My name is Pat and I’ve been married to my husband, Ron, for ten years now. I love him and he’s always been good to me. I would never do anything to hurt him but last week my whole life changed. On Saturday, while Ron was out golfing, five men stopped by to buy his old clubs and I ended up having wild sex with them. I don’t know what got over me but it was like a hidden side of me finally came out. I had often joked with Ron that I was a nymphomaniac and all that pent-up pressure seemed to be released in one unbelievable gangfuck session. And I loved it.

No, I didn’t tell him about it. I wouldn’t know how. But I was so aroused by the experience that I wanted to do it more. I had invited my five new friends to come over again this Saturday and even suggested they could bring some of their buddies. So my new secret double life was the way I was going to go. I went back to my prim and proper married life during the week while planning my nympho weekend. My head was spinning thinking about all those cocks fucking me and how I would be getting even more.

I had gotten a massage this week to workout all my muscle soreness from spreading my legs and ass so much while I had been repeatedly pummeled for six hours last Saturday. My mouth and jaw were also sore since I had been mouth-fucked 20 or 30 times, but I was okay now. I also had a full body wax-job including shaving my pussy for the first time. I was feeling totally sexy by Friday night.

Ron had left that morning and was going to be away all weekend so I had plenty of time to get ready and I got plenty of rest. Saturday morning I took a long hot bath to relax and got everything else ready. I had come up with a couple of ideas for how I would dress and some other fun ideas but basically my plan was to just get fucked big time. Who knows how many guys would show up and we did have all weekend.

I put on a very short red dress I had bought earlier this week along with a pair of red high heels, brushed my long blond hair and put on a little lipstick. I admired myself in the mirror. The dress showed off my long slim legs and drew attention to my butt. I looked and felt hot, just what I wanted.

They arrived around noontime. I answered the door and in trooped my five studs from last week and three new guys. Eight men seemed pretty good to me. I greeted them and told them “I see you brought some friends.”

“Oh, we have some more coming, they should be here in a minute.”

“Wow,” I thought, this is getting even better.

I offered them drinks, beers all around, and said “You know, I never even got your names last week. But don’t tell me.” I asked the new guys, “Did your friends tell you my name?”

“Yeah, they said just to call you CUNT”

We all laughed and I said “That’s right, I love being called CUNT. You guys fucked me good and proper last week. I hope you saved yourself for me this week. By the way, my husband will be gone all weekend so we got plenty of time.” I asked them about the golf clubs and they told me that they will never use them They each had taken one club and had mounted them on their walls as a trophies. I heard of the term Trophy Wife so now I guess I could be considered a Trophy Cunt.

I sat on the lap of one of the two black guys saying, “I know your name must be Big Dick, how could I forget.” And I gave him a big kiss. We all joked around for a couple of minutes as Big Dick started feeling my thighs. The doorbell rang and I had to leave some groping hands hand behind to answer the door, although I gave them a little shake of my ass as I crossed the room.

Four more guys entered including two more black guys. One of the white guys looked like Adonis! He must have been at least 6’8” , blond hair, with strapping muscles, and a beautiful smile. I was thrilled to see such male specimens and even more excited to know that I was now up to twelve of them.

I told them all that I was going upstairs for a minute and would be right back to start our party. I told them that they could put their pants and shirts in the dining room.

Upstairs, I took off my dress so that I was now only wearing my special panties, the ones on which I had sewn FUCK ME. I looked in the mirror and I knew they would like that. I then put a red ribbon around my neck, sort of like a choker, on which I also had carefully wrote FUCK ME in rhinestones this morning. I pinched my perky tits a couple of times to make my nipples erect and I was ready.

I came down the stairs to offer myself to twelve, now naked, men. They were hooting and whistling as I put on my biggest smile and walked into the center of the room. I raised my arms, gave a little wiggle and said “Well boys, you like my outfit. I hope you all get the message. FUCK ME!”

Now you’ll have to understand, there is a lot I can’t remember as twelve men ravished me over the next twelve hours. A lot of what we did can only be recalled because I had given them my camera and they took over 100 pictures during the escapade.

It all started when my Adonis, whose name is Shane, picked me up in the air and put me on his shoulders with my head facing up. He said “ Let’s get her pants off, guys.” That they did, much to my pleasure, because I love having a man take off my pants. Then with my legs spread wide he circled around while all the guys kissed and fingered my pussy lips while I simply squealed in delight. He was so strong that he was handling me like I was a rag doll. He then rolled me over on his other shoulder with my ass facing upward and everybody got to licking and fingering my ass hole. They slapped my ass a few times saying “Oh baby, look at her ass. We are going to have fun with this. You like being slapped in the ass?”

“I like it. I like it.” I said as my cheeks started to tingle and I’m sure started turning red. “It’s all yours now.” They loved that all and were all laughing talking about what they were going to do with me.

Shane then flipped me in the air and I landed on my feet like a gymnast, facing him. “Wow,” I said “that’s quite a move. And this is quite a dick.” And I grabbed his cock and knelt down to take him in my mouth. It was the most beautiful thing I ever saw. It had a huge head and a long, thick, shaft, just starting to get hard. I kissed it, started to lick it and put it into my mouth and started to suck on it. I got two full hands on it as I bobbed my head up and down. He responded immediately and when I started to lick and suck his balls he was as hard as a rock and a full 12 inches. I had never seen anything so big and I said, “Man, are you going to fuck me with this thing?”

Everyone laughed and offered their dicks for the same treatment. “Open mouth, insert dick” seemed to be the most popular direction and I took care of all of them. I gave a warm greeting to my black friend from last week, Big Dick, and took his 10-inch cock all the way down my throat. The two new black guys were also a full 10 inches and one of them had the biggest balls I have ever seen. They were so big that I couldn’t take both balls in my mouth at the same time and I was looking forward to all the cum that he could pour into me. They began fucking my throat and I was gasping for air while swallowing all their pre-cum. Some of them couldn’t wait and started fucking me from the rear as I made the rounds and it sure did feel good to feel some nice cocks in my hot cunt.

We arranged some cushions in the middle of the room and they laid me on my back and spread my legs. I pointed at my neck ribbon and said “Like it says, FUCK ME, men. All of you, fuck my cunt hard, now.”

They all took their turns pumping my pussy. I could hear them laughing as they handled me like a tag team match, each of them plunging his hard cock into me for a minute or two and then being tagged by the next guy, and then the next guy. I just put my head back and had to suck on each cock as it came out of me, tasting their cum and my cunt juices. It was becoming all a blur but I could remember the camera going off so I knew I could see of all this later.

My ass was next. They turned me over and the first one rubbed his cock on my cunt juices and slowly inserted the head into my waiting ass hole. It was a total pleasure to be violated like this. I moaned and said “Fuck my ass. Fuck my ass. Give me a good ass fucking!” I heard one of the black guys say “Give me that white ass. Love fucking a white ass.” I raised my butt and arched my back to give him a good angle and he began penetrating my ass an inch at a time. With each thrust he slapped my ass, saying “Give me that ass, girl.” I squealed with each slap and started pushing back at him as he went deeper and deeper. He was pumping furiously now and I knew he would be coming any second now. He groaned and started shooting his cum up my ass with each thrust. I swear he shot five loads into me and I knew that I had done a good job. They all took their turn with me, most of them pumping more and more cum into my ass and it kept pouring out onto my cunt and legs.

The best was yet to come. One of them laid down and I got on top and placed his dick back into my ass. As he started pummeling me, I spread my legs to offer my cunt to the rest of them. This is my favorite position because I just love watching a big cock entering my cunt while feeling another cock in my ass. I remember laying there seeing all the men lined up to get their turn. Many of them were hitting my G-spot and I was going into convulsions with massive orgasms. But when Shane took his turn I went crazy with his foot-long dick. As he fucked me I could see his cock bulging my belly with each thrust. I was wide-eyed with this scene and we all started fucking our brains out. It was incredible as all three of us came at the same time, Shane in my cunt, Big Dick in my ass and me. I was screaming, my whole body shook and I ejaculated, gallons of clear fluid came pouring out of my cunt, spraying everybody within 10 feet. We all collapsed on top of each other.

I was spent. But I let them all have their way with me for the next hour of so, taking it in both of my holes and letting them fuck my mouth for as long as they wanted. Then we rested for a while. Later we were grabbing some food nourishment, still joking about my gangfuck and still all naked.

The phone rang and I got up to answer it. My husband was calling me, just checking in, when one of my black friends started fucking me again from the rear. I told my husband to hold on a second as I braced myself to take on the big cock. My husband said “What’s that thumping noise?” I couldn’t tell him I was being fucked so I told him “Must be the washing machine.” He said that I seemed to breathing hard (I was actually grunting with pleasure) but I told him “I had a good workout today, you know me.” I hung up just as I took another load of cum up my pussy.

I stood there and could see all my guys getting aroused again. I said “I thought you were all dry by now. Don’t tell me you still have more cum in those beautiful cocks.”

Well, they were far from done with me. They passed me around and I had several more orgasms (I was probably up to a hundred by now). We then had another idea. They all signed their names on my body and then ejaculated on my face and body, letting the cum drip down over their names. I knelt down, leaned back with my hands on the ground behind me and then they took a picture of me smiling, covered in their cum with my big “FUCK ME” collar still on. Now that’s a picture any nymphomaniac would be proud of.

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