Winter At Beech Mountain Chapter 5

Winter At Beech Mountain Chapter 5

The day passed quickly as I stayed busy working on three more guests.. They were older ladies, who had spent as much time on their butts as on the ski's.. They were bruised and sore so I done my best to help them.. My Hot Stones gave some relief , and I used my TENS unit to temporarily numb a few nerve endings..
I left at 4pm and showered ,changed and headed for Sandra's place. As soon as I got inside Donna motioned for me at the juice bar.. I seen her page Sandra..
“Sorry, but she told me to let her know the minute you arrived.. Can I get you a drink?”

“I'd love a double shot of Black Label Jack Daniels, if you have it.”
“ Duh! We don't serve liquor in a fitness center! “ She handed me a glass of something I couldn't even see through... I smelled it and handed it back.
“ Soon as I get the chance, I'll slip out and get you a fifth of Jack.”

I put two twenties in her hand and told her to be sure it was black label. Sandra came walking up and said she wanted to speak to me privately in her office. Donna winked at me as I followed her down a hall to her office. Stepping inside, the first thing to catch my eye was a massage table.. it was much nicer than mine, and had a few more attachments.

“I took the liberty of buying that for this gym today. I had no idea they were so expensive.” I ran my hand along the smooth surface as she continued.
“I've also ordered a set of those stones you use.. Now I was getting mad. Sandra walked over and put her arms around my neck.. “
“They'll be here in a few days. This way, you won't have to lug all your equipment around..”
“ What makes you assume that I will come and work for you!” I pulled her arms from my neck and turned towards the door.

“Please just hear me out-- You don't know what I know.” she said.

“ I know you're married-you failed to mention that , and I know you fly to see your husband often... I don't need the drama! I've already made nearly a grand in two days at Beech.” That seemed to get her attention.

” First-- I'm not trying to lay claim to your body.. Yes, I'm married, but my husband and I already have divorce papers in the works. I'll have it by March, and I plan to stay single a long time.”

Now she had me curious. What was her angle?

“ Yeah--You can make some good money up there, but look what you have to put up with. Stanley is an asshole. He will rip you off every way he can. Next, and more important is that the place is seasonal, meaning when the snow melts, all that money and young stuff will be gone. Instead of five a day, you'll be doing good to get five massages a week then.” She really had my attention now.

“I wanted to make you an offer the day we met, but you took Stanley's first...”
“ O.K. I'm all ears now.. Let's hear your offer.”

She walked to the table and turned, leaning back on it with her hands to support her.. In her skin tight leotards, the print of her pubic bone and camel toe were clearly visible..

“ I have a plan for us-- but you need to be open minded and willing to adapt.. You're used to being your own boss, and I will not attempt to change you. However, I plan to use you to increase my membership here, and at my other places as well. It will involve some travel, and a few extra hours on your part...
I have 115 members here that are local-- regulars , and 75% of them are women between 18—40 years old. I have five other places in different states.. I plan to use you to increase memberships in them as well. “

“ These are the terms: You can charge whatever you want per hour in any of my centers—and keep it.. All I ask is you to give the members a 25% discount on your work. Once we get this rolling , we can book your clients two weeks in advance at the different places.. I get around to all them about once a month , staying a few days at each..
“With you in my employ, I will increase my dues at each place $35 a month. I know that don't sound like much, but our real money comes from refreshments and supplements.. My dues are $150 per person a month. I take in over $6,000 a month in dues here, and 3 times that in sales.. I have places in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, and New Jersey.. Can you see the potential here for you?”

Sandra walked to her desk and pulled the top drawer open.. Out of her hand and onto the top she slapped down two stacks of hundred dollar bills- still had the bank seal on them. $4000.........

“ You'll receive this once a month as long as you work with me, for openers.. We may re-negotiate a yearly contract at a later date. Also , while you're here, there is a nice four room condo on the top floor here. It's yours too, and it's completely furnished. I lived in it till I bought a bigger one closer to the airport.”

“It sounds too good to be true.. What's the catch.?”
I was very interested , but didn't want to appear so. Donna tapped on the door and Sandra let her in..She had my bottle and also brought an ice bucket and glasses. She did the honors and fixed two doubles over ice. Sandra took one and Donna handed me the other.

“Well – I expect you to pay your own expenses when we're not here. I'll put a table and stones in all the rest, and you furnish the oils and sheets.
I'm not the jealous type.. You can screw whoever you like, just as long as I stay in the loop. After last night, I made the mistake of telling Donna about your “stress relief”, and she wants one today,if we close our deal.”

Donna smiled as she said “ You can consider me one of the many “fringe benefits” that goes with you working here. I'll be keeping the condo tidy and clean when you're not using it.”
This young lady was Hot! A full blooded Cherokee..with perfect 32 b's .. Her long straight black hair came to the center of a well shaped ass. Perfect figure about 5' 6” 115 lbs. Her sexy smile left no doubt what she had in mind as my 'fringe benefits'...
“I've already locked up, and I'll be back in a minute with the days receipts..” She turned and left..Sandra was draining her glass as I fixed myself another.

“Well Dano, that's the offer that's on the table there”-- pointing at the cash , “and I need to know how you feel on the matter. Do you need some time to think it over?”
I gave her a serious look as I walked back to the massage table, again running my hand over the surface..

“ I don't care for Stanley, but it wouldn't be right to just walk away without notice. If he will let me, I'd like to finish the week out there, and start here the day I'm free. He's making a killing on my work there, and rubbing it in my face.. “
Sandra took the cash and put it in a long envelope.. She walked over and handed it to me, then put her arms around me and kissed me lightly on the lips, and added a hug.

“ I look forward to a long and profitable relationship, and IF you ever decide to settle down , remember me..”

Donna didn't knock this time as she came in. Going to the desk, she sat and began her task of counting the days take. Sandra walked me over to the desk and said--
“ He's coming to work for us as soon as he gives notice at the resort.”
Donna stood and walked to me, and hugged me tightly.. her hard nipples showing through her tank top.

“Does that mean I get my massage ?”
Sandra told me to go check out the condo upstairs while they finished there, then come back. I made my way upstairs and found the entrance..

I stepped inside to find an immaculate great room , with an oversized couch, a large bean bag seat , end and coffee tables, soft track lighting, and a great view of the mountainside and valley 3800 feet below.
The bedrooms were nice , with a double bed in one , and a queen in the other. Both had a bathroom ,but the master had a garden tub.. There were linens and everything needed to live in comfort.
Checking the kitchen, it was very nice also , but although dishes and cookware were present, there was no food.. Well , I ate out a lot anyway, and could always bring in groceries later..

I made my way back downstairs to find Sandra gone and Donna lying on the table , with her face in the cradle. She had undressed, but chose to drape herself with a sheet.

“Where's the boss?” I asked
“She took the money to the night deposit . Said she might see us later, but I doubt it. She has an early flight out and needs her rest.. From what I heard about your massage, she probably needs it.”
I fixed another drink, and sipped it as she talked. I asked her if I could get her one and she smiled..

“ You should know better than to give an Indian liquor-- might get high and go “tribal” on your ass!”
I laughed and asked if she was serious. She said she didn't drink anything but juices. She had gotten hooked on them when she took the job. She asked if I would give her the same thing as her boss had the night before.

“Tell me Donna, do you have a boyfriend ?”

“Na- Their too much trouble. Most of my people lives on the reservation about 60 miles from here in the woods. Around here, they look down on 'mixed ' couples, if you get my drift.
Now that you're on the team I'll tell you a secret. Sandra and I are lovers. Not lesbians, bisexual..
We both still enjoy a good man-- when we can find one. Why do you ask about boyfriends?”

“In my line of work, it doesn't pay to make enemies of ladies or men. I don't want to be the cause of someone's breakup. I've dealt with more than my share of jealous husbands and boyfriends.”
“Well I don't have those problems, so please-- will you..?”

I finished my drink and asked if she had any problems with her neck or back, etc. She said none. “Will it bother you to remove the sheet?”
“I was a little chilly at first, but no , it won't.”

I took the sheet and folded it to her upper thighs. I had no oils with me, so I massaged her toes and feet lightly and moved to her legs. Her skin was flawless, and she looked as if she lived in a tanning bed.

I worked her legs well, stopping to check her range of knee motion. They both popped as I touched her heels to her butt. Her upper thighs looked like runners legs, every muscle visible.. I divided the muscles with my thumbs , working all the way to her lower buttocks. She reached around and pulled the sheet completely off, revealing her perfect ass and back. Her legs were still together as I moved to her neck and shoulders.
“ You have great hands Dano, I wish you had brought some oil.”
“I'll have plenty here soon. I'm sure we'll do this again.”
I bent and kissed her lightly on back of her neck, letting my lips linger.. Kissing the other side, I let my hand slide down her spine, and settle onto her fine ass.

“ Sh-She said you made her cum more than she's ever have before. I was a little jealous, but I'm over it now that I know we'll be working together.”

I rolled her ass cheeks with my open palms, and in the deep crease I saw the purple streak running from the top of her crack down and past her tightly closed labia. It was a sure indicator of her heritage.
I helped roll her to her back. Her beautiful face was accented by jet black eyebrows and the cheekbones of a goddess.. I used my thumb pads to massage her temples and neck, moving lower to her collarbone..
Her breasts defied description , with dark pink puffy nipples that stood straight up. I massaged between them first, moving my hands down as far as her navel. Moving to each side, I slid my open palms up under and around each mound, trying to coax as much pleasure as possible from the nerve endings.

Donna moaned aloud as I blew my warm breath across each erect cone. I let my tongue lap a slow trail around each, then nipped at them with my teeth. Her chest heaved up, in an attempt to guide me along..her ragged gasps were shallow and quick. I settled in and sucked each tip intensely as her moans got louder. I let my fingers of one hand play with her clitoris and labia. Her ass was off the table, and her hands had a death grip on the sides of my head. She mashed my face in her nearest boob and screamed

“I-I'm gonna c-cum!!” I slid my fingers inside her spasming cunt just as she began..
“Eeiihhh!” She said something else I couldn't understand. Must be her native tongue she was babbling..talking to her ancestors or unknown spirits.

I pulled my head loose and made a dive at her open thighs, where all the action was.She used her fingers to pull her labia apart, knowing my tongue was headed that way. I locked my lips onto her clit and sucked the organ inside deeply, bringing more incoherent talk from her.
Her taste reminded me of caramel, and she was cumming profusely, the sheet under her ass soaked. I licked and sucked her pussy till my mouth went numb, and she was still screaming her ass off.
I stood quickly and dropped my pants, kicking off my shoes, and began to unbutton my shirt..

Donna came off the table and tackled me, pushing me backwards onto the couch in a sitting position a few feet behind me. Her hands tore at my sports briefs, snatching them to my ankles. She then straddled my cock and wrapped her arms around my neck..
“ F-Fuck Mee !! “ I had my face full of breasts as she raised up and I parted her lips with my cock. Donna wiggled around as I managed to get the head in past her inner lips. She was so damn tight! I was gonna have a sore cock later, if I survived this .

Her eyes looked into mine as her lips formed an ' O ' .. Something gave way suddenly and she began to slide slowly down my thick shaft..
“O-Ohh-- S-She said it was a nice one b-but damn! “ Just then she bottomed out , and sat very still, her cunt muscles in spasms as they adjusted to me.

“Mmmn- Let me do this Dano, let me fuck you!”
Now this was a switch, and a welcome one. I can't remember the last time I was not doing all the work. I sat back and leaned my head on the back of the sofa. Her hips started slow, but I could feel her muscles twitching inside around my cock. She started to rock back and forth, rolling her ass to seat my cock deep as possible.
We felt it hit her cervix, and she rose till over half my length was out, then dropped swiftly back down, taking our breath.. She rose and fell several more times, and began to find out why Sandra was so impressed with me. She was on her knees, and the soft cushions were not the best support for her position.
Donna was double – jointed , and she swung a leg and positioned her foot where her knee had been. Repeating with the other foot, she was actually squatting over my cock, and I leaned to get my body to straighten out.. We suddenly had three more inches to work with.

Donna's eyes went wide as she rode my thickness, mumbling again in her native tongue.. Her eyes rolled back till all I saw was the whites, and she screamed she was cumming again. I tried to help her along by sucking her breasts as my hands went around and played in her ass crack. I pulled up on her cheeks, which pulled her clitoris into my wet shaft, dragging it along as she pumped and screamed .. My balls were soaked, and I was certain one of us would get a cleaning bill from Sandra. As she slowed somewhat, I took control and began to get up.

“ Lock your legs around me- and don't let it come out.”
We finally made it to my feet, and holding her by her ass cheeks, I walked her to the table. Laying her was a problem, cause she didn't want to let my neck go.. Now on the table, with her ass on the edge, I crossed her legs on my chest and told her to relax. I stroked her tight walls with by best moves , cutting little circles as she continued to moan and thrust her pelvis at me.
“ Damn you Dano-- I-I can't stop cummminnnggggg!!!!

I felt my balls tighten as her cunt sucked at the shaft that was pistoning in and out .. I drove my cock into her one last time and held it – spraying her insides with a half dozen shots of hot cum. “EEEiiiiiGHH—It's so hot !! “ she said as she crossed her ankles behind her head.. This really opened her up, letting me use the couple of thick inches I had behind my balls..

She screamed one last time as my cock went numb, and I pumped her till she passed out cold, her pussy still in spasms. My legs and hips were shaking in aftershocks. I lay my head between her breasts and savored the afterglow of this incredible young lady.. She began to stir in just a minute, and I raised my head to look into her dark brown eyes..

Donna was smiling as she pulled me up to kiss me, my softening cock now sliding down to lay in the pool of fluids on the sheet. Her tongue went deep, making my cock twitch , but my immediate need was some fluids for both of us.
Her lips were starting to crack, as well as mine..... All the cum and sweat we had released had de-hydrated us severely.. Donna rose up to sit on the side of the table, while I pulled my underwear on and headed to the juice bar. I returned with a couple of grape Gator-Aids and she downed hers as I sipped mine. Wiping her mouth with her hand, she said

“ I'm gonna hit the sauna Dano, you wanna help me?”
“I think I should dress and get out of here before Sandra comes back. I don't want to see her face when she sees the sofa.” It looked like someone had pissed on it, a large soccer ball size circle..
“O. K. I'll see you whenever—Thanks for the massage and everything else! Sandra was right when she told me you were something special..” She walked me to the door, and I kissed her again and headed back up the mountain..

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