Boys and girls together (5)

Boys and girls together (5)

There I was sitting on Mr. B's lap in my tennis skirt and wide legged shorts. I had his right hand on my right thigh and his left hand across my chest with his fingers under my right armpit covering my chest too about the middle of my chest. His hands were huge. John had just left as per our plan. I hope the plan that John had worked out was going to work. As things on the TV screen popped up I would jump pull his arm against my chest, slid my hip forward toward his right hand and clench my butt, which in effect grabbed his cock. I felt his cock jump every time I squeezed it. His hand was almost at my shorts leg band. So I wiggled on his lap and slid forward a little more. His hand made contact with my shorts. Finally, I hope he took the hint. He started to massage my thigh and my chest whispering in my ear.

"Relax it's just a movie."

His index finger and middle finger trapped my nipple between them on the outside of my button down blouse and pinched and pulled it away from my chest. It hurt a little but excited me.
He let go of my nipple and moved his hand.

I said. "Please don't stop."

His hand went under my blouse and regained control of my nipple. I groaned. His right hand went up and cupped my pussy through my shorts. His pinky slipped under my shorts and touched my cunt. I thrust to meet his hand. He lifted me by my crotch to stand straddling his legs and unbuttoned and unzipped my tennis skirt and shorts. Because I was straddling his legs they stayed on my hip. He reached in back and pulled to past my ass cheeks. Then he buried his face between my cheeks. I felt his tongue slither into my asshole. I almost came with excitement. He backed off and made me put my knees together causing the skirt and shorts to slide to my knees. He lifted me with both hands on either side of my hips. I put my feet together and I was naked from the waist down. He guided me down so that I still straddled him with my rear to him. He started to lick and kiss my cheeks eventually spreading my cheeks and licking and kissing my asshole and pussy. I was like a rag doll in his hands. He turned me to face him and he covered my pubic bone with his mouth. I leaned into his mouth. His one hand unbuckled his pants and his cock came thrusting out from his zipper. He was almost as long as John was, but twice as thick. His balls were huge. He lay me down on the couch and removed my blouse. He guided my mouth to his cock and I engulfed it. I felt this man's power through his cock as soon as it entered my mouth. I came and shook all over. My reaction triggered him to cum in my mouth. I had difficulty swallowing all of his cum. But I tried really hard. He flipped me onto my back and started sucking at my nipples and ended at my pussy. Licking, sucking and just making me go out of my mind. When he got to my pussy he lifted my hip up and draped my legs over his shoulders. He stood and turned me so my front was against his front. As I looked down his cock was presented to my mouth so I covered it with my mouth and started to suck. His tongue was hitting the back of my cunt. I thought he was trying to reach my butt hole through my pussy with his tongue. He was great. I must have cum four times upside down. He then flipped me so my head was up and he settled me down on his cock. I felt it stretching my pussy lips then it slipped inside of me. I felt his pubic hair on my mound. He was all the way in me. He sat and made me bend my legs so I could lift off of his cock and do the work. This was fantastic. He kissed my lips. I loved it. He came inside of me and kept going. It didn't seem to effect his erection at all. After another minute he put me on all fours. He placed himself behind me as he pushed to enter my ass. It took about five minutes then he started to pound away at my ass. It hurt a little in the beginning, but the felt great. He came again in my butt.

Then he sat back and had me straddle his cock again, as he fondled me for a good hour.

"Did you ever consider getting a job at my pet store, kennel or horse farm?" He asked.

"I never thought about it. What would I do there?" I asked.

"You could tend to the male dogs or their owners." He said.

"Really!" I said excitedly. "What do the owners need?"

"Some of what you just gave me. The dogs too." He said.

"You mean do this with dogs and adults?" Interested, but unsure that I could do it?

"If you're nervous about it, I can give you a tryout first." I said.

"With dogs or adults?" I asked.

"Either or both. That's up to you." He said.

As long as he had his finger in my pussy, I would do anything he wanted. "Can I think about it?"

"Sure. Take as long as you like." He said increasing the speed of his fingering.

I would have blown a snake right then if he asked.
I started to cum again. He must have fingered me for two hours, before John called and said he'd be home soon. He told me we had about a half-hour before John came home. So he put my head over his cock and I began to suck it for him.

As I sucked his cock, someone came up behind me and held my hips as a cock slipped into my pussy. MR. B held my head so I could not see who it was. After a minute, I didn't care. He came in my pussy twice within four minutes. Then Mr. B came in my mouth. They turned me around and I was fed the cock of the second man. As I sucked I looked up and saw it was my father. I figured it was too late to worry and gave my dad a great blowjob. He came in my mouth and I swallowed it all.

"You won the bet Bob. Your family got to both of my girls before I got to yours. So I'll let Barbara know that John is hers to direct. I understand he has had both Jennie and Lacey."

"So when do I get Lacey?"

"Whenever you want. As often as you want, either of my girls including Barbara."

"I just offered Jennie a job at my business. She's not sure yet."

"Well let give her a try this weekend, see if she likes it. Ok, Jennie?"

Jennie just stood there. He father hugged her and felt her up. She started to react. "So Jennie you willing to try?"

"If you want me to dad?" Said Jennie. "Did John know about the bet?" Asked Jennie.

"No, only mom and I and Mr. and Mrs. Blaugh knew and we all agreed not to interfere.

John arrived at the park and all six of his friends were there. They followed John to Jennie's house and went up the stairs to Lacey's room. I opened the door and there on the bed was
Lacey with her hands strapped to the bedposts and her legs tied spread eagle. She was naked. I walked in and pulled on her nipples. She squealed in pain. I walked over and coated her lips with my pre-cum. She licked it off. I smiled at the other guys. I straddled her chest and fed her my cock. I massaged her tits as she sucked my cock. When I was hard. I straddled her face and fed her my balls. She licked my balls and I moved my asshole over her mouth and she rimmed me and thrust her tongue into my hole.

I kissed her tits and worked down to her cunt and lapped at her pussy for five minutes. I lifted her legs and placed them on my shoulders as I drove is cock home to the balls in her cunt.
She groaned and lifted into my cock. I pointed at Benny and told him to fill her mouth. Benny pulled his small cock out and fed it to Lacey. She took him balls and all into her mouth as I fucked her pussy. Benny came in her mouth and I pointed at Tony to fuck her mouth. Tony's cock was shorter then mine and about as thick. She started to suck him off as I came in her cunt.
I pulled out and entered her ass and started to fuck her.
Tony finished in her mouth then Peter took his place. John finished in her ass then told Benny to fuck her. He jumped in there and fucked her for a full minute and came. I pointed at her ass and Benny shook his head. No erection. Tony took up position at her cunt and started to fuck her. As soon as he entered her she came. He really pounded her for five minutes. She came four times on Tony's cock. Peter had come and was replaced by Frank, then Mike and last Jeff.

After Tony, it was a hard job to get their cocks in her cunt she was bouncing around like there was no tomorrow.

I went to the bathroom and was met by Mr. Courtney.

"Don't worry John. I just spoke to your father. It's ok. He'll explain when you get home."

Mr. Courtney then left the house.
By the time I got back everyone had his or her turns.
I indicted that if they wanted more to go ahead.
They all left except for me. I went in to the bedroom and whispered in her ear. "Do you want more?"

"Yes please."

I fed her my cock and she sucked it again.

"I asked her if she wanted to clean up first. If she did I would love to lick her cunt again."

"Oh, Yes. Please!" She said.

I released her and she went into the bathroom still in the blindfold. She came back after five minutes fresh as new, still blindfolded.

"Would you like to remove the blind fold?" I asked.

"Yes. Please." I removed it and kissed her as she saw my face. She kissed me like I was her lover. Pushed me back onto the bed and started to suck my cock. She turned and placed her cunt over my mouth and I started to eat her pussy. She came in shudders after a minute of my licking her. She rolled over as I turned to get into position to fuck her and felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned and it was dad. I allowed him to get between her legs and he started to fuck her. She looked up and was shocked to see my dad, but once he entered her pussy she wrapped her legs around him and fucked like a banshee. Minute's later Jennie and her dad came in. Jennie was told to sit on Lacey's face. So she did. Dad started to lick Jennie's butt as Lacey tongued Jennie slit. Dad Finished and Mr. Courtney took his place. He also buried his face into Jennie's butt. I left and went home. This was totally upsetting to me. I really had feelings for Jennie; this turn of event crushed any chance that I could have love feelings for Jennie. I took a bath and went to sleep.
I woke up early the next morning and showered and went down to breakfast. Mom was there. She asked me what I wanted for breakfast.

I told her. "Just French toast mom."

"You don't look to happy today. Can I help you?" She asked.

"I explained that I felt rotten. The bet that dad and Mr. Courtney made forced situations on others, maybe against their will. I am not to proud of that."

"Well, remember this bet was made before any of you were born. Times were different then. It doesn't make it any easier to accept. It just is as it is. It's not complete yet. You have the responsibility to have sex with Mrs. Courtney now."

"What if I refuse." I asked.

"Then Robert will have to do it, and then he also gets Jennie and Lacey, oh yes and me." Said Mom.

"So, I get you and Mrs. C?" I asked.

"Yes, if you want. Otherwise Robert gets us all."

"I can't let that happen. OK. Hope you don't mind."

"I'd be proud to be under you, or on top." Giggled mom.

I hugged her and she ran her fingers through her hair like she always did.

"And if you haven't already, you also get Megan anytime you want her."

"Do you mean I get all of you anytime I want you?"

"Yes. Besides that you can have any of us do your bidding."

"You mean I can have any of you do whomever I want you to?" I asked.

"Yes, and whenever you want us to do it." She replied.


Mom nodded.

"Is there a time limit form me to get this done?" I asked.

"I believe that agreed on a reasonable amount of time. A week, a month, depending upon your other commitments or situations."

"Oh. Thanks Mom."

Now I was really upset. I had to do my mom and Mrs. Courtney to protect all of them from my brother, the creep.

I was feeling very badly, but I had promised Miss Schmidt that I would go to her house today. I started to do a lot of thinking. My thoughts centered on love and sex, which was no big surprise.
It seemed to me that sex was just a form of entertainment, which I really enjoyed, but apparently so did everyone else. I know that with Jennie I felt a lot more for her, then with anyone else. But now, I had lost those special feelings. I guessed that that was the difference between love and sex. As soon as Jennie started to screw everyone else, I lost that special feeling for her. So I decided that from now on, if I started to have special feelings for a girl, I would have to be careful that she was not one of those girls that was a slut, except for me. I wasn't sure how to make this happen, but I was sure gonna try. Maybe as girls got older they were more inclined to stay with one man, although, my dad and Mr. Courtney didn't seem to support that theory. Maybe after a while with one mate sex got boring and they wanted variety? I was so confused. Well for now, I was going to have sex with every female I could get it from. I had decided.

"Well mom. I have been offered a job helping Miss Schmidt to move some boxes in her house. I may need some help from the guys, depending on how much stuff there is to be moved." I lied.

"Ok John. I'll see you later." Said Mom.

"Oh, don't tell anyone where I'm going. I wouldn't want anyone to know I'm helping the teacher, they might think I was the teacher's pet."

"I understand. No problem." Said Mom.

I left the house and went to Miss Schmidt's house. I went around the back of her house and on to the back porch. I knocked and within a minute, Miss Schmidt answered the door. She was in white shorts and a pink button-down blouse. She looked hot.

"Oh hello John. Please come inside." She walked me to the Living room and asked me to be seated. "I hope you don't mind, but Miss Agostini asked if she could join us."

There was Miss Agostini dressed similarly to Miss Schmidt. They both wore white tennis shoes and white socks that came to mid-calf. She came in through one of the other doors. She had a tray of milk and cookies in her hands.

"John, We were so impressed with your essay, that we wanted to speak to you about it. If you don't mind." Said Miss Schmidt. "But please call us by our first names while you’re here. The formal names make us feel so old." Said Emma.

"That's fine with me, Emma." I said.

"We understand that you have already implemented a lunch group with six of your male friends and that there is already a waiting list for girls to attend it? Is this true?"

"Well, so far we are just restricting it to people that are close to us." I said. "We have only done this with one girl so far."

"How is it working out?" Asked Petra.

"Actually, very well so far." I said
"Are you at liberty to discuss the activities with us?" Asked Emma.

"No. It is part of our agreement with the girls that anything said or done it totally between the girl and us. We will not tell the name of the girls or what they think without their permission."

"Oh. So the only way we could find out what is happening is for us to attend a luncheon?" Asked Petra.

"We don't allow guests." I said.

"No, I mean as a object of your group." Said Petra.

"I don't think that one meeting would help. We need to be very careful of each other's feelings and restrictions. Besides we have to be are aggressive and we wouldn't treat you any different then the girls that want to participate. This includes looking up your shorts or skirts, or down your blouse. We also touch you and try to get to the final goal. The goal being sex, with all or any of us."

"So you think we may inhibit your freedoms." Said Emma.
"Well, I don't know. We are afraid that if we upset an adult, they may try to stop what we are doing. We don't force anyone or anything. It is totally each persons choice."
"Ok John, we understand your concerns. How about if we let you test your group out on us. We promise not to disclose anything that may happen and expect your group to be bound by the same rules." Said Emma.
"I don't know. I would have to ask my group. I'm not sure that you understand how it works." I said.
"Perhaps you could test us by yourself." Said Petra.
I wasn't sure about this whole thing, except that Emma had arranged my coming to her house, before Petra had come to the school and before my essay was written. She implied sex. I said.
"I can't do it alone. It requires my friends and I to interact and discuss how we, the boys, feel about girls. Like if I said to one of my friends. Do you think that Miss Schmidt's tits are real? He would answer in his own manner. If he asked me I would say yes, but I'd love to feel them and suck on them.'
Emma smiled. "Do you talk about us in your meetings?"
"Look down, what do you see?" I asked.
She smiled again.
"Petra remember your first day? Did you notice my trying to look between your legs?" I asked.
"Yes, you were quite bold." She said.
"Can you imagine sitting between two boys, a boy across the glass table trying to look up you skirt, as the two boys on each side of you have their hands on your thighs pulling them to spread your legs for their friend across the table. And their hands slowly moving up your thighs. As you look at their laps and see small cocks becoming erect?" I said.
Her breathing increased. "Yes. I think I would like that. Would I be able to reach for what I saw."
"Yes. But you could be rejected." I said. "Each meeting different boys would switch places and try their luck. So far, there has been a minimum of sex play between the girl and the group, but I think next meeting that may change."
"Do you mean she might have sex with one or all of the group. That is up to each member and the girl." I said.
"So if your group has ten members it's possible for the girl to do it with ten guys?" Said Emma.
"Yes. And some my want seconds or thirds." I suggested. I could see that both of these women were totally turned on.
"How can we make it so that you can trust us to be allowed to attend you luncheon, individually." Asked Emma.
I thought a minute. "Since I am the leader of the groups, I need some evidence that would ruin your reputations. You must trust me to honor our agreement. I will not show the evidence to anyone and I will promise you that the evidence is safe from others."
"What kind of evidence?" Asked Emma.
"How about a video tape of both of you seducing me and doing some nasty stuff to me?" I said.
They both looked at each other. Smiled and Emma said. "Give us a few minutes to discuss this ok?"
I smiled and said. "Ok."
They left the room and returned five minutes later. They had video equipment and a tripod.
"Now, it must be made to look like you seduced me, both of you."
I said. "As a leader into the actual seduction, you both will discuss the method and reason that you have brought me here. This will be done and filmed. You will pan the room with the camera and film me coming into you house. Both of you have to make it believable, that you are doing this of your own free will and not being forced. Not in those words but as two women hot for me. Do you understand?"
"Yes. Where will the tape be stored?" Asked Petra.
"I have a secure place. Please trust me. I have no desire to ruin a good thing." I said. "If you both like the lunch, you may want to direct other girls/woman to me."
"Deal." Said Petra. "Can we become part of the group, when you start to work with females that like females."
'That sounds fair."
Great let's get started. I left the house and sat on the back porch. Five minutes later Petra came out and answered the door.
Emma was filming. I walked in acting a bit nervous.
"Welcome John. I am glad that you decided to come to my house. I would have had to speak to your parents about your cheating on the test." Said Emma.
"Miss Schmidt, I didn't cheat on the test!" I said with tears coming to my eyes.
"Are you saying that Miss Agostini and I are lying?"
"No. Miss Schmidt. Maybe you just thought I was cheating."
"Who do you think the school and your parents will believe?"
I just hung my head, then said. "But I didn't cheat."
"Come over here." Said Petra.
I walked over to Petra. She unbuckled my pants.
"What are you doing?" I asked.
"We are going to spank you." Said Emma.
My pants dropped to the floor. I held myself from becoming erect. Petra pulled down my pants and removed them. She then took my shirt off. I was naked except for my sneakers. Emma put the camera on the tripod aimed at a chair in the middle of the room.
She sat in the chair. "Come here John." As I walked to Emma, Petra took the camera and positioned herself to film us in profile.
Emma reached out and held my cock in her hand. She leaned in and took my cock into her mouth. My cock started to rise. She continued to suck on it until it was erect. She stood and dropped her shorts and panties. She pulled a cushion from under the seat and set it down between her feet.
"Kneel!" She commanded me.
I knelt. She put her hands behind my head and pulled me into her pussy. She had not shaved and I was enjoying her cunt. I was loving every minute of it. She pushed my head away and told me to lie on the floor. She put the pillow under my head and told Petra to place the camera on the tripod. Petra did, than came over by us. Emma straddled my face. Petra knelt between my legs and started to lick my cock. She slowly took my cock inside of her mouth and started to suck. Emma came then she and Petra switched positions. Emma withdrew my cock from her mouth and sat on my erection. I came instantly. But stayed hard as Emma continued to fuck me. Petra came and continued to vibrate. She was going multiple times. Emma came again and rolled off of me. Petra slid down sitting on my cock as I reached out and pulled her lips to mine. Her mouth tasted as good as it smelled. I rolled Petra on to her back and started to fuck her like I never fucked any one before. I am sure she was almost cherry. She was tighter then Jennie was. I came inside of her and kept going. She totally lost it when I came and I thought she was having a fit, by the shuddering and convolutions of her body. After a few minutes she just relaxed as if she were going to sleep. I pulled out and put my cock into Emma's mouth. This seemed to revive her and she finished me again.
I got up and asked. "Can I leave now, please."
Emma said. "Yes." As I dressed she went to the camera and stopped the recording.
"I stopped dressing and went to Emma and started to kiss her lips and play with her tits. "I guess these are real." I said after fondling and sucking on her nipples.
She smiled at me. "Well, do you think your group will like us to attend a luncheon with them?"
"I still have some concerns. Are there any boys in your class that you wouldn't want to be there or any that you would specifically like to be there?" I asked.
"None that I can think of." Said Emma.
Petra had regained her composure. "Nor any that I can think of. As long as one of them is you."
"Thanks. I'll take that as a compliment." I said.
"As I intended it." Said Petra.
"May I ask both of you how many guys each of you has been with?"
"Only one." Said Emma.
"None. I lost my cherry on a horse." Said Petra.
"My one was when I was eight, my brother's friend. He was eleven." Said Emma.
"Do either of you mind if some of the boys are, small?" I asked.
"I don't. I would like to try any size." Said Petra.
"I guess as long as it gets hard and I can lick or suck it, I don't mind."
"Ok. I think with that tape. I can set it up. No one will see that tape, unless it becomes needed to prevent you from hurting us. Ok?"
"Deal!" They both said.
"Do either of you like girls?" I asked.
They got together on the floor in sixty-nine position and answered my question. I played switches. First in one cunt then the other as they lick both of us.
I came in Petra and Emma cleaned her out. I left Emma's house around one o'clock with the tape.
I went home and called Tony. "See if we can get the guys together later tonight. I have something I think they will all like."
"Like what?"
"A couple of teachers want to attend our luncheon."
"That could be dangerous!" Tony said.
"No. I have a video of them and I and they would be stupid to mess with us, besides I think they will love it."
"Ok. I hope your right. But why should I doubt you now. When are we going to invite Brianna." Tony said.
"You got the hots for your own sister?"
"Not really. I do want to see her naked and with a cock in each of her holes though." Laughed Tony. "I want to see her suck Benny off."
I laughed. "Whatever turns you on."
"Like you don't want to see Megan doing the guys?"
"You're right I do. She is so hot." I said.
"I want to see you fuck, Megan." Said Tony.
"That's a promise. What about you and Brianna?"
"Maybe we should make that a rule." Said Tony.
"No. I don't want anyone forced." I said.
"Yeah. You right. I agree. I'll try to get the guys for tonight."
"Thanks, Tony. Bye."
We hung up and I took a bath.
"I went down to the kitchen for some lunch and mom said. "Jennie's been looking for you all morning. I told her you had a job to take care of and she seemed disappointed."
I thought to myself. Join the club. "Did she say why?" I asked.
"She said she wanted to talk to you about the job that dad offered her." Said mom.
"Oh." I said indifferently.
"If you would rather she didn't take the job, I can stop it." Said mom.
"Mom I have decided that people must make their own decisions in life and live with them. As long as no one is forced, then it is their business." I said.
"I'm so sorry, John. I guess you had feelings for Jennie right?"
"More then I knew mom."
Mom hugged me.
"I guess this is all part of growing up." I said.
"You're going to have a lot of disappointments in your life. Try to remember some of the decisions that you have made in your life that turned out wrong. We all choose the best we can. Most decisions are based on what we know. None of us knows everything. Sometimes it requires us to be able to forgive ourselves as well as others. That is what makes us better people." Said mom.
"I only hope I can learn to forgive. It is so difficult."
"For everyone." Said mom.
I hugged her harder and sat down to eat. "Thanks mom."
The phone rang and mom answered it. "It's Tony."
"Thanks, mom." I answered the phone. "Hey Tony."
"All set for tonight, at the park, seven o'clock. See you there. I gotta run."
"Thanks Tony. See you later." I hung up.
I sat down to finish eating and the phone rung again. Mom answered it. "Hello……Yes." Mom said. She started to say something then hung up.
"Jennie's on her way. Sorry, she didn't give me a chance to speak." Said mom.
"That's ok. I'll talk with her." I said.
Jennie usually knocks. But this time she came flying through the door and into the kitchen.
"Sorry Mrs. B. I really wanted to talk to John."
"I gathered that." Smiled mom. "I'll leave you two alone."
"No mom. That's not necessary. Jennie and I will go for a walk. I need some fresh air." I said.
I finished my breakfast and carry my dishes to the sink. Mom took them from me and Jennie followed me out the front door.
"So Jennie what is this about?" I asked.
"Your dad offered me a job in his kennel. But my dad said because of their bet. I had to check with you due to the nature of the job." Said Jennie.
"What is the nature of the job?" I asked.
"Your dad said that I have to take care of the male dogs and their owners." Said Jennie.
"And that means what?" I asked.
"You know John."
"No I don't. I want you to tell me exactly what you have to do."
"Well, I'm not exactly sure, but your dad implied sexually."
"So, you will be sucking, fucking and jerking off dogs. You also will provide sex for the male and female owners and maybe their children too." I asked.
"I guess so." Said Jennie a little less certain.
"Are you also giving performances for special groups?"
"Yes, my dad said that I would have to do that too."
"If you are alright with this, then, you have my permission to do as you please." I said.
She hugged me; I didn't hug her back.
She was so excited she didn't even notice that I didn't hug her. "Can you come to my training. Your dad wants to see if I can handle it."
"When is it planned for." I asked.
"Tonight at seven." She said.
"Gee sorry Jennie, I have to meet with the guys on a very important matter." I said.
She looked really disappointed.
"Maybe some other time." I said.
"Ok. I really wanted you to be there." She said.
"Sorry." I lied to Jennie for the first time.
We walked in silence. I led us toward the park, hoping to see some of the guys there. When we got there, there was a game going on. Jennie joined one team and I sat it out. I really didn't feel like playing. Mike asked me to join their side and I declined saying I wasn't feeling to good. I sat in the stands and watched the game, disinterested.
Someone sat next to me and said. "Hi john. Not playing."
I turned and saw Brianna there. "Oh. Hi Brianna. No. I'm not feeling up to it." She felt my forehead, checking for a temperature.
"No fever." She said.
"No not sick, just feeling down."
"Sorry. I wish I could help. Do you know when I am going to be invited to lunch?"
"That depends on our current guest. When her progress ceases, then you will be next." I smiled.
"I can hardly wait. I hope I'm not disappointed."
"That depends on your expectations. Remember boys are inclined to be a bit crude. Some of the boys there are also a bit immature." I said.
"That's ok. I should learn about them also. That way I can weed out the ones that are not what I'm looking for."
"Good attitude. Also remember little boys have dreams and desires too. And I'm sure you could satisfy them."
She giggled. "Oh, so am I sure I can satisfy them."
"We accept all interests, young and old."
She blushed. "Well not to young I hope."
"As young as you want. If we don't have that age let us know we'll get one." I said seriously.
"Does that mean as old also?"
"If you want a father or grand father, we can get one for you to learn from." I smiled.
"Didn't Tony explain our concept. You control the content of the group. Except we reserve the right to include the original members over your objections. We do not want you there without Tony there. He is one of your protectors as am I. If Tony gets out of hand I have the final say. But I'm not worried bout Tony."
"Ok. I accept that. But at our first meeting I will meet all of the guys right?"
"Yes. But if you request someone else or a different age group to be present, we will try to provide it. We choose the person not you. You can suggest a person, but they must pass our scrutiny."
"Oh, of course. I'm becoming excited just thinking about it."
I looked at her sideways.
"I don't mean sexually excited. I am excited to participate in a new adventure."
"Good. This may turn sexual, but need not. You control the flow."
Tony came off the field and greeted me. "Hi John. How goes it."
"Ok. Brianna is just cheering me up."
Jennie came over waiting for me to speak to her.
"I was just making sure that Brianna understood her adventure, as she calls it." I said looking at Tony.
"It is much clearer now. Thanks John." Said Brianna getting ready to leave, seeing Jennie there.
"Don't hesitate to ask Tony if you have questions or me. We will be happy to explain it to you." I directed at Brianna.
"You're up Jennie." Shouted one of her team members.
She ran over and got her bat.
Brianna said. "I better get moving or Jennie's gonna be mad at me."
"Why?" I asked.
"You guys are always together." Said Brianna.
"I'm going to be spending a lot more time with other girls the way things are going. I understand she is taking a job after school. So she'll be too busy." I smiled.
Jennie connected with one and drove it over the fence in center field. She ran around the bases.
I got up and left before she hit home. "See you tonight Tony. Bye Brianna."
I walked away and went home.
Supper was early since dad had to go out this evening early.
"So John. Did you give Jennie permission to take my job offer?"
"I told her it was her decision and she could do as she pleased." I said.
I ate as quickly as I could and asked to be excused. I went to my room and started a bath and locked my door and entered the bath.
I heard Jennie and her dad come into the house. After a half-hour they left. I got out of the bath and dried myself and dressed. I left for the park. I met the guys there and asked them if they would like to meet at lunch with two teachers. They would meet separately and abide by our rules.
Panic showed on their faces.
"I have some very incriminating evidence that would get the fired and put in jail if they screw with us." I said.
Right away they asked. "Which teachers?"
"Miss Agostini and Miss Schmidt." I smiled.
Their mouths dropped open.
"Yes. This is for real. We will treat them like any other girls. Tell them that we have two teachers in school that we would love to fuck and anything thing else your perverted little minds can come up with."
"They would like us to do it after school at Miss Schmidt's house. Starting next week. All opposed."
Not a peep was heard. "Ok, around four-thirty, at Miss Schmidt's back porch. Please be discreet."
"See you guys I have to go home." I said.
I left and went home. I entered the house and mom was there. "Are you all right John?"
"Not really mom. I was hoping that Jennie would reconsider at the last minute. I guess she chose."
"She did seem very excited about it. I hope she can handle the loss of your friendship."
"We both will be hurting for a while, but she is strong, she'll survive."
"What about you?"
"I gave her the choice. She chose. It’s settled. It's gonna hurt for a while, but I'll live."
"John, she still has to ask your permission, there is no way to release her from that bet. If you do, then Robert gets his shot."
"That will never happen as long as I live." I swore.
"I went to my room and played a computer game to distract me.
At midnight, I heard my father come into the house.
Mom must have asked how it went.
"Outstanding! She was made for the dogs!"
I started to cry and went to bed.

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