Good Neighbor 5

Good Neighbor 5

I hope you have read parts 1 through 4, to have a better idea of what is going on.

Luke, Maureen, Jessie and Mike exchange gifts early Christmas morning, and offered us themselves as a bonus gift. One, I would say, left Mike speechless for a bit.

Mike and I exchanged gifts as well, and then we watched as the girls decided they had to try out the dildo. They sat across from one another and started kissing. As they did, I sat back and watched. Mike was sitting up and taking in the sight of these two beauties getting hot.

They each worked the toy inside them and started rocking back and forth, kissing the whole time. It wasn’t long before they both started cumming. Mike shook his head in disbelief, “Holy Fuck. That is so Hot.”

I agreed with him and told him to sit back, because I doubt that they are done. I was right. The girls then took the toy out and started to 69, right there on the floor.

Mo was on top, and her ass was pointed right at us. I looked over at Mike and saw his cock was quite hard now. Mine was growing too. Mike is definitely blessed when it comes to dick.

The girls kept going at it. Moaning a great deal, and I know Mo had came once, since they got in that position. I got up and walked towards them and motioned Mike over. He hesitated at first, then came and joined me.

I whispered to Mike, “Go on, take Mo from behind. She’s been wanting you since you walked into this house.” He looked at me, “Really? No Shit?”

“No Shit buddy. It’s just sex between best friends. Enjoy”

He knelt behind Mo and rubbed his cock on her slit. I could hear Jessie tell him, “That’s it Babe, fill her pussy with that gorgeous meat. Fuck her good, like it is me”

His cock slipped inside her, and all we heard was, “Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

“About time you filled my hole” “We share everything around here mister, so enough of this walking on eggshells. Fuck Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”

Mike did as he was told and started fucking her hard. Jessie slipped out from underneath them and came and stood by me. Her hand was on my cock in no time, stroking it to their rhythm.

Jessie then walked over to Mike, bent down a little and started kissing him. “Fuck baby, doesn’t her pussy feel great? God you look so sexy and hot, fucking her”

Mike smiled and said, “Why aren’t you and Luke fucking then?”

Jessie needed no more comments and got on her knees too, touching Mo and facing Mike. I got behind her and entered her for the first time in ages.

As I did, I leaned over and kissed Mo. “Very Merry Christmas Guys”, Mo said.

Jessie moaned out’ “Very Merry Fucking Christmas. Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk”

Later that morning, after our little fuck fest, I saw Mike alone, in the kitchen. “So, any ill feelings about this morning?”

He chuckled, “No. Not Really. I wasn’t sure at first, until you said go ahead, and then later, when Jess and I went back upstairs and she damn near raped me. Then we talked and found out exactly how she felt about this.”

“Just so you know, she loves you two a great deal and has been dying for this to happen since I came back. At first, I really wasn’t sure how I was going to react. But then watching her face when you were in her, and the complete joy she was having, really turned me on. Add that with the woman I was in, and Wow.”

“Mo has that way about her, that’s for sure. Trust me, when we first hooked up, I thought for sure she would have dumped me for a younger guy. But the more time we spent together, the more we couldn’t stand being without one another. I even now take those testosterone pills, you can get at GNC. Trust me, they work too.”

“But, we have always been upfront about sex. I would never deny her pleasure. Not from me, or anyone she would like to have it with. As long as she comes home to me, and loves me. She was upfront about Jessie, right from the beginning, and who I am to deny her that pleasure, and I hope you won’t either. They are so close and I know love one another. So we share.”

Mike smiled, “Yeah. I could see that when they kissed. But watching them together, was one of the hottest things I ever saw. Oh yeah, so you know. Jess wants me to get my dick pierced now. She said she is getting her lips done. I have to admit, that felt so cool.”

I laughed and said, “Hey, It is not that bad. The 3 weeks without sex sucks, but now that we can again, well shit, I have to admit, it has heightened, not only Mo’s orgasms, but mine too. I never thought in a million years I’d do anything like this”

“Also, if you two ever want to play again, we are always up for it, no pun intended.”

Mike laughed and said, “That’s cool, but I’ll let Jessie take control of that. If she wants too, then I am game, but for now, only with you two.”

“Well, I can understand that. But if you ever want to experience a great time, try doing a 3some with those two. They will wear your ass our Jarhead.” Mike laughed and said he had better get going, they were going visiting in a bit, as we were too.

As Mo and drove her new car down to her parents house, I told her about the conversation with Mike. Mo was relieved that Mike was ok with all of this.

She was quite happy. “Great. Just know Baby, you are the only man I am in love with and that will never change. You get the whole package, where the others only get what I give them, which is sex, and sex only.”

I smiled at her and said, “Same with me Babydoll, same with me.”

Jackie and John, and the kids were already there and waiting on us. I already had this feeling that we were going to be inundated with questions and then oohing and awing. John and Bob congratulated me and then wanted to check out the SUV. Typical guys.

Jackie gave me a long hug, pressing her boobs into me tightly. Jackie is a looker, that’s for sure. Same height as Mo, but weighs about 120 lbs, and has black hair, to Mo’s red. Jackie is a runner and into kick boxing too, and her breasts are smaller than Mo’s, but far from flat..

She whispered in my ear, “Take care of my baby sister you, or you will answer to me. Give her everything she wants and needs, and you will be a happy man.”

Of course at dinner, it focused on when are we going to set a date, and we both said later in the coming year. But haven't really talked about that yet.Mo did ask Jackie to stand for her, as Matron of Honor.

I thought she would have Jess for that, but this made sense. I could tell that this was going to be a big wedding. Yikes. I’ll just stand back and let it happen. My ex and I did it in front of a judge.

It was now going on 7pm and we decided to hit the road. Mo had texted with Sarah earlier, and made plans to stop over there this evening. Just to exchange gifts is all. I guess they were at both of their parents today, so I figure they would be tired too.

On the way over, Mo told me that Jess and Mike were going away for a few days, down to North Carolina, near his old base, to visit with friends, over the New Year time. I said great. Let’s see if these two want to join us at our house this time, especially if they can get the hot tub done before then.

It was good timing because Brad and Sarah were just unlocking their door, to go inside when we pulled in. They waited for us to go inside. Once inside, we went into their living room and Brad turned on the lights.

Sara was beaming and grabbed Mo’s hand and looked at the ring and shrieked, like girls do. Brad congratulated me and Sarah and Mo kissed, then Sarah kissed me, a little passionately too. Mo did the same to Brad as well. I had to admit, once her tongue entered my mouth, I had thoughts of stripping her and fucking her right on the floor, but thankfully, she broke the kiss and said, “Let’s get some wine and toast the newly engaged couple.”

We did a toast and then opened gifts. A case of wine from us and a $100 gift card to their favorite restaurant. They got us a gift basket with wine and cheese and meats in it and a restaurant gift card too. Nothing fancy, but thoughtful, as you would with any friends.

Sarah asked then, “Any date set yet?” We both answered no at the same time, then laughed. Then Mo said to them, “But, when we do, you will be one of the first to know, and we would like you two to be in the party.”

Sarah’s mouth was agaped. “Really? But I am sure you probably have closer friends than us.”

“No. We really want you two in it. I think that in this short time, you know when you have good friends that you respect and even love, and you two are it, especially in what we have shared with you two”

Once again the kissing started, and Brad said it would be an honor for them. I should say here, both girls were in very tasteful dresses, not like the ones they wore in our first meeting. I knew Mo had on a black thong too. She only wears thongs, or nothing at all.

So Mo told her that her sister would be the matron of honor and her husband, John, would serve as best man. Jessie and Mike were also in the party too, but that is it.

Sarah said that this would be the first time she was ever in a wedding party, same for Brad too. So we were really glad we asked them to be a part of this. Then talk centered around the honeymoon now. We both said we don’t have a clue.

Sarah spoke, “Well, please take one. We never did go on one. We just didn’t have the money back then, but regret we never did now. Even if it is for a few days in some motel on the other side of Pittsburgh”

We all laughed and I asked them, “You guys doing anything New Year’s eve? If not, then come join me and Mo, at our house, and we’ll ring in the new year together.”

Brad nodded and then Sarah said, “Great, we’ll be there for sure. Who else is coming?”

“Just us 4.” Mo said. “Bring some clothes too, so you can spend the night with us too. Jess and Mike are going to be out of town, so we have the whole place to ourselves”, and winked at them.

“MMMMMMMMM. Brad, I do believe our lovely friends here want to ring in the new year the right way. Do you guys have an extra bed for us?”

I piped in, “Nah. You’ll find our bed quite accommodating for you two, if you so desire.”

“Oh La La. I find that very accommodating Lucas. How about you honey?” Brad just smiled and agreed with her.

“Speaking of pussy and cock, let me see how you two are healing. I take it you two have resumed your sexapades?”

Mo giggled and said, “Oh Yeah. The other night. Wow, is it fantastic. I can’t get enough of him now, and I know he loves my studs too. It seems like he cums more than he ever did and I cum really quick now too.”

“Great thing about the piercings, they do heighten the sexual experience a great deal.”

Sara then pushed Mo back and spread her legs, then took her phone out and turned on the flashlight app. She examined her pussy closely and told her she healed nicely and then kissed and licked her.

“Now whip that cock out so I can check you out.” I did and she looked all around and said it was looking good too. Then kissed the head, and slowly sucked me in. Fuck, I love her lips on me. I was only half hard and she let it pop out of her mouth..

Mo stood up then and said that we better get going. Some of us have to work tomorrow. I didn’t. I saved time up so I could be off this week. They then asked what they could bring on NY Eve.

“Nothing, except that sweet pussy and his gorgeous cock. We’ll do dinner around 8, then we’ll show you our surprise.” Mo said.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh, I like surprises. Hopefully, it involves being naked. We’ll bring some smoke for sure though.” Sarah replied.

“As is the custom here, generally. Clothes come off, once inside the door, so being naked will definitely happen” Mo said.

We kissed and then left the house and headed home. As we drove, Mo said, “I really adore those two Honey.” “Me too Sweetie. I can tell Sarah just loves being friends with us, so does Brad.”

Mo giggled, “Let’s get home. Sarah got me horny, so your future wife needs some lovin, Big Time.”


Two days later, the hot tub was delivered and set up. We had to take the hand rail down for the basement steps, so they could get it down into the basement. It took almost 6 hours for them to get it together and set up.

They told me I would have to get a vent put in, or the humidity would be quite high down in that room. They also said we could use it the next day, after the water got warmed up.

Mike helped me later that evening snake a vent line over to where the washer and dryer was located, and vent out with the dryer. Maureen was so excited, when she got home and the tub was in. She was bummed when I told her we couldn’t use that evening.

The next night, the four of us decided to try it out. We didn’t swap or anything, but we did play with our respective partners. We had both girls up on the ledge and ate them then fucked them good. One thing we noticed. Don’t fuck like wild teenagers, or you’ll get water sloshing all over the floor. Thank god it was now a cement floor that would drain out to a floor drain, outside the door.

As we sat and relaxed then, Jessie told us that Mike and her were looking to buy a house. Not that they didn’t like living there, but felt they needed their own place.

We agreed with them and I told them if they needed any help, just ask and I would see what I could do. Mike had landed a pretty good job as head of security, with a company that did work for the Defense Department.

The next night, Jessie came home and saw Mo, and handed her a pill bottle and told her to enjoy. I looked quizzically at her. She came over and showed me what was in the bottle. Inside, 2 rocks of coke. Shit. That’s a lot of money right there.

“I know. But I just would like to make tomorrow night special for us. We are not using both up though. The other for some other time for you and me. I don’t want to make this a habit.” She said.

“I don’t want us getting hooked either. Once in a blue moon is fine, but that’s it baby. We are starting a great life together.”

Lying in bed later, Mo surprised me when she asked, “You know, when we go on our honeymoon, why don’t we ask Brad and Sarah to join us. We’ll get separate rooms and all, but I bet it would be fun for us all, and they never had one.”

“If you really want too, then I am all for it. We just got to pick something cool to go too. Maybe a cruise, or something like that.”

“MMMMMMMMM. I like how you think Sweetheart.”

Mike and Jessie left the next morning. Mike figured it was 8 hours to get there, depending on traffic. Mo had to work until noon, but then was off until the following Monday.

While she worked, I went to the store and bought our dinner. A prime rib roast. Everything else we already had at home. A good meal would help satisfy our need for whatever we planned on doing that night. The only thing I wanted to do is be inside Mo when the clock struck midnight.

Brad and Sarah showed up around 7:30. They brought a pie with them, along with beer and wine. And true to our word, we all got naked as soon as they came inside. Anymore, seeing them naked was no big deal, and we were all comfortable being like this. Of course, I donned an apron as I got the roast ready.

Dinner was a success. We all had a great time, just shooting the shit, and Sarah regaling some of the stories from the sex shop, and some of the pervs that come in there. She had us in stitches a few times.

“How often do you get hit on, by a customer?” I asked. “Daily. But I just sneer at them and ignore most of it.”

“Glad we didn’t hit on you then. I like the smiling Sarah.” I said. “Had you hit on me, then I guarantee we would not be sitting here with you two. So I am, and so is Brad, really glad you did not do that.”

Sarah raised her glass. “I am speaking for both of us when I tell you, that we cherish your friendship more than you will ever know, and that we honestly love you guys. It may have started out as sex friends, but I can honestly say for the both of us, it has transcended into something more, that is meaningful, and loving.”

I could see a tear in Mo’s eye and she spoke. “I can tell you too, that we do cherish and love you guys too. It’s definitely grown to be more than just sex between us too, and we are so lucky to have you as friends and lovers. I can’t think of a better way to spend New Year's Eve with than with two of our best friends.”

We all clinked glasses and drank. Sarah then suggested we clean up from dinner. It only took the four of us about 15 minutes to wash everything and get it put away. We then gave them a tour of the house, except downstairs, we were saving that for later. We showed them what we got for xmas, and Sarah’s eyes lit up when she saw the double ended dildo, that Mo snaked out from way back under the tree.

“Hey. I think I sold that a couple of weeks ago to this woman. Blond, tall, really pretty too. She was checking me out too.”

Mo laughed and said that was Jessie. And yeah, she was checking you out too. Mo told her that jessie would be coming to see her soon, to get her studs put in her lips as well. Mo was paying for it. Her gift to Jessie.

“I’m not charging her or you to do that. What are friends for.” Sarah exclaimed.

It was now going on 10pm, and I suggested we go downstairs to the rec room, and play some pool. But before we went, Mo suggested going into our bedroom first. Sarah was already grabbing her purse and pulled out her weed.

They came into the room and Sarah goes, “Nice bed guys. 4 of us will fit nicely on this mammoth.” Then Mo directed their attention to the one nightstand, where she had 4 lines set up with a straw.

“Not sure if you guys wanted to partake or not, but I took a chance that you might.”

Sarah looked at Brad and he said, “Sure. We’re not going anywhere tonight. God it’s been ages for us.”

Sarah and Brad did a line each, as did Mo and then me. Damn that shit does burn. Sarah giggled and said, “Hope you guys can keep up tonight. This stuff makes me super horny all night, and well into the morning.”

Mo giggled and said, “I know what you mean. I get super charged up on this. So Brad, you better be ready later to fill this hole and fuck it hard Baby. I am going to make that gorgeous dick of yours very sore.”

I just shook my head, then said, “One rule tonight. Just before midnight, we are inside our own spouse. I want to bring in the new year with my lovely, soon to be, wife.”

They all agreed and we left to the basement. I made sure to bring the wine and beer, with Brad’s help, while the girls grabbed some glasses.

They really liked the rec room, with its pool table, flat screen, and couches. Sarah lit up a joint then and passed it around. In for a penny, in for a pound tonight.

We shot pool for a bit. Girls against guys. Mo is actually pretty good, and so is Sarah. They cheat too. As we would shoot, they would start making out, or rub their tits on us, as we lined up a shot. One time, Sarah played with my cock, which made me scratch on the shot.

It was about quarter till 11 when I said, let’s go show you our surprise. We walked them over to our new playroom, and opened the door. Sarah let out a high shrill and said. “Fucking Awesome”. Mo went on to tell them about it being a christmas gift, and got lucky to have it installed this week.

The girls climb the set of stairs I made to get in. Then Brad and I joined them. It felt great too. Mo was sitting next to Brad, and Sarah and me across from them. Mo was starting to stroke Brad, and Sarah was doing it to me.Sarah leaned into me and kissed my cheek and said, “Fuck. I can’t wait to get this cock in my hot cunt tonight.”

Mo then said. “Brad and Sarah, We would like to know if you would accompany us on our honeymoon? We think it would be fun to be with two very special people in our lives. Please say that you will.”

“Oh god Maureen. That will be yours and Luke special time. We wouldn’t want to interfere with that.”

“Bullshit. You would not be. Hells Bells. Luke and I will make love regardless, so you won’t be interfering with us. We love you guys and we want you with us, so we can all enjoy honeymoon’s together, since you two never had one.”

Brad spoke up then, “Where shall we go?” I then said, “We were thinking of a cruise. So let’s plan on it for around September or October.

It might drive some folks a little crazy, trying to figure out, who is with whom, when we go dancing and dinners.”

Maureen then said, “Enough talk, let’s party. You two, since you are our guest, sit up here and let us now make you feel even better.”

Brad and Sarah sat up on the edge, like they made us the first time with them. Mo kissed Sarah passionately, then dove right into her pussy and started eating her. Brad was kissing Sarah, so I grabbed his hard cock and started stroking it, then leaned down and took it in my mouth. As I sucked on his cock, Mo was eating the hell out of Sarah.

“Oh Yeah Mo, suck that pussy. Make me cum Baby, make me cummmmmmmmmmmm. Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk”

After a few minutes, Mo and I switched places. She was now devouring Brad’s throbbing cock, and I went to work on Sarah’s pussy.

“Oh god Mo, suck that cock Baby. You suck so good.” Brad moaned out. Sarah was moaning louder now, which each lick of my tongue. I spread her lips wide now and stuck mine tongue in deep, and placed a finger in her ass.

“Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk. That’s it. Right there. Tongue fuck my cunt.”

God, how I wish we were on a bed right now, so I could just slam my cock into her hot pussy and fuck her hard.

I could hear Mo sucking Brad’s cock hard now, and taking most of it as she went up and down on his long member. Mo is a great cocksucker and really loves doing it. Brad was moaning with pleasure too. I could feel Sarah starting to get goosebumps on her skin and her body tightening up on me, so I clamped down on her clit and started sucking it.

“You Fuckerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Fuck Fuck Fuck, Cummmmmmmmminggggggggggggggggg” she yelled out and started cumming hard. I was licking as fast as I could, to catch every drop of her sweet nectar. Sara’s is just a bit sweeter than Mo’s, when they cum, and I love women’s juices.

Sarah pushed my head away as she was coming down from her orgasm. “Let me rest lover.”, she said. Mo was slowing down on her blowjob to Brad. He and I are alike in that it is hard to blow a load when high like this. So Mo let it pop from her mouth, then kissed it all over. She then scooted up to kiss Brad passionately.

I was standing between Sarah’s legs now and we kissed too. Her tongue snaked feverishly into my mouth, and our tongues danced. I truly had to get inside one of these fine ladies soon.

“Damn. You two are amazing oral specialist. You guys can eat me anytime, anywhere, or anyhow that you want.” Sarah said.

I looked at my watch and saw that it was 20 minutes to midnight. I suggest we gather our goodies and head to the bedroom and watch the ball drop, and with any luck, cum too when it strikes 12. So we got out, dried ourselves, picked up all of our belongings and headed up stairs.

As we went from kitchen, to family room, I turned off the lights, just in case. We don’t need to have uninvited guest now.

When I got to the room, Brad and Sarah were just getting ready to make love. I saw Brad enter Sarah and I heard loud moans from both. Mo had already turned on the TV to one of the channels that show’s Time Square, but the volume was low. She also just had one of our night stand lights on.

I got on the bed and Mo smiled as she spread her legs for me. “Come Baby, make love to me and ring in the new year right.” We all started making love then.

My mouth was attached to Mo’s mouth and our tongues took turn exploring the others mouth. We heard the TV say a minute to go, so the girls wrapped their legs around us and we started pumping faster. All four of us were grunting and moaning.

Skin was now slapping from both couples as midnight approached. Mo’s legs were now like a vice grip around my waist and her pussy was gripping me harder now, so she was ready to cum, and my balls were rising and that tingling feeling was starting.

Then we heard happy new year’s and Mo started cumming. Sarah was next when she heard Mo let loose, and I started pumping inside Mo’s hot box. Brad was a few seconds after me, but it felt great shooting all this cum into Mo’s velvety soft pussy.

We four then just ly there, panting and holding our mates tight. Then I then kissed Mo and said happy new year and I love you Baby. She kissed me and said the same. Brad and Sarah were also exchanging kisses and sentiments.

Brad and I both kneeled back on our haunches, and the girls sat up. Mo and Sarah then kissed a long passionate kiss. Brad and I shook hands, but then he leaned over and kissed me right on the lips and told me happy new year.

That threw me a little, but what the hell, we’ve sucked each other’s dicks, so what’s in a kiss. Mo moved over and kissed Brad and Sarah kissed me. Both women kissed us hotly. They were far from through for the night. I got up and went to the bathroom, where I have one of those small refrigerators, like a dorm room would have, and got us all water.

Sarah giggled, then said, “This was absolutely the best new years I have ever attended. Shall we make this a tradition?” Mo was quick to say, “Oh yeah. What better way to spend it, than with your best friends, and being extremely intimate too.”

We all agreed that we should make this a tradition. Just us four. Alternating houses yearly, or maybe go away together and and still enjoy this. Mo got up and asked if we all felt up to another line. We all agreed that we did.

“Good. I really want to be a porn star now. I’ve been such a good girl tonight, now is the time to let loose.” Sarah chimed in, “I’m for being a slut now. At some point, I want to try DP with you guys. Luke, you will need to be in my pussy though, since you can’t take the stud out yet. We can’t do anal with those studs in you guys, they may rip something inside.”

Mo and Brad were now in a 69 position, eating each other. Sarah and I just watched for a minute before she pushed me down and swung her leg over my head and sat down on my face. Fuck. I thought. I love eating her cunt.

As Sarah sucked and licked my cock, I made sure I took real good care of her pussy, which was extremely wet and dripping with her cum and Brad’s. If I wasn’t tongue fucking her pussy, I was fucking her ass with my tongue. Anytime my tongue went in her ass, she would push down harder on my face and suck my dick like a vacuum.

After cumming twice in my mouth, Sarah got off of me, then repositioned herself to face me and lowered her pussy down over my cock. Once the head went in, she smiled down at me, then plunged down hard, until I was buried as deep as I could be.

“Fuck. I’ve have waited all day to feel this inside me. The stud makes it even nicer too. Fuck Me Luke, Fuck me good now.”

I had been lost in what Sarah and I had been doing, to notice that Mo was riding Brad too. Riding is Mo’s favorite way to do it, unless she wants it really hard, then she wants her legs over my arms or shoulders, and me banging her as hard as I can.

“That’s it Brad, fill me with this big cock. Suck my nipples harder. Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk” Mo was letting Brad know what she wanted.

As the girls fucked us, they would lean into each other and kiss, or suck each other tits. Very erotic sight to behold.

Mo broke her kiss and was smiling at me and said, “Damn Baby, you two are one sexy couple when you fuck together. Fuck that slut real good Baby”

Sarah giggled, “Oh he is girlfriend, and I love it.I want to fuck this cock all night now. I love the stud rubbing inside me. Ohhhhhhhhhhh. You two are super sexy together too. Fuck that bitch real good Baby.”

Brad chuckled and said, “I’m doing my best Sweetie. I have to admit, 3 studs rubbing my cock feels real good. We should video this one night, then watch it afterwards.”

We all started laughing at that, and then were asking questions on how those amature video’s are actually done.I mean you see close up’s of a couple fucking, but make it look like they are the only two there. If I was a camera man, I’d have to join in.

I looked over at the clock and saw we’d been fucking non stop now for almost 45 minutes. We had switched positions a few times, both girls cumming a few times as we fucked. This was a marathon session now, no doubt fueled by the snow.

I suggested to Sarah to get in the doggie position and she readily agreed, knowing she loved it this way. I teased her for a minute or so, Rubbing the head all over her pussy lips, then would sink only the head in, then pull back out.

“Damn it Luke, quit playing and Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Meeeeeeeeeeeeeee” she yelled.

I sunk in her then. “Umphhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk” she cried out. Then I started going slow and made sure I stopped and rubbed the head over her g-spot.

“Oh Yeahhhhhhhh. Right there lover. That’s the spot. Fuck Yeah” she moaned out.

I stayed there and did short strokes over her spot, and as I did, I leaned over her back, so I could play with her nipples and tits. As I pinched and pulled her nipples, she would let out a high squeaky shrill.

Brad had Mo on her back now. Her legs up and over his shoulders and all I could hear was her moans and their skin slapping together. Brad was fucking the hell out of her. At this rate, neither of these women were going to be letting us near them tomorrow.

Sarah was getting close again to orgasm, so I started pounding her hard from behind. Every time I thrust in, her ass came back to meet me.

“That’s it baby, Fuck Yeah, Right there, Fuckkkkkkk. Fuck Fuck Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you mother fuckerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.” Sarah yelled out

She knows I love when the girls talk dirty. Mo loves doing too, but right now, she is lost in the pounding she is getting. I could feel my balls tightening up, so I knew I was finally going to cum.

“Oh Luck. Ohhhhhhhhh Lukeeeeeeeeeee, I’m going to cum all over you” As she started to cum, I slammed her a few more times, and started cumming myself.

“Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Sarahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” is all I could get out.

Sarah’s head was now down on the pillow, buried deep in it as she came, and I was washing her insides with my juices. Her orgasm was very strong, and I think she squirted some. My cock and balls, and now thighs were just dripping with her juices.

I collapsed on her back, as her body flattened out onto the bed. Brad was fucking Mo really hard now. She was meeting his every thrust, with her own thrust of her hips. It was loud, the skin slapping together.

Brad yelled out, “Holy Shittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt” and was cumming deep inside my woman.

Mo started cumming then too, “Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk” as her arms went around Brad’s neck then and held on for dear life.

Sarah and I rolled to our sides, with me behind her, watching these two engrossed in their orgasmic bliss. After a few minutes of rest, I got up and got us all some water again. Sex has a tendency to make you thirsty, and no one wanted wine. I also brought a bottle of tylenol with me as well, and told them all to take two and they would thank me in the morning.

The girls then faced each other, and I got behind Mo, and Brad behind Sarah and we just spooned with them. It was an exciting New Year’s Eve, but we were all spent now and wanted to sleep. The girls kissed and said happy new year’s to each other and then us guys.

The next morning, we all got up close to 11am. All a bit tired too from the previous night’s activities. I got the coffee going and asked if anyone wanted breakfast, but all I received was grunts and groans.

After sitting for almost a good half an hour, Mo suggested I get my laptop and let’s check out cruises. So we did. So many to choose from. One we all said we should stay away from was the Disney, and then another line that catered to the older crowd.

We finally settled on this one cruise line, that looked like a 7 day party. They were to stop at 4 port’s of call, on the western Caribbean. We decided on this line and checked the dates of when we could go. The first two weeks of October looked real good, since they had many rooms available. We all agreed that we would check out vacation times with work, and then Mo and I would check on a church.

A few days later, we confirmed a non denominational church that would marry us, the first weekend in October. So Mo and I signed on to the web site for the cruise and booked two rooms, that adjoined. Total cost, with airfare, was $3800 bucks, which I thought was a steal, but they had a special going. We called Sarah and Brad and told them about, and they were elated.


It was now the end of March, and Jess and Mike had found a house and just moved out the weekend before. So Mo and I were now alone in our house, and honestly, it felt nice. Jess, and then Mike, were never a problem and we all had a good time. We never did swing again with them, but spent many a night in the hot tub together, and Jess and Mo always made time for their little get togethers.

Also, Jackie, Mo’s sister, was coming over a lot too. She and Mo would discuss the wedding, and I would just stay out of that conversation. Usually, she would come over in the evening, if John was home from work early enough, and now lately, she was coming over on Saturday’s, and spending many hours with us.

Not that I am complaining, because Jackie is definitely a looker, and I do like when she wears those spandex yoga pants, and it hugs her legs and ass nicely, and shows off her camel toe quite a bit.

The weekend before, after Jackie left, I asked Mo what was up with her sister. She seemed pretty down and very quiet.

“Oh, you noticed. She and John are going through a rough patch. He is always working, and never has time for her. He comes home, eats, then goes to bed early, saying he is so tired. They haven’t had sex in almost 5 months.”

“Holy shit”, I said. “I know, right? Christ, I’d go crazy not having sex that long. Baby. Please promise me that won’t happen to us. Where your work comes first.”

I smiled at Mo, “No worries Honey. You will always come before anything. Maybe they need to get away for a weekend or so. Reignite their passion for each other.”

“I suggested that the other week and Jackie said she even said that to John, but he was totally ignoring what she wanted, or was saying. She even bought a new babydoll outfit, and he could have cared less.”

“Damn”, I said. “Is he turning gay? Your sister is a beautiful woman. Hell, if I was married to her, I’d be finding ways to get her naked and in the sack”

Mo laughed and said, “Shit Honey, you are always horny and I think I could bring home an ugly girl and you’d want to get in her pants, if I said it was ok.” and chuckled more.

“But, do me a favor. Next time she is over, make a fuss over her. I think she still needs to know she is desirable. You know, she has asked why we are never naked when she comes over. She knows we usually go naked all the time.”

I laughed. “Miss prim and proper would be ok with us being naked?” Mo smiled then said, “She isn’t as prim as you think she is. She has a wild side. But I think John has pretty much had her put that in the closet.”

She went on. “To be totally honest. When she was in college, and came home on weekends, we would play around some.We shared a bedroom and I could hear her masturbating a few times, and I was already active with Jessie. So I told her one night, that I would like to help her out. So we did go down on each other, and it continued for about a year, until she met John, then she just stopped.”

I grinned at her and said, “You naughty little girl. But I will do as you ask and try and make her feel better about herself, the next time she comes over.”

This Saturday, I was going over to Mike and Jessie’s, to help Mike with a few projects. I had showered and was doing a few chores around the house, before I left. It was almost 11am when I came back in and saw Jackie was already here. Her and Mo were drinking coffee and in a deep conversation when I came in.

“Hiya Jackie. How are you this fine morning beautiful lady?” I said. Jackie was wearing a yoga outfit. Pink in color and it accented her breasts nicely, and I could see she was not wearing a bra, and the pants hugged every inch of her. I thought to myself, “How could John not want to tap that all the time.”

Jackie grunted and said, “I am hardly beautiful, but thank you for the compliment. At least one man pays some attention to me.”

MO spoke up and said, “Sis, you are beautiful, and very sexy too.” I smiled and added, “Jackie, you are quite sexy, I really mean that. Hell, you could make a dead man cum.”

Jackie frowned then and said to us, “I’d be happy if a certain man would cum. Shit, just get it up would be nice.”

I changed subjects by asking what plans they had for today. Mo spoke and said that since John and the kids were visiting his sister in Harrisburg this weekend, Jackie and her were going to go shopping, then come home later and have dinner together. She wants her to stay the night, and hang out with us.

I told her that sounds like a plan. I told her I should be back around 6 or 7. Maybe we could order in for dinner, so you girls don’t have to rush and just enjoy the day and company.

I got back about 6:30 that evening. Mo said that she ordered pizza for us, which was fine by me. They had already killed off most of a new bottle of wine, so they were in good spirits. I went and took another shower, since I got pretty dirty and sweaty, working over at Mike’s. When I was done, I just donned my robe and nothing more. The pizza arrived while I was in the shower.

Jackie whistled when she saw me in just the robe. “Well, almost naked. But I’ll take whatever I can get”, then giggled. I would say this woman was definitely starving for any type of sex, even if it was just seeing a guy, or gal, naked.

After eating, Mo informed me that her and Jackie were going to go soak in the hot tub for a bit, and off they went to our bedroom to change. They came out a few minutes later, just wearing robes. As they headed for the basement, Mo turned back towards me and flashed me, showing her luscious naked body to be.

She came back towards me and kissed me and whispered, “Come down in about a half an hour and join us.” I nodded and watched as they disappeared around the corner.

I waited almost 40 minutes then went on downstairs, losing the robe before I descended the stairs. I figured, what the hell, if they are naked, I might as well be too. As I started down, I could smell that undeniable sweet smell of weed, so I knew the girls were not only tipsy, but high now too.

As I got near the open door, to our newest play room, I could hear Jackie moaning a great deal, “Oh Christ, that feels so good. Don’t stop Sis. Shittttttttttttttttt”

I watched for a few more minutes as Mo was licking Jackie’s twat, as Jackie was sitting up on the outer edge of the tub. Jackie was rubbing her one nipple, eyes closed, just lost in the moment. When she finally opened her eyes, she saw me and smiled at me. My cock was at it’s hardest now, as I eyed Mo’s sweet ass pointing directly at me, and her two holes begging for some attention.

As I got in the tub, I heard Jackie say, “Holyyyyy… Christ…….. Mo. You weren’t kidding when.. You…. Oh Fuckkkkkkkkk…. Said Luke….. Was hungggggggggggggg…. Fuckkkkkkkkkkkk” she squealed out.

I sat next to them as Mo continued to lick and suck her sisters pussy. Mo lifted her head a second and looked at me, “Bout time you got here. Damn Baby, she taste so gooddddddddddddddd”

I started playing with Mo’s one tit, that was closest to me, and tweaked her hard nipple. I noticed too, that she had the strap-on out, and sitting on the edge. She last used that a few weeks prior, when Sarah and Brad were here.

I changed position and now was kneeling on one of the seats, still playing with Mo’s nippple, but now I started rubbing Jackie’s tit and nipple, which got a loud moan from her. I then leaned in and took her nipple in my mouth and started suckin git. Her nipples are not as long as Mo’s, and her areolas are a lot darker than Mo’s, but her breasts look very good on her, and match her body.

As I continued to suck her nipple, Jackie's hand first went to the back of my head and push my head harder into her tit. Then she surprised me when she removed her hand and then I felt it grabbing my cock.

“Oh My God Sissssssssssssssss. He is so fucking big.You better never let him go.”

Mo giggled, “No way am I ever letting him go. And it’s not just his dick, the whole package is just amazing.”

Jackie was getting close to cumming and Mo stopped for a second. Jackie whined, “Oh shit. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.”

Mo looked at me and mouthed, “Kiss her, then come fuck me.” So being the good obedient man that I am, I passionately kissed Jackie. She was stunned at first, then moved her tongue into my mouth as we kissed wildly. I broke the kiss and moved behind Mo, lined my cock up with her gorgeous pussy and slipped in.

Mo groaned out, “Oh Fuckkkkkkkkk Baby” and Jackie’s eyes locked on us as I started to fuck Mo slowly.

“Oh Fuckkkkkkkkk. I am going to cum just watching you two. Damn, you two are sexy.” Jackie softly said.

As I kept fucking Mo. Mo was still eating her sister and Jackie couldn't handle anymore and started cumming. Her groans were loud and her knees came together against Mo’s head. As Mo ate Jackie’s cum, Mo started cumming too, as I could feel her pussy grab my cock hard, as it flooded with her juices.

I pulled out of Mo and she and Jackie sat there panting and taking deep breaths. Mo stood up then and grabbed her sister's hand and made her stand up. They embraced and kissed.

“Let’s dry off and go upstairs. We’re far from done Sis.”, Mo cooed out.

We all got out and I handed the girls some towels. They dried each other off, as I did the same to me. I was admiring Jackie’s body, as Mo slowly dried her off.

“Jackie. You are absolutely beautiful. I really mean that. You are so sexy to look at.”

“Thank you” she said. But I could tell something was on her mind. I smiled and said, “Look, what goes on here, is like Vegas, it stays here. You have our word on that. I knew what just went on was bothering her a little, but as I said this, her face relaxed, and her smile came back to her face.

Mo took her by the hand and led her to the rec room, where she lit another joint.We all shared this time and then Mo asked, “Are you enjoying this tonight?”

“Honestly?” we both nodded yes, “Yes I am. I know it is wrong to be having sex with you two, especially since it is my sister, but goddddddddd, it feels so good. I really miss doing this with Mo.”

Jackie stopped a second, then revealed, “When John and I were just a few years into marriage, we’d talk about fantasies. He asked me if I ever wanted to be with a woman. Of course I said yes. Then asked if I ever had and I did not lie and said yes, and whom it was with.”

“Oh Shit” Mo said. “Yeah. John got quiet for a minute and so I asked him if he ever wanted to do a threesome. He said yeah. So I asked him with who, as our partner, and he said you, Maureen.”

Mo giggled and said, “No fucking way. Really?” Jackie laughed and said, “Yeah. No shit. I was a little stunned at first, but he said it was a fantasy he knew would never happen. But that was way back when we fucked like rabbits too. And that night, after our revelations, we fucked like two hours and he came 3 times, to my many orgasms.”

I have to admit, that I have seen John on a few occasions, checking Mo out. I don’t mind, and I doubt Mo would ever mind either.

Mo giggled again and said, “Well hell, I should tease the hell out of him one day and see how he reacts. Maybe get him so worked up, he takes you to bed and damn near rapes your skinny ass.”

“Fuck. I’d take anything at this point in time. But I really got to ask. Do you guys really swing, and if so, how does it affect your relationship?”

Mo looked at me, as if to say, you take this one. “Yeah. We do swing I guess. But not with Mike and Jessie. That happened one time, and of course a few 3somes with Jessie. But we do play with one couple, Sarah and Brad, who you met not to long ago.”

“We do it for fun, and No, we do not get jealous. In fact, we both get turned on when we are with the other partner. I love watching Mo and Brad fuck, and I know she loves seeing me and Sarah fuck. And I say fuck, because that is what it is, fucking. Pure sex, for the fun of sex. But Mo and I always make love afterwards, no matter what.”

Jackie had a look of lust on her face. I could tell she was getting horny and probably thinking of John fucking Mo.

“It sounds so free and open. I guess if you are getting married, there isn't any jealousy between you two. Hell, I just want John to fuck me, make love to me, show me that I still matter to him.” Jackie said.

Mo looked at Jackie and asked, “How do you feel now? I mean, this has me very turned on and I would love to see you and Luke going at it. It really is turning me on. You and I could suck his cock together, then watch you two fuck. And while you fuck, you can eat me”

Mo rubbed her clit, then continued, “I’ll let you decide, no matter what you decide, I’ll still love you know matter what. But I am super horny right now, and I know you are too. So I am going to walk up those stairs, and into the bedroom. Come join me and enjoy each other the rest of the night”

Mo then kissed Jackie passionately, then kissed me and walked up the stairs. I stood and waited to see what Jackie would do. Mo may be got up 3 steps, and jackie was right on her heels. I followed behind, admiring her fine ass. Unlike Mo, Jackie’s ass was quite tight, and she did not shave totally either. She had a dark patch that was like a landing strip, that stopped just above her clit.

When I got to the bedroom, just the small night stand light was on, and the 2 girls were groping and kissing one another. Mo motioned me over to lay on the other side of Jackie. I went to my dresser and got out my trusty cream and applied it to my cock. Then Mo and I each took a nipple in our mouth and started sucking them. This drove Jackie wild.

After a bit, we both licked our way down Jackie’s belly, and to her mound. Mo and I kissed there and then Mo started licking her sister’s engorged clit. Now Jackie’s clit sticks way out, which I find sexy as hell. Mo’s does too, almost like a little dick.

I shifted and picked up Jackie's leg and placed it over my shoulder and chest, spread her cheeks some, so I could have access to her ass and pussy. I started licking her pussy lips, then down to her ass. When I heard her moan, I stayed right there and licked her ass.

“Oh Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk. It’s been sooooooooo long since someone ate my ass. Shit you guys are driving me crazy, Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk” she yelled out.

I kept on tongueing her ass as Mo sucked her clit. Then I saw Mo snake her finger into Jackie’s hot little hole. So I licked one of my fingers and slowly inserted into Jackie’s tight ass. We both started finger fucking her, which was driving her wild. I could feel Mo’s finger, through the thin membrane that separated the two tunnels of pleasure. A few moments later we heard,

“Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Yessssssssssssssssssssssss.. Cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmingggggggggggggg”

Both Mo and I took turns licking her cum from this hot slit. Then we kissed, sharing our bounty with each other. Jackie tasted almost as good as Maureen, at least to me she does.

We broke the kiss, as Jackie was coming down from her orgasmic bliss. Mo whispered to me, “Fuck Her good Baby”

I got up and moved Jackie, so her ass was near the edge of the bed and then Mo got up and swung a leg over Jackie’s head and brought her pussy down on Jackie’s face.She grabbed Mo’s ass and started sucking her pussy. I leaned down and ate Jackie again. Jackie moaned really loud into Mo’s quivering twat.

I stood then and rubbed the head of my cock, up and down Jackie’s slit, and then slowly inserted inside her. The head was just entering her, when Jackie pushed up on Mo, and had her move off. Jackie then looked at Mo, then me, then back to Mo.

“Fuck Sis, are you sure?” Jackie pleaded. Mo smiled down on her sister and said, “Hell Yeah. Enjoy that cock Sweetie. You can fuck him anytime you want it. I love you”

Jackie looked at me, and grinned, then said, “Please go slow Luke. It’s been ages since I have anything inside me, let alone a cock this size.”

I did as requested, and inched my way in. It took almost a minute before I was deeply embedded inside this Hot pussy. She was very tight, almost virgin tight. Mo was laying next to her, stroking her hair and face, then kissing her softly. As she did, Mo would talk to her.

“Doesn’t that hard cock feel great inside your tight pussy Sweetie? Wait until you feel those two balls sliding in and out as you fuck him. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM”

“Oh Fuck Sisssssssssssssssssssssssssss. God, this cock is amazing. Fuck Me Luke. Give it to me now”

I started slowly at first, and every thrust in was met by Jackie thrusting her hips, up and into me. Then I started varying my speed. Fucking her hard for a minute or so, then slowly. Jackie had already cum twice now, while fucking.

Now I took her legs and put them shoulders. I needed to cum as well. Mo looked at me and smiled, “Fuck her good Baby, fill her with your cream.”

I started banging her now, pretty sure her pussy could handle this. You could hear skin slapping together. Mo was sucking her sister’s nipples again and rubbing her clit, as we fucked,

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Fuck Yeah. Fuck Me Luke, Fuck me harder. Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk”

In no time, I could feel my balls tighten, and I was about to release my cum, deep inside Jackie. She beat me to it and was cumming. I could feel her pussy grabbing my cock tight, her legs also tightened around my neck then too.

:Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk Jackieeeeeeeeeeeeee” is all I could say. As I started filling her cunt with my juice. I was cumming hard, and shot many a rope deep inside her. I just stood there, even after pumping all my cum inside her.

“Oh My God Maureen. Oh My God. I have never been fucked this good in my life. That stud feels amazing. Fuckkkkkkkk” Jackie panted out.

As I withdrew from her hot pussy. Cum started leaking out of her. Mo was kissing her passionately now, as the two women embraced as two lovers. Then Mo had Jackie scoot up on the bed, so she was sitting back against the headboard. Mo then got between her legs and started licking the cum out.

Even though I had just came, but dick was still pretty hard, and the sight of Mo’s ass and pussy made me want to fuck her. So I climbed on the bed, behind Mo, and guided my cock inside her soaking wet pussy.

“Uhgggggggggg” is all I heard from Mo when I went inside her. She lifted her head and said, “Oh Yeah Baby, give mamma some of that cock. Fuck me Baby”

And fuck we did. I was watching Jackie’s face as I plowed into Mo’s tight pussy. I could hear Mo moan out, although it was muffled because her face was buried between her sister’s legs, and sucking the hell out of Jackie’s tasty pussy, which was full of mine and Jackie’s, cum.

Jackie had a huge irgasm as I continued to assault her sister’s pussy. Mo then lifted off of her pussy and pulled away from me, and fell to her back, spread her legs wide and told me, “Drill me Baby. Fuck me Harddddddddd”

I positioned her legs so they were in the crook of my elbow’s, and slid right back in. This was now raw sex. We both wanted it this way, and I was happy to oblige Mo. We could hear Jackie moaning, as she had two fingers buried in her twat, as we fucked right next to her.

All you could hear then was our skin slapping together loudly, as I thrusted into her. After a short bit, Mo was building up to her own orgasm, and let loose a cry, “Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”

As she came, I couldn’t hold back anymore, and was starting to cum as well. I pulled out after the first spurt and started shooting it all over her belly and tits. Jackie came too, when she witnessed this happening.

I was kneeling on my haunches, looking down at Mo. She was panting hard and having a hard time saying anything. About the only thing she said at first was, “Oh My God”

I leaned down now and started licking my cum from her belly. “Jackie looked on and said, “Oh shit, a man that eats his own cum. This is so Hot.” I looked at her, opened my mouth to show her the cum, then leaned over to her and kissed her, pushing the cum in her mouth.

After breaking from the kiss I said, “Now join me in cleaning her up and we’ll share it with Mo”

We did just that, and shared a 3 way kiss, making sure Mo got some of the cum too. Mo loves cum. When we finished, Jackie giggled and said, “My god, you two are a kinky as hell couple. I love this.”

After sitting there a few minutes, jackie got up and went to the bathroom, so it was just Mo and I. So I asked, “Well, do you think she enjoyed it?”

Mo giggled and said, “Based on all of her orgasms, I would say yes, and thank you Honey. I love you”

“I love you too Sweetie. Glad I could help. Now, I am going to sleep upstairs and let you two girls have this room. I think you need to talk about things and it may be easier, if I wasn’t here.”

“Oh Honey, you can stay, but you may be right. She may open up more without you here. Tell you what, after we talk, and if she feels ok with it, I’ll come get you. But if not, then I will see you in the morning.”

We kissed and said our I love you’s, and I padded off to the upstairs bedroom. It was a bit weird going to bed alone for the first time in quite awhile. But seeing it was almost 1am, and all the activity we just experienced, I was pretty tired and fell right to sleep.

I was awakened at 8:30 the next morning, by a pair of lips, sliding up and down my engorged dick. When I opened my eyes, I found it was Jackie. When she saw I was awake, she pulled off and said, “Good Morning Bro.”

Maureen was standing over by the door and giggled, “I thought you may enjoy a wake up call Sweetie. Why don't you two enjoy yourselves, while I go shower and then make us breakfast.”

I just nodded to her, enjoying Jackie hot mouth and her ministrations that she was performing on me. We then did the 69, so I could reciprocate what she was doing to me. Jackie does have a fine tasting pussy, and I think John is a total fool for not taking care of his wife in this manner.

After a few minutes, I tapped on Jackie’s hip to signal to her that we need to do something else. She pulled off of me, then straddled my waist, and impaled herself on my cock. Once she all the way on me, she smiled down and started talking.

“I have to tell you that I really enjoyed last night. You made me feel like a woman again. And this cock feels so good inside me. If I could, I’d fuck you all day.”

“Thank you also, for letting Mo and I have the alone time. I’ve never felt this close to her, as I do now. And if you are Ok with this, Mo said anytime I needed a sex fix, to just come see you two, or just you alone.”

I grinned up at her, but was kind of shocked that Mo would accept this arrangement. Something her and I would have to discuss later, but for now, I’ll just go with the flow, as they say.

“Jackie, it was a pure pleasure being with you both last night, as it is right now. You are an amazing lover, and I would enjoy being with you again.”

I then pulled her head down towards me and we started to kiss. Very hot, and passionate kissing. With her arms around my neck, and mine around hers, I flipped us over, so she was now on the bottom. Once we were in position, her legs wrapped around my waist, and we started to make slow love.

There was no more talking, just moaning and a few grunts, especially towards the end when we both came. Just before I came, she did tell me to cum deep inside her, which I was happy to do. When we finished, and moved down to her sex and ate our cum from her, then served her a breakfast appetizer of our combined juices. She later cooed, “Now that was a yummy breakfast”

As we ate, I suggested that Jackie come over one evening with John, and let’s see if we can all use the hot tub, and if we can break down his inhibitions about being naked. Jackie laughed and said, “Well, I don't know if he would, but it is worth a shot. I know for a fact, he has always had a little crush on my baby sister there, so maybe the chance to see her naked, just might do the trick”

MO chuckled and said, “You’re kidding about the crush part?” Jackie looked at her and said, “Oh yeah. For a long time now. I’ll bet if he could see you naked, in a setting like that, he would drop his shorts. In fact, if you two then started fooling around, I bet he may even fuck me, which is all I really want, is my husband to be my lover again.”

Jackie left shortly after breakfast, stating she had to go shopping and wanted to be home before they got back from John’s parents house, that afternoon. After she left, Mo put her arms around me and kissed me deeply. “God, I am so lucky to have a man who is so understanding.”

I looked at her and asked, “Did you really tell Jackie that anytime she need some sex, come see us, or just me alone too?”

“Yes I did, and I hope you are not upset with that. She is my sister and we share many things together, and if you are alright with it, I am, so bring her some pleasure too.”

“Well, I hope John pulls his head out of his ass, and figures out he has a gorgeous wife, and a real sex kitten. I would say she is just a notch below you in the bedroom Love, and is a very sexy lover.”

“I love you Luke so much. I hope John pulls his head out of his ass too.But remember, what went on here this weekend is between us 3, and no one else. But, I won’t lie, I’d love to experience it again with her.”

Part 6 coming

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The Chauffeur(#4)......Tina and Those Crazy Clients

The Chauffeur…. Tina and Those Crazy Clients Written by: PABLO DIABLO Copyright 2018 CHAPTER 1 As Tina and I left the office hand in hand, I smiled. I knew that I was in a much stronger position by taking care of Mr. & Mrs. Jaxson. They were wonderful people. At this point, I was recapping, in my head, what has happened to me since I joined the Happy, Happee Limo Company: • I’ve had sex with Sasha-my boss, Tina-her assistant, Paula-a colleague in the phone room, and Jill-the best driver in the company. • I received a $2000 tip from Mr...


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Daniel Wolf (reedited) Part 5

Daniel Wolf Chapter8 Part 5 All participants are over 18 years old Chapter 8 Part V This had been a long day, It had been all we could do not to drop everything and just fall on the floor and screw like the town dogs. But we had refrained since we didn't really want the city elders to die of embarrassment. But now as the door closed between them and us clothes began to fly. At first it seemed that the clothes that were flying belonged to Marlu. Daniel was almost frozen in time as he watched Marlu disrobe. As each...


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A Saturday Afternoon Interview In Manhattan.

A Saturday Afternoon Interview In Manhattan. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Sitting in the window of Southgate near Central Park looking over the greenery and rocks of the city sanctuary; Irene seemed relaxed, sipping her coffee and perusing the excellent menu whilst talking about the most outrageous behaviour. She was primly dressed in black and fur but showing a plunging neckline and fiercely high red heels. She had agreed to meet me when I contacted her about her latest undertaking, the purchase of land in upstate New York and up towards the Hamptons on Long Island. I really wished to inquire about her business rather...


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