Alison's Reluctant Lap Dance

Alison's Reluctant Lap Dance

Alison came into my life as part of a three-some with another girl. The three-some was fun, but soon we all parted ways. We started to talk again a few months later when I saw her at a strip-club she had just started working at. Soon after, we had our first real date. A couple quick drinks at a dive bar and a blowjob in the parking-lot was as romantic as we got. When she started to come over to my place, I was the first to make her squirt when she would orgasm. I was also the first to treat her like she wanted to be treated.

Weighing around 110 lbs. with small breasts, and fine chestnut brown hair, Alison looked a bit like a young Jodie Foster. Her cute mouth included a little pink tongue she'd stick out at you for various reasons. Alison's slender legs and flat stomach were well-toned, and she had an amazing thigh gap that drew the eye.

I was in my mid-twenties, and considered good-looking by my friends, acquaintances, and, at times, complete strangers. Standing 6' even 180lb, a shit job, and hair that hadn't been cut in a year, I had no problem finding a date. It turned out I wasn't looking for a date, but a girl that was willing to follow me down the darker side of my fantasies.

It was a Thursday night and she was working at a strip club. It didn't have the best reputation, but it wasn't a dive. She'd covered her body with a simple short pink slip dress that has some frills along the bottom. The thin spaghetti straps made it easy on, easy off. White bra, panties, and heels finished off her work outfit.

Between our hookups, I'd stop by and visit her at the club. If she'd made enough money for the night, she'd happily sit with me and hang out, giving me the occasional free dance if we were horny enough. This club let you put your hands on the dancers, but you where just not supposed to touch their more private areas. It was largely up to the girls to enforce, so the dance you got could change depending on the dancer.

We grabbed a couple of drinks and a seat in the back of the club. Alison sat on my lap, excitedly telling me about her day so far. Just being this near to her was enough for me to lose focus on the rest of the world. She had to get up from time to time to dance on stage or go around the room asking customers if they'd like a “2 dances for the price of 1” special. Other than that, the club didn't seem to care what the girls did.

She hadn't been to my place for a while, so I was getting more in a mood by the minute. As she talked about this or that, all I could think of was what I wanted to do to her. The more we talked, the more I had to touch her. Feeling her naked thigh, or running my hand across her bare shoulders. This was having an effect on both of us.

We where on our third round when she asked, "Can I please give you a dance?”. Her voice always took on a more submissive tone when she wanted anything sexual. We never really talked about our Dom/Sub roles, they came naturally to us during our sexual encounters.

The "Private” dances all happened in the back. There was a long hallway behind the stage, with small rooms on either side. Each booth had a doorway so the bouncers could see in as they did their rounds. Checking off each girl who got a dance so the club could collect the fee at the end of the day. You'd see them at the beginning of each song and that is it. Inside, each room was a small black leather couch. The most important feature was the video cameras. Each room had one pointing directly at the couch. What most people didn't know was several of them didn't work.

She picked her favorite booth that just happened to have a broken camera in it. It also had the least amount of foot traffic being towards the end of the hall. She climbed on me and I pulled her in, giving her a deep, but quick kiss. She nibbled on my ear and gave me a little purr, then quickly removed her dress and bra, rubbing her almost naked body against mine. Slowly she unbuttoned my shirt a little and rubbed her tits against the hair on my chest. Grabbing a handful of her hair I pulled her mouth down to my nipple. Holding her there as she licked and kissed it until I couldn't take it anymore, pushing her head towards my now hard cock. From between my legs, she nibbled and rubbed me through my jeans for a while, getting me harder and her wetter, but this was just a playful mimicry of nights we'd spent together.

Knowing I'd get no release from my raging erection now, I instead focused on her. My right hand wrapped around her neck and my left guided her hips so she was straddling my leg. Holding her upright, I pressed my leg into her, and watched her pussy grind against it. She knew what to do from here. Back and forth she moved, grabbing my right arm as I squeezed her neck. Her mouth hung open and her face turned red as I pulled her in for another kiss. As she got closer to cumming, I pulled her head near mine and told her what I was going to do to her at home. I promised her pain and pleasure and her whimpers told me she was ready. Holding her lips near my ear to hear her moaning with pleasure, her breath caressing my ear as she gasped, "Please Sir, let me cum for you!” I gave her my approval and she let go as waves of pleasure washed over her, and she tried to stifled her cries, turning them into whimpers. She finished the dance laying against me, relaxed, and happy.

We made our way back to the table and I was feeling more horny and aggressive than ever. She had her fun, but I had no release. I slide my hand under her ass as she was sitting down next to me. My fingers slowly moved her panties aside. I wanted to keep her on the same edge I was feeling. Letting her know I wasn't done.


The game had started some time ago because she would occasionally complain about how hard it was getting a dance. I was always happy to try and fix her problems. I'd look around and pick a guy out that I thought would give her money. It started innocently enough, but after a couple guys, I realized I enjoyed the control I had over her body. It also happened that Alison loved being told what to do sometimes. Whoever I picked, she'd go right over and ask them for a dance. It became a rush that we both enjoyed. I'd get her worked up by talking dirty and fingering her before she asked them for a dance. Whispering things in her ear like, "I bet he'd want to fuck you. Ask him for a dance.”, “Go rub your pussy on that guys lap.”, “See if he wants to lick your nipples.” Pushing her to give dirtier dances then she would do on her own.

Then came the day that I pushed it further still. Our dances usually ended with her having an orgasm on my knee. It was time to share that also.

“I want you to cum on the next guy you dance for”, I told her. “Tease him like you're teasing me, and cum on him.”, I said as we sat at our table in the back of the club. Wondering how she was going to react.

“If it pleases you, Sir.”, she said in an uncertain tone.

It was a bit nerve wracking for me the first few times we did this. My heart was racing, not knowing what to expect, or if she'd be able to do it, but she seemed to have little fear after the first time. This was just another thing she was being told to do, and if that's what I wanted, she'd do it. Anyway, she knew the guys would like it, she'd danced long enough to know that. She knew she would like it. Now that I wanted her to do it, that was all she required.

I'd pick out every type of guy just to see how far she would go. She never said no, and she never failed to cum. We did this from time to time over a few months. She'd just take a drink and walk right over to them and lead them to the back. To this day, I bet these guys still have a fond memory of that hot little stripper that rubbed her pussy against them until she came. Serendipity can be addictive.

Alison always got the dance during our game. At first, I didn't question why. I just figured I was good at picking guys. She eventually told me what she'd do to get them on the couch. It was as simple as grabbing the guys hand and holding it to her chest, slowly moving it towards her pussy. Then she'd look him in the eye and make an offer. It usually went something like “Please take me to the back, I want to cum on you.” She was honest. There was no giggling, or acting silly. She made it a statement of fact, and the guys seemed to know.

Alison always came out from the back room with a smirk on her face. Very proud of herself for having done as I asked, knowing I would be pleased with her slutty behavior. Not to mention, she got to have an orgasm while getting paid for it. This was our game.


“See that guy in the gray shirt sitting alone?”, I asked her after the DJ announced the next 2-for-1 special.

“Him?” she asked. “Ya, I've seen him before, but I never sat with him. One of the girls told me he was a real pervert.” she added, looking over at me. Slowly, she realized why I was asking “Him.” She said, ”he's wearing sweatpants and I bet he doesn't have underwear on either.” she said in protest.

“Ya.” I laughed. “that will make this more interesting. Ask him for a dance and cum on his leg like a good girl. I'm sure you can handle one lecherous old man” I flatly.

I could tell she was struggling with this one, but she made up her mind and downed her drink. Squeezing my hand as she stood up, giving me one last pleading look. I just nodded. She made her way over to him.

I picked this guy out because he looked like he'd appreciate this experience. This would be his wet dream. It was the sweatpants that really sold it for me. I knew she hated guys who wore them to the club also. Very few girls would dance for this type unless they where desperate for money. The only thing worse was when they cut them into shorts so their dicks would poke out the bottom.

She got him back easily enough, and didn't even make him the offer, she later told me. He jumped at the chance as soon as she walked up. As they walked in the back, I noticed Alison was taller than him in her heals and he was and much, much wider.

They didn't come out for a long time. She usually finished up in two songs, but the fourth had just started playing when she came out. Alison was making her way back to my table and didn't flash me her usual smile. I asked if everything went okay, and she said it was fine. The dance was normal to start with, with the exception that he was a lot more grabby and his penis was always in the way she complained. Nothing she couldn't handle, but enough to definitely annoy her.

“So did you cum on him?” I asked. Getting right to the point.

“Oh ya, and he really seemed to like it too.” she responded, with a tinge of regret in her voice.

I didn't usually ask for many details after these games. I'd ask her what the guys reactions was, and she'd tell me any fun details. Mostly, the guys are so shocked by what just happened they don't know what to say or how to act. From time to time, they'd get the courage to ask her for her number. This one was different. There was a story here.

“How could you tell he liked it?” I asked with a smile.

“He liked everything! As soon as we sat down, I could see him rubbing himself. By the time the song started he was at half-mast!” she exclaimed as I laughed.

“That must have made the lap dance part of your job a bit harder.” I joked.

During the dance, she brushed up against it from time to time, but she didn't sit on his lap like she usually does with customers. Alison knew she'd have to touch it some, so she laid sideways across his lap with her ass poking up in air, and she let his hard-on rub against her belly for a while. His hands started to roam over her ass a bit too much, so she stood up. They played this game for most of the first song.

During the second song, she removed her dress and bra. Dancing for him in just her g-string and heals. She got on her knees between his legs with her face inches from his dick and gave him her best innocent look. She's a great tease. When she does this to me at the club, it's infuriating! At home, she ends up with my dick in her mouth.

She started to crawl up him slowly, running her b-cup tits across his dick. That was when she noticed how big his balls where. She said they felt huge. I asked how big his cock was, knowing she'd have felt him up good by now. She said she couldn't tell but knew it was much wider than average. Again she mentioned his balls, seeming interested in them.

“Why didn't you reach into his pants and feel them.” I joked. “I'm sure he wouldn't mind.”

“I am curious, but not that curious.” she said.

She slid up the rest of this body, crawling over his stomach until she was purring in his ear. His cock rubbing against the front of her panties as he held her against him, humping her. She let him do this for a few seconds, and moved on.

It was near the end of the second dance and she had to do as she had been told. She climbed on his left knee facing him and started to move back and forth, grinding her clit against him. He tried to help her by holding her legs, but she removed his hands and told him to just watch. Closing her eyes and finding just the right spot, she felt her pussy take control, moving faster and faster, she started to cum, just like she did with the other guys.

When she finished and opened her eyes, she noticed that he was rubbing his cock through his thin sweatpants and his mouth was hanging open. His eyes were locked on her pussy. She could feel the heat coming off it as she leaned back, letting him have a good long look at her panties. She was feeling good, and didn't mind if he wanted to stare at her. She was a good girl and hand done as she was told.

“I see you enjoyed that too”, she joked, trying to lighten the mood as she climbed off him, putting her dress on again.

He got very excited, asking her if she really came. She told him she doesn’t fake it.

She never had to fake it when masturbating. Her pussy always had an itch to scratch. Sometimes she'd masturbate in her car, driving down the road, because her pussy wouldn't stop begging for attention. Whenever and wherever she decides to cum, not much can stop her.

All of the customers Alison cums on, she doesn't offer a second dance to. She did not with him either. He was very insistent she said, and after much pushing he finally convinced her to give him one more. He gave her the money and a tip upfront. Alison could really needed the extra money, and figured since I'd sent her back here with him, I wouldn't mind. She started to regret it immediately.

As she danced in front of him his tone changed from flattery to more vulgar. He started talking about how tight her pussy looked and how much he'd loved to fuck her. She could tell he was still very excited when he asked her if she preferred to be fucked in the ass or pussy. She got her dress and bra off again and every time she was near his cock, he would try to rub it against her. He was also a lot more forceful, pulling her into his lap, pulling her knees apart and touching her breasts.

At one point, she was standing on the couch straddling him, swaying her hips back and forth in front of his face, when he shoved his face in her pussy. She could feel his tongue on her as she pulled away. She was a bit pissed off about that, because that was not allowed in the club, but she did call over the bouncer.

“He just wanted to clean you up after you came on him.” I joked, and Alison looked at me.

“You're not mad?”, she asked a little surprised.

“No. If I had been there and told you to let him lick you, would you?” I asked.

She thought about it for a bit and said, “Yes.”

“Good. Now, go on.”, I said, making sure she knew who made the decisions.

Near the end of the song, he convinced her to sit on his knee again, asking her if she wanted to ride him. She climbed on, and he grabbed her hips and pulled her closer until she was sitting on his rather large upper thigh. He wanted a better view, he told her, but now she was laying on him and she could fell his cock and balls against her. She could also feel him cupping her ass in his clammy hands, running his fingers down the crack of her ass as he was dry-humping her.

The song was almost over so she let him rub her, wondering if he was going to cum in his pants. She was just looking to finish this dance and get back to me. Once the song was over, he asked for another dance as she untangled herself from his grasp. She quickly told him she had to go but would stop by later, not intending to.

I was so turned on by this time, realizing what had happened to Alison. It hardly phased her that this guy was trying to molest her, and I was shocked that she stayed for another dance. I realized it didn't really bother her. I didn't think she would have never done this alone, but Alison was obviously willing to go further. I started thinking of a way to use this pervert.

I slid my hand under her ass, sliding a couple fingers in her moist pussy. She relaxed a bit and leaned forward on the table, giving me better access. Just like that, she was getting horny again.

“Next time you come over, I'm going to have to punish you for being such a slut, you know that, don't you?” I said. She let out a long moan.

The very threat was enough to make her shiver with excitement. She was still a bit drunk and defiantly wanted a proper fuck now. “Yes Sir. If it pleases you.” was her response. She knew she'd done well, and that I was happy with her even though I had to punish her. She also knew I'd both punish her and fuck her, not stopping until she was a whimpering puddle on the floor.

She went up on stage for a few songs and I saw the perv walk up to the tip-rail. I could see him saying something to her as he slid money in her panties. When she got back to my table, I had her sit on my lap, my dick was already starting to harden, knowing what I was going to have her do next.

“I see your friend is still here, what did he say to you.”, I asked.

“Oh, he wants me to give him a dance.”, she said dismissively.

Running my hand along her inner thigh for a moment, I asked her, “Are you ready for the next game?”, changing my tone to more of a command. “Go back and dance for him again, but this time I want you to make him cum for you.” I said. She was taken aback. I could see the shocked look on her face. I called over the waitress and ordered a couple more shots, giving her time to process what I said.

“Are, you sure?” she finally asked.

“Yes.”, I said, letting it hang in the air until I added, “and this time make sure you show him your little pussy. be glad I'm letting you wear panties. I considered having you leave them with me.” I told her. Taking her panties was something I had done in the past when at the club. It was risky but fun as long as she wasn't going on stage.

I changed the subject for a bit until our shots arrived, and we sat in silence. I heard them announce another 2-for-1 special and Alison looked terrified. She had to know what her last dance was like and she knew it wasn't going to get easier. I reassured her that she'd be fine and suggested she just grind on him until he came in his pants. Making it sound easy, not knowing if it wouldn't be.

“You have my permission to be a slut. Go and use it.”, I said, as we did the shot. I gave her a little push to send her on her way, back to the pervert with a hard-on. I could have done better with my direction, and Alison didn't really know what I expected from her yet. This was all still new to us.

I watched as she made her way over to the other side of the club, and saw him stand up as soon as she approached. Taking his hand, she led him to the back room.

I sat and waited, my heart was racing, wondering what was going on. I couldn't help but rub my cock through my pants from time to time, looking for her. Imagining the things she was doing to him, or he was doing to her. It was getting to me. Minutes felt like hours, but finally I saw Alison walking quickly out from the back, her head down, she went directly to the changing room. When he came out, he went directly towards the exit.

After another ten minutes, she finally made her way to my table. I saw her looking at his table to see if he was still there, and I noticed she'd changed her outfit. I offered her my lap, but she sat in the seat next to me and seemed very tense. With downcast eyes, I could tell she was nervous.

I considered asking her if she was alright, but instead heard myself say, “Did you make him cum?”. I pulled her close to me, eager to hear.

“Yes.”, she said finally. I could feel myself getting harder by the second. Putting my arm around her, I assured her that no matter what happened in the back, she was still with me and it was alight. I figured he'd take advantage of her, but to what extent I wasn't sure. Letting her know that if she had done anything that I didn't approve of, I'd have her crawling around my place on her hands and knees all night while getting whipped. That helped a little and some of the tension left. I was glad, although I still didn't know what I had agreed to whip her for.

I put my hand on her chin and turned her towards me. “Now tell me what happened.” I told her.

I encouraged her to tell me every detail. She relayed a lot of the story that night and the following days. I also had her reenact parts of it in the back of the club from time to time, just for fun.

He was eager to get her back to the couch and she didn't have to say anything to him. She said before the dance had even stated he was rubbing himself again. During the first song, he was telling her how much fun he had on the last dance, and really liked watching her cum, and he wanted her to do it again. She just told him she was glad he liked her dance and played it off. He kept talking as she started to dance and then told her to take off her dress. She did as he asked. Now in just her heals, a bra, and g-string, she danced in front of him. Placing her hands on his knees, she bent over. Lowering her head towards his dick, letting her hair brush against it as her hands slid up his legs towards his crotch. She heard him moan, and was optimistic that this may be easier then she thought. She stood between his legs, moving a little closer as she played with the strings on her panties. Teasing him as she pulled the top of her panties down most of the way. The material just covering her slit. Moving her hips back and forth as he leaned forward. She pulled the front down so he could see her hairless pussy lips.

“As you told me to.”, she said accusingly.

He kept talking about how good it looked and how much he wanted to taste her. She could feel his hands sliding up her legs, pulling her closer, so she put her hand on his head, trying to keep her distance this time, as he already had his tongue out. He reached up and started pulling her panties down further, and got them around her thighs when she realized he was going to take them off completely. When she grabbed them, he leaned in and started to lick her pussy. Alison had to twist away from him and pull her panties back up.

Normally that would have been the end of the dance. She's told me a few times guys had pushed it too far and she'd let them have it, but now, she couldn't.

He was pretty worked up now that he had tasted her. She turned around and had him put his knees together, sitting on his lap. She could feel the tip of his dick poking into her ass.

“That's it babe, you want it.”, he said, as he slid down in the couch, making it easier for her to rub herself against it. She could feel ever inch of his cock as she rubbed her pussy against it. She did that for long time, hoping he would cum soon, but he just rubbed her ass and talked about how good she tasted.

“I couldn't believe I was doing this. I've given lap dances before but never like this, it almost felt like I was fucking him.” She said.

I looked her in the eye and said, “You were doing it because I told you to. Lean forward”, I commanded. She did as she was told. With a quick look around, I slid my hand under her ass again, moving her panties aside, I shoved three fingers in a very wet and very sticky pussy. Alison grabbed the table as I entered her. I gave her several deep thrusts as her body responded. I pulled my fingers out of her slowly.

I wiped her thick juices off on her dress as she watched wordlessly.

“Continue.” I said.

She rubbed up and down his dick while he was rubbing her ass and back. He undid the clasp on her bra, telling her she should be naked as she removed it. Then she lay back into him, over his belly. Putting her head next to his she said he smelled of cigarettes and some body odor as he started to sweat. She let him thrust against her, dry-humping her again.

He whispered in her ear, “Can you feel my cock?” as he thrust it into her. She gave him an affirmative grunt hoping to get him closer.

“Is that what you want?” he asked. “I'm going to fuck you so good. You want that, don't you?”

He was holding her hips and pushing her down on his cock roughly, pushing her panties in between her lips. She let him grind on her until the song ended, briefly sitting up and closing her legs, as the bouncer passed.

She lay back into him again and he played with her tits for a while. He started kissing and licking her neck. Whispering things in her ear. He slid his hand between her legs and moved her panties aside, pushing his sweatpants-covered dick against her now naked pussy.

“I cannot believe you let him do that.” I said, shocked.

“What?”, she said, defensively, “You told me to get him off.” she said, sounding a bit sad. “I was just trying to do as you asked and he wouldn't cum.”

“I know, and it's fine“, I said quickly, “You did good. Did you enjoy it at all?” I asked, trying let her know I wasn't mad.

“It was the easiest part of the dance so far. He did all the work, I just laid there. When he rubbed my clit, that felt fine, but I didn't like the material of his pants rubbing me raw.”, she said simply. “I just wish you were there with me. If I could just see you, I would have felt much better.” she said.

“I wish I had been there too.”, I assured her, putting my arm around her. “Next time we do something like this, I'll be there.” That perked her up and she gave me a smile.

With that, she continued her story. She realized he was not going to cum in this position and she couldn't just let him finger her with her legs spread open facing the hallway, so she rolled over onto the couch and laid back against the arm draping her legs across his lap. He apparently took this as his opportunity and started to take off her shoes, undressing her more.

She had let many guys rub her feet in the past and always enjoyed it. Alison tried to get him to fuck her feet, but he didn't seem interested. She lay there as he massaged her feet and calves. Slowly moving up her legs towards her thigh.

“So you where on your back almost completely naked, with your legs and spread as this guy rubbed your legs?” I asked, making sure I understood. I never expected this type of situation when I gave her this task.

“Yes. He also had me pull my panties aside and touch myself.” she said. I felt my cock moving again, desperately wanting to put itself into that pussy.

“Did he finger you again?” I asked in disbelief.

“A little, but mostly he just watched me for a while, talking” she said. “When he put his hand down his pants I had to get up. Couldn't get caught like that!”

She was getting desperate, so she crawled between his legs and tried to get him to fuck her tits. She pushed them together with her hands and used her fingertips to hold his cock, but she quickly realized this wouldn't work. He was reaching down and touching her face, trying to get her to suck his finger.

“You want my cum, don't you, babe.” He said, surprising her a little.

“Yes.” she admitted. Knowing it was pointless to lie, but also that she couldn't tell him why.

“That's what I thought.” he said with a smile. “Once you came on my leg, I knew it.”

He moved her hands and pulled down his sweatpants below his balls. Before she knew it, her face was pressing up against his dick. She could feel his massive balls on her lips. The smell of him overpowered her.

“Open your mouth!” he told her. He was more demanding now. She opened her mouth, looking up at him over his dick. He had her by the back of the neck, and forced it into her mouth.

“You want me to cum? Suck it girl.” he said.

She broke free and stood up, telling him she couldn't do that and pulled up his sweatpants, covering him again. He started to protest.

When I asked her what happened next, she took a moment and said something that I wasn't expecting, “I put my dress back on.”, she said quietly. She didn't say anything else, forcing me to ask her why.

“So I could take my panties off, like you talked about earlier.”, Alison said in a small voice.

I was confused at first, but then remembered what she was taking about. I had considered that a threat, and not a suggestion!

“Continue.” I said, trying to act calm. In my mind, I just imagined that little dress just covering her naked pussy. It was almost too much. She was now more naked then she had been before in my mind.

Standing in front of him, she pulled her dress back on, giving him a smile, she pulled her panties down to the floor, picking them up. She hesitantly moved forward into his reach. He pulled her in and his hands immediately went under her dress, fingering her. She moaned as he penetrated her with his fat fingers. Letting him finger her for a while, he seemed to forget about the blowjob.

She once again crawled on top of him, facing him this time, straddling his hips. She let the straps of the dress fall off her shoulders. Pulling her arms out of it, the top half of her dress fell around her waist, covering them both. He started licking and sucking her nipples as she rubbed her now-naked pussy against the lump in his sweatpants.

The more she rubbed, the more raw her pussy got, and she said her clit was getting very tender. Alison pushed him back into the seat and told him that she couldn't fuck him, but he would like this, as she grabbed the elastic band of his sweatpants and pulled them down. She licked her hand and rubbed his shaft for a few seconds, getting him wet.

He held her skirt up so he could watch as she moved up a bit until her pussy was above his cock, sitting on his shaft. With the tip of his cock poking out from her wet pussy lips.

His dick was soon drenched with her juice, making it feel better for both of them as she rode him. She did that for a while as he moaned getting into it. Alison didn't intend to cum again, but she could feel her own orgasm building regardless.

“You want my cum?” He asked again.

“Yes, I want it.”, she heard herself say, rubbing against him faster. “Please cum for me.” she pleaded, knowing she needed to please me also. She pulled up her skirt, watching his dick move between her lips.

After that, she said, everything happened quickly. She put her hands on his belly and adjusted herself so his cock head was rubbing her clit and she started to cum, knowing he was not far behind, but he quickly pulled her forward. As she leaned forward she felt him enter her, filling her pussy, but she couldn't stop.

“Take it!”, he said, and then she could feel him pulsate inside her, pushing her further over the edge. She continued to fuck him as she came harder, unable to stop.

The next thing she remembered was the DJ making an announcement, and feeling him still inside her. She had collapsed on top of him, and could still feel his dick twitch as he was emptying the last of his cum. A moment later, people started walking by in the hallway, so she quickly sat up. Her skirt still covering everything below the waist, so that was a relief. She could feel his dick soften inside her and a moment later, when it pulled out of her, she could feel his cum running out. She pulled up the top of her dress, trying to act like everything was normal, but she was still light-headed.

He put his hand under her skirt, she thought he was putting himself away, but instead he started to finger her pussy. “That as a good one. You got enough cum inside you to last a week.” he laughed. She grabbed his arm and pulled it out from under her dress, it was covered. Reaching down, she did her best to discreetly pull up his sweatpants, getting her own hands drenched in the process.

“I'll give you another $20 if you clean me off with your mouth.” he said in a smug tone.

Alison ignored him and started to put her shoes back on, looking for panties that she had stashed in the couch cushions. His cum running down her legs as she did. By this time, the next song had started, so she was able to quickly put them back on. She tried not to pay any attention to him, desperate to get to the bathroom and clean herself up. She was in a panic now, getting more worried by the second. It had been too long. She had gone too far. What if someone had seen her.

Feeling ashamed of herself, Alison was unable to look at him. She had never thought she'd fuck a customer, especially one like him. He was still laying back on the couch with a big wet patch on his pants. No mistake about what had happened, she realized. She told him he should leave, pointing at it.

Humiliated, she put out her hand for the money. As he gave it to her, he offered to double it if she'd meet him at the hotel across the street next time. Making her feel even worse. When she didn't answer, he told her he'd see her next week. It didn't help when she saw the cum on his hand as he gave her the money.

When she got to the bathroom, she cleaned herself up, trying to figure out what to tell me. She considered lying but couldn't do that. She decided to tell me everything. She just hoped that I would punish her for what she did, she was willing to accept that.

She had fucked a guy without my permission and deserved to be punished, and punish her I would — I'd even let her pick out the whip, but not that night. I had something she needed to do for me first.

“Go back and change into that dress and leave your panties off. You're going to give me the next dance.”, I told her after she had finished her story.

Her eyes lit up and she smiled as she got up to go change.

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