Treehouse Story

Treehouse Story

Do you know the expression boyie girl? One of those girls that are good friends with all of the boys. Not course she’s hot or something but just ‘course she does all the stuff boys enjoys to do. They play sucker, basket, baseball and all that kinna stuff. Boyie girls often has a lot of older brothers. Nice brothers that like to play with their sister and but don’t want all that Barbie and ‘My Little Pony’ crap. Therefore she grows up with sports and videogames.
Amelia was such a girl. She hat tree older brothers that, when I think about it, was kinna hot. All the girls in our class begged her to give them phone numbers but she never did. She offered me some from time to time ’course I wasn’t just one of the girls from the class. I was her best friend. She was good friends with a lot of the boys. But she, god knows why, kept holding on to me. Even trough I didn’t really had her interests. I was the little “pink” girl. I was only children and I have to admit I was a little spoiled. I grew up with Barbie and ‘My Little Pony.’ I shiver just by the tough. When I think back at one of my dolls scary lifeless faces I… they ware just grouse. Never mind. Where ware I? Oh yes, Amelia. When I first med her she I was six and she was seven. I don’t really remember the first day we med. But that’s an other story anyway. When this story begins we ware both fourteen. I had just turned it (two weeks ago) and Amelia was gonna be fifteen in about a month.
Amelia had a strong muscular and had bin brown haired ‘till she colored it purple. It was pretty short about, 3 inches long. Her tits were big. Like in b-cub big (she was after all only fourteen and back then was b-cub a pretty nice size). She was about 1,80 meters and weight about 60 kilogram which was primary muscles. She was in fact so good looking that some of the guys that she had bin good friends with was beginning to hit on her. When that happened she made sure that her and whatever guy it was on different team when they played football in the recess and tackled him so hard that he couldn’t walk for weeks.
But there was also me. I was as I said a ‘pink girl‘. I was trying to follow the fashion as good as I could. I had long natural blonde hair and blue eyes. I was a little smaller then Amelia; 1,65 meters and 50 kg. I was good looking I realize that now. But I had complexes. My tits was just SO small. I mean like if someone had placed some nuts underneath my skin. The have grown since then but that does change how I felt back then. I think that’s all there is too tell. Oh yes. My name is Jane by the way.

And here the story begins:
It was late at night, a Saturday in the summer, when I heard the Amelia knocking at the window. I looked up from my book (New Science Theories, if anyone’s interested) and saw her outside. She had a smile on her face as always and looked expecting at me. I raised up, walked to the window and opened. Amelia crawled inside with at slight “thank you”.
“You could use the front door, you know,” I said when she got inside. She was wearing at tight T-shirt without a bra underneath and jeans that was even more tight then the shirt.
“Nah,” she answered, “it takes too long.”
That was true. Her house was behind ours. If she crawled in from the window she just had to jump over a fence and crawl up the ladder that was placed outside the window for the same purpose. If she was to walk in the front door she had to go all around the house and over one more fence.
I just smiled as answer.
“So what are you up too tonight?” she asked after she hat gotten comfortable on my bed.
“I don’t know. Nothing I suppose. Unless you got something more interesting to do?”
“Hmmm,” she didn’t really think about it but she pretended so it seamed like she hadn’t a plan already. “We could have sex.”
“What? Sex?”
We hadn’t ever really talked about that kinna stuff.
“Yeah,” she grinned. “Don’t look at me like I’m crazy.”
“But… what do you mean? With who? And where? And when? And…”
“Oh shot up!” she sighted. “Don’t go mad. I was just suggesting it.”
We kept silent a little. But then Amelia broke it (and it wouldn’t be the only thing she was gonna break this night).
“What do you mean with who?” She sounded angry.
“Course I don’t know who it would be with,” I said carefully not to make her even more angry.
“Me of course,” she said like I should have guessed that already and raised from the bed.
I was terribly confused. “But… you aren’t lesbian… are you?”
“Well that’s what I wanna find out, girly.” She walked over to me, where I sat on my office chair by my desk, and sat down on my lap with at leg on each side and facing me.
“Don’t you?” she asked while she looked into my eyes. Her eyes were brown by the way.
I sank something and answered: “I… I don’t know. I’ve never tough about that.”
“Maybe you should then,” she said while squeezing up against my body in a very sensual way. I didn’t knew if it was course she enjoyed it, course she wanted to make me do something or course she wanted to parody a lesbian. But that didn’t really matter course I think that was to day I turned into a homosexual. Her large tits underneath the shirt that was nearly sweaty enough to look trough and her strong, long legs held tight by the jeans moving forth and back and each time a little closer to my crutch.
But just before she got close enough to touch my belly with the blue denim cloth she jumped of me and said: “But if you’re not interested…” She walked over to the window and just before she crawled out she turned her head and said: “See ya at school.”
I sat in a long time after that. Maybe an hour. Maybe more. Then at last I stood op, walked to the closet and changed my wet panties. Back then I didn’t knew how they became wet. I didn’t remember to pee. But… what else could it be?

I didn’t get a lot of sleep that night. I kept thinking about Amelia. And so did I all Sunday too. When Monday came I’d decided that I would take her offer if she still wanted too. If not… I don’t know what I would have done. But never mind that. I had a short Monday. Four classes. But only the last one of ‘em was with Amelia. I remember that I sat in the bus on the way. I realized how many beautiful girls there ware. There ware a lot. I’d always knew. But I wasn’t that ‘you’re beautiful and I’m not’ felling anymore. Now it was more like ‘you’re beautiful and I so much want to fuck you.’

I couldn’t find Amelia the whole day. Not ‘till the last hour. I came nearly running into the class. She wasn’t there yet. Dang. But there was still time. The people from the last class wasn’t even out yet.
It took four long minutes for everyone to sit down. But no Amelia. At last I stopped hoping. She was ill or something. She just wasn’t here. But at the exact same time she stepped into the class. Five minutes late. She often was when she had played sucker in the recess. Professor Drumpry, our history teacher, mumbled something about Amelia staying after class and then continued the lesson. Amelia sat down on her usual seath, right next to me at our two man desk.
I waited five minutes more. I’ve heard that you should talk right when you meet someone. That would make you seam desperate or even worse; cheap. Then at last I lend over and whispered in her ear: “Amy?”
She turned her head slightly and looked at me while she made sure that Drumpry didn’t watch ‘em.
“Yeah?” she whispered back.
“Can…” my voice failed me at the point where it was most needed.
Amelia looked curios at med. “Yes?”
“Can I still take your offer?”
She smiled slightly. “Hmm… Let me thing.”
Once again she only pretended to think. She had the answer already. I could fell what she wanted and I gave it to her: “Please.”
She smiled again. “My place or yours?”
I was so happy that I could have screamed out. But I hold on to myself. Then a new problem stroke me. My parents wasn’t that happy about homos. Where should it be?
“I… I don’t know.”
She smiled again like she had it all under control.
“The tree house in my garden. Seven o’clock. Got it?”
I though about it. I wasn’t doing anything that night.
“I fine.”
She smiled again. “Cool. Now pay attention.”
And so I did. At least I acted like it. Al the rest of the class I only tough about how I would be to be with her. In fact I tough about it the whole rest of day. I had to go before Amelia. She had to stay after class.
I went home after school and ran to my room. I’d just found out that I knew nothing about pleasing girls. I opened my computer and found some page called xnxx when I searched for ‘lesbian’ on Google. I spend half an hour there and then I felt ready. Tonight would be the night.

Well… the sex aint gonna start right away but I believe that even the most hardcore wankers needs just a little foreplay. So here it comes:
I had waited for an hour just sitting on my bed waiting for the cluck to turn seven. And now it was. Or at lease very close. Ten minutes to six. Then I couldn’t wait any longer. I had crawled over the fence in my short skirt and a tight, low-cut t-shirt. I wasn’t wearing a bra (not that I was needed one anyway) nor panties. It tickled in my belly. I could fell the adrenalin and see the picture of Amelia standing naked on the floor of the tree house. (XXXX add something) With at fast and loud beating heart I began to crawl up the ladder. Step by step. Slowly. My count was on fire. I wanted to tighten my legs but I couldn’t do that if I wanted to crawl. I took one more step. I was to hot. I took me a second and tightened my legs. Then I heard her voice from above: “Are you coming or what?”
I looked up and saw her beautiful face looking down at me with the purple hair around her head like at mane.
“I’m coming,” I answered and began to crawl again. I reached up and crawled into the wooden house. It was a little smaller then I remembered it. But Amelia had indeed use the space in a very fine way. She had brought blankets and mats in half of the house and some pillows and a strange wooden box in the other side. I crawled over the blankets and sat down on a pillow (it was impossible for her to stand up in the small room).
“Hi,” said Amelia when I sat down on the pillow. “Wanna have a beer?”
“Erm…” all my lust was gone and left was just the fear. “O… ok.”
She opened to box and handed me a ice cold beer from it. She took also one herself and opened both of ’em.
She was wearing a tight pair of jeans (as always) and a loose t-shirt that was so tern that it seamed like a puma had bin playing with it. There ware big holes in it that shoved her bare Latin brown skin. It was visible that she neither was wearing a bra.
“Don’t you like the bear?” Amelia broke the silence.
I realized that I hadn’t touched my beer. I didn’t really like beer but… when you’re offered you cant really refuse, can you?
I took a quick gulp of beer. Awfully. Even worse then normally. But I took an other gulp anyway.
Then we sat a little longer in silence…
“Do you wanna touch my tits?”
I looked up. She had already dropped the shirt on the floor and then showed me her tits. The lust came back. Bigger then even before. She moved closer to me. And I too her. She hold her left tit in her hand and smiled shyly at me. Shyly? Amelia had never bin shy before. I moved my shivering hand up and placed it on her tit. Oh god, what a felling. It was so soft and tender. She could see the blood pumping to my head and making me tomato red. Just as Amelia already was. I moved closer. Slowly. Very slowly I lend down my head ‘till I was just above the tit I just felt. It was so lovely. I kissed it. I could hear from her moans that Amelia liked it. A lot. She stroke my hair with her long strong lovely fingers. I kissed her tit again, this time licking it a little. My pussy was on fire. I moved her tit a bit up and then kissed her nipple. I did it again. And again. I could fell myself getting wetter and wetter.
“I want you, Jane,” she said. “I want you so much.”
I began to suck her, now stone hard, nipple. I played with it with my tongue while my lusty hands began to search for the button of her jeans. Amelias hands wasn’t lazy neither. The quickly found my skirt and pulled it down to my knees. At last I found the button and undid it and the zipper.
“Jane, wait. Lets undress.”

I would have loved to see her naked. But I was to busy sucking her nipple to answer. She waited a second and the forced my head away. Her brown eyes ware filled with excitement.
I quickly tore of the skirt and the t-shirt. Amelia meanwhile had a bit more problems. It was hard to get the tight jeans of when she couldn’t stand up. I giggled an she smiled at me and said: “You cant do it neither, so shot up!”
Even when we ware in the middle of sex we could talk like always. We ware still more friends then lovers.
At last she got ‘em of and lied down beside me.
“What do you wanna do?” she asked.
“I don’t know,” I answered honestly. Amelia was usually the one to decide. One the other hand that wasn’t usual. After some time I said slowly and carefully not to insult her: “I… could… I could lick you… if you want to.”
She smiled. Maybe ‘course she didn’t had to decide. Maybe ‘course that was the whole idea of that night.
She spread her tights and held her legs apart with her hands. I smiled and crawled down so I lay with my head above her crutch. I was nearly like looking down onto raw meat. But while I had those disgusting toughs I got more and more turned on. At last I got my courage to poke her on the lips. She giggled and said: “Stop that. It tickles.”
I giggled too. She gave me the courage to take a step further; I put my index finger into her. She moaned and slowly I lowered my head and as I came closer and closer. I found her clit (I saw it on that porn page and then found it on myself to train for the night) with my eyes and when my head reached down it put out the tip of my tongue and began to lick it. First just one slow stroke. She moaned loudly and I kept going. First slowly. Then faster and faster. She let go of her legs and hold on to my head instead in excitement while she moaned like a mad girl while she began to twist as the pleasure increased. She forced my head down so I nearly couldn’t breath but it didn’t matter. I brought pleasure to the on girl I would ever love. Yes. I loved her. I just found out there as I licked her clit. I loved her. Like no one else. She began to moan even louder. And she twisted like she was in horrible pain.
“FUCK ME JANE! LICK ME!” she kept screaming in a such low voice so no one would hear her.
And god shall know I fucked her. I licked her and fingered her with the index and middle finger of my right hand while I played with her as using my left hand.
“FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK…” Suddenly a loud scream of pleasure broke her of and instantly I knew why. A wave of creamlike transparent juice came out of her like a tsunami. It splashed all over my fingers (I had (sadly) removed my hand in surprise) and the sheets while Amelia scream died out and was replaced by a slow exhausted breath. I began to lick up the juice. Wonderful. But in the middle of my “cleaning up” pleasure, Amelia took a hard graph in my head and dragged me up so I could look into her eyes.
“Do it again,” she ordered.
I wanted to get licked myself too. But there was something frightening about her voice.
“Do it again, bitch, or I’ll kill you. I want more.”
I tough she had gone mad. She had never spoken to me like that. And she seamed angry as never before.
“Don’t make the pleasure end,” she said in a very clod voice that made me decide immediately.
“O- of course not. I will do it again if you want too.”
If I tough it was strange what she had just said to me, I found the upcoming even more weird: She graphed my head again, forced me down to her head and kissed me hard and lovingly.
She held on to me in a minute or more. Most likely more. When she at last released me my mind ware convinced that such a kiss was worth enough to pay for thousands of licks.
But that wasn’t how it should be ‘course when she let go of me she said with a voice that was honestly sorry: “I’m sorry dear. I’m so selfish. Let me do you now.”
“It… its ok. I would like to do you again.”
“Oh rubbish. Your count is probably as much on fire as mine. Maybe even more.”
It was first then I noticed that my pussy was hot like hell. It burned to get relief.
“Now get on your back.” She had crawled down to the placed ware I had done her just before. I could even fell her, now cold, cum on the sheets. I obeyed her and got on my back.
“And open up,” she said and spread my legs.
I blushed. I don’t know why I didn’t blush already but I do know that when Amelia poked my count with a single finger (it did indeed tickle) I blushed even more.
“Please.” My pussy was burning. “Make me come.”
She looked up upon me with a smile on her grin on her face. “No need to ask hun‘.” Then she put her head down again. And this time all the way down to the one spot it was al about: My clit.
I moaned. It felt good. She played with it. Maybe with at finger. Maybe even with her nose.
Then came the thing I had waited for: She began to lick me. She speeded up faster then I had done. Or at least I think it was faster. I moaned and I could fell tears running down my cheeks. Tears of pleasure was the only explanation. I quickly became to much for me. I began to twist and hold onto everything I could get my hands on witch in this case was a loose plank and a beer bottle. I could fell the orgasm come closer and closer while I bite my teeth hard together not to scream.
It was so close that I could count the number of licks left for Amelia to take before I would come. 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... I screamed out loud as the tide wave I had seen come from Amelia’s count came splashing out of myself.
I could hear my scream fade out like if it was a song in a movie but I couldn’t help it. I let go of the bottle and the plank. First then I noticed that my back was bending and my belly way above my head. If relaxed and fell down onto the floor. Amelia giggled. I looked up at her. She was grinning from ear to ear and had some of my cum on her cheek.
“Sorry about the mess,” I said, still panting.
“This time there wasn’t no mess. I licked it all up as it came.”
I smiled, happier then ever.
“Come here and lie with me.”
She lie down beside me on her side, looking at me.
I also rolled op on the side and looked into her eyes.
“I love you Amy.”
Suddenly her face turned all dark, like I had just broken the mood.
“Jane…” she answered, “I’ve got a boyfriend.”
My world broke down around me. A boyfriend? But how? And why?
“But how? And why?” I repeated. Loud this time.
“Well… When I first asked you… It was to find out if you ware a lesbian… I’ve always bin in love with you. But when you refused I turned to the other offer I had. The one that pushed me to ask you. A boy named Bobby. He had asked me. But I was in still in love with you. So I had to check if I had a chance with you. Since you said no to me… I said yes to him. Well… that’s pretty much that.”
I stared at her for a minute or more.
“But why?” I asked “Why did you accept it when I asked you again.”
“I… still wanted to be with you.”
I placed an arm on her silk soft belly to calm myself.
“It would be cruel to dump him ‘course of me. I did refuse in the first place anyway. But wouldn’t he accept us? There’s a lot of boys that likes… girls like us,” I wondered loudly.
“Not this boy… he’s a catholic. A real one. He hates… people like us,” she said with a sad voice and tears running down her cheeks.
I had never seen her cry. I kissed the tears away from her cheeks and then said: “Couldn’t we just meet in secret? Like this?”
She brightened up. “Of course! But don’t you think they’ll figure out?
I gave her a grin. “Why should they. We’ve always bin to getter. They’ll just think the tree house is our new secret hideout where we do girl stuff.”
“Witch is, after all, the truth,” she smiled back.
We laughed a lot. And afterwards we had sex.

We had sex from time too time from that on. Bobby didn’t notice. Neither did Amelia nor my parents (who neither really like lesbians. Means my parent. Not Amelia. They didn’t really care). Amelia had sex with Bobby once. She said that it wasn’t anything to speak about. “Not very good. You’re so much better,” as she said. She also said that bed gymnastics was the only sport where I could be a real master. It mend very much to me when it came from her mouth.

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