I am Lana Kreskovi, a cadet stationed within a POW facility in Soviet life is this fortress, my desires... ? well, you'll have to read-on. However, I invite you to wander at will through the pages in my just might find something you'll like

Name: Kreskovi, Lana
Age: 22
Birthplace: Irkutsk, Russia
Eye: Blue
Hair: DarkBrown/Black
"Ht." 5'8
"Wt" 118
Blood: (AB-)
Status: Cadet, 3 yrs. Zaninsk Military Prison: Security Faculty, Member

December 10th, 1942

6:03 a.m. all systems normal, all monitors operational...all rooms secure.
*Sigh. . .another stagnant morning. . .! this type of thing always makes me wonder
why I joined the Russian army, it still doesn't make sense to me. I suppose I did it for
finances, or rather, fate had an interesting way of leading me here. I suppose this
underground fortress is much like Russia itself; it's cold, dank and always grey...but
that's the weird part...some Russians see it as depressing...others see it as the very thing
that makes someone like me want something better, something profound. Perhaps it was
that notion that led me to discover Kvet...or Kvetslka for your information, and for
posterity's sake...Prisoner-A30N. For all good reasons, the guards here obsess about the
inmates...(in this case it meant something more for me when it came to Kvet) it keeps
everyone attentive to the fact that interaction is necessary for survival at this facility. I
found my most earnest role here was to get involved this little, innocent Russian
jewel...but I'm getting too ahead of myself.
On the other end, much of the interaction here is in tandem with the fact that
Zaninsk acts as a private brothel for many of the guards, (all of us in the female wing
anyways) young girls are brought in at least every hour, sometimes by the
hundreds...girls from every walk of life, Turkish, Malaysian, Eithiopean etc. etc. some
even from mother-russia herself are doomed to stay here...all victim to random acts of ill-
repute...only being here three years has led me to wonder when I'd have enough tenure to
enjoy some of those amenities...needless to say, I've taken my chances. I remember my
first was with a 18-year-old girl from Argentina...according to her case-file she had been
visiting Germany to see some relatives that were suspected of aiding the Nazis. Although,
I don't believe she was privy to any of it, my mind was...elsewhere. I remember many
nights tracing her long slender body with my eyes, the blue twilight of my monitor
encompassing everything about her that was cold, silent,....afraid. However, it still seems
"Your turn again! " spilled out from the mouth one of my comrades...a tawdry
example of an blond female soldier named Andrika bent on talking with eerie form of
nonchalance. "In case you didn't know before, her name is Ornesta," she said. " The girl
down there has gotta be numb enough by now if you want her for a second run!"
Regardless of not wanting the Latino girl again, I don't think I would have given Andrika
the benefit of my opinion. "Why? did you warm her up for me or something ?" I replied
with an air of sarcasm. " You know, if I weren't so lonely I'd probably be on you're a woman who's got some sort of defiance at least...the bulk of the girls here
offer no challenge for excitement !" I said, but regardless, Andrika seemed to be
awfully surprised...looking at me as if to agree with my notion, but strangely in some ways it looked like she would've disaffirm my preference. "Is that so ?" she replied,
walking toward me with an arid grin on her face. Andrika rushed behind me and lined her
combat knife with the width of my neck...rearing my head back and then violently pressing her lips across mine.. I could feel her warm succulent Russian lips on the texture of her knife made the veins in my body recoil in horror. she then unzipped the front of my uniform and turned to straddle my lap, her hand now tightly squeezing my supple breast with violent jolts from her bony fingers. I longed to see Andrika's cold cloudy eyes, but they were shaded by her piney cadet's hat and a thick tresses blond with color. I could feel the warm lump between her slender strong legs swell and pulsate on my bare stomach. Suddenly. with a sharp blow to my face, her riot club struck my nose and upper lip and left an uneven crease of blood trickling over my chin. I then drew thin of air, and fainted. From what I can recollect, I woke up dizzy and disconnected.. feeling like I was only capable of uttering jumbled phrases. I remember hearing a pattern of footsteps coming into the hall, and eventually drawing to a close in the room. I saw two guards; Andrika and another tall blond-haired guard named Marfa had brought in a young god! is she !? she's only 13 years old !!!! and she was wearing nothing but a tiny pair of faded black panties that clasped tight to her already minuscule figure.
She stood there shivering...unsure of what was in store for her. Her tiny breasts seemed like they'd chap from the coldness in the room. I thought how horrid that they brought her here ! but I couldn't take my eyes off of her bright red hair, and the hazel eyes which seemed to change color as my vigil on them grew stronger. The two guards ripped open my shirt wider, and then sliced the crotch of my pants wide-open with their combat knives...the little girl still kneeling between my tattered pantlegs, but crouching in alarment. Andrika then mumbled something to the other guard, Marfa who (with a wave of her baton) signaled the girl to move in towards my inner thighs...her eyes welling up with tears. With an arrogant grunt, Marfa pointed to my large mound and shoved the girl's head down on me with her baton...threatening her to suck and lick the visible folds of my mound through my white sequenced panties. She licked and licked like she were heaingl the tiniest of my wounds. Andrika waved her hand with a streak of impatience signaling Marfa to do something while she stood leaning against the grey wall in the survelliance room. I suddenly felt my legs being propped-up by the young girl..and she then rolled away my panties from my waist, throwing them to the ground and then slowly returning to her performance. She had sucked on my clitoris and kissed the delicate folds of my mound with an eagerness that was fascinating . I twitched and writhed in strange pleasures that came this adolescent girl who was now adorning my pussy with wet ecstasy . Her rapid little tounge carressing every nub of skin on my gentile folds.Her tounge passed beyond the heightened canal of my clitoris, and her little chin seemed to confiscate the whole of my silky crescents. her peach-fuzzy nose pressing delicately up and down on the uppermost part of my folds. I was numb with could this little girl ??? this little nymph be able to draw every sensation I knew from betwixt my legs ? I soon comforted her, holding her sweet cropped black hair that seemed to curl under the crescent of her ears. She stopped crying and began to press my legs apart even wider, this time becoming more apprehensive towards my pulsating lips. She seemed to be enjoying every drop of juice that ran from my fleshy creases. She then crept up onto my lap sucking the pulses from out of my neck and tenderly biting the newly bruised flesh. I had wondered why such a subserviant girl had taken an vicarious interest in me all of a sudden!!!! I mean, she was so young !!!! innocent ?! I could feel her soft legs straddle me while her bony knees pressed tightly on the sides of my ribcage...holding me as an animal would when it topples it's prey. I felt the minature nub of her mound pounding on mine...becoming drenched in a fluid of ecstasy....then I saw Andrika rush from behind her and hold her throat in her long bony hand...her blue eyes flaring like etheral turquoise... Suddenly, Andrika pulled the little girls panties down from her waist and then rolled down the pants of her own uniform. Pantyless, Andrika wiggled the handle of her nightstick into her tight mound leaving the black enameled artifice extending outward. She then grabbed the little girl's breasts and diagonally plunged the stick upward into her wet innocence, pressing hard enough to send tricklets of blood twining around the already drenched nightstick. Over and over she thrust into the poor girl...the obidient chirping of the young girl more subservient than ever...she was cooing endlessly, sending Andrika into such a hot rage that she fell to the ground and proceeded to flush her own club into the fleshy porcelain-colored tapestry betwixt her legs. Wildly, she forced the long stick with immense and dangerous speed into her deep and watery crevice...roaring without shame as she forced the object inside of herself, almost as if she wanted to feel the pinnacle of the stick flow continuously into the small of her belly. I could see her juices running flawlessly from out of her femininity, every drop adding to the transparent puddle on the floor that I could hear collecting in some little resevoir on the concrete below. Marfa, who had been playing with herself in the back corner, ran up to Andrika and placed her naked mound on the leg of my comrade, straddling it in order to make Andrika cum. Marfa had let out little innocent coos as she did this, myself watching as the little girl kept her vigil on my neck while I now played with her freshly deflowered cunt that was dripping a mixture of sweat, blood and natural juices. Hearing the girl whimper briskly, I turned her so that I could press her back against my breasts, and so I could service her poor little nub, which I had come to realize was the most beautiful entity that I had laid eyes upon, an entity that so desperately needed my fingers inside of the silky walls below it. I hurredly dipped my fingers into her throbbing flower. She gyrated softly at the feeling of my fingers as I sucked the skin from her wiry Russian neck, her eagerness now representing the likeness of some little obedient slave who loved being told what to do. She then reached her arm around to the back of my head and held her hand there for passionate suppourt as she tightly ran her fingers through my long black hair...I then responded by pinching her little breasts in short and rapid bursts, almost like how we (as soldiers) were taught to fire our guns. All of a sudden I felt a huge twitch inside the little girl and out poured a blood-curdling scream of orgasmic fury from her pouty little mouth; her juices had then expolded on to my lap and covered the little square of my pubic hair with a mixture of young blood and feminine juices. Just then, without waring, Andrika let out a powerful grunt with her teeth clenched, and then wailed like a bloodthirsty fury as a violent torrent of cum sprayed from her throbbing cunt, which splattered on the little girl covering her from top to bottom; leaving the poor little thing with her eyes closed and mouth agape as if she had been immoblized by Andrika's violent orgasm. The little cherub then curled up in an affectionate little ball and layed her head on my shoulder...her hand grasping what little I had left of my uniform top; after which, she was humming a little Russian folk song that I had heard years ago.
Marfa got off of Andrika and slid her uniform pants back on and walked out of the surveillance room as if nothing happened. Andrika then stood up, barely able to maintain composure of her sultry and slender legs, and walked over to the little girl and I.
"Time to go back Kvetslka! come on, there's nothing to be had here anymore..." she said after grabbing ahold of the the child's bony arm. "Let's go! you've had more than you'll ever get, hop off her so I can put you back in your chamber !" Andrika added. "NO!" the little girl shouted in an childish tone. "Let's GOOOO! " Andrika replied. "Hey, hey, don't be so eager to send her back, she's just gone through alot considering she's only about thirteen ! "Thirteen? You think she's thirteen ? ha, you think she's that age Lana? If I were you I wouldn't be so quick to judge a girl you hardly know especially in a Russian prison like this!" I then thought to myself, "Dear lord! how old is this girl ? what am I going to do if she's younger than what I thought before? surely, the high guardsmen in the men's wing would incarcerate me for doing anything with an adolescent girl !" As I went to collcect my thoughts and what remained of my uniform, I saw both Andrika and Marfa leading the topless little thing out of the room, Kvetslka seemed to have this melancholy expression as my comrades escorted her down the shady gray corridor. Heh, pretty a name for this little girl with such a lanky disposition...somehow though, I didn't concentrate on that so much, I was curious about her purpose here, especially since she was a native... when I thought about what she doing here in this military prison the idea had occured to me that her parents were spies, or rather, she had been taken-in by one of the soldiers after a tragic occurence involving her parents during this time of war. She was probably orphaned, and my other comrades viewed her as some object of sexual decadence without the potential consequences. I had to know more about her, among other things...the only thing I should really worry about now is whether or not I can get a new uniform, and whether or not I'm in deep shit for fucking a teenager.

Dec. 13th (Three days later)

It's been three days and no sign of Andrika, Marfa and the new object of my desires and quite possibly my future internment: Kvetslka Devtlona?...height, 4'9 weight 88 lbs. hazel eyes, black hair, ok...and no age...this is very odd considering all case files on prisoners must (by law) include the age. I looked more closely at her case-file and it seemed someone had smudged the area where her age was....wonderful! either someone's trying to confound me, or someone is violating protocol. I did happen to see her birthplace though..."Tyumen, Russia", that city was attacked only about a week ago by the Nazis ! oh my god, at least one my premonition must be correct ! Mother...Harvna Devtlona, DECEASED! April 15th, 19** the year is blotched as well....Father, Rodion Devtlona....MISSING ! presumed deceased. her mother must have died during her birth I'm could mean she only had her father to take care of her, and now this is the closest thing she's got manage herself by. I have to do something about this, I can't as a soldier bear to see what may be in store for her, one being that she's an orphan probably doomed to live here until she was transferred into foster care. I also couldn't resist the temptation to see her little naked body again, call me crazy but I think I'm almost obssessed with her. Even if she's nine, ten, eleven or 13 like I thought...whichever! I couldn't bear the weight of not seeing her again...Kvetslka just pops into my mind so much that it's hard to wonder if she'll ever press that hot little mound on my lips and let me savor her young, salty juices. I imagine her sometimes crawling into my chamber in the indigo night, hopping up on the bed and pulling her white night-gown off from over her head and sitting there expectantly, like a little angel kneeling with her legs spread-out; her little feminine lips barely grazing the sheets on my bed...I would imagine taking her in my arms and then kissing her wantonly on the neck while she cooed softly. I would then lay her down sideways on the bed and kneel down on the floor so I could taste her young and sopping vaginal flesh. My God, I get so ahead of myself, we've only been together once ! and already I'm obsessing over her ! Today I was almost caught slipping my fingers inside of myself when thinking about her...Grina the cheif commander of our unit nearly saw me through the crack of the surveillance room door, my god if I had been caught doing that I'd be discharged,if not beaten to death by a commanding officer...although I wouldn't mind the violence so much, if Grina would get us both off somehow. Like most of the other workers in the female's wing, she was beautiful but in an non-feminine way. She is very tone, and has very profound cheekbones and general structure...she is more like the tough and sexy females we've seen in the film reels we watch every month when we're on leave. I still dare not to find-out, even in the heat of passion, I suspect I would still be incapacitated by her brute force. But that's another story.

Dec. 14th,

I wouldn't put it past myself to come to want Kvetslka for the rest of my life, but I can't face the possibilities of having to deal with what most people would say if they ever found out she was an adolescent...even the age difference would befit to me a Russian cruifixtion of sorts. No, I could not, but I could still watch her, and have my ways with her...but hey, what's this ? Looks like Grina herself is up to something...oh dear diary, I think you and I are in for something unexpected. Grina just walked into some teenager's quarters...I believe this one's a French girl...yes, that's right, Miette is her name, I remember this one, she's the 15-year-old daughter of some French diplomat !!! A pretty little thing that doesn't have much of a figure, but cute nonetheless with her flat shoulder-length hair and tiny blue eyes. She's got very sharp features in her expressions which I like...giggle* oh gosh, I don't even think I wan't to look...if I'm correct in saying-so, Grina is going to ruin that poor girl, Grina has been keeping eye on this girl (so I heard from Marfa) she's been "saving her" is what's rumored. But I guess this is how I'm going to find out. The screen has a little static, but ok, I can make it out...there's Miette, she looks afraid now that Grina is in the room, she's wearing this tiny little cotton slip, I can even see through from here....Oh my god, Oh my god...Grina just wound back her arm and struck Miette with such a force from her nightstick....that the poor thing is on the ground convulsing, I don't think she's able to move ! Miette is lame upon the ground and can only rock her head from side-to-side! Grina then rolled up her slip and is now furiously rubbing the girl's clit in circles, but she doesn't seem to be doing it for pleasure...she seems like she's waiting for something, or trying to work something from her.,,,now there's a man in the room ??? he must be one of the cadets from the male wing about ten minutes down the road. Grina is directing him to the the guy is wriggling-out his cock and getting really hard...and here lies his next partner, poor Miette, she's still unconcious and mumbling from what I can see, He's rolling up her slip, and In he goes...fucking Miette mercilessly, exchainging her tight little mound for her own mouth repeatedly as he switches back and forth, I can see she's opening and closing her eyes, mumbling while he pounds his cock past her thin lips...the saliva running from all directions on her he's back between her thighs again, rocking his hips into her, while her body involuntary limps like an old russian doll. I've never seen anything like this man has come in here and done this before...I feel so bad for her. Her pink little folds are now secreting and creating little casms of blood and pre-cum as he confiscates her virginity in the act of rape. I could feel myself getting wet and wanting to be down there, but I was on my post, and I'd be in trouble if someone caught me off-shift. Aside, the soldier wasn't finished, he raised her legs up on his shoulders and pounded into her cunt as if she were the last woman in Siberian Russia...I see him convulsing, he's about to cum...and he does it on her pretty face, rubbing the contents around with the tip of his penis as she chokes and gags, barely able to utter a word...he tosses her to the ground...she's there, lifeless, covered in spent sex...door locked, Grina is handed fourteen Rubils.

January 2nd.

So much time has passed by and yet, nothing has changed. Although they did re-direct me to a higher alert status because of an rumor that the Nazis were treading northward, I haven't been able to write in my journal as much as I'd like, but now that things are a little more quiet around here I can finally devote myself to more writings. I haven't been able to divulge on what's happened since the high alert but nothing really happened that deserves mention, other than the obvious, except for one thing. . .When we returned to normal status, the commanding officer of both of our prison wings (male and female) decided to let us have a small soiree in the central mess hall of our complex. As usual, we had only the cheapest Russian vodka and cold hors d'ouevres made with boiled meats, paprika and eggs. After a couple of hours of dancing, drinking with the men, things got out of hand as expected. Some of the male guards tried to evoke a little more out of their assigned dance partners than a simple two-step. Alot of the male guards either got slapped in the face, or hit with a suspension by their superiors. After a couple-hundred bottles of Russia's finest (worst) export the guards and the commanding officers (regardless of gender) had lost all control of protocol. Maybe that's why they brought in three female dancers; all of them teenagers. Dressed in square-looking prison dresses in a dark and demeaning grey, they were led to dance on the tables for both the men and women. Some of the men laughed and cackled wildly as they did everything from throw handfuls of food and cups of vodka at them to reaching up their dresses to play with their gentials. Needless to say, as the girls got more upset, the men and women were more turned-on. One of the guards pushed a red-haired girl down on the table and invited one of the male and female guards to fondle her, fingers being inserted into every orifice imagineable. Some of the female guards actually smiled back and laughed at some of the male guards as if to show them that they were enjoying something new, foreign and invigorating. Anyone of the girls that fought-back could have been beaten horribly with a nightstick, within an inch of their lives. However, one of the girls looked so familiar, she was wearing makeup, but looked like a tramp. The blush that had been admitted by one of the guards was drawn to resemble two huge circles on her cheeks, making her appear similar to a rag-doll. After a good look, I noticed it was Kvetslka ! Oh my god ! I couldn't believe it ! I had to do something. . .I walked up to the table and snatched her off like a caveman, an expression on my face appearing as if I was going to claim her as my own.
The rest of the troops hollered as they thought my intentions were impure, for the most part, I would have agreed, but I needed to save her I thought. Too drunk to understand the consequences, the guards that werent molesting the two other girls only cared about getting their first helpings of the girls. I dragged Kvet down the long dim-lit hallway away from the mess-hall like a wounded soldier, until I eventually got her back into the holding cell. I layed her down on the planked shapless wooden bed that she slept on since the start of her internment. I sat next to her and observed every crevice her almost formless little body. I never thought young girls like here could have such unique structures. The way her hips shifted downwards toward the begining of her legs started with the slightest little arch. She was truly a Russian princess to me, almost immediately she seemed to noticed my infatuated staring. Then, with silent diluted eyes, she lifted herself up to kneeling, staring directly at me. She then widened the gap of her legs and grabbed the small of my arm and placed it under her shapeless garment. She let my fingers touch the sopping-wet juices already running off her almost adolescent cunt. She whimpered louder and louder as the skin of my finger constantly grazed the erect, diamond-shaped circumference of her labia. Tears ran down her face as if she was reluctant to let me touch her, but she also seemed as if she was attempting to compensate me for my previous intervention. Regardless, I climbed on top of her and I began to kiss her and caress her soft black hair. My larger waist placed firmly between her legs, I could feel her becoming soaking wet. I then began to caress her breasts, they felt almost non-existant, but still tender to my fingers and my lips once I got to sucking on them. She moaned like an scared animal as I got my fingers past her tiny delicate folds, the flats of my fingers rapidly caressed her inner walls. As her little frame jostled under my total influence, she loosened my buckle and my pants to reveal my boiling hot mound. She rubbed her tiny, insignificant knee into the width of my cunt, rubbing it back and forth so much that her knee became soaked with my pre-cum. I was having the most incredible sexual experience of my life with someone twice as young as myself. I then became so filled with wantoness that I layed back and pressed her tiny porcelain visage into my cunt letting her lap up the juices on my experienced folds. She licked and sucked wildly for such a young novice while I held my breath from gasping in sudden bursts of orgasm.
For two-hours we fondled, caressed, and came repeatedly on the bed, our clothing...the whole room nearly stained with everything from perfumed female sweat to sexual secretions that chapped the most delicate parts of our bodies. Eventually, I spent the last of myself on her pretty face after I kneeled upright over the feathery cone of her pink tongue; my right hand causing her to explode all over the baseboard of the bed that had shifted totally out of place. Exausted, I layed down over her body and whispered her to sleep, reiterating to her what I felt during our momentous escapade.

End Of Part I

More to cum soon !

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