sat crossed legged in a ornate chair with a slight smile dancing on his lips. He dark hair and eyes with a strong jaw that rested just above a black mask he had pulled down around his neck.
"Who are you?" I asked quickly feeling a sudden sense of urgency to escape. Something about him felt strange, unnatural, and it scared me.
The man stood up straightening his collar and removing the mask.
"My name is Raizo, and this is my temple," he said with a smile. "What is your name darling?"
I eyed him suspiciously before answering his question with a question.
"You said it's YOUR temple?"
He frowned slightly before smiling again.
"Yes it is my temple, you see I am a god."
I furrowed my brow thinking about this. Of course I knew there were gods who walked among men I just never thought I would be in the presence of one.
"You're a GOD?" I looked him up and down examining him and realizing that he was casually getting closer to me so I took a step back. "A god of what?"
At this he smiled more but didn't answer. "I'm also a king."
I started to grow uneasy as he was getting closer and I was backing away. "A king of what?" I said quickly as my back hit the wall.
He shook his head as he stopped right in front of me gently taking my hands in his.
"First," he said. "Before I tell you those things I would like to know your name little lady."
I shivered slightly wishing I could get away, melt into the wall, something.
"Okay fine. My name is Gemini." I said taking a breath.
His lips curled into a smile and he brought my hands to his lips and gently kissed them. "Nice to meet you Gemini."
I immediately pulled my hands away and tucked them behind my back straightening my posture and puffing up my chest to try and look confident and unintimidated my him, even though he was at least six inches taller then me.
"I answered your question now answer mine."
He chuckled at my trying to be brave. "You're a feisty one aren't you." He curled his lips into a toothy grin to show two sharp fangs amongst his regular teeth.
"I'm the king of vampires...darling."
I barely dared to breath but tried to remain calm. "So...what are you the god of?"
At this point I wasn't sure I wanted to know but still I asked.
Instead of answering though, he laughed and got closer pressing himself against me and whispering into my ear ever so softly with his hands holding my waist. "I don't think you're ready to know yet."
He then stepped away just as I was trying to push him away. He looked slightly confused that I rejected him.
Him being that close like that had rattled me. Half scared and admittedly half thrilled by his actions I shuddered and crossed my arms scowling. "What do you mean you don't think I'm ready to know yet?"
"It's nothing." He said blankly eyeing me in a strange manner. Like something wasn't right with me.
"You're still covered in blood, there's a change of clothes for you in the closet." He spoke softly, his strange sense of confidence suddenly having evaporated. He turned away from me and walked across the room pulling open the door and exiting the room. Leaving me, dumbfounded, to myself.

I left the room shortly after I had changed. There was no way to escape the temple from that room due to the fact it was about five stories up and the walls were slick with rain.
Besides it was still dark and the woods were dangerous at night.
I walked through the halls alone examining the lavish temple.
My new clothes, a simple white and flowing shirt and dark jeans felt nice and I was sure I'd never worn something so expensive.
"How in the hell do I get out of here?" I muttered to myself quietly.
Suddenly a voice sounded behind me with equal quietness.
"Why do you want to leave so badly?"
I cringed and stopped walking slowly turning to face Raizo who looked at me with curiosity.
"B-because," I stammered. "Why would I stay here?"
"Why wouldn't you? Where else do you have to go?"
I thought about his words. He had a good point.
I was wanted in seven different states and two or more countries for thievery.
I was low.
I was nothing.
I had nowhere to go.
And he knew it.
He cautiously took my hand and smiled at me.
"I wouldn't mind the company, it's lonely here with just the monks and I."
I looked up at him and frowned.
"I'll stay...for the night. Just one night, while I make up my mind."
At this he smiled, a genuine smile, and squeezed my hand lightly.
"As you wish Gemini."

After giving me a full tour of the temple Raizo insisted I let him make dinner for me and I, feeling rather hungry, didn't refuse.
I sat up on the table looking around while Raizo prepared chicken of some sort.
The clock on the wall told me it was midnight and I yawned stretching my arms.
"Don't you get tired?" I asked brushing hair away from my face.
He barely glanced over at me and shrugged. "No, I don't get tired, I don't sleep."
I said nothing more and merely watched him cook.
He had changed his cloths, he was now wearing a plain black tank top that showed off his muscular arms and what looked to me like they could have been yoga pants or something. It was a far less intimidating outfit then his previous dark leather clothing that he had been originally wearing.
He noticed me staring and looked back at me holding my gaze.
I realized myself I had been staring and quickly looked away pretending to be very intrigued by the table I was sitting on.
I heard him chuckle before saying, "How are your injuries?"
I absentmindedly reached up and touched my neck where it had been cut to feel that the blood had dried and hardened into a protective layer.
"Um, it's fine. I forgot about it honestly." I said with a shrug.
He put down the cooking utensil he had been using and strode over to me.
I eyed him wearily unable to tell if his actions were threatening. He gave a reassuring smile and gently lifted my chin upwards with one finger to look at the cut.
"I tried to heal you...with magic I mean but for some reason, it didn't work." He brought his hand away from my face and looked at me with his eyes full of curiosity.
I, unable to meet his gaze, stared off at a distance spot on the table and merely shrugged.
"Why couldn't I heal you?" He asked as he gently traced a finger along the side of my face.
"I dunno." I muttered and tilted my head away from the touch of his hand.
He merely looked thoughtful as he took a last long gaze at me and then he turned and went back to cooking.

I entered the room Raizo originally had me in about a quarter past one in the morning after eating a good meal in which Raizo merely watched me the whole time.
Yawning and unable to keep my eyes open I collapsed onto the bed looking up at the ceiling. The world seemed to spin and I fell into sleep...

I was in an alleyway huddled under a blanket of newspaper. I was older now, around six or seven years old.
My clothing was raggedy and dirty, my hair strewn about.
A boy, the boy who saved me when my parents died, Saxon approached me and pulled away the newspaper and grabbed me by my arm pulling me to my feet.
"Let's go, it's time." Saxon said with a snarl.
I started to cry, the tears running through the dirt on my face and leaving little trails. "Why brother? Why!" I cried struggling to get away from him.
"I told you I'm not your brother!" He growled throwing me out of the alley only so I could be scooped up by an older man with dark skin, a slave driver.
The older man tossed me into the back of a cart built like a cage with other children of all ages while another man handed Saxon a pouch of coins.
I rattled the bars crying hysterically. "Why?! What did I do wrong! Please! Why?!"
Saxon looked up from the coins. Right over at me and sadness crossed his face. "I'm sorry..." He said and then the world went dark and bitter cold surrounded me.

I woke with a start laying flat on my back looking up towards the ceiling, no blankets to cover me.
Saxon... The name echoed in my mind. He saved me only to sell me into slavery when I became to difficult to feed. Now of course, I understood. Times had been desperate. He had to do it, if not we would have both died.
My thoughts were cut off by a loud howling sound from outside the window.
I looked over, faint light flooded through the curtains and I realized I felt very cold.
I swung my feet off the bed and walked over to the window pulling open the curtains to see a horrendous snow storm raged outside and my heart sunk.
No way could I leave and go out into that.
And yet...a part of me was glad that was the case. And I wasn't sure why.

I made my way down the halls shivering as the winds howled outside.
I felt alone and cold.
As my bare feet padded down the hall I started to worry.
What if Raizo had left?
My worries were soon put to rest when I stumbled upon a door that light poured out from underneath.
I sighed with relief and put my hand on the door, hesitating before pushing it open.
When the door was open it felt like summer had suddenly washed over me.
I was now standing in a beautifully lit and comfortably warm bathhouse.
A couple monks wandered about moving towels and such.
I approached one cautiously shutting the door behind me.
"Ummmm, excuse me have you seen Raizo?"
The monk nodded and pointed to a stall looking thing which a curtain was drawn across.
"Thanks." I said politely and made my way over.
I wasn't sure why I was looking for him really. I guess I just didn't want to be alone.
I took a breath pushing the curtain aside and stepping inside.
"Rai...oh." I started to say his name then stopped as I took in the sight before me.
There was an elegantly designed hot tub built into the floor and Raizo stood beside it with only a towel around his waist.
"Very sorry I didn't mean too barge in like this I'll just uh..." I had quickly turned my head away towards the wall my face flushing and turning red.
Raizo was caught off gaurd slightly but he chuckled. "It's quite alright Gemini." And with that he turned back to the tub and let his towel fall as he stepped into it. "Feel free to join me if you want."
I stared at the ceiling intently fumbling for words. "No that's, um, I mean...I don't want to disturb..."
He cut me off holding up his hand. "You're not disturbing me, I'd be glad for the company. So long as your not uncomfortable."
I glanced over at him for a second. His back was facing me and he was completely submerged in the water other than his chest and rest of his upper body.
"I'm not uncomfortable." I said uncertainly my face beet red. Fortunately he couldn't see that.
"Well then please by all means." He said motioning to the water.
Grumbling to myself I pulled off my shirt and jeans leaving me in my bra and underwear then I cautiously walked to the tubs edge.
He turned his head to look at me. I could see he was eyeing me the way a predator might eye its prey.
I tried not to look at him and dived into the water submerging myself to hide my body.
When I popped my head back up to the surface he was no longer looking at me but instead had his eyes closed and head tilted back enjoying the water.
I stayed where I was and gazed for a long time at him until I realized I was once again staring so I looked away swimming to the edge of the hot tub where there was a seat built into it.
We sat there in silence for a long while before he spoke.
"Why are you so weary of me?" He asked softly and opened his eyes again to look at me.
"You don't have to be afraid, I'm not going to hurt you you know."
I looked over at him meeting his gaze. As our eyes met I felt something stir inside me. An odd fluttery feeling that I hadn't really felt before. It made me blush and I looked away embarrassed and muttering. "I'm not afraid of you Raizo."
"Even though I'm a god? And vampire?"
I hesitated, it was odd to think of him as someone as powerful as he obviously was. Odd to think that someone as powerful as he was would be in my presence.
"You know..." I said finally. "You never told me what you were a god of."
Now it was his turn to hesitate his brow furrowed in thought.
"Well you see I'm the god of love and pleasure."
He looked up at me to see my reaction as if he was uncertain.
I honestly wasn't surprised, the way he acted and spoke.
If he were a god of anything else then I would have been surprised.
"Interesting." I said simply.
He tilted his head turning his gaze away from me again.
"You're very different...I don't understand. Usually I can..." He stopped and pursed his lips.
"Usually you can what?" I asked relaxing a little. It felt more casual now. Now that he seemed uncertain.
"Usually it's easy to...well seduce women, with the use of magical persuasion and to be honest I have tried it countless times on you but nothing." He said with a sigh glancing at me apologetically.
I was a little taken aback at the statement but I just sighed as well sinking deeper into the water so only my head poked above the water.
"I'm immune to magic...any form of it." I said with a sad tone.
"I'm listening." He said folding his arms over his chest.
I looked over at him then gave a shrug. " sold me slavery when I was five, after my parents died. I was bought at an auction by the master of the Blood Clan temple because he could sense my blood is very valuable and has many different properties. So he kept me to drain sell my blood."
A singular tear fell and I wiped it away quickly.
"My brother saved me but...he died in the process."
Raizo regarded me with a serious but also gentle gaze. "You're safe with me." He said. "If you'll choose to stay."
I nodded slowly keeping my gaze on the water.
He smiled and before I knew it he was by my side and wrapping his arms around my middle.
My whole face turned red as I remembered he was completely naked and I myself was only in my underwear and bra.
"Um...Raizo, what are you doing?"
"Comforting you." He replied with an almost childlike giggle as he pulled me closer so my body was pressed against his, his head resting atop mine.
"But Raizo you're..."
"I'm what? Naked? You don't need to be shy with me Gemini."
My face turned redder at the statement, it felt like I might burn up.
"Yes but..."
Raizo cut me off pulling away slightly and putting a finger to my lips saying softly, "Shh, no words my darling."
I looked up at him dumbfounded and feeling smaller and more embarrassed then I ever had in my life. So I just nodded.
Then he leaned in close cupping my face and bringing his lips to mine pulling me into a deep kiss.
I don't know how long the kiss lasted, minutes? Hours? Years? It felt like forever.
A sweet forever.
A forever in which I wanted to stay, there with him.
But eventually the kiss did end and he let go of my face pulling back away from me and sliding his hands back down around my waist.
"Come to my room with me." He whispered to me sliding his hands down further to cup my rear.
At this I shivered. Happy little shivers that crept down my spine and moved all through me.
I nodded slowly holding his gaze fighting the urge to bite my lip.
As soon as I nodded he lifted me up by my rear and instinctively I wrapped my arms around his neck and legs around his waist.
I could feel his growing erection pressing against my crotch witch caused more pleasant shivers through me.
He let out a playful growl and began planting little kisses all on my neck and chest as the world blurred around me and suddenly I was with Raizo in a large and astonishingly beautiful room.
"What?" I looked around confused and Raizo laughed.
"Sorry, had to use teleportation. Didn't want to wait anymore." Raizo said then licked up my neck long and slow all the way to my lips which he then traced with his tongue.
"Oh, I see." I giggled as he licked on my lips.
He took the opportunity while I was talking to gently slip his tongue into my mouth kissing me deeply.
I held onto him tightly gripping the back of his head not wanting it to end.
I felt his lips curl into a smile right before he pulled his face away from mine and tossed me gently back onto the bed while he stood at the foot of it.
I lay there as more pleasurable chills shot through me.
He studied me for a while tilting his head then grinned at me mischievously snapping his fingers.
When he did so suddenly my underwear and bra vanished and suddenly I was completely naked before him.
"Oh god." He groaned licking his lips.
I blushed heavily. To be studied in such a manner as he was studying me as I lay there was beyond thrilling and I was at this point very very aroused.
"I bet you've never sucked a gods dick before." He said with a coy smile.
"N-no." I stammered glancing at his now fully erect penis but trying not to stare.
" can if you want to." He said almost shyly, still looking intently at me. Taking in every detail.
I nodded and sat myself up scooting to the edge of the bed in front of him.
His penis was right in front of me and I, having never done this before, wasn't exactly sure what to do.
I looked upwards at him and not my lip. "I've never done this before..." I said worried how he might respond.
"Hmm, it's okay you just keep looking right at me and put that dick in your mouth." He said looking at me with a desperate hunger in his eyes.
I nodded again and did as he said, looking at him the whole time, I wrapped my lips around the head and took him into my mouth little by little till I couldn't take anymore.
At the first touch of my mouth around his dick he let out a little moan seemingly great fun for the touch of my lips.
It wasn't long before I was sucking and licking up and down his shaft like a pro. Teasing and pleasuring him.
"I bet you're so wet." He groaned grabbing the back of my head and pushing more of his dick into my mouth.
All I could do was groan a response, my mouth was so full of his dick.
He let go of the back of my head and I slid my mouth off of him.
"Get on all fours." He said, almost demanding but with a hint of pleading. "I need you right now."
"Yes Raizo." I said and bit my lip rolling over and getting on all fours.
He crawled up onto the bed behind me and without warning smacked my ass hard causing me to Yelp a little and then giggle.
"I know you want it." He said with a growl grabbing me by my hips and positioning his dick at the entrance to my soaking wet pussy.
I nodded vigorously still biting on my lip. "Yes I do want it so badly."
"Well here you go." He grabbed my hips right pulling me back towards him at the same time he thrusters forward causing him to slam into me hard.
I let out a small cry as the force broke my hymen.
"Oh my god you're tight." He groaned starting to move in and out of me slowly.
It was a little painful at first but grew to be less as he moved in and out of me in a steady rhythm.
He licked slowly up my back starting to pick up the pace.
My wetness dripped down my thighs coating his dick while he groaned.
My small cries and whines soon turned to moans of pleasure with he fucked me.
I could feel him going deeper inside me with every stroke and he started going harder. And harder. Till he was pounding me so hard it made my breasts bounce underneath me and I was moaning louder, begging for him to make me cum.
A couple times he smacked my ass while he fucked me. Making sure to go hard and deep inside me.
"Fuck, I'm going to cum." He groaned and I felt his grip tighten on my sides.
"Oh god yes Raizo, cum inside me." I half moaned half panted.
He reached down and put his hand to my clit rubbing it hard.
The action sent me over the edge, sending an electric chick through me. Making me cry out as a wave of immense pleasure shot through me making my hips buck and even more hot wetness drip down my thighs.
Raizo groaned, my orgasm triggering his own and suddenly I felt his hot warm cum full me up, mixing with my own.
He slowed his thrusts to a stop. Shooting every last bit of cum he had to offer deep inside of me.
"Oh my god that was amazing." I moaned now feeling ready to collapse.
Raizo giggled a little slowly sliding out of me.
"You got so wet." He said stroking my thighs his dick still erect. "Lay down on your back so I can clean you up."
"Mmhm." I moaned and happily obliged, rolling onto my back and spreading out my legs.
He immediately put his head between my legs and started licking and sucking up his and I cum combined in my pussy.
I giggled, every lick sending waves of pleasure through me.
He soon finished, licking up every last bit, and slid upwards laying atop me and stroking my breasts looking at me earnestly before kissing my neck and whispering in my ear, "Will you do me the honor of becoming my queen?"
A smile crept to my face and I whispered back softly.
"Yes, I will be your queen."

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