2011.06.03 Birthday

2011.06.03 Birthday

##Ke, Nivagi, and Stsm are all my girlfriends. This is what they did for my birthday.##

Last Friday was my birthday, so I took the day off and slept in with Stsm. I was depressed and tired, so I opted to cancel my daytime plans and just stay in and try to get things accomplished. Later Stsm and I went out to dinner with Erma, Ke, Mira, and Nivagi. Afterwards we went to Maggie Moo’s for ice-cream, and sat around outside for a while talking about sex and Star Wars. When it got late Erma and Mira each headed home, and Ke, Nivagi and Stsm came over to my apartment to spend the night.

Part of my day was pretty stressful, so when I got home I asked Ke, Nivagi and Stsm to give me a massage. Stsm asked if I wanted a regular massage or a “special massage”… amused and curious, I chose “special.” The three of them had Ke straddle my back and massage my shoulders while they pretended to massage my legs as a precursor to their real plan – tying me up and giving me birthday spankings.

Smiling and entertained, I let them tie my feet and cuff my wrist to the bed, playing along that I didn’t know what they were doing. Once bound, the three of them took turns caning, paddling, and spanking my ass, laughing at how red it got so fast. I told them to smack all they wanted, but to keep in mind they’d be getting the same once I was free. They contemplated leaving me tied up to prevent that, but settled on distracting me instead.

Once they released me and turned me over, Nivagi started going down on me, joined soon by Ke. The two of them licked and sucked me while Stsm watched, and then Nivagi took a break and let Ke focus on me exclusively. Nivagi then took back over, sucking me wonderfully and then entreating the others to join. I told them I wanted a picture of the three of them sucking me at once, so they handed me a flip camera and went to town. I got lots of delicious pictures and video and then set the camera aside.

Ke and Nivagi focused on me while Stsm took pictures, and then Ke laid the other way in her panties to watch as Nivagi sucked me more. I pulled Ke’s panties aside to caress her pussy while enjoying Nivagi’s blow job. Nivagi then climbed up and mounted me, riding my cock up and down while I touched Ke and Stsm took more pics. Nivagi felt magnificent and looked amazing sliding up and down on my bare cock, but I held off coming since I wanted to fuck my other two girlfriends as well.

Nivagi slid off my cock and cleaned me up with her mouth before Ke took her turn. When she dismounted, we paused to get up and find Nivagi’s double-ended dildo, which she’d bought a long time ago but never used. I lay back down and Ke climbed on. Ke’s pussy felt marvelous and she grinded and bucked on my hard dick until she came. Nivagi tried using the dildo on Stsm while I was fucking Ke, but it wasn’t a good fit and so she waited to try it with Ke.

Ke slid off me and lay butt to butt with Nivagi. We got lube, and Ke and Nivagi worked the dildo into their cunts, fucking each other with the toy for the first time. It took a few attempts for them to get the right angle since they’d never tried this before, but theyquickly figured it out and soon both girls were moaning and squirming next to us as Stsm climbed on top of me. Stsm rode me while we watched Ke and Nivagi, enjoying the feel, sights, and sounds of the four of us together on the bed.

I turned Stsm over and fucked her from behind. From this position I could admire Stsm’s beautiful body as I watched the girls fucking next to me. I found a good angle and enjoyed the sensation of Stsm coming around me over and over. As long as I kept ramming, Stsm help coming, so I held her hips and slammed into her nonstop. I eventually rotated her around so she could watch Ke and Nivagi while I fucked her, and Stsm kissed Ke before hunkering down to focus on my thrusts.

After making Stsm cum several more times, we took a break and just lay on the bed to watch Ke and Nivagi fuck. Stsm moved down my body to go down on me, sucking her cum off my cock while I alternated between watching my dick disappear into Stsm’s mouth, and the double-ended dildo disappear into Ke and Nivagi’s grinding pussies. The combined sensations and visuals started to prove too much for me, and Stsm signaled she wanted me to cum in her mouth.

Stsm made other motions, and I caught on to what she was up to (though she may have had to pause to whisper part of the plan). She stepped up her efforts, and I leaned back, enjoying the feel of her hand and mouth on my shaft while Ke and Nivagi writhed lewdly next to us on the bed. Strangely enough, now that I was ready to cum, it still took a while to work up to it –I’d been fucking so long that I’d reached a pleasure plateau. Stsm, however, was up to the task of shattering it.

Working double-time on my cock, Stsm broke through the barrier and was rewarded with a mouthful of semen as I erupted between her lips and ejaculated several hours’ worth of built-up desire. Stsm smiled up at me, maintaining my explosion in her mouth without swallowing as she moved to where Nivagi lay on her back, dildo buried in her hot cunt. Stsm leaned down and kissed Nivagi deeply, passing my cum into her mouth. Nivagi moaned in surprised pleasure, accepting my cum happily.

Nivagi immediately pulled off the dildo and moved up to kiss Ke, transferring my cum into her mouth next. Ke moaned in delight and swallowed my cum, kissing Nivagi deeply. We all kissed and snuggled, and I took pictures of my lovely girlfriends cuddled up nude on my bed. Ke and Nivagi talked about how much they enjoyed their first experience with a double-ended dildo, and vowed to get a longer one for next time. I told them I’d buy them one if they did their initial experimentation in my presence. =)

Nivagi and Stsm got ready to sleep, while Ke planned to head home – she needed to stay up all night to keep her work schedule, and wasn’t sure there was room for four to sleep comfortably anyway.
Before Ke left, however, I kneeled by the bed and went down on her until she came. She kissed Nivagi, Stsm and I goodbye, and headed home while I nestled in with my two other girlfriends to sleep. I definitely had a wonderful birthday night.

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