Holy Cock Ch.02

Holy Cock Ch.02

The day of the Janazah (funeral) had arrived, and like some bad cliché so did the rain. The rain had made the burial rituals much harder; the open grave was in danger of being over whelmed with water. Eventually all the burial rituals and formalities were sorted out. Every one slowly left the grave yard, but Javed stayed behind for a little.

"I am so sorry dad, I really am. You gave me so much and how did I repay you, I..." said Javed, struggling to finish the sentence.

He couldn't say it out loud; he couldn't say that he repaid his father by having his wife suck his cock. Not only that but he still planned on fucking his mother Farhana, he knew that the death of his father would make his mother even more vulnerable. Whilst he mourned his father's death, he also realized the opportunity that now was there.

"STOP! You bastard!" shouted Javed at the top of his lungs. "Stop thinking about things like that, you sick fuck your father just passed away."

Javed made his way back home, hoping that he could get rid of these thoughts. Deep down he knew that these thoughts would not go away that easily. As he made his way to the door of his house he could hear all the women inside crying, he could hear his grandmother, his aunts and all the other women all crying in unison.

The only person he couldn't hear was his mother, since the passing of his father she had not spoken a word to anyone. Farhana had locked herself away in her room, her isolation worried every one but then it was expected, after all her husband had just passed away.

But no one really knew the real reason why Farhana had isolated her self away, the reason was guilt. She felt the guilt because of her fuck sessions with the Imam (priest); she had cheated on her husband. She felt guilt because she wanted to have a big cock deep inside her at that moment, specifically her son's monster cock.

Just the thought of it invading her pussy made her wet, one of her hands involuntarily moved towards her crotch. Farhana then began to slowly and gently rub her pussy; she remembered the taste of his cum. It was absolutely marvelous, so sweet; there was so much of it.

"Stop it you whore, do you have no shame woman. Your husbands dead, all you can think of is your son, his cock and how badly you need it," said Farhana to her self.

"You do not need to be ashamed my dear."

"Who said that? Who's there?" said Farhana as she scanned her dark room, yet there was no one there.

"Do you not recognize my voice, my dear?"

The voice sounded so commanding and tough, yet also gentle and forgiving. The voice sounded familiar. Farhana then instantly remembered the voice she had heard many times before, the voice that had told her about the demon inside her, the voice that had told her about the holy cock that would cleanse her of the demons with in her. It was the same voice that had told her that her son possessed the holy cock that would cure her.

"Is that you Allah, my maker, my god?" said Farhana even though she knew for certain that it was him, her creator, her god.

"Yes, it is I my child. Do not feel any shame or guilt; I am the one who took your husband away from this plane of existence. Do not worry about him, he is safe in heaven. I know you must be thinking, "Why did you take him away". It's very simple my child, It paves the way for you to use your son's holy cock. So you can be rid of the demons with in you. After all you are one of my favorite creations on this planet and I cannot bear to lose you to the devil. Now seize this opportunity my dear."

Farhana waited a few minutes to see if her creator would speak again but he didn't, she knew he had left. After all, he had said everything he needed to say, he probably had to attend to other matters.

But despite all that Farhana still whispered "Thank you for your guidance," she knew that he would hear her gratitude. Farhana finally looked up and saw that Javed was standing in her room looking at her intensely.

"How long has he been standing there," she wondered.

Javed had been standing there for awhile now. In fact he had been there the whole time, even when Farhana was "communing" with Allah. Javed had come upstairs to check on his mother, he entered her room quietly so she would not be disturbed. When he entered the room, he gasped as he saw his mother on the bed rubbing her clitoris furiously.

When she finally stopped and began to talk to her self, she was berating her self for thinking about his cock. On hearing that his cock suddenly seemed to twitch, hearing how badly she wanted his cock had turned him on. He was about to approach her bed and tell her that if she wanted it so badly all she had to do was ask. Just as he was about to take his first step towards her, she suddenly got up from her bed and started to look around the room.

"What the hell is she looking at," Javed muttered to himself.

Then he witnessed his mother suddenly change the tone of her voice, it sounded similar to when his mother was talking about all that crap about his cock being "holy" and her having some kind of demon inside of her. Javed just stood there disturbed, astonished and very amused at the sight of his mother talking to herself, pretending to be Allah. He knew he should have snapped her out of it but he didn't attempt to, a sick perverse part of him was enjoying this.

The sick perverse part being his huge cock or as his mother would put it, his "holy" cock. That brought a wry smile to his face; he knew what he had to do get his mother. His mother's "commune" with Allah was headed in an exciting direction, he realized then that he wouldn't have to try that hard to get his mother. She was more or less ready to be all his. His raging hard-on was straining against his jeans; it needed to be let out.

"Soon, very soon," Javed thought to himself.

His mother finally looked up and saw him standing there. He could tell his mother was trying to figure out how long he had been in her room.

Farhana finally broke the silence, "what is it Javed."

"Mum, the most wonderful thing happened to me on the way home. Allah spoke to me...!" He could see Farhana's eye's light up in excitement, she had the most beautiful smile across her face.

"He told me about my gift, that it was my responsibility to help you with my holy cock. He told me that I had the power to save you from the hell fire mother. He explained that it would be a long process. He told me that my cum was the key, that ONLY my cum could help you.

"He also asked me a question, he asked me whether I loved you or not. And I said I did..." Javed could not finish his sentence as his mothers lips were pressed against his own before he knew it.

Farhana's tongue probed the inside of her son's mouth, "No not just my son, but my savior" thought Farhana.

Both of them were locked in the most passionate and powerful kiss ever, as they both explored each others mouths, their tongues darting in and out of each others mouths. Both of them had very different reasons as to why they believed that this kiss was so powerful and passionate. Farhana believed that it was due to the fact that it was coming from her savior, one who was blessed by Allah.

While Javed believed that it was because his mother was a submissive slut, and that this passion was her need of his cock. What both of them didn't realize was that this passionate kiss represented their love for each other, something both of them would not realize for awhile. Javed felt his mother unbuttoning his pants. She then slowly slid her hand in to his boxers, her cold hands wrapping around Javed's cock.

"My holy cock needs some attending to before it can begin the exorcism" said Javed innocently; he wanted to feel his mother's luscious warm lips around his cock.

Farhana was more than happy to oblige, "Of course, my dear son". She got onto her knees before Javed; she then pulled his pants and boxes down. Farhana gasped, she still couldn't believe how big her son's monster cock was, "Oh god I want it so bad," she thought to her self.

Javed could feel his mother's soft lips parting as his cock entered her mouth. He groaned out in pleasure as soon as his cock was engulfed by his mother. He looked down to see his mothers head moving up and down his cock. Javed wanted to see his mother gag on his cock like she did last time, so he held her head whilst he shoved his member all the way in to her throat. He could feel her mouth tightening around his cock; he could see how much she was enjoying this.

Farhana continued sucking her son's cock with passion. She absolutely loved the feeling of her son's monstrous cock hitting the back of her throat, the way it throbbed in her mouth. She loved everything about it and just couldn't wait until her son plowed in to her wet pussy. Farhana believed that finally the demon within her would be quenched. No one had ever satisfied her hunger fully, from her uncle, father-in-law, husband, her husband's boss, the black plumber and finally the Imam (priest). All of them had failed, but this time she knew it would be different.

Meanwhile Javed felt like he was in paradise "damn this whore really knows how to suck a cock, I wonder if she's done other men besides the Imam," he thought to himself.

Javed realized that he was dangerously close to coming and that he needed to take the next step before he lost this opportunity. He tried pulling his mother away from his penis but she was reluctant. She was so wrapped up in sucking the huge monster that she never wanted to release it but she finally relented.

Javed pulled her up and then led her to the bed "Lie down mother and spread your legs as far as you can, so I can begin the process of saving you." Farhana obliged immediately, the anticipation of having such a monstrous thing inside her was just too much.

The pressure of his throbbing cock on her lips sent over the edge, she came instantly "Oh Allah, he hasn't even put it in yet and I've already come,"

"What will it do to me when he's finally inside me?" she thought to herself.

Javed began by rubbing his cock over his mother's entrance; occasionally he would put the head in about half an inch and pull out. He wanted to tease his mother as much as he could, he knew that she had come already so she clearly wanted it but he wanted to hear it from her.

Every time Farhana felt her son pull out the head of his cock, she let out a moan. She wanted him so bad but didn't know if it was because there really some kind of evil demon inside of her or because she was a horny depraved whore.

"Put it in son, the demon grows restless within me," she couldn't wait any longer "Put your magnificent holy cock inside me, drive it in hard so the demons can no longer control me and I can be saved from the hellfire".

"Are you sure mother, what if it was the demons voice I heard instead of Allah's" replied Javed coyly.

"No my son it was definitely Allah, the all mighty, the most powerful for he said the same thing to me. He said that I needed your cock; I need it my son in order to save myself. Trust me my beautiful boy, your mommy needs you and your holy cock," replied Farhana with a renewed sense of conviction. Of course this is what Allah wanted, not her, it was Allah's will that this should happen.

" If you say so mother, I love you too much to deny you the chance of saving your self," Javed thought he was so close to getting his mother to admit that it was her will not some made up non-existent beings words, but this would have to do for now. So Javed rammed his cock or as his mother liked to call it, his "holy" cock into her waiting cunt.

"OH JAVED! Oh my sweet boy, my savior hurry up and come inside your mother, hurry!" gasped his mother.

Only five inches of his hard cock were inside her, yet it was already driving her wild. As more of him entered her she could feel her pussy stretching, to her it felt like her pussy was being ripped apart.

"Javed...oh Allah, I'm stretching, your stretching my pussy." cried Farhana.

"Don't worry mother just a little more, it'll be easier for you later on." grunted Javed as he continued sliding his massive hose in to his mother.

"Yes, your right my son... Oh Allaaah, oh fuck...Allah give me strength." Farhana moaned.

Six inches, seven inches, eight inches

"No its toooo much, oh Allah it hurts, it hurts Javed. I'm so full. I can't take it." whimpered Farhana breathlessly.

"You have to mommy, its Allah's will. You don't want to disobey the all mighty now do you?" asked Javed innocently. He hated playing along like this but damn it felt so good, he didn't want to lose this.

"Yes your right my son. Oooooh, oooooh Allah." she moaned. "It's the Shaitan (Devil), yes it must be him, he's trying oooooh, to lead oooooh lead me astray. So ignore my complaints continue ooooh on."

Nine inches, ten inches, eleven inches,

"Oh Allah, my pussy ooooooh, ooooooh it feels so full. You have to stop Javed." gasped Farhana.

"No, don't stop, noooooo oooooh Allah, keep going. Yeah that's it, oooooh, yea keep going. Oh yes son, it feels better now. Keep going," She cooed.

Finally twelve inches, "OOOOOH JAVED MOOMMY'S, CUMMM OOOOOH CUMMMIN.....oh fuck, that feels so good baby." gasped Farhana.

Hearing his mother struggling to accommodate him inside her made him even harder. Feeling her warm, wet and tight pussy around his cock nearly sent him over the edge just like his mother.

But he had the will to hold on "After all my cock is a "holy" one, blessed by the almighty to douse the fire in my mother's hot cunt. Hashanah." he thought to himself.

He began ramming his cock in and out of his mother like a piston. All 12 inches in and then out, each time he pulled out it was accompanied by his mother pleading with him to slam back into her.

Farhana couldn't believe how full her son's lovely young, throbbing cock could make her feel. She knew it was big, after all she had it stuffed in her mouth TWICE yet she could have never imagined how big and full it would feel inside her. She was awestruck by the sight of her son's monstrous 12 inch pole tearing in to her.

The last time she felt this full was 6 months ago when David her plumber had fucked her. That was before he had gone back to Nigeria to visit his family. He had certainly quenched the demon inside her for awhile with his huge black penis, but her son felt a good two inches longer and 3 inches thicker than him.

Yet there was a level of intimacy she had never felt with any other man, seeing her son striving so hard to help her in the name of Allah truly made her feel proud to be his mother.

She wrapped her legs around him, and pulled him in closer. Farhana kissed him passionately; he returned her kiss with equal passion as both sweat covered bodies pressed even closer than before.

"I want you to oooooh; know my sweet baby that mommy's oooooh gawwwdd, that she loves you so much, And is proud of you for ooooooooh Allah, for doing this and finally accepting your religion, oooooh fuck" groaned Farhana as she pulled away from her son's lips.

"Yes mother I should have accepted our religion, ugghhhh so damn sight, before. I thank Allah for bringing us so close. Praise the almighty" grunted Javed in between thrusts.

"Praise the almighty, ooooooooh.....ooooooh.....fuck.....fuck, I'm coming...I'm coming babyyyy!" she squealed in delight.

It still hurt her so bad, but as her son continued onward her helpless pussy expanded a little to accommodate him. It slowly began to feel better and better, the pain was being replaced by pure pleasure.

Now that his mother's pussy had expanded, it allowed Javed to pick up the pace. He began to slam his 12 inch cock in and out in one smooth motion. He could tell that by increasing his speed that he was sending ripples of pleasure through his mother's body.

He couldn't believe the fact that his mother had come twice already; she must really be enjoying this.

Farhana could feel her son picking up the pace and drilling in to her faster and deeper. She tried to match his pace by pressing her hips forward to meet his thrusts.

Javed was reaching into places inside of her that had never been touched by any man before. The pleasure of having his monstrous pole inside of her caused every single muscle in her body to tremble.

Seeing his mothers boobs sway and jiggle every time he slammed in to her, made him realize that she had the hugest rack he had ever seen. They were slightly saggy yet still quite firm. He grabbed both her mounds as he continued to plow into her, squeezing and fondling the huge globes. He began pinching her hard nipples; the pinch was accompanied by a soft moan and purr from his mother.

He began flicking her hard buds with his tongue, and then he finally clamped down on them hungrily. He was once again sucking his mother's tits just like he did when he was a young child. Yet this time it felt so much better "hmmm I wonder why?" he smiled to himself.

"Oh Allah, yes that's it, suck on mommy's breast. Yes that's it take care of these lovely mounds," she moaned in ecstasy.

"C'mon you mother fucker, fuck me really good. I want your fucking hot seed inside me. I want oooooh fuck, fuck yeah I want it, give it to me you fucker." blurted Farhana. She didn't mean to say that, why did she say something like that out loud?

"No ignore what I said, you're a sweet boy oooooh Allah not a mother...fucker....ooooh Allah. It's the shaitan again, don't let him deter you my son. So mother needs your divine semen inside her" she replied quickly trying to rectify what she had said before.

"Its ok mommy, I understand but when you said all those dirty things I was close to releasing my divine semen mother. Maybe you should say those things again." he said innocently.

He had thought that she had finally given in to her true nature and would be done with this bullshit façade of following some god's orders. But he knew that he had her, that this wouldn't be the last time she needed his "holy" cock.

"Alright, Oooooooooh Allah, this feels soooo fucking good. C'mon you mother fucker, ooooooooh ooooooooooh yeah that's it do me harder. Yeah fuck meeee oooooh yeah, oh lord." she moaned in pleasure.

"You enjoy your son fucking you don't you, of course you enjoy it. Because mommy's a whore right, she's a fucking whore who loves her son's big cock." said Javed.

"Oh yea, mommy's a whore, mommy loves cock, mommy loves white cock, black cock, brown cock, she loves all types of cock. But she loves her little motherfuckers huge monster, oh yes she loves it. Your daddy's cock was nothing compared to yours, he had a little limp dick but my baby boy's oooooh ooooooh got a big one." As soon as she said that she regretted it but she thought it might spur Javed on even more.

She was partly right because it did spur Javed on to fuck her even harder just when she thought it wasn't possible to do so. She looked up at him and saw animal intensity, a desire to fuck her "no, no, a desire to save me" she corrected her self.

With a renewed sense of desire Javed continued fucking her like an animal gone mad. He wanted to fuck her so hard that she would come begging back to him instantly. As Farhana began experiencing another orgasm she thought that Javed would come soon. But Javed continued pumping his cock in and out of her. Soon one orgasm was followed shortly by another; she eventually lost count of how many orgasms she had experienced. Yet her son continued to fucker her for what felt like an hour to her.

"C'mon baby, mommy needs you're cum..... I need your blessed seed inside, oooooh yess baby come in mommy, save her from damnation." she cooed.

"Here it comes, mommy, here comes your baby boy's divine seed, I'M COMINGGG MOMMY, oooooh yeah" screamed Javed as he unloaded his hot jizz deep in to his mothers fuck hole.

"Oooooh praise the almighty, oooooh yeah mommy can feel your cum baby, it feels so hot and great. Don't stop, fill my pussy up, drown the demons inside with your divine seed." purred Farhana in pleasure.

She could feel load, after load of her son's hot sperm inside of her. It had been awhile since someone had filled her up with so much cum. She absolutely loved the feel of her cunt being filled up with some hot seed. She knew that she should be worried about getting pregnant but at that moment with her son pumping his load into her she didn't give a shit.

She wanted more and he kept on spewing more for her. He came so much that Farhana felt some of it spilling out of her pussy and creating a mess. Farhana put her fingers in to her pussy to scoop up a sample so she could taste it. It tasted delicious, her juices mixed with it made it even better.

Javed never imagined he would ever see his mother's love hole over flowing with his cum, and what a picture it was. "Thank you, Allah, God, Buddha, Jesus or Alien overlords, if there's any up there, thank you for the best fuck of my life."

Despite being exhausted Javed felt his cock stirring, which seemed to like the sight of his mother scooping up his cum to taste. "I don't know if I can fuck her, but it seems like someone loves the taste of cum."

Farhana noticed her son getting off the bed holding his "holy" cock. "Wait a minute, he's hard already how can that be, he just fucked my brains out and he's still hard." "Mommy, when Allah spoke to me he told me that when ever my holy cock was hard it meant that it was time for me to give you my divine seed to help you. I have to give it to you no matter where we are. He also told me that the process would be long but once it is finished he would let us both know. So please accept my holy cock." said Javed.

Pretending to be the religious and faithful boy his mother always wanted him to be. He felt like a fucking idiot for giving that crazy ass speech but damn it he wanted to feel those luscious lips on his cock.

Farhana couldn't help but get misty eyed, truly the almighty worked in mysterious ways. All her life she wanted her son to be as faithful to her religion as she was; now he was as blessed as her as Allah had spoken to him too. The almighty knew her well; why else would he send such a beautiful cock to her. He had always been great to her, whenever a cock would fail to satisfy her mysteriously another one would show up.

Seeing the cock there in all its glory had her pussy lips tingling once again. She wanted it inside her again but she didn't think she could handle it, not yet. So she got off the bed, walked up to her son and got on her knees. She then threw her head forward and sucked and licked her son's huge brown cock like a sex crazed woman.

She would worship this cock just like she worshipped her God; after all it was a gift. She loved how his cock felt hot and hard in her mouth. She ran her hand up and down his shaft feeling the weight of it and caressing it gently. Seeing her small hands trying to grasp his marvelous cock made her even hornier than before. Her cum filled pussy was once again wet as she ran her tongue across the entire shaft.

"That feels great mommy, ooooh damn" groaned Javed in pleasure.

Farhana felt her son's hands on her head as she engulfed his entire cocked and forced it into her mouth once again. She loved the taste of her pussy juice and his cum mixed together, it tasted a little salty but she didn't care. Her nostrils were full of his odor. She stopped herself from gagging as she continued to take his cock in her mouth. Her mouth began to foam with saliva as Javed pounded her face with his cock. She then felt his hands grabbing her hair and pulling her with rough strength. She returned his roughness by gripping his rock hard buttocks with her hands as she tried her best to keep his cock in her mouth. She was short breathed and didn't know how long she could last with out passing out.

"Javed, are you guys ok?" he heard his aunt ask.

"Shit, its Afsana auntie, what the hell should I do." thought Javed to himself

His mother was so busy sucking him off she didn't even realize that her sister was calling her. She was intent on tasting his divine seed once again.

"Were ok auntie ji." replied Javed quickly.

"Well that's good, I heard some shouting so that had me worried. But hurry and come downstairs dinners ready and the whole family is waiting for you two."

"Yes were comingggggg" shouted Javed in pure joy.

His cock shook in her mouth as he sent wads of hot cum down her throat, choking her. He pulled out of her mouth and sprayed her beautiful face with a volley of hot semen. The sticky cum got in her hair, eyes and nose. She instantly swallowed the hot load in her mouth. The taste of his cum drove her crazy, so she swallowed it hungrily.

"Did that feel as good for you as it did for me my son?" she asked with a coy expression as she rubbed his cock on her face.

"Yes it did mother, it was amazing but the best thing was providing you with my hot cum, I mean my divine seed so it can help you with your inner demons." he said earnestly with a huge smile.

"Oh Allah, thank you for giving me such a considerate son" she said as she kissed the head of his cock as it blew one last load onto her face.

"Now we should go downstairs to eat, I am hungry. Looks like your mothers going to need a lot of energy from now on." she said as she wiped his cum from her face and lapped it up from her fingers.

"Also not every one will understand how special this is, or believe that we were blessed by Allah himself therefore I think its best if we keep this a secret." she exclaimed.

"Yes of course mother no one would understand it, after all there not special like us."

"Also mommy, make sure your ready because we still have to expel the demons from your other hole." he winked at her as he walked to his room to change.

"I could get used to this." smiled Javed to himself.

To be continued...

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