Using my best friends sister part 3_(1)

Using my best friends sister part 3_(1)

College break brings me to my hometown. I am wrapping up my senior year of college, age 22, preparing to enter the real world. Seemingly mature, just about ready to be a real adult. But not today. Today I am sneaking into the basement for a hot fuck of my raunchy 18 year old Leah's parents house.

I had just got home that night. I wasn't even unpacked when the phone buzzed. I had texted Leah earlier in the week but she was distracting me so bad with sexts that I had to put it away so I could focus on my midterm. I let her know I was going to be home that weekend and she sends back not an underwear pic mind you, she sends me a dildo half shoved in her mouth, protruding out the side. I didn't even know she had a dildo for christs sake! I respond, and say when the hell did you get that? Another picture response. Great. "It just came." I almost laughed at her pun. But the picture was now of it in her pussy. Fuck I was literally in the library with my cock hard as a rock. I had to sit down for the next hour before I could even get up, lest everyone think I am a pervert for having an erection in the library! She had even shaved a landing strip into her vagina, which was not the usual. Her 18 year old pussy was always so clean, the psycho thoughts in my brain had me more aroused to be in something so young, so fresh. But now, her little strip made me think she was older, or at least more seasoned. My cock hurt it was so hard.

8 pm rolls around. My family had taken me out to eat as a special dinner from being home. My pocket begins to buzz a few times. I finish dinner without checking and then its 9. The texts I read are of course from my master in tow Leah who I can tell wants it bad. But she never says it that way. She wants to dominate and juice my cock for all its milk, she's in control and she likes letting me know it. Her texts read: you are going to come over at 1130. My mom worked all day today, shes going to be out cold by then. I left the basement door open, there is a surprise for you waiting on the knob. See you then . Fuck me. Its only 9! I couldn't possibly wait two and a half hours for this! Leah's landing strip came to mind. Her ass, which I so juicily fucked last time was already making my dick throb. I hadn't jerked off in weeks which was the biggest struggle I have ever overcome, and why you might ask? Because Leah demanded that I don't. She would tease me with pictures of herself, all so ridiculously hot making me horny beyond belief but the controlling thought of her forcing me to not turned me on even more. I was backed up with my hot cum, and I was going to let loose later.

An eternity passes and I tell my parents Im going to see some friends at a bar. After all, what the hell else could I tell them I was doing at 1130 pm? I can't just say i'm going to some 18 year old girls house, and not even seeing her parents. Leah was barely even 18 still, and she was fucking me senseless. Leah had a smaller house, but I am walking around the bushes towards the basement and see the door. There is nothing on it to my surprise, so I open it and feel my legs tensing already. I am so horny it is fogging my brain. I open the door and see the lights have dimmed already. Perfect. I close the back door and therein lies the surprise. An eye mask is dangling innocently on the other handle. A note is taped to the side. My heart is racing a million beats a minute at this point. What the fuck was I even in for!

I open the note. It reads in a devilishly sexy handwriting: "Over to the couch. Now. Sit in the left corner and put the mask on. No Peeking, or Else." Godamn this was too hot. I am throbbing with an erection that is poking out through my pants. I put the mask on, and lie down. I hear a door open, and footsteps walk towards me. "Hello Mike, don't you look excited to see me. I'm gonna get that cock and in due time. But first, there's something I have to do." She walks towards me, and slowly rubs her ass on my face. I am lying down and can feel soft skin with her thong slowly brushing my nose. I inhale her sweet sex and feel like I can cum buckets already. Its been so long between the last time I erupted, and I inform her of this. "I've been an excellent slave Leah, I haven't cum in weeks like you said. But I can't wait much longer, i'm dying for you." "Shhhh Mike. I can see how hard you are." Leah reaches for my pole and pulls it through my pants. Just the warm touch of her palm against me could have made me shoot. Now Im no Xmen, but this mask was heightening my senses. Before I can process whats happening Leah retorts: "I'm going to reward you but first you have to do something for me." "Anything" I responded, at which point Leah's grin went ear to ear and she began to remove her thong.

The soft feel of Leahs thong dangling over my face was the ultimate tease. She was dangling it like a puppet over me and her soft voice begins to say "do you smell my delicious pussy Mike?" I do not respond only nod my head in ecstasy as I can only imagine what Leahs slamming body looks like right now. I couldn't tell if she was wearing a bra or not, but this question was immediately answered as I felt her unexpected juicy tits rub onto my stomach and her lips press against mine. Leah was never one for subtlety as she bit down hard on my bottom lip at the end of our kiss. I begin to open my mouth for more and I feel a fast hard hand come over top of my mouth. Before I know whats happening Leahs fucking thong enters my mouth and she shoves it in there hard. I panic for a split second. Her thong is literally in my mouth and she put her hand forcefully over my mouth. "Shhh baby its ok. This is all part of your promise remember? I'm not gonna tape your mouth because I wanna hear you groan. I just can't have you waking my mom with noise, deal?" Fuck me, I think to myself. I am ruined forever my psyche is the thing coming to orgasm now, as I am so overwhelmed I can't think straight. Again I don't respond, I just nod my head. I can taste her pussy juice on her thong as she clearly was wet planning this encounter. Its so sweet but this girl is so damn nasty. She thought up this entire thing in that filthy mind of hers.

Before I know what's happening, I begin to feel Leah sliding her gloriously juicy tits down my chest and slowly towards my pulsating member. Again at this point, I am so aroused its amazing I didn't just come by a small gust of wind. Leah opens her soft mouth and says "it's time Mike. Let go of that load so I can taste my big college boy." Leah knows how to fuck. Her calling me her college boy made my mind swirl. What am I ever to do without this amazing girl? She knew how to make my ego spin. Before I feel it, I hear the dirty Leah spit onto the tip of my member. Fuck it feels so good. Leah has me sit up on the couch and towards her. She is on her knees at this point I can feel her warmth of her tits on my balls. My tip enters her mouth and Leah moves a mile a minute. She was not joking in that she gets what she wants and she wants that first come and she wants it now. Her tits become wet with the spit on my cock. She wrapped her tits to encase my cock but still put her head down so she can tit fuck my dick and still suck it at the tip. Up and down her tits slide as my cock is seconds away from bursting. The pressure grows harder as I can tell she squeezed her tits onto my cock and that triggers my orgasm. Her mouth throats my member about half way, the good little slut wants all my cum in her mouth and I can tell she is wet from the pulsating happening into her mouth. Three shots of hard cum go into the back of her throat, and my cock finally shows signs of stopping. The filthy Leah comes up, takes off my mask and makes me watch her spit the cum back onto my dick, and slurp it all back up and swallow. This is all the while I am gagged with her soaked pussy juice panties, watching her spit it back and swallow. My eyes roll into the back of my head in ecstasy.

"You passed the first test big boy. But the second one will prove more challenging." Leah leaves my mask off and now I see she is truly ready for business. "I got these for free with my little friend" As she unwraps the pink handcuffs. Christ am I in for it now I thought. Watching this slender body, prance towards me, with handcuffs at the ready immediately made me perk back up. I could see head to toe Leah was emulating sex, her strip was in tact and I grinned at it. The experience she was making for belied her 18 years. For gods sake she was probably better than most prostitutes! "Are you ready to take my hot ass again mike? Because I am gonna tie you up and fuck you senseless."

The cuffs go on and above my head to wrap around the couch. I am lying down trying to process what on earth I am getting myself into. I really hope for the love of all things right I don't get punished in a bad way. Leah had a truly filthy mind, and I was potentially getting myself into a scary situation. Thong still in my mouth, tied up like a hog, and no clothes in site. What if her mom came down? I would then sure have some explaining to do. To the police because im sure I would be royally fucked if that happened. The thought of it makes me wriggle around in my cuffs. "Oh I know your ready cowboy. Just wait for me to get some lube in my ass before the ride happens."

Again a miracle I don't just cum to her dirty talk. I was beyond hard again, and this time it was going to last. The odds weren't in my favor of course, because when I am in control I can gauge when Im going to cum and either speed up or slow down. But thats the thing, Im not in control. My dirty 18 year old master is. I have no say in what was about to go down, literally. "How do you want me mike?" Says leah now just tormenting me as she walks over with a sinful smile on. She knows I can't respond with her soaked panties in my mouth. "Do you want me like this?" She lubes up my cock with juice, and sits on top as to ride me. My cock slides up her backside but not in her. "How about this?" She turns around and now the reverse. My cock is on top of her lips, sliding up and down and I feel the soft brush of her landing strip. Im pulsating waiting to feel that ass contract around my hard cock. Wishing nothing more than to plunge it so deep I can feel her insides.

Leah stays facing away, in a reverse cowgirl and puts her feet on my thighs. Her hand guiding my member, she sits back slowly onto my dick. Watching my member disappear into her ass is the stuff of legend. I groan through her panties and hear her say "ohhhhh" softly as she comes down my pole. The memory of watching my dick slide into her backside immediately burns into my mind. "That's it daddy. Now watch me work this dick," she puts her hands on my chest and begins to more aggressively fuck my cock. College boy, now daddy? Again, Leah fucks the brain as hard as she fucks my member. Sometimes I truly wander whats better. Her motion is so smooth its as if she's a seasoned veteran. All the way down she goes and her nails begin to dig into my chest. The pain is there but so is her orgasm. I know she's close from the times we've fucked before. The tell tale signs are there. She is speeding up and I am going to make my master happy as all hell. I thrust my hips up into her pelvis and begin to fuck her silly as I deranged with passion. She supports her weight on my chest and thighs and squeals "Fuck daddy oh my god keep doing that. Keep doing that! Keep doing thaaaaat!" Her voice tapers off and she comes like a cat doing a stretch. As her body contorted I can feel her asshole becoming a vice on my cock. The severe pressure on my dick makes me feel my ecstasy welling up. I've seen porn before where the guy held his cumshot. Apparently from what I have read it creates an insanely pleasurable orgasm. I just never thought someone else would make this happen TO ME! The cum is at my cock but it is being squeezed so tight it can't release. It hurts at first, my dick feels a pressure I have never felt before. Leah's body is moving like she's in an exorcism and its beyond satisfying knowing I pleased my master. Finally her asshole relents and i feel the sperm rush out like an avalanche. "Oh my god fuckkkk" Leah feels my semen in her ass shoot hard. This time it is an overload, I have no control over my cock and it is spilling semen deep into her ass shot after shot. I feel her body crash onto mine like a bridge collapsing, and as the last of my seed spills into her ass, the rubbing begins. I feel her rubbing her clit and breathing so heavily her body being on top of mine. I am still inside Leah, at which point her final eruption happens and she literally puts her hand over her own mouth. She is screaming into it, and I felt a scorching hot wetness pool up over my cock and balls. She literally just squirted her pussy juice onto me! This girl never ceases to amaze me with her sexuality.

We both lay in a deep state of ecstasy. Nothing but our breathing and the smell of sex in the room. I am underneath my master in command, one who just sucked me dry, tied me up, had me fuck her ass, and squirt on top of me. My mind still racing from our encounter, her lips finally open with a laugh. It was partially a playful laugh. But in truth I knew it to be a demonic laugh, like a sexual demon possessed. "Oh mike, you have no idea how bad I've missed you. Your perfect dick streaming into my ass, I want you to do it in my pussy too baby. Fill me with your hot seed for the first time, Ive always wanted to know what its like to have my daddy cum into my pussy."


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