An Indian Legend

An Indian Legend

The Chippewa Tribe tells a story, a legend of the Princess Mattowahn who saved the life of the tribal Shaman during a raid by an enemy tribe. As a young woman, and the daughter of the Chief, she was not expected to fight in battles but she and her younger brother struggled courageously against a band of warriors who tried to murder the tribe's religious leader. The fifteen-year-old girl slew two mighty warriors and even though she was seriously wounded herself, she pulled the wounded Shaman from danger, saving his life. She and her brother put him a canoe then he pushed them away, she paddled until she lost consciousness. The little boat eventually drifted ashore on a small island miles from the battle. Mattowahn and the Shaman stayed on the island until they were healed and the Shaman was so grateful for his life he blessed the pretty young Princess with gifts of well-being, health and happiness for her and her daughters forever, he gave her the island where she and her brother would always feel his gratitude. Mattowahn was so overjoyed that she took her only brother, the future Chief of the Tribe to share in their good fortune. They went often to her island and shared in the mystical power bestowed by the Shaman. The island passed from Mattowahn to her daughter and down through ten generations until:

We were sixteen when my twin brother Russell and I were sent to spend the summer with our grandmother. Our parents had taken a six-week European tour and rather than drag us along they shipped us off to Grandma's house which was an hour north of Green Bay. She had a three-bedroom cottage on Lake Michigan complete with dock, canoes and absolute privacy for a half mile in any direction. My brother and I hated it. Don't get me wrong, my grandma was one of the coolest old people I knew and we were glad to stay with her but we were not glad to be so isolated from our friends for half the fucking summer.

It took Russ and me about two days to get completely and utterly bored. Grandma came into the kitchen early on the fourth morning and said “This isn't going to work, you two moping around like the world has ended, we need to find something to keep you occupied.”

“What?” asked my brother.

Granny looked at him then me and pointed out the window, “We'll start by canoeing to that little island out there where we can picnic, it is mystical, magical, and has always been a special place for our family. There is a pretty little clearing near the shore, great for camping.”

“What makes it magical?” I asked.

“You wait, I think you'll find out.” We spent the morning packing fishing poles, tents and other vital camping necessities. Granny took the lead and the three of us left the dock in canoes, Russ and I followed her as she led the two boat flotilla to the small island a few hundred yards from her house. She took us to a gravel beach that opened up to a clearing surrounded by tall hemlock, fir and maple trees. My brother and I had never been in the wild before so I asked Grandma tentatively, “Are there any wolves or bears here?”

Granny chuckled then said something odd, “No, dear, a few bugs, but nothing out here will eat you except mosquitoes and maybe your brother.” The rest of the afternoon was spent setting up our campsite. Once the two tents and the fire pit were done, Grandma suggested that Russ and I explore the island while she fished for dinner. Being city born and raised he and I were both a little nervous about being alone in the unknown wilds of the tiny bump of land, but grandma insisted.

It took a little over an hour to walk around the island, we rock hopped and wandered through the trees experiencing our first close encounter with unmanned nature. In the short time we explored, both Russ and I agreed that being alone was almost exhilarating, the thought that it was just the two of us against whatever hid in the woods, ignited some sort of primal instinct in us that sharpened our senses, brought us closer, reliant on a newly formed dimension of our relationship, a timeless need to be near the other on the island.

That night as we ate baked fish my brother told grandma he enjoyed his day, the first since we came to stay. I thought so too but I didn't say anything. Grandma answered him with a satisfied smile, “The power of the island is beginning to work on you.” She went on to tell us about some Indian princess and how she was a war hero or something and that we were direct maternal descendants of that long-ago woman; “That is where you get your black hair and brown eyes Beth, they are a gift from the Princess Mattowahn, your Chippewa ancestor.”

My first night started out scary as hell. Maybe there weren't any big animals on the island but there was lot of noises I didn't know. The gravel on the beach rolling under the lapping waves of water, two owls hooting in conversation and the tall trees complaining as the wind moved their branches were just some of the sounds that kept me awake. I finally managed to fall asleep then began to dream.

I was standing on the shore of the island when an old man rose from the water and walked stooped and careworn to me. He wore hand-sewn buckskin clothes, the kind I saw in paintings and pictures of Indians. His long black hair was pulled back into a single braided tail, the depth of the universe shone in his ancient eyes. I felt comfortable, as if I were meeting a friend, I sensed this was the old Shaman our grandmother had told us about. He spoke to me in a soft melodious tone, the words rising and falling as if he were singing them, “I have had a long and good life because of you, I shall ever be grateful.” He cradled my face in his calloused hands then raised his head to the sun and sang in a strange language for two minutes then returned his attention to me. “Never fear for you, your children, or your brother, I will always be here.” The old man stepped back, became transparent then faded away and in moments I was looking over the empty water again.

The night sounds returned but they were comforting, erasing my fear of the night, I slept in complete security.

The next day was hot, Russ and I spent most of the morning exploring the interior of the island. We walked through the thick stands of trees and brush and let our imaginations take us on trips of discovery and fantasy. It was a cloudless blue sky, the sunlight sparkled off the clear water inviting us to splash and swim. We hadn't brought swimsuits so he and I played in the water up to our thighs but it wasn't long before we were splashing enough that our clothes were thoroughly wet. We got out of the water to dry off complaining to Granny that she hadn't told us we might want our swimsuits. She listened to us whine, then offered, “Why don't you go skinny dipping? If you want to swim, take off your clothes and go.”

Russ looked at her with disbelief in his eyes, “What, you want us to get naked out here? Grandma, I can't do that, she's here!” he sputtered as he gestured to me.

“It's not what I want, dear, it's what you want. A boy being naked in front of his sister or another girl is nothing new in this world, it happens millions of times a day. It’s natural, it's normal and it is the way of the island.”

I had to say something, “But he is my brother.”

“And you are his sister, so what? It won't be the first time you've seen him with no clothes on, you two used to take baths and play together nude for your first seven or eight years. My brother and I used to swim here a lot and we didn't bother with swim wear. The last time he and I came out here he was nineteen and I was seventeen, just before he went to the Army.”

I shaded red, “But Grandma …...”

“But nothing young lady, take your clothes off and get back into the water,” she turned her head to my twin brother, “you too.”

The force of her voice, the strength of her command warned me that we shouldn't argue with her. My brother began to drop his shorts while I pulled off my wet shirt. In moments he and I were standing naked under the mid-day sun and oddly, I wasn't mortified, being nude next to him felt almost right. Granny smiled approvingly, “Now go enjoy a good swim” she told us.

My brother turned and dashed into the water then dove under the waves. He popped up a few yards out and yelled back at me, “Eeeyoww! Come in, this is fun.”

I waded into the water until my stomach was wet then dived under a small wave and swam to Russ. It quickly became irrelevant that we were naked; we played and cavorted in the lake for twenty minutes then dragged ourselves back to the beach. Grandma had laid out a blanket so he and I flopped down on our stomachs to dry in the sun. I felt refreshed, exhilarated as we lay side by side, Russ briefly caught my eyes with his and I felt another surge of primeval intimacy flow between us as Granny started telling us about growing up on the lake.

For an hour she told of tales of her childhood then ended the story with, “It was me and my brother out here most of the time because our nearest friends lived over two miles away. Bob and I spent many days out here swimming, fishing and camping. The first time he suggested we go naked swimming I absolutely refused but a few days later he talked me into it. After that it was the only way to go, I always felt more natural, more alive and attuned to life when we did.”

Russ and I got our clothes back on for dinner then after the sunset we watched the stars while our mother's mother told us more tales of growing up. We planned on another day and night on the island and I was beginning to like being there. That night in my tent wasn't near as scary but while I lay in the dark, I yearned for my brother to be near so we could try to identify the night sounds together.

Russ and I left Granny, she was going to fish while he and I ventured across the island again. It was another hot day and while taking a break on a large rock that jutted into the water, I suggested we go swimming. This time there was no hesitation, we stripped nude and jumped off the rock laughing and excited to get wet. We played around for a while then got back out to lay in the sun. Since we weren't timid about being naked, he wasn't being timid about looking me over. At sixteen I was well past the pubescent development stage and formed into a very curvy young woman. As his eyes glided over my firm standing breasts, down my stomach to the curl covered junction of my legs I was looking at him just as frankly. Russ had a football player body, broad shoulders, defined abs, buff arms and legs but the cool water had shrunken his cock and made his balls cinch up tight, I was intrigued by what I saw. I felt a corporeal bond with him growing; it was not just a twin link, but a bond formed by the closeness and the familiarity of the island. Emboldened by what I felt I asked him, “You like what you see?”

Russ looked from my body to my eyes, “You're pretty hot.”

A small grin eased onto my lips, “I never saw a naked guy before, turn around.” He turned away from me while I inspected his broad muscular back and tight round ass, “Make your butt bounce.” He looked over his shoulder into my eyes then started flexing his ass cheeks, bouncing them for my impish pleasure.

He turned back to face me, “Okay, your turn.”

I hesitated slightly, “I'm not sure I can do that but I jiggle really well.”

“Show me.”

I spun around then started swinging the twin globes of my butt, rocking my hips, making my ass hop and jiggle. I turned slowly back to face him and let him watch my tits gyrate in circles as I shook my shoulders. As I worked my body to music in my head his prick started to expand, it came out of hibernation and stretched into the warm sun; even though his reaction fascinated me, I knew it was the signal to get dressed and go back to the camp.

That night Granny showed us the Milky Way, something we never see in the city. The sky was black, no moon, but the galaxy was brilliant and I began to understand why my grandmother felt attuned to the island. Deep inside me I felt the call of my ancestors, the pull of the wild on my soul; Russ said something to Grandma that let me know the island affected him too. It was an hour later that Grandma changed our lives, “Before we go to bed Elizabeth, Russell, I want you to take your clothes off again, it's time for another lesson on the magic of this island.” I was puzzled by use of our full names and the request, but didn't protest, Russ and I stood and pulled our clothes off then stood facing Granny.

“Okay, face each other. Stand closer, that's it.” We were just inches apart; my breasts were getting warm from the nearness of my brother. “Now don't do anything, don't talk or move, just look at each other. All over, not just her hair Russell.” My brother's gaze fell from my forehead down my face and continued down my body. As I looked at him in the flickering firelight, he was moving his eyes up and down slowly, the path of his eyes was beginning to tickle my skin. His cock began to levitate again so he moved a hand to cover the growing erection. “Russell, move your hand away, let Beth see you. She wants to see how she affects you, don't you girl?” I shifted my eyes to the old woman, felt my head nod briefly then looked back down at his expanding member. His cock pulsed and grew even larger lifting against gravity until it was angled up, pointed at my bellybutton. Even in the dark I could see him blush; my heart was thudding heavily.

I couldn't see Granny well but she was still directing, “Beth, I want you to hold him, take his erection in your hand then tell me what it feels like.” I couldn't resist; compelled by the command I reached across the small gap between us and put a tentative fingertip on the end of his cock and pushed it down. My finger slipped off so his hard-on bounced back up, a glob of clear goo oozed from the hole. I smiled softly then wrapped my fingers around the shaft and squeezed it, my brother shuddered and gasped. “It's hot and hard, I can feel it thumping, like a heartbeat.” I loosened my grip and moved my hand back and forth, pumping him slowly, I turned to Granny, “I never touched one before.”

Grandma smiled at me, “Get used to it honey, there will be more, you will learn quickly to like holding a man's hard prick.” She continued, “Russell, feel your sister’s breasts, hold them, cup them in your hands and massage the nipples.” A soft warm breeze wafted across me, it carried a faint echo of the singsong chant I'd heard in my dream, my entire body shivered deliciously. The tingle raced through me and I reacted by pulling harder on the distended muscle. My brother put his right hand over my left breast then slowly felt the warm firm mound, the nipple grew hard against his palm. He covered my right breast then stood there in front of our grandparent and played with my tits. I had to do something so I reached for him with my other hand and held his balls while stroking his erection. He and I stood face to face and played with the other until Granny said to him, “Put a hand between her legs boy, feel how warm and soft she is there.”

I sipped a deep breath when his fingers slipped through the silky black pubic hair and touched the lips of my sex. His fingers slid tenderly on the opening because I was wet with dew seeping from my body, my knees went weak and I almost bent his erection off as Russ slid two fingertips along the ultra-sensitive skin. “Okay, you two, that's enough.” With those words our grandma was telling us to quit fondling each other so we dropped our hands and stepped apart, “Sit.”

We sat side by side facing her, “Russell, have you been to bed with a girl yet?” He shook his head, looking shocked by the question, “Elizabeth, have you let a boy?”

I managed to blurt, “No, Grandma, I never even saw a naked boy until we went swimming yesterday.”

“Well, I want you two to change that tonight, you two will be in this tent and I'll take that one alone. Beth you are going to let Russell have sex with you.”

My brother gasped deeply and leaped up, “Granny, you can't be serious! She's my sister” he reminded her again.

Granny looked up at my naked brother towering over her, “I wasn't yet your age the first time your Great Uncle Bob seduced me. We were both virgins until one night right here on this island. The first time was very awkward because he was my brother and I didn't think it would be right but by the time the sun came up it was all okay. This island has a power over those of us who come here. Bob and I came here until he was nineteen and left home, this was the only place we had sex and I loved it every time.” The next words from my grandmother’s mouth shocked me more than anything else she'd said, she addressed me directly, “Your mother and Uncle Carl received the gift of the Shaman when she was your age, they screwed out here until she went to college.”

I felt speechless but I knew I had to say something, “I don't know Granny, it's too weird” Russell nodded his agreement.

“Maybe, but the island is a natural aphrodisiac, before me and Bob I heard rumors about my own mother and both her brothers and their mothers before them. This land has been in our family for ten generations and every one of those generations has felt the magic. The power bonds brothers and sisters, it makes us unbreakable as a family forever. Our family legend says that as long as the island is owned by a woman descended from Mattowahn, only good things will happen to the family. That's why our land is passed from daughter to daughter, one day Elizabeth you will inherit this island and if you have children, they will inherit the Gift.” Grandma got off the ground and lifted the flap to her tent, “Goodnight you two, it's time for bed.”

I was left with my brother; I glanced down at his cock which had shriveled while my grandmother talked, “What are we going to do?” I whispered. He held a finger to my lips to schuss me then pointed to the other tent, I looked at it dubiously then folded back the door flap and went in.

Once inside we sat cross legged facing each other; that we didn't have clothes on wasn't a bother, too much had transpired to be embarrassed. The first thing he said was, “Mom and Uncle Carl? Did you hear that? They fucked!”

The single battery lamp cast enough weak light that we could see each other while we talked, “Ten generations, that's like total family perversion.”

He nodded, “Yeah, it sounds nasty, I'm not sure I can do that with you.”

We sat mute but I saw Russ' prick start to inflate again, in less than a minute he had a full-grown boner, the head of it rising from the shadow between his legs. We sat quiet in the close quarters of the tent, thinking but not sharing our thoughts until he spoke, “What do you think?”

I looked up to him, thought over the question then answered bashfully, “I guess, it might be okay.” I laid back on the sleeping bag and moved around until I was comfortable then opened my legs giving him a clear view and access to my body. I started to shake from the rush I felt in my stomach as desire bloomed like an explosion in my womb. He laid over me then reached between us for his erection. He rubbed the wet slick end of it into my pubic hair and down the crack of my body, I held my breath for a moment then rolled my back, pushing my pussy against the head of Russell's cock. When I felt the end of it slide into me, I humped my hips again to so that he could penetrate deeper. I put my hands on his shoulders and looked him in the face and nodded. He flexed his ass and plunged into my virginity, I arched my back and groaned “Ufff!” He tore my hymen apart, it was a sharp, intense pain. I fell flat to the sleeping bag and turned my head away so he wouldn't see the tears leaking from my eyes. He pulled out and sat up between my legs, “Are you okay?” I saw his cock smeared with traces of blood.

I took a deep breath and held my arms up to him, he laid down beside me and held me close, something we hadn't done since we were little, “I'm okay, it just hurt a little,” I lied, “it's starting to feel better already.”

We were still and the feel of his smooth warm skin rubbing on me from thigh to cheek was calming but something else was happening too. My thoughts started to drift, my mind focused on the pain in my vagina and then I heard a song, a chant, another echo from my ancestral past. A gnarled old brown skinned hand formed from a mist that enveloped me then covered my womb. As the chant grew louder, stronger, the hand covering my body began to glow and a radiant heat penetrated my skin, the ache of losing my virginity faded to nothing. As the pain subsided a crystalline clear message floated in from the mist; I would never have to worry about my brother making me pregnant. In moments the vision and pain were gone and I was hot enough to kick open the flap of the tent for cool air.

Russ watched my foot move the flap then I reached for his hard-on. I closed my fingers around the end of it and nuzzled against his neck with my nose, I was almost desperate for him so I pushed and pulled on his cock four or five times then went to my back, “Try it again.”

He rolled over me and let me guide him. He entered slowly until his balls pressed against me. He pushed up until only our groins were connected then started pushing and pulling, setting the pace of our first sex. Even though I was tight, I didn't hurt and in a short while his cock was sliding easily because we were both slick with our growing lust. I didn't know what to expect from sex but when his body seized with a strong cramp and he started blowing air through clenched teeth I knew he had climaxed. I felt him lose control and held him tight as he hammered his body against mine.

He collapsed down on me struggling for cool air. I pushed him up and off then rolled to my side to face him, “Wow, you really got off didn't you” were my first words.

“Sorry, I didn't know it would happen like that.”

I felt daring, silly, giddy, happy, “Why are you sorry? We just did it for the first time, you think I was expecting fireworks and a choir singing in my ears? It hurt a little at first but it got a lot better.”

“Do you think Grandma heard us?”

“She set this up, she made us hot for each other then sent us to bed. If she heard or not doesn't matter, she knows.”

I was caressing his chest, my fingers drawing formless designs on his skin, Russell’s cock was reforming as an erection. Encouraged by his reaction I pulled him over between my legs and he pushed into me the third time, I smiled up at him, splayed my legs wider and we started again.

After fucking twice that night we were both emotionally and physically exhausted so sleep came quickly. In the morning I was first up, I waded into the lake to clean the mess from between my legs then got dressed. When grandma got up my brother and I were sitting by the fire making breakfast. I was mildly surprised that Granny didn't say or ask anything so I guess I was right; the old woman knew and didn't need to ask. We packed up our camp and canoed back to the house. We were running low on groceries so Grandma took off to go shopping. She invited us to ride along but when we said no, she gave me a crafty smile and a quick wink then said “I'll be gone two hours”.

Fifteen minutes later my brother and I were standing beside his bed, even though we knew what we wanted we were both a little unsure of how to act so he took the lead. He began to pull my clothes off, blouse, bra, pants and panties. He took a long lovingly sweet time, caressing my skin and body which got me going. As I warmed up to his touch, I grabbed his shirt and lifted it up and over his stretched arms then as I put my two hands in the waist of his pants, I kissed his athletic sculpted chest then sucked on a nipple. The pants came apart and he pushed them down to his ankles and kicked them off. His cock was straining against the skin holding it together when I gripped it in both hands and asked, still a little bit wary, “Is this okay?” He put his arms around my smoldering body and his crushed his erection against my groin. That contact chased away the last hesitation or doubt about what I was doing with my twin. He and I started to fondle each other, the heat we were generating was almost stifling. He was panting in my ear as I kissed his neck, his hands roamed freely over every inch of me. I turned around to face the bed and leaned over until I was bent at the waist, my butt pressed against his groin. He put his hard-on against my pussy and I felt the opening stretch around the thickness of his erection then he held me by the hips and fucked me heatedly.

Russ had cum hard two times the night before so to my great delight we found out that his stamina was much better the third time. I was gurgling soft sounds of pleasure as he pounded into me, I had the blanket wadded up in both my fists. He pulled out to let me get on the bed, I went to my back and he put it to me again, keeping a feverish pace of body banging sex. We were awesomely hot and fluid, moving, humping and thrusting together as we screwed.

It hit me like a sudden summer storm, I arched my back, my heels made big dents in the bed and my thighs started to vibrate. I gasped a deep breath then it escaped me as an ancient chant “Aiee – Aiee – Aiee – Awwww-” I sang the Shaman’s song every time my stomach cramped. Russ lifted off me slightly so I could bounce, I wrapped my legs around his thighs and pressed him deeper with my heels. His balls gave up their burden in five strong bursts as my puss sucked the life out of them.

My brother and I went back to the island almost every day for the next five weeks. We never took bathing suits but always took blankets, we camped overnight often. Grandma would sit on her porch and watch when we left and greet us warmly when we came back. As we were getting ready to paddle out to the island the third time, I took grandma aside and expressed a worry about babies, I thought the message from the mist might have been imagined. Grandma assured me, “That's part of the magic dear, not one girl who went to that island with her brother ever got pregnant from him, or them in my mother's case. The island takes care of us girls.”

The magical aura of the island invited experimentation and diversity so Russell and I spent hours with each other, learning, experimenting, sucking and fucking in every form and position we could dream up. Granny was right about one thing, my brother did eat me on the island, several times. By the time our parents came back from Europe Russell and I were tightly bonded by the supernatural nature of the island, we both knew the bond would be unbreakable throughout our lives. Sitting on the front porch Mom asked us, “Did you two enjoy yourselves here?”

It was grandma who dropped the bomb, “I believe they did, we all went camping where they learned about Mattowahn and the spell of her island.”

Mom sat upright and looked at her mother but she wasn't surprised; her eyes flickered to Russell then me and back to grandma who nodded with a small pleased smile. Mom reached out and patted my hand, “That is why I left you here this summer. For over 200 years that island has been a special place in our family and it was time you felt the magic too. I hope you learned to love it the same as the rest of us did.”

I felt myself blush but I whispered “We did.”

Mom paused for a few moments then added with a wry smile, “We probably shouldn't mention this to dad.” I wanted to ask her if the island's magic was still working for her and my Uncle.

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