Trip to DC

Trip to DC

I got out of bed to go to the bathroom. when i came back and pulled the sheet back, she was lying on her side with her legs gaped open......and i saw the thick furry lips hanging between her thin thighs.

it wasn't the first time i'd seen her sex, but this was more than i could take on that day. she'd seemingly teased me all evening long, walking to the shower after stripping in front of me. sitting and watching the tv in the motel with her robe open enough that i could see all of her tits and the thick mound of her pussy.

it may have been the beer....well i know it was the beer that made me get up to whizz, but it all translated into me going under the covers and placing my mouth on those thick beckoning lips........she strirred, not sure what was happening at first, and then a deep sigh as her legs opened wide. i found her clit quickly, it was hard to miss as it began to swell,and as i sucked it her body began to tremble and a slight thrusting of her hips turned into a spastic shudder as she tensed and gasped for breath.

she was orgasming, and i held her thighs tightly....gently licking and sucking her swollen sex as the cream poured out of her vagina.....when it felt her relax again, i began to suck her off again. in seconds she was shuddering again...her clitoris so thick and stiff it was like a little cock,the tip sticking out from the hood.....i licked the bottom of it as she came. when i tried to suck her again, she pushed my head away gasping and whispering that it was too sensitive.....thanking me effusively as i layed back on my side of the bed. she moved under the sheets after a few minutes and found my raging erection......i heard her whisper oh my god....she took it in her trembling hands and tried to fit it in her mouth.....then whispering again oh my god. she began to lick the thick tip, and i could feel her rubbing it all over her face,,,,her breathing was desperate as she alternated between pulling the foreskin and sucking the oozing tip...her hands finding my tight scrotum as she awkwardly tried to find a way to fellate me. she finally said, it's's too, my god i've never seen anything like this before in my life!...just use your hands i said, just pull the skin up and down.

i put my hand between her legs and she opened them wide, beginning to pull me with some rythm......just like that i whispered, my torso beginning to match her tugs....she was soaking wet, and she was pressing her sex into my hand tightly as she stroked me....her hands were slippery now from the pre-cum, and i tensed.....i began to ejaculate and i heard her as i felt her body heave, she was cumming too.....oh my god oh my god she said over and over again as she held my jerking, erupting cock. i fingered her and she came again. we both drifted off to sleep, sated.

when i awoke, i heard the shower.....the sheet was stuck to me, and i peeled it away, needing the toilet very badly. i went in, and let loose a stream a horse would envy. she turned off the shower mid-stream, and i couldn't stop....she stepped out and began to dry off. my stream slowed to a dribble, and i shook the drops off and reached for the flush handle. when did that happen she asked?......i turned and she had an odd look on her face as she oggled my naked penis. when did what happen i asked? she wasn't trying to cover anything, that huge dense triangle of dark brown fur glaring at me, and her seeing me looking as well. i mean i've seen before, but my god....i thought only black men had organs like that. i laughed and said i guessed there must a nigger in our bloodline somewhere, and went out the bathroom door, knowing if i stayed any longer, it was gonna start.

i put my pants on, and was looking for my shirt when she came out of the bathroom....very naked still. she pulled her white nylon panties on, with the shadow of the thick triangle glaring beneath, and then her bra. how do you feel about what happened last night she asked?.....i pulled on my shirt and said that i'd had too many beers, and i was sorry if i'd offended.....she stopped, and as she shook her head as if trying to say it was okay, i said that after her display i couldn't distinguish between her and any other woman.....all i'd seen last night when i pulled the sheets back was a sexy woman.

she sat on the motel couch, still just in her lingerie, and asked me if i regreted it. i shook my head no,saying that i only regret that we're in the situation we're in....she met my eyes and i said that she knew i'd always been interested in her that always knew it, otherwise you wouldn't have kept tempting me. i was getting another erection, and i saw her swallow as she looked at the form of my penis thickening beneath my tight jeans.

when,...she cleared her throat and tried again.....when did it, her gaze still on my crotch, her face flushed now, when did it begin to grow so much?....i don't mean now, i mean i can see it now beneath yours pants....she blushed and stammered, trying to look away.....when did it become so large i mean? you really think it's that big i asked? her hands began to shake, and she stood up saying that she hadn't been with that many men, but she'd never imagined any man could have a penis that big.....and how did you learn to do that with your mouth?......i looked at her and she blushed and turned away. you mean me going down on you?.....she nodded, saying she only thought lesbians did that...adding, and god i know why they like it.....i've never felt anything like that in my life!

all of the girls i've been with expect it, so i'm surprised that you haven't.....that was your first time? she knodded, still looking out the was my first time for a lot of things.....the amount of semen you shot out was incredible....the size of your sexual organs......i just can't believe i've missed all of this all of my life....

my cock was oozing, rock hard as i looked at her silouette by the plate glass window...harshly back lit.....the outrageous gap between her thighs yielding to the thick lips....the slippery white nylon briefs holding them. i moved behind her and whispered i'll do that for you anytime you want it.....i took her right hand and let her feel the length of my sex. we can't do that, you know we can't she whispered as her hand began to quiver, her feeling me with no prompting. we already have i said. do it again she whispered desperately...please do it again.

her knees gave way and i carried her to the bed, never even trying to remove her panties.....licking her through the wide nylon crotch, feeling the swollen folds of her sex, her finally pulling the fabric aside as i sucked her swollen clit to a feverish orgasm. i stripped my jeans down releasing my drooling cock saying i know we can't, but i want to feel it on my cock....her legs were wide, and she had the fabric of her panties stretched so tightly aside i thought the leg opening would split...she was trembling violently as i placed my cock between the thick lips and slid it up and down.....under her erect clitoris, bathing the tender underside of my cock with her fluids...feeling the rigid tip of her clit on my most sensitive area.....i came in torrents, the semen gouts painting her heaving ribcage.....her bra, her hair, the sheets beyond, even the carpet in front of the air conditioner.......her hand was grasping at it, trying to force it down, and i kept pulling away. i slid onto the floor trying to recover from the most massive orgasm i'd ever had..her legs draped over the edge of the bed...the fleeting drops of my cum slowly running down the thin white calves that were still jerking.

we showered together, neither of us meeting the other's eyes, and went out for lunch. we didn't say much to each other that afternoon....i guess mostly because every chance i got, and there were quit a few, i had my hands under her skirt feeling the thick sex lips i'd longed for all of my life......this was as much an awakening of our attraction as it was a vacation....and all it would take was...........

we went to a restaurant near the motel, and to my dismay she ordered wine with her meal.....and she was giddy after the first glass. she ordered another and the looks she was giving me let me know what was in store this evening......i didn't want it to be that easy......i wanted it, but not like this.

on the way back to the room i saw a black guy standing by the phone booth near the lobby of the motel. i let us into the room and told her i was going across the street for beer and i'd be right back. she hurried towards the bathroom saying she had to pee, clawing her skirt up...the entire white nylon encassed loaves of her thin ass visible as she ran.

i went back towards the front of the motel, and he was still there. he came over to me like i knew he would, asking for spare change. i told him i had a $20 if he would do me a favor. his eyes grew wide as he listened, me telling him i had the wife of my boss here for a meeting, and she coming on to me like mad....and if i did her i knew it would mean my job. he said you mean the chic i just seen you walking with a minute ago? i nodded, and he, i'd give you $20 for a minute with that. i gave him the $20 and the key to the room, and i went across the street for alcohol.

i knew the window was open at the back of the room, so i meandered over to it while swigging a beer....i was pretty sure i knew what would happen. when i looked inside she was on her knees sucking the black teen so violently his legs were shaking...and he took her to the bed and fucked her silly with her clothes still on...and i mean even her panties!..he'd pulled them aside and put all of that skinny black meat in her. he pulled her off the bed and made her suck him off before he left....and she did it like a whore, greedily sucking all of his seed down, with him telling her he wanted her ass. she ripped her skirt off and dropped her panties....laying across the bed with her cheeks held wide open with her hands. he went back to her pussy. she'd offered even that but he saw the same thing i couldn't get out of my mind.....he fucked her pussy again, shooting for the 3rd time in less than half an hour.

i watched him go through her purse as she lay there.....i knew i had the cash and the plastic as i watched him leave. maybe 5 inches, but at last she'd had her black man. i drank more beers, and watched her pull herself under the covers and go to sleep.

i let myself in after midnight, and stripped naked....she never stirred as i slipped beneath the covers, knowing the cock she thought black men owned, was turgid between my thighs.

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