Innocent Asian Teen Turned Into A Slave Chapter 3

Innocent Asian Teen Turned Into A Slave Chapter 3

“Wear a skirt on Sunday. No bra or panties.”

Sophia read the curt text and sighed. She had essentially been forced to give up everything else in her life just to pleasure Master Liam. Instead of going to culinary club on Thursday during lunch, she spent the time sucking on his balls in the Tesla. Instead of going to get boba with her friends on Sunday, she was going to lose her virginity to a senior she had only met two weeks ago.

Sophia was terrified of the pain of losing her virginity. She read online about how painful rupturing your hymen was, so she was understandably nervous about it.

Sophia was a little bit of a nerd. Sometimes she liked to dress up, but she never wore makeup. In her free time, she watched a lot of anime, so for Halloween last year, she dressed like a cute Japanese schoolgirl. It was only a year later, but puberty had since hit her. The outfit had already become too small for her. Her top was so tight that she couldn’t even wear a bra if she wanted to. It served to accentuated her small breasts though. The shirt was so small that it presented her cute belly button. She put on the skirt which just barely covered her slightly bruised ass.

Liam heard a knock on his door and opened the door to an sexy asian baby girl. A small 14 year old 5 foot tall Asian with accentuated round tits stood in front of him. He couldn’t wait to take the innocent girl’s virginity in her adorable little skirt.

“Come inside”

Sophia reluctantly stepped into his living room.

“You’ve learned a lot little slave, but you have much to learn. Every Sunday, we will begin with your weekly punishment for various things transgressions you made during the week. Then I will fuck the shit out of you until I am satisfied. Understand?”

“Yes, master” Sophia replied quietly

“Good. Get on your knees and take off my belt. And bring it to me between your teeth as if you were a dog.”

Sophia got on her knees and began to remove his belt. She awkwardly put it between her teeth and looked up at Liam’s icy blue eyes.

The sight of an innocent little asian teen presenting him with the tool she would be punished with turned Liam on. She looked up at him with sparkling, watery eyes from fear. His dick grew hard, but he had to have some self control to properly train his slave.

“Turn around and press your face into the carpet. Lift your skirt up and stick out your ass. Hold it there” Liam ordered.

Sophia obliged leaned forwards on her knees until her face was pushed into the carpet. She turned her face to the left so that she could breathe and pulled her skirt upwards to present her beautiful small ass. Most of the bruises had healed by now, but there were still some spots that hurt when she touched them. She was terrified at how many times she would be spanked and how much more it would hurt given that she hadn’t completely healed.

Liam looked down in her naked ass and couldn’t help but notice her tiny asshole and adorable bald pussy lips. It was his first time seeing a bald pussy as his precious girlfriends were much older than her. He was excited to jam his massive cock into her pussy, but the strongest desires require the strongest wills.

“I need to show dominance” he thought to himself.

Liam took his dirty shoe and pressed it against her left cheek. He stood with his left foot on her cheek with the belt in his right hand, so that she could be easily spanked for any reason.

“So, how does it feel to be dominated by your superior white master? Be honest.” Liam teased.

Sophia’s brain worked. She was afraid of what would happen if she lied, so she said “it... it doesn’t feel go—AIEEE” she screamed as her right ass cheek was hit. She quickly used her right hand to cover it. Her hand was promptly smacked too.

“OWW” Sophia cried again.

“BITCH don’t you DARE try to cover your ass while you’re being spanked. You WILL pay for that later” Liam yelled, “let me repeat the question, how does it feel to be dominated by your white master?”

“It... it... feels good” Sophia said hesitantly said between sobs. She placed her hand back where it belonged, holding the hem of her skirt on her back.


“MYAAA” Sophia screamed. She was terrified and confused now. If she answered that she felt bad, she would be spanked. If she answered that it felt good, she would be spanked too.

“It doesn’t sound like it feels good...” Liam said as he rested the belt on her ass and gently stroked her ass with it.

“Oh oh pleaseeee master. It feels so good to be dominated. I l-love your big white c-cock. Yes please dominate your— your little ch-ch-chinese slave,” she managed to cry out in between sobs.

“Good.” Liam said, “Now the official punishment begins. Count in chinese, and say I’m sorry daddy followed by thank you master after each hit. Understood?”

“I’m sorry daddy?” Sophia thought, “What did I have to be sorry about? You’re the one that’s beating my ass for your own pleasure. You—“


“UGHHH” she cried.

“I said. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir, thank you sir.”

WHACK Liam stuck her even harder the second time.

“AIIIIEEEEEEE OWWWW OH Oh oh” Sophia continued to sob.

“What did I just tell you to say?”

Sophia’s mind was cloudy but she worked quickly to find the right words. “I-I’m s-sorry daddy. Th-thank you m-master” she managed to cry out.

“Your punishment begins now. You arrived two minutes late today.”


“OHHH yi I’m s-sorry daddy. Thank you master.”

“On Thursday, you dodged some of my cum.”


“AHHH er I’m sorry daddy. Thank you m-master.”

“On Monday, you didn’t grab your elbows when I began to facefuck you.”


“AIIIEEEEE san I’m sorry d-daddy. Thank you master.”

“You tried to cover your ass when I spanked you today. For that, you will be spanked thrrr times. ”


“KYAIII oh ow huh s-si I’m sorry daddy. Thank you master.”


“AAHHHHH oh oh wu I’m sorry. Thank y—“

SLAP. Liam smacked her pinkish rear before she could even finish her confession.

“UIIEEEEE ohhh ooh ah liu I’m s-sorry. Th—“



Liam whipped his slave so hard and so fast that her knees slid on the floor in a futile attempt to escape. Her arms flailed around her, and her head tried to budge forward to lower her butt. Unfortunately for her, Liam’s foot still rested on her face. Her small ass tried to slide downwards but it couldn’t.

“You have to stop panting and moaning so much or I won’t be able to hear your apology baby girl.” Liam said in the tone of an evil villain.

These three hits stung so hard that Sophia wanted to rub her ass, but she knew better then to do that. It would just lead to more punishment.

This continued for a couple of minutes. Sophia felt that these were unfair. For example, she didn’t dodge his cum. Instead, Liam missed when he pulled out of her mouth and some of it got on his dashboard. In reality, Liam just wanted to hear his little asian slave scream, so he punished the poor girl’s ass for any minor transgression.

Finally, Liam ran out of things to punish her for. Sophia sniffed and constantly cried as he asked her a question, “what is your name?”


THWAP “AAAAAA huh huh” she panted.

“Your REAL name” Liam emphasized.

Sophia hesitated and thought, so she was spanked again.


“AHEEEE. Sophia Chan! My real name is Sophia Ch—“


“KYAAAA uh uh. Wait! Please”


“AIEEEEAAIEE” Sophia screamed loudly. He must want my Chinese name! Yes that’s it. He wants to know my chinese name. “Chen xiao-lan!” she cried

CRACK. Liam let out an especially hard one. His arm was getting tired of beating her ass so much. He didn’t think about her pain at all.

“No. You’re real name, slut.”

“AHHH!” She then realized what he meant. He wanted her to be his little asian slave after all. She needed to have a pet name. Her mind raced to find something, anything to satisfy him. Right as Liam raised the belt again to smack her ass, Sophia cried out.

“CHINA DOLL” Sophia didn’t really know what it meant, but she once heard a creepy guy on the bus call her that when she was younger. Liam finally removed his shoe off of her cheek. Sophia stayed in place holding her skirt and presenting her reddened, bruised ass for Liam to see. This entire time, she has be sobbing and just wanted it to be over. She was willing to do ANYTHING aside from taking more beatings. That’s exactly what Liam wanted.

Liam gently stroked her reddened ass, “do you want me to stop spanking you, China doll?”

“Yes! Yes! I’ll do anything but get spanked again. Pleaseeee!” She begged

“Great. Take your shirt off and suck my cock.”

Sophia happily obliged. She practically jumped onto her knees and looked up at her master as she threw her shirt over her head and skillfully undid his pants and pulled down his underwear. She immediately deep throated his cock and took in five inches in one go. Unlike before, she no longer had any reluctance to suck his dick. It was better than getting spanked again.

Liam groaned as Sophia gagged on his cock. He loved looking down at his submissive little slave, her pink ass, rosy cheeks, and little titties. After a few minutes of blowing him, Liam knew it was time.

“Stand up.” Liam ordered.

Sophia obliged. Liam picked her up like a baby and carried her to his room. He sat her down on his bed and began to gently kiss her. She was slowly becoming a better kisser day by day, and she also started to enjoy the feeling of being loved by Liam. He grabbed her peach sized titties and squeezed them while making out with her. Pushing Sophia down so that she’d lie on his bed, Liam kissed her neck and worked his way down to her little boobs. He stuck his finger under her skirt into her tight little pussy as he sucked and nibbled on her little nipples, eliciting a moan from the asian. Her pussy was undoubtedly the tightest hole he’s ever touched before. Even tighter than his previous girlfriend’s anus. Sophia moaned and grabbed his head in response. She loved the feeling of her boobs and pussy being stimulated.

“Did you ever know this was here?” Liam said as he touched her clit

“No. I don’t masturbate, Master”

Liam chuckled and sucked and bit on it while penetrating her little pussy with his finger.

Sophia really screamed and moaned that time. Her toes curled up as she experienced a pleasure she had never felt before. As a trumpet, player, Liam mastered the art of tonguing, and made Sophia go crazy. Her young body came in less than a minute through the skillful use of his tongue.

Liam got up. His raging nine incher was harder than ever before and covered in precum. He placed his cock at the entrance, and looked at Sophia’s big brown eyes as he pushed into her.

She moaned and squirmed slightly in discomfort until he reached her hymen. Liam grabbed her hands and pinned them above her head because he knew how much it’d hurt her.

“You ready to become an adult?” He asked

Sophia just shook her head. She had always imagined losing her virginity gently when she got married to a smart doctor or engineer, just like her parents wanted. Now, she was being pinned down and forced by a white devil brute.

Her disobedience angered him. Liam gritted his teeth, pulled back, and jammed his cock as far into her pussy as possible. Only six inches made it in.

“AIIIIIIIEEEE—“ Sophia let out the loudest screech of her brief life. Liam quickly cupped his hand in front of her mouth and stared into those adorable tear-filled big eyes. She struggled and tried to get his invading python out of her 15 year old little tunnel, but Liam pinned her down and held her struggling hands tight. Tears began to fall from her eyes as her childhood left her. Blood seeped from her young pussy. Sophia was now forever the property of this white man.

Liam slowly pulled out and pushed back in, eliciting another screech from Sophia. He began to slowly pump back and forth as the blood lubricated his colonization of her tight young body.

While Sophia was initially in pain, she began to scream a little quieter every time, and finally began to moan. Liam released his hands from her wrists and cupped her small breasts instead. He kissed her small pouty lips to make her moans a little quieter. Whenever he stopped kissing her, he’d stare into her eyes and watch her wince and yelp every time he entered her.

Sophia continued to cry quietly in pain. It HURT to have his cock in her little asian pussy. Asian pussies like hers were designed for smaller dicks, nevermind the fact that she was only 15. She could feel every vein and his bulbous head pumping in her. Every time he went more than a couple inches in, she let out a high pitched yelp, like a dog being hit.

These little yelps were music to Liam’s ears. His submissive little slave’s cries gave him the energy to keep fucking her. He realized then and there that virgin, young, Asian cunts were undoubtedly the best kind. It was smooth and easy to fuck from her juices and blood, yet it was also tighter than any asshole he’s ever fucked before. The heavenly pleasure he felt was unparalleled.

Liam soon realized a problem. Despite all of Sophia’s young pussy juices flowing, he could only get about half of his nine inch cock into her pussy. He stopped fucking her and gently picked her up.

Sophia didn’t quite realize what he was doing, but she wrapped her legs around him anyways. She felt strangely safe and loved when she was in this position. Her arms wrapped around Liam’s broad muscular shoulders.

“EEEEE” she screamed as Liam swiftly dropped her onto his cock. Seven inches of his white cock invaded her tiny foreign pussy. Sophia wanted the painful python out of her little pussy, but she realized that if she let go, her entire body would fall onto his cock with nothing else stopping her. Instead, she hugged Liam’s neck even harder and hung on for dear life. She started to really scream and bawl as she experienced the most pain in her entire lifetime so far.

“aaaaAAIIIEEE ah huh huh UIEEE ahuh huh AHHHH heh ha” she screamed when Liam penetrated her little pussy and panted between penetrations. Liam had no mercy in this rape session. He grunted and growled as he forcibly used all his speed and strength on this defenseless poor Asian girl. Every inch of her pussy was in an intense feeling of pain. Now, her cervix was being constantly assailed. She needed him to be more gentle.

Sophia leaned in to Liam’s ears in one of the off strokes and whispered “I love you.” Liam pushed her off slightly and looked into her eyes. She seemed so genuine when she said those words, so Liam leaned in to kiss her. As he kissed her, he slowly pushed his cock into her pussy inch by inch. Sophia whimpered a little at first as he slowly raped her. Then she began to quiet down.

He stopped kissing her and looked into those big innocent eyes. For the first time, Liam thought about the pleasure Sophia was facing in their rape sessions. He started fucking her slow and methodically. He let her lean back on on his left arm while he started stroking her little clit with his right thumb.

Sophia began to moan a little bit. For the first time, she actually enjoyed what Liam was doing to her. Sophia screamed, this time in pleasure, as she experienced the second orgasm in her entire life. This one squeezed Liam’s cock which elicited a moan from him too. Liam slowly picked up speed as Sophia continued to moan and moan. Without Liam ordering her, Sophia began to moan “yes daddy, yes daddy, please master ohhh that feels sooo good.”

Her sweet little high pitched asian voice was too much for him. Finally, after all these hours. Liam jammed his cock all the way to her cervix causing the little asian to scream. He came harder than he ever had in his entire life. A torrent of cum flowed into Sophia’s innocent flower. Her uterus filled with his baby-making juice which continued to squeeze its out of her vagina slowly. Liam set Sophia down on the bed with his softening dick still inside. He cupped his hand under her vagina as he pulled out. A torrent of cum filled his hand once he pulled out completely.

He took this handful of semen and spread it all across Sophia’s cute little face. Then he spread some on her boobs, stomach, and thighs. He completely owned her.

Sophia’s eyes were once again glued shut from his cum, but she still managed to say “Thank you, daddy” in a sweet little schoolgirl voice.

Liam stepped back to admire his work. This entire time, Sophia had been wearing her cute little schoolgirl skirt. Her face was covered in her own cum as well as Liam’s semen. Her boobs were also covered in his cum and her red, raw pussy was still leaking a mixture of her blood, cum, and Liam’s semen. She looked like such an innocent baby girl in her newest little skirt, yet she was definitely bruised, battered, and humiliated.

“Take off your skirt and stand up. Turn around slowly”

Sophia obliged, and Liam once again admired the view. He grabbed his phone off of his desk and began to snap pictures of her cute little body. The area around pussy had turned red and raw thee was cum dripping down every part of her body. As she turned around slowly, Liam rooked note of her thoroughly whipped ass. It was bright red with a few shades of purple. There was only one thing left to colonize and make his: her sweet little anal cherry.

“I’ll let you rest tomorrow. Tuesday, I want to suck my dick during lunch. You’ll be losing your anal cherry Friday night. I suggest you use some lotion and practice loosening your your ass, or it will be even more painful than usual”

“Yes sir, thank you master.” Sophia said with her eyes glued shut from cum.

“Good girl” Liam said sweetly as he wiped cum off her eyes with his thumbs. “Now let’s get you cleaned up, and I’ll give you a ride home.”

His slave was very obedient today, so he figured she deserved a reward. Sophia and Liam showered together and cleaned each other off. Liam decided that he had enough sex for the day, his dick must’ve ejected a week’s worth of cum in one go. He did enjoy feeling her up and lathering her in soap though. Sophia cleaned her master’s body too, making sure to pay extra attention to his cock, balls, and ass. She felt his toned muscles and loved them.

Liam drove Sophia to her house, and gave her a big kiss before she left the car. Sonya Lee happened to be walking back from their scheduled boba trip and saw Sophia her out of a mysterious car.

Sonya saw Sophia and shouted “hey! Sophia!” And started running towards her. Sophia quickly closed the car door, and Liam high tailed it out of there.

“Hey Sonya, what’s up?”

“What were you doing instead of boba? I thought you had homework to do?”

“Oh it was nothing... just... going to an important... meeting,” Sophia managed.

“Are you... not wearing a bra?” Sonya questioned.

Sophia ran to her house and left Sonya in the dust. She quickly entered and locked the door. Sonya stood there baffled. Why would her best friend be acting so strange? She decided it was going to be her job to get to the bottom of it.

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