An Honest Family - Alice's Adventure Part 1

An Honest Family - Alice's Adventure Part 1

Alice was playing a video game. She was in her bedroom, at her desk, and she was having a lovely time playing some video games. But that didn't last long. There was a slow, weak knock at the door and Alice said “come in”. Her mum slowly walked in to the room and said “Come to the living room, me and Dad have something important to talk to you about.” Alice paused her game and got up. She was wearing a plain white t-shirt, one size too small, and had a black bra underneath. She had a short red pleated skirt, and no panties. She preferred not to wear them when she didn't have to. It made her uncomfortable. She was 4'11'' (150cm), 14 years old, had black straight hair reaching down to just below her shoulders. Her tits were a 34a but her ass was a nice round plump one, not too big, but fitting her slim figure. When she arrived downstairs, she saw both her parents sitting on one sofa, and her brother, Jamie, sitting on the sofa opposite. Jamie was a year younger than Alice, but just as developed, even more so. He had wide shoulders, a short but frizzy hairstyle and usually had a confident stature. But most of his development was in his cock. It was 6.5'' and thick when hard. Unlike his sister, he had started to get a bush.

Alice's parents told her to sit down. Now that everyone was gathered, Mum started talking. Much like Alice had expected, it was the Sex talk. It spanned a variety of topics based on sex and safety. But the last topic intrigued the siblings. Their parents had mentioned masturbation. And while Alice had heard of it, she didn't know what it was, let alone her younger brother. Dad said this: “You may sometimes, when you see a boy or girl that you like, feel a tingle in your penis or vagina. This is normal. But something even more normal, and vital to a healthy sex life is masturbation.” Mum then continued; “Masturbating is when you play with your penis or vagina to reach orgasm.” Alice and Jamie had both heard of orgasms before. Even before they were explained earlier in the conversation. They had heard their parents having sex multiple times and heard them orgasm, so the searched Google, and soon the truth was revealed. Dad continued, saying “Boys will usually masturbate by putting their penis in their hand and moving the hand up and down the shaft. Girls will usually put fingers in their vagina and replicate the movement of a penis if it were there. They also sometimes play with the clitoris.” Mum then said: “Of course, don't limit yourself to just that, some girls play with their boobs, and both boys and girls can masturbate anally. Just be careful, and go slow.”

The parents then paused to give the kids some time to consider what has been said. Alice considered. Her parents had always been incredibly open with her, for everything, every question, their agenda obviously to make sure their kids always come to them with everything they need. And Alice was happy about it. Jamie on the other hand, found it a bit weird. He would have these conversations more with Alice than his parents; they had grown up together and were always very close.

Mum then continued the conversation, “Now, we need to talk about porn.” This was something Alice hadn't expected. She had seen porn before, shown to her by a friend, Mark, but it didn't really interest her, though she thought that was due to the genre of the porn, not porn itself. Dad started talking; “Porn is not a way to learn about sex. Having said that, it can be a tool to help you masturbate.” Mum then said, “Erotic fiction is another good tool for masturbation, or general sexual enjoyme-” Mum was cut off by Jamie, who said “You done now?” Dad responded “Yes. That was actually the last sentence we were going to say to you, Jamie.” Mum then ended the conversation with a swift “Bye, kids.”, and they all got up and went up the stairs to their rooms.

The next few minutes were exciting ones for Alice. She had almost instantly wanted to try out masturbation, and all this talk about sex had gotten her quite horny. So she started. She stood up and lifted her skirt, revealing her pussy and ass underneath it. She then sat back down on he edge of her chair, leaned back, and put her hand on her slit and rubbed over it. Instantly she felt a surge of pleasure. So she swiftly moved on. She took her middle finger, and slowly inserted it into her cunt. She moaned. And then there was a knock at the door. Alice asked who it was, and Jamie responded “Ali, it's me.” she then promptly told him to come in. He walked into the room and sat on Alice's bed; and Alice then sat straight on her chair, skirt still up, but she removed her finger from her slit. Jamie then said “Sis, i'm having a hard time trying to masturbate. I need something real to masturbate to. I tried porn just now, but it wasn't enough. I... Can I see you naked, Ali?” Alice considered for only a short moment before responding by getting up and removing her shirt, then next her bra, and last her skirt leaving her naked in front of her brother. And she didn't feel weird about it at all. It turned her on, more than it did anything else. But Alice had a condition. “Now, Jamie, you take off your clothes. It's only fair.” said Alice. Without hesitation, Jamie stood up and swiftly removed his clothes, leaving his hard cock out, waiting to be satisfied.

So, in due course, Jamie started to masturbate. He had sat back down on Alice's bed, and had his eyes fixed on her crotch. Alice had moved as well. She moved a bit further away from Jamie, so she stood about 2.5 metres away from him, and spread her legs to give him a better view. After about a quarter of a minute, Alice started to get bored. So, she decided to masturbate as well, something that had slipped her mind with all the commotion. She didn't even really get to begin last time, the minute she put her finger up her pussy, Jamie had interrupted her. And for the most part, she was thankful for that. She inserted her middle finger into her pussy again.

She started to move it slowly in and out, but not reaching past ¾ of her finger in her cunt, she was scared of going too far. After the third time she pushed in, she let out another involuntary moan. This spurred Jamie on, and he quickened his pace, putting his free hand on his balls, which seemed to give him pleasure. In fact, it looked to Alice like he had done this before.

Until now, their silence had not been noticed by either of them. But when Jamie did, he broke it up by saying “You mind turning round? That way I get a better look at... at your ass.” it was obvious that Jamie was slightly uncomfortable in this situation, but not enough to stop it, especially since he initiated it. Alice, on the other hand felt surprisingly comfortable , and was happy to oblige. She swiftly rotated around, and for Jamie's benefit, and for her enjoyment, she seemed to like being looked at, Alice bent forward about 45 degrees, leaned one hand on her desk, and used the other to masturbate.

She positioned herself closer to Jamie this time, to give him a view of both her ass, and her vagina. She could hear the increase in his pace at this moment, the reason for the onomatopoeia 'fap' quickly becoming apparent, and increased her own pace. Then she remembered something her Dad had told her. “Play with the clitoris”. She removed her middle finger from her pussy, and put it on her clit. She felt some pleasure the minute she touched it, but it was when she started to properly rub it that she really felt good. She moaned louder than she had before that day, and rapidly increased the pace of her masturbation, and with another massive moan, she orgasmed for the first time. Alice was quickly followed by her bother, who was tipped over the edge by seeing his sister finish.
Alice crashed onto her chair and leant her head back. She was breathing heavily, and barely noticed Jamie get up and leave, then promptly return 15 seconds later to retrieve his clothing. She sat on that chair for a good 2 minutes, recovering, and then moved it to her desk. She went on her computer, and opened Skype. The first thing she noticed was a message from her mum, sent 2 minutes ago. The message read “Have fun?”. Alice blushed, then giggled, and replied “Yes ”. her next agenda was talking to her friend, Kat. She needed to share this with someone, and her first thought was to talk to her best friend. She sent the message “hello”, and almost got an instant response saying “How'd it go?”.

Alice was confused. How did Kat already know what had happened? Alice replied “How did WHAT go?”, and Kat responded with “The sex talk, silly! Your mum came to me and told me she'd be talking about it with you, since my parents already had the sex talk with me she wanted to know some good topics to include. So, I'll ask again. How did it go?” Alice responded “Oh, you know, it was the standard boring stuff you learn in sex ed at school, except at the end, my parents started talking to me and J about masturbation.” the response was “Wow, really? Have you tried it yet?”. “Have you?” was Alice's almost immediate response. “Um, yeah. Yeah I have. Me and Mark had the sex talk at the same time, and afterwards we both masturbated, have been ever since. We could hear each other through the walls. It was a bit weird.”. Alice replied “Oh, that's not anywhere as weird as what happened after OUR sex talk.”. “Well tell me then!”, Kat almost immediately responded.

“OK then, here goes. So I got back upstairs, and wanted to try masturbating. So I pulled my skirt up, and put my hand over my vag. It felt good. I started to put my middle finger in my vag, and when I did, I moaned. Then J knocked at my door. I let him in and he sat down. And before you ask, no it wasn't weird that I was half naked in front of him. We're quite close. He then said that he couldn't masturbate, and wanted a real thing to masturbate to. Wanted to see me naked. So I pulled off my clothes and I told him if he wanted me to stay nude, he would have to get naked too. So we were both naked, he was sitting on my bed, and I was standing in front of him. Both of us were masturbating. I spread my legs a bit, and then I started to speed up. Then J asked me to turn around, so he could see my ass, and I did, but also bent forward a bit so he could still see my vag, at least a little. It was then that I remembered to rub my clit, and when I did I moaned really loud, and soon I orgasmed, then J did. He left and I sat in my chair for 2 mins. Then, I came on Skype and my mum sent me the message 'Have fun?'. I replied yes, then started talking to you.”

Kat's reply was this: “OH MY GOD! That's awesome! Your mum is so cool, and that thing with your brother, wow. But wait, are you still naked now?”. “Yes,” was Alice's response. It was only now that she realised this herself. “Can I see?”


Alice was a bit startled by the request from her friend. Nevertheless, she started a video call. Kat was staring intently at the loading icon, until the camera popped on and her best friend's face and tits were displayed on her screen. Alice smiled as she saw Kat's eyes transfixed by her boobs. “Wow,” was Kat's first word. She then continued to say “Can I have them?”. Alice was beaming. But she was also unclear about what her friend had just said. “Have them how?”. Kat blushed wildly. “I... I want to... suck them.”

“Kat, are you, Lesbian?” “No!” was Kat's response. Alice's face showed confusion, but then Kat continued with “I'm Bi.” “Oh. That makes sense. Well then, come over.” Kat now took on the role of being confused. “What?” “You said you wanted to suck my tits. You can't do that over Skype, can you?” Kat smiled, joyful, and said “See you soon!” Then she ran off, and Alice ended the call.
To Be Continued...

Part 2:

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