My Fiancée and the Black Bodyguard - Parts 04 - 05

My Fiancée and the Black Bodyguard - Parts 04 - 05

Part 4

Ok, this update is kinda long and doesn’t get to the action until the next update.

Friday I’m back at work at the studio early setting up for the session and running the events of the week through my head. I’d discovered my fiancée had been texting the 6’6” large black bodyguard she’d met while visiting me at my work. My fiancée is naturally gregarious and flirty so this was almost no surprise. What had got me worried is that her texts were always deleted when I’d checked her phone the next day.

The next time she’d visited me in the studio my fiancée had left me working in the studio to do some lines with D the bodyguard in his boss's SUV. After which she texted me that she was heading back home. That evening she was stand-off-ish when I attempted to initiate sex. I was horny and irritated from the attention she had been giving D the bodyguard. I rubbed myself raw that night while she deep slept in her Halcion-aided stupor.

So I’m at work going over all these thoughts when my fiancée texts me to say she’s sorry she fell asleep before we could have sex last night. I remember to myself that she said she wasn’t in the mood to have sex with me and quickly nodded off to sleep leaving me to jerk myself off after fingering her curiously wet pussy.

She texts me that she will make up for it that evening and to look forward to a sexy evening. I’m happy that she’s in a loving affectionate mood and tell her I love her so much. She sends me a pic of her in her sexy lingerie. She looks so great in the photo. It’s a Live Photo so the is about a second or two of motion. In the pic, she’s squeezing her tits together with both upper arms while her right hand is rubbing her pussy through her panties. It’s on this bounce mode so it looks like she’s continually masturbating. Her brown eyes look like she’s staring deeply into mine. I’m so horny for her.

I lock the studio door, lie back on the couch, and start to jerk myself off. Staring at her photo, for some reason I start fantasizing about her getting fucked gently but deeply by a big hard cock. For some reason, I start picturing her with D the bodyguard, and start rubbing faster. I imagine I can barely see her slender 5’2” frame under his large muscular body, just her arms around his back and the sides of her boobs showing out from each side under her chest. Just as I’m about to cum there’s a pounding on the studio door.

What the hell, I think, there’s still a half-hour until the session is supposed to start. I quickly and embarrassedly pull up my pants and unlock the door. It’s the artist saying he wanted to get an early start on background vocals. With him are this young trio of very sexy young black girls. It’s his new supergroup he says and they are going to help make this track a huge fucking hit. I go to close the door and the door pushes me back with a strong thrust. It’s his bodyguard. He pushes through the door. He grunts at me and pushes me to greet the threesome of women. He’s pure charm and the girls are just eating it up.

“Hey man, where’s your hot wife,” he asks. “She’s some fine ass for a white girl.”

I’m equally appalled and embarrassed to be talked to this way. The girl smirk and the rapper laughs at me.

D continues, “Hey man, I’m just playing. It’s all good, right?” and gives me that big pat on my back that I hate which almost pushes me over.

For some reason, the first words out of my mouth are thank you. Everyone cracks up and I ignore it and go out to the live room to set up the mics and headphones for the girls.

The morning goes by fast. The girls are tight. It’s all coming together nicely. The track is sounding great. I’m focused and then my fiancée texts me. She’s coming by again for lunch she tells me. She usually asks if it’s a good day and if I have time. Nope. She’s coming over.

I get a ring from the front desk that my fiancée Susie is here. “Invite her in the studio man. I want to check her out too,” the rapper says. The front desk girl overhears and says she’ll buzz her in before I get a chance to protest. She comes in wearing a tank top, no bra, and what looks like her yoga pants.

She greets the woman and introduces herself to the client who gives her a good looking over and a hug D.

A little small talk all around and she somehow mentions she had a fun time partying yesterday with D. The rapper is chuckling to himself. My head is all mixed up.

Lunchtime rolls around but they want to keep working. I see D whisper something in Susie’s ear. She comes over and asks softly in my ear, “D asked me if I wanted to do some more lines out in their SUV. I’m gonna go join him again. Thanks, honey, I love you.” She kisses me on my forehead and takes off.

D returns about 45 minutes later and takes a seat on the couch next to one of the girls. I notice them chatting and she starts to snicker a bit, looks over to me, and gives me a sexy smile. I’m flattered by her attention and smile at her. The rest of the day goes by well and we finish up a little early. I drive home and let myself in. I hear some moaning and heavy breathing from the bedroom and find my fiancée naked on the bed on her hand and knees guiding her vibrator in and out of her. I can see her ass in the air and the rabbit part of the dildo on the outside vibrating against her clit. She’s shaking all over. She grunts and orgasms a few times and crumples on the bed.

“Honey?” I say softly.

“What the fuck?” she yells. “Oh my fucking god. You scared me half to death. Don’t ever sneak up on a woman like that. Your ass.”

I try to apologize for frightening her while she straightens up and gets dressed.

“That was fucking hot,” I tell her.

“Fuck off,” she says and then gives me a sweet smile. “You can make it up to me by taking me to a nice meal and some overpriced cocktails.”

So we headed out to dinner. She ate and drank a couple of drinks. I think to myself, ok tonight I’m gonna talk with her about my suspicions. I’m gonna play it cool with no judgment. I want to find out what’s been going through her head and ask about her and Darnell the bodyguard, her new apparent BFF. So we talked and the things she told me blew my mind.

It’s late. I’ll try to finish this if I have time in the next day or two. She’s fast asleep next to me purring like an angel. God, I love her.

Part 5

So my fiancée Susan and I went out for an expensive dinner and cocktails. Susie had a couple of drinks during dinner while we talked about where we’d to go on our next vacation. I’d been pulling in a generous paycheck working on hip-hop and R&B for a few years. I suggested visiting Europe but Susie still had her mind set on an Oahu resort again.

“Honey,” she gently argued, “remember how much fun we had at the resort. Sunning on the beach and dancing in the bar.”

“Yes, baby,” I agreed as my memory flashed to her drunkenly grinding against other men those evenings in Hawaii. I instantly got hard thinking of how that one rich businessman looked like he was practically fucking her that one night. I had used that in one of my sex fantasy stories that I liked to tell my fiancée during sex.

Well, Susie and I don’t have sex per se. She tells me she prefers her vibrator because I’m “too big.” I always find this strange because her vibrator is a lot thicker than my cock. She typically cums six or seven times during our sessions with her deeply fucking her dildo while I jerk off lying beside her.

Anyway, in that Oahu resort bar story fantasy, we would have invited the businessman up to our room for more drinks. With Susie sitting next to him on the couch, they would casually start kissing. He would then have reached between her legs to rub her panties under her short skirt. Pushed her panties aside he’d start finger-fucking her while we all sit and chat like nothing was going on. Susie would just gently moan every so often while we all talked and had drinks. When I get to this part of the story, Susie would start to cum. I love getting her off with my stories.

Looking at my sexy fiancée as she sits next to me at the restaurant, I agree, “We will go back to Hawaii for vacation.”

She squeezes my cock under the table and gives me the sweetest kiss. “Thanks, honey. We’ll have a wonderful time there again. I can’t wait to head back to that resort bar again!”

I reach under her panties to rub her pussy and she’s wet. I start to try to push my finger inside her and she begs me off.

“I’m sorry honey. I’m kinda sore down there. Just tickle my clitty, baby,” she purrs into my ear.

She has another cocktail while we chat about our high school days together. Rumor had it that she had hooked up with the school’s quarterback when she was a senior. We laughed and discussed him. Yes, she had. He was the only black guy she had ever been with. They kept it secret because he had a loyal girlfriend he didn’t want to hurt if she were to find out. I wanted to press her for more details but all she said is that he was the second-largest guy she’d ever had inside her. I asked her who was the biggest. She giggled and said, “you are the biggest honey,” and downed her drink.

I figured this was a good time to bring up the events of the week including her visiting me at the studio and taking off to do lines with that large bodyguard.

“Baby,” I started, “I want you to know that I love you and trust you, and, well, if you ever wanted to get together with another man like in my stories, not only would I understand, I would like it.”

“You know we both love my stories where I share you with another man. Even talking about Hawaii reminds me of how you got flirty with that businessman in Hawaii. I wish he’d tried something with you, for example,” I said half-jokingly.

Susie giggled, purred, downed her drink, and asked me, “What if he did try something, honey? Would you like that?”

I blink and look into her lust-filled eyes and asked, “Wha-what do you mean?”

“What if I told you that when I was dancing with that guy, he took my hand and placed it on his pants on top of his hard cock? Would you be mad at me, honey?”

While she was talking she started rubbing my cock through my pants. I was getting so turned on by her I could’ve cum right then.

I said, “I’d never be mad at you, Susie, all I want is your pleasure… so tell me everything. I want to know what happened.”

She replied, “Well… it wasn’t that bad. He didn’t do that much. I felt his cock. It wasn’t big but it was getting hard. So I rubbed him through his pants and felt him get hard in my hand. He pulled my hand away to my relief. I was getting a little paranoid or embarrassed or something.”

“So that’s all that happened?” I questioned her, “Wow you must have been pretty turned on. I saw you guys so close on the dance floor that it almost looked like you were having sex!”

“Well kinda,” she impishly replied with another giggle, “He… well he kinda reached under my dress and… well, he kinda stuck his finger inside of me.”

I was awestruck. I had no idea. I thought they were just close dancing with a little sexy grinding. It was eye-opening. My loving fiancée let a guy feel her up and I’m just now hearing about it.

“Honey, you said you wouldn’t be angry. You’re not mad, are you? I was drunk. You got me worked up with all your suggestive talk and your sexy stories. It wasn’t a big deal. I just let him finger-fuck me a little. That’s all.”

I wanted to ask her a thousand questions about our relationship, about if she had ever been dirty with any other guys since we’d been together. But all I could choke out was breathy, “Did you cum, baby?”

I’ve never been able to make her orgasm with my fingers. She tells me it’s ok because it’s hard for her to orgasm with only digital stimulation. I don’t even try much anymore. She has her pricey (my gift) vibrator.

She reached into my pants and started seriously stroking my cock while finishing her confession.

“I didn’t want to cum on his fingers, honey, but it felt so good. He was deeply fucking me with two fingers while rubbing my clitty. I moaned into his coat jacket and I came on his hand. But baby, he didn’t stop. He just kept finger-fucking until I came two more times in rapid succession. Then he pulled his fingers out from deep inside me and tweaked my clit and I had one last mini-orgasm.”

“The song ended and he just gave me a sly smile and a rub on my ass and he disappeared into the bar, she finished.”

Susie was now wiping her hands on her dinner napkin. I had ejaculated while she was telling me everything and hadn’t noticed. I was soft and a bit sticky but I was hornier than I’ve ever been in my entire life. My head felt like it would burst.

Susie moved closer and gave me a slow wet French kiss, “Thank you for being ok with my little indiscretions. There is so much I want to share with you. I love you.”

I pulled away and looked into her eyes, “Susan. Susie… tell me what happened the other day when you did lines with that famous rapper’s bodyguard.”

She looked stunned for a second and replied, “Oh Darnell? He’s so sweet. I went to his SUV because he invited me to do some coke. Remember I asked your permission.”

She paused, “Ok how much do you want to know.”

I just stared at her dumbfounded. She had never looked more beautiful to me than that moment. I was conflicted. I felt hurt, jealous, and irritated, but I was also surprised at how excited I was.

I grabbed her hand to hold it and told her, “Everything. I want to hear everything. Start from the beginning. I’m so in love with you right now.”

She said, “Order me another drink while I go clean up. I’ll tell you an extremely sexy story when I return. Don’t cum again before I get back.”

I’d been absentmindedly rubbing my semi-hard cock under the table. I stuttered, “I wo-wo-won’t.”

She winked and walked off as I admired her hot tiny body and her ass and tits jiggling playfully.

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